I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 642

Chapter 642

Ethan sighed and said, “If you really want to ask my opinion, then I suggest you find a way to suppress them.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan, and said with a puzzled expression: “I also thought about this issue, but then I always felt that I was a family after all, there was no need to make trouble to this extent.”

Although Ethan has never been in these families, the story about him has fully illustrated one thing.

In the face of absolute interests, something like a family is nothing more than a tool in the hands of many people.

After taking a deep breath, Ethan spoke out what was in his heart.

Then he looked at Lin Yan and said, “You have to think about whether you are being suppressed by them step by step or are you brave enough to seize the opportunity.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan, wondering why a sense of security suddenly appeared in her heart.

“Perhaps you are right. It seems that I should take the initiative to seize the opportunity.”

In fact, Lin Yan basically had some thoughts on this matter.

If you continue to go this way, the uncle’s family is likely to exclude themselves without a chance.

And because Grandpa is already old after all, if it takes a long time, he may not be able to support himself.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan took a deep breath, then looked at Ethan and said, “Let’s go, I don’t like it a bit here.”

Ethan smiled and nodded, and then left Banbi Villa with Lin Yan.

On the way back, after Ethan separated from Lin Yan, Linda still felt a little uncomfortable.

She was finally found and healed, but this was the result.

After pondering for a while, Ethan had to put this matter aside, he couldn’t bear to watch Linda get involved again because of him.

Norman Tianyang’s threats are like a huge boulder all the time, and he can’t breathe, and although it looks comfortable right now, Ethan knows.

If you don’t want to do something, I’m afraid Norman Tianyang will come to him without waiting for him to find Norman Tianyang.

Just when Ethan returned to the hospital, Lin Yan on the other side also returned home.

Uncle was sitting quietly in the living room and eating, he smiled and ignored Lin Yan when he came back.

Lin Dong, who was sitting on the sofa, looked at Lin Yan and smiled: “Oh, isn’t this our eldest lady, you are back so soon?”

Lin Yan was about to go upstairs, and stopped after hearing Lin Dong’s words.

Then turned his head to look at Lin Dong and said flatly, “If you are idle, you can continue to play at home tomorrow, and I will help you deal with your work.”

Lin Dong looked at Lin Yan and sneered twice: “Forget it, just because you want to help me deal with those job models, do you think you can get along with the people of Jincheng Group.”

After saying this, Lin Dong opened his mouth while grinding his nails: “Business talks also require skill. I’m afraid you are almost too close?”

During the arguing between the two, the uncle looked at the newspaper indifferently and did not speak.

After Lin Dong finished speaking, he did not rush to open his mouth and said: “Why are you going to Banbi today?”

Lin Yanji looked at the two of them a little bit ashamed and said, “Do I have to get your permission to do something?”

Lin Dong shook his head slightly and couldn’t help but chuckle twice as he looked at Lin Yan’s angry expression.

Uncle shook his head slightly and then said: “No, I just care about you a little bit. If you don’t like it, you can assume that I haven’t asked about it.”

Lin Yan snorted coldly and walked up to her grandpa’s room. She was getting a little more and more unable to stay in this home.

And Lin Dong looked at Lin Yan’s back and said, “Dad, when can we squeeze this woman down? It’s not a problem to drag it all the time.”

Uncle Lin Nan smiled plainly and then replied: “I don’t worry about what you are anxious about. The old lady is supporting us at the moment. She is a woman again. What are you worried about.”

For him, sooner or later this family business of the Lin family will be his, so he won’t be anxious.

But he was not anxious, but Lin Dong became anxious, because there was one thing hanging on his side.

After Wei Wei looked at her father Lin Nan, Lin Dong got up and moved his body for a while, then said, “Dad, I’ll go to the company to take a look.”

After talking about Zehua, he left without waiting for Lin Nan to say yes, and waited until he left the door.

He took out his cell phone and made a call, then drove to a glorious looking hotel in the suburbs and got off.

As soon as I got out of the car, an evil-faced man walked up and said, “Oh, isn’t this Young Master Lin, do you want to play both hands today?”

Lin Dong hesitated looking at the people coming, and then he said, “Who are there today, are they playing much?”

“It’s not just the previous elder brothers. They just played so-so. Would you like to go in and support the table?”

Lin Nan, who was sitting at home, didn’t know that his son had become addicted to gambling, and still looked calmly at the newspaper in his hand.

On the other side, Lin Yan went upstairs to grandpa’s study and saw him sitting there quietly reading a book.

So lightly walked over and stood behind Grandpa: “Grandpa, I’m back.”

Elder Lin nodded slightly and then said faintly: “It’s fine when you come back. You may have been a little harder during this time.”

“What’s wrong, has something happened?”

Elder Lin looked at the company’s account book, rubbed his temple with a headache, and said, “Recently, I always feel something is wrong in the company’s accounts. I asked Xiaodong to check it for half a month, but I still didn’t believe it.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yan looked at Old Man Lin and said, “Grandpa means, do you want me to investigate this matter?”

Grandpa Lin nodded slightly, then turned to look at Lin Yan and said, “Well, I plan to leave it to you to investigate this matter. I must give me a result.”

Lin Yan nodded and then stepped forward and took the ledger in Elder Lin’s hand and said, “This report seems to be from the last quarter. Is there a financial deficit or something.”

Mr. Lin lightly lit a cigarette, and said, “The report said that our company’s profit fell by 12% in the last quarter and lost about 7 million yuan.”

When these words came out, Lin Yan couldn’t help being silent.

More than seven million is not a small amount to the Lin family, and it is pure profit.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan frowned slightly and said, “Grandpa, don’t worry, I will find out about this matter.”

Old man Lin looked at the firm look on Lin Yan’s face, nodded slightly, and then felt relieved, and then coughed twice.


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