I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 643

Chapter 643

Lin Yan looked at Old Man Lin coughing, and said a little nervously, “What’s the matter, Grandpa, did you have the same old problem again? Have you taken any medicine?”

After Mr. Lin finished coughing, he put down his pipe and took a hard breath.

“It’s okay, it’s like that when people are old, I have taken medicine in the morning.”

Lin Yan hurriedly poured a glass of water for him, and then looked at Mr. Lin with concern, for fear that he might have an accident.

Lin Yan knew very well that the reason why she was able to stay in this home so peacefully was because of the old man in front of her.

If anything happens to him, let alone her father’s shares, even this family will not have a place for her.

Old Man Lin obviously knew what Lin Yan was nervous about, so he turned his head and smiled at Lin Yan after taking a sip of water.

“Don’t worry, girl, I won’t have anything to do, but we are running out of time, so hurry up.”

Hearing what grandpa said, Lin Yan was silent for a while and then said: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I have already thought about this, and I won’t let you down.”

Seeing the firm expression on Lin Yan’s face, Old Man Lin nodded slightly and smiled: “That’s all right, so I won’t worry about you. You will be able to win if you are so smart.”

Although they didn’t say it clearly, both Old Man Lin and Lin Yan understood each other’s intentions.

After taking a deep breath, Old Man Lin said helplessly: “If it wasn’t for your grandma who always thought that a man was needed to inherit the family business, you wouldn’t be so passive now.”

Lin Yan shook her head and looked at her grandfather slightly sadly and said: “It doesn’t matter, as long as I work harder, that position will still be mine.”

Mr. Lin smiled and nodded: “Well, you have been so smart since you were a child. I don’t believe you can’t do such a thing.”

After Lin Yan looked at the old man and laughed, she also laughed twice, and then said: “Grandpa, I know a very good friend, he is very skilled in medicine, or I take him home to show you? “

When Old Man Lin looked at Lin Yan’s face and said this, a strange expression flashed.

Feeling a little surprised in her heart, she said, “Okay, bring it back to the old man when you have time, right?”

Lin Yan looked at the playful look on the old man’s face, and said with a slight red color: “Grandpa, you should do your business, I’m going out to work!”

After saying this, Lin Yan slammed the door and went to his sister’s room.

During this period of time, Lin Beibei has been drinking the medicine Ethan gave. Since the last time, Lin Beibei has looked much better, and his body has become as cold as before.

Just opened the door and entered, Lin Beibei read the book without turning back and said, “Sister, if you enter the door next time, remember to knock on the door first, OK? I am not a kid anymore.”

Lin Yan looked at Lin Beibei in a little surprise and said, “How do you know it was me who opened the door, not someone else?”

Lin Beibei turned her head when she heard this, her face looked a little helpless and said: “I have listened to your footsteps for more than ten years. Isn’t this still a judgment?”

After saying this, Lin Beibei shook her head slightly and said, “Sister, the doctor who cured me last time seemed handsome, I want to see him again.”

Lin Yan smiled and looked at Lin Beibei and shook her head helplessly: “You, you are really a little ghost.”

Having said this, Lin Yan took off her shoes and then climbed onto Lin Beibei’s bed and hugged her and said, “After you are completely cured, my sister will take him to see you.”

“No, I have to go and see for myself. Anyway, they are my savior!”

After saying this, Lin Beibei looked at Lin Yan with a smirk: “At that time, I will first see if the other person is as handsome as the one I saw in a daze. If so, I will grab it and give it to my sister. Be the master of pressure!”

Lin Yan looked at Lin Beibei for a while after hearing these words inconceivably, before she recovered her senses and laughed and cursed, “You are going to die, hahaha.”

After the elder sisters rolled around on the bed for a while, Lin Beibei lay on Lin Yan’s arms and gasped.

“Sister, you have been very hard during this time. You have to take care of me and care about the company’s affairs at the same time.”

Lin Yan looked at the younger sister in her arms and shook her head with a smile: “You, I still don’t know about these things. If you really feel sorry for your sister, then you will get better soon, and then come and help your sister.”

Lin Beibei chuckled after hearing this: “Okay, I will be my sister’s personal secretary then, and I will be with you every day.”

Seeing the innocent look on Lin Beibei’s face, Lin Yan suddenly felt that as long as Beibei could be happy, everything she did was worth it!

But she didn’t know that soon the next thing would cause her to have a huge conflict with her family.

This conflict even dragged the company into a dangerous situation, and she didn’t even expect it.

What rescued her from that crisis turned out to be a man sitting in the office with his legs crossed and eating sunflower seeds.

“I said Xiao Norman, you should help, OK? This patient is really difficult.”

Dean Jiao held the medical record in his hand and watched Ethan sitting in his seat and eating melon seeds.

There wasn’t a trace of irritation in his heart. Instead, he looked at Ethan with a begging look: “Come and see for yourself. The patient is born with some deficiencies in his body and has a disease that is easy to get infected.”

After saying this, Dean Jiao spoke embarrassedly: “You can help me out.”

Ethan finished eating the melon seeds, then looked at Dean Jiao and smiled: “As for Doctor Xu and Doctor Ren, they are not low-level, why don’t you ask them to go?”

Dean Jiao shook his head embarrassedly: “Although their level is not low, they still lack something in their hands. Only then did they call you to come up and take a look.”

In other words, Dean Jiao is also a dean, so begging Ethan so lowly is already a low profile.

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao shook his head and said helplessly, “Well, I really don’t want to cause any trouble, so this time.”

When Dean Jiao heard this, he quickly said in surprise: “Okay, okay, just this one time is not an example, come here, please here.”

Just getting up from the chair of the dean, the phone on Ethan rang.

After answering the phone, Lin Yan’s voice sounded: “Norman Yan, see if you are free tomorrow, and find a chance to come out. I will take you to my house to take a look at the body for the old man.”

After hearing this, Ethan looked at Dean Jiao, and then said: “Okay, then I will ask for a leave tomorrow and make an appointment for me to go there.”


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