I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 645

Chapter 645: Headache (third more)

Ethan watched Lin Yan leave and shook his head slightly, then looked at the desktop with a wry smile.

Elder Lin smiled at Ethan and said, “Xiao Yan has always been like this. Don’t be surprised. During this time, the company’s affairs are also very busy. I have worked hard for her.”

Ethan glanced at Old Man Lin in surprise, as if he shouldn’t have said this to him!

After noticing this, Ethan realized that the eyes of Old Man Lin looked at him gradually became a little strange, as if he was looking at his son-in-law!

After realizing this, Ethan hurriedly asked, “Ahem, that, Mr. Lin, have you been uncomfortable in your body recently?”

After Grandpa Lin briefly described his fault in detail, Ethan nodded and recorded them.

Then he looked at his notebook and said, “Don’t worry, I will prepare the medicine for Miss Lin to send it over.”

When talking about Miss Lin, Ethan’s tone was a little harder. He wanted to use this opportunity to imply that the other party did not have that kind of relationship with Lin Yan.

But he didn’t know if it was an illusion or what was going on, but Old Man Lin turned a deaf ear to this and still looked at Ethan like his son-in-law.

“Dr. Norman came from outside, where did you work before?”

Ethan looked at Mr. Lin and nodded slightly, then said solemnly, “I worked at Buckeye before, but I was transferred here for some personal reasons.”

After hearing this answer, Old Man Lin glanced at Ethan and smiled: “No wonder I haven’t heard of you before. It turns out that it was someone from Buckeye.”

After saying this, Old Man Lin smiled and said, “Before some people said that Buckeye was an outstanding man, and he didn’t believe it before, but now it seems that I have to believe it, hahaha.”

Ethan waved his hand a little embarrassedly and said, “Where and where, there are a lot of great people in Beifu, but it just happened to happen.”

After saying this, Ethan looked around and planned to get up, but he didn’t expect a beautiful female voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Grandpa, I heard that Dr. Norman is here, right?”

After saying this, Lin Beibei hopped in and rushed into Old Man Lin’s arms to act like a baby.

Old man Lin is seventy-five years old, holding Lin Beibei with a smile on his face like a chrysanthemum.

“Look, this is Dr. Norman, do you remember?”

When Lin Beibei heard this, she turned her head and looked at Ethan. After taking a small look, she said in surprise, “Doctor Norman, it’s really you!”

After saying this, Lin Beibei quickly stood up straight, and then respectfully saluted Ethan.

“Bebe, I thank Dr. Norman for his life-saving grace. The little girl is not talented, so she can only agree with her body!”

Old Man Lin’s face turned black when he heard these words, and the look in Ethan’s eyes seemed to be an extremely hungry tiger!

Ethan’s cold sweat dripped on his forehead: “Cough, Lin, Miss Lin, where did you learn these words?”

Lin Beibei happily smiled at Ethan and said, “Television, isn’t it saying that you have to treat your life-savers as if you are a benefactor. I watch it all on TV! “

After hearing these words, Old Man Lin and Ethan both breathed a sigh of relief, and then the two looked at each other for a long while and laughed.

After he laughed, Ethan smiled bitterly and looked at Lin Beibei and said, “You must not come to this set casually, and don’t learn everything from TV.”

After hearing this, Lin Beibei looked at Ethan curiously: “Isn’t I learning right? Did I do something wrong?”

After saying this, Lin Beibei’s face wrinkled, and the look in Ethan’s eyes was wronged. Who really feels distressed?

Elder Lin hurriedly hugged Lin Beibei and said, “No, no, how can you be so smart that you could learn wrong, but you are still young and not suitable for learning these things.”

Having said this, Old Man Lin also looked at Ethan helplessly, and then continued to Lin Beibei: “Babe, you go back to the room first and be obedient.”

Lin Beibei looked at Ethan and then at Old Man Lin, then nodded and said, “Oh, okay, then I’ll go back to the room first. Goodbye, grandpa.”

This is the case for children, saying that wind is rain.

After a while, he bounced away again, and Ethan looked at her back with a wry smile and shook his head: “She looks pretty good now.

Old Man Lin nodded and said, “Well, this is also your credit. You did it for helping Beibei adjust her body and cure her illness.”

Ethan smiled and stood up and said, “Well, let’s do it today. When I go back and prepare the medicine, I will ask Miss Lin to bring it to you. I’ll leave now, kid.”

Elder Lin looked at Ethan with a sigh and nodded: “If you press this for a few days, I will trouble you. Come and play again next time.”

Ethan nodded and left the study. Just after he walked out and closed the door, the little witch Lin Beibei rushed out again.

She looked up Ethan with a pair of eyes, “Dr. Norman looks really handsome. By the way, can I ask you something?”

Ethan nodded and said: “You, just asked you to go back to the room and blocked me at the door deliberately, right? “

After saying this, Ethan said with his arms folded: “Okay, you can ask, see if it is not convenient for us to say.”

Lin Beibei looked at Ethan’s triumphant expression, and said, “Doctor Norman, do you like my sister?”

Ethan muttered after pondering for a moment: “I think you like it. Your sister is beautiful and has great hi ability and can make money.”

Lin Beibei laughed twice after hearing Hou Yin, “Then, Dr. Norman, be my brother-in-law, okay? If I feel sick, I can find you!”

When Ethan heard this, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he burst into laughter.

While smiling, he walked by Lin Beibei and smiled: “You, you look small, but you are really big and small, I will go now.”

After saying this, Ethan waved his hand without looking back and left the Lin family.

On the other side, Lin Yan sat in the president’s office and looked at the financial report on the desktop with an angry expression!

“In just three months, the net profit disappeared by nearly 20 million, and there is still a deficit of 8 million!”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at the financial manager below and pointed to her nose and cursed: “How do you all do things! I have assigned you so much accountant, so is such a small amount of money bad?”

The manager looked at Lin Yan’s angry expression for a moment. Then he said with a dark face: “We have also worked very hard during this period. After checking so many places, we couldn’t find the direction of this money.”

Hearing this, Lin Yan’s head began to ache again.


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