I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 648

Chapter 648 No Inconvenience (First)

Looking at the hypocritical smile on her uncle’s face, Lin Yan simply fell into silence.

After a while, a group of people approached me mightily, and Lin Yan turned around and just glanced at it, knowing that the person here was his grandmother.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan couldn’t help but smile, after all, it was like what Lin Dong said.

She was always just a woman, unable to carry the Lin family’s business, so grandma would prefer her uncle.

If you are a man, where will the two of them be in their early days!

Lin Yan watched her grandma slowly walking over with a bit of reconciliation, then glanced at her before opening the door and walking in.

Through the gap where grandma entered, Lin Yan found that Old Man Lin was beating with a cane, and a burst of pleasure flashed in her heart!

“What kind of fight, don’t you want to stop, if it breaks, are you going to pay me one?”

The old grandmother of the Lin family frowned slightly and then sat down, then looked at the old man Lin and said, “It’s okay, you can’t redeem the company’s losses by doing this now.”

Grandpa Lin glanced at the old grandmother, then put down the long stick in his hand and said, “You spoil it! Sooner or later he will ruin my Lin family for decades!”

After hearing this, the old grandmother frowned and looked at Old Man Lin and said, “There are only more than 30 million things left and right. Can my old woman make up for him?”

“You will do it! I know this thing is known to you, you will do it, how long will you spoil him!”

The old grandmother looked at Old Man Lin’s angry expression and suffocated slightly, and then whispered: “Our Lin family, there are only two of them, what do you want?”

Elder Lin looked at his wife who had been with him for nearly forty years, took a deep breath and pointed to the door and said, “Get out, take him out! Get out of here!”

Although her tone was very rude, the old grandmother stood up overjoyed when she heard this, and then winked at Lin Dong who was kneeling down.

Lin Dong knelt on the ground when he saw this look and said, “Grandpa, grandpa, you forgive me, I will never dare anymore!”

Hearing what Lin Dong said, Mr. Lin turned around and didn’t even bother to look at him again.

The old grandmother looked at her wife’s expression and sighed, then turned around and led Lin Dong out of the office.

Only when she was about to leave, the old grandmother stopped her figure.

Then she didn’t even look at Lin Yan and said, “There are some things I don’t want to say to you. You have to remember one thing for me, you are the one who wants to marry.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan was struck by lightning and looked at the old grandmother leaving in disbelief.

Then he walked into the office in a daze and looked at Old Man Lin and said, “Grandpa, what does grandma mean when I say I want to marry?”

Elder Lin sat on the chair and took a deep breath, then looked at Lin Yan’s eyes and said, “The family has promised you a marriage, and your grandma has agreed.”

Lin Yan looked at the embarrassed look on her grandfather’s face, for a moment there was no sadness or joy on her face.

Lin Yan felt that what she had done for such a long time seemed to be a joke, and she was still thinking about how to win a place for herself in this home.

Unexpectedly, he had just done something that could hit his uncle and his son, only to be married by the family.

Is she so unimportant, or is the family reduced to the point where they need to sacrifice her as a bargaining chip?

Old man Lin looked at Lin Yan’s face as gray as death, and said distressedly, “Your grandma decided this matter, alas.”

Lin Yan looked at the helpless expression on the old man’s face. After a while of silence, she suddenly raised her head and smiled: “If this is the case, I will hand over the company’s affairs for now.”

After saying this, Lin Yan threw the key of the office on the desk, then turned and left the company.

Old man Lin looked at Lin Yan’s back and wanted to stay, but he finally let go of what his wife was doing.

After leaving the company, Lin Yan watched the crowds on the street, and the huge Beifu seemed to have no place of her own.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan squatted on the ground without knowing what to do, staring at many people in the phone address book in a daze.

After sliding for a while, Lin Yan’s gaze stayed on Ethan’s name.

She watched Norman Yan’s silence for a while and still couldn’t help but dialed the phone, and then quietly waited for Ethan to connect.

Ethan, who was busy in the hospital, just took a break. He suddenly noticed the phone ringing and quickly connected and said, “Hey, hello, this is Norman Yan.”

After introducing himself for a long time, Ethan also gradually accepted the identity of Norman Yan.

And according to his own life experience, his original surname should also be Norman.

Lin Yan listened to Ethan’s voice on the phone for a moment. She squatted on the ground and hugged herself tightly and said, “Hey, Norman Yan, can you come and pick me up?”

This was the first time Lin Yan showed a weak look in front of Ethan, listening to Lin Yan’s voice on the phone.

Ethan felt that Lin Yan was like an abandoned kitty, so after a while of silence, he gently said, “Where are you?”

After Lin Yan finished speaking of his address, Ethan just agreed, and then ended the call.

Looking at the phone in her hand, Lin Yan suddenly felt a touch of warmth in her heart for some reason.

When realizing that there are people who don’t care about any gains and losses, but simply care about themselves, Lin Yan suddenly has a strange feeling for Ethan.

After waiting for almost half an hour, a taxi stopped in front of Lin Yan.

Ethan sat in the car and looked at Lin Yan helplessly: “You know, I told the driver’s master that my wife is about to give birth, and he drove over so quickly.”

After saying this, Ethan continued with some helplessness: “God knows how tired it is to spend half an hour in the city center during the rush hour!”

Lin Yan squatted on the ground and stood up slowly, watching Ethan who was sitting in the car complaining and bit her lip, and then pounced on it.

After seeing this scene, the taxi driver said, “Hey, hey, if you want to show affection, please find another time. I’m still a single dog!”

When Ethan heard this, he couldn’t help but laughed, and then he said with a little helplessness: “This is not what I want to show off, but this Nizi doesn’t know what stupid she is doing!”

Lin Yan lay in Ethan’s arms. After hearing what he said, she snorted and laughed. She suffocated her tears and laughed, “You are a fool!”

After saying this, Lin Yan sat up upright and looked at Ethan, “I’ll stay there for a while, so it’s not convenient to say it!”


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