I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 649

Chapter 649: Laughing Unstoppable (Second)

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s red eyes, smiled slightly, and agreed to the matter.

However, there is only a dormitory at the hospital. Although it is also a single room, Lin Yan is a girl after all. It is inevitable that someone will gossip in her room if she rushes into her room.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Lin Yan and meditated for a while and said, “Well, I’ll rent you a house outside. How about you rest for a while?”

Lin Yan shook her head when she heard this, and what she said at home right now might not come to fruition.

And she felt that although Ethan’s details were a bit unclear, and the shot was quite generous, she didn’t want to use Ethan’s money.

So after shook his head, he refused this matter. After the car reached the door of the hospital dormitory building, Lin Yan followed Ethan to get out of the car.

After getting off the bus, Ethan looked at the dormitory in front of him and smiled helplessly: “You have to think clearly, we live alone and widows, in case I am irresponsible!”

Lin Yan laughed twice as she looked at Ethan, and walked in with a lot of fun.

As she walked, she looked up and smiled slightly: “It looks like your dormitory is pretty good. Go and buy me something for girls.

Hearing this, Ethan shook his head lazily, and threw a card from his pocket to Lin Yan and said, “The password is six zeros. You can buy it by yourself, so I don’t bother to buy it.”

After saying this, Ethan suddenly reacted to one thing!

“No, you bet 200,000 yuan on me that night. It should be your own money. You have to buy it yourself!”

Thinking of this, Ethan quickly took back his card and cautiously put it into his bag.

Lin Yan snorted while looking at Ethan’s stingy, and then left to prepare her toiletries.

After Lin Yan left, Ethan fell silent while looking at her back.

Anyway, Lin Yan is considered to be half of her friend, if anyone really wants to bully her, then you have to ask yourself if you agree.

It’s just that Lin Yan looks a little upset right now, so Ethan doesn’t plan to ask her so soon.

Just as Ethan was thinking about these things, a coughing sound suddenly came from behind him.

“Ahem, Xiao Norman, you can’t bring a girlfriend in the dormitory, don’t you know?”

Ethan was taken aback by the sudden sound, turned his head and looked at the other party, and saw that it was Xiao Lei, the security guard of the hospital!

Ethan looked at the other party and shook his head and smiled: “So it’s your kid, why didn’t you go on patrol and run here?”

Ethan smiled and joked, then took out a cigarette from his bag and scattered a cigarette for Xiao Lei.

Xiao Lei took the cigarette in Ethan’s hand with both hands and laughed: “Where is it, but it’s my turn to be in charge today.”

After saying this, Xiao Lei looked at the direction Lin Yan was walking and said, “Brother Norman, who is this, your girlfriend?”

After hearing this, Ethan shook his head and briefly explained the matter. Finally, he reached out and patted Xiao Lei’s shoulder and said, “Don’t tell me about this, right?”

When Xiao Lei heard this, he smiled and nodded to Ethan, made an understanding gesture and disappeared.

Immediately, Ethan chuckled and accompanied Lin Yan to buy some daily necessities, and then returned to the dormitory to make simple arrangements.

But just when Ethan settled for Lin Yan, Xiao Lei told the whole hospital about the matter as soon as he passed on it!

When it reached Dean Jiao’s ears, the story had become that Ethan had kidnapped a beautiful woman and was doing something indescribable in the dormitory!

Hearing these words, Dean Jiao’s blood pressure rose, and I felt that Ethan was a little floating!

The matter of Miss Xue’s family has just been resolved, and now I have brought another woman to the dormitory for the night?

After abruptly got up and patted the table, Dean Jiao thought that this matter must be dealt with seriously, so he walked out of the office to the dormitory area.

As a result, when he arrived at the dormitory, he discovered that the dignified Miss Lin family was yelling at the house in cheap pajamas holding the footbath!

“Damn it! Can’t you just pour out the foot wash by yourself!”

Ethan’s voice of laughter soon came over: “Don’t forget, it was you who lost the rock-paper-scissors and poured your footwashing water. Do you want to cheat!”

Hearing these words, Dean Jiao became a little embarrassed.

When I was about to leave, I didn’t expect Ethan to walk out of it, and then looked at Dean Jiao and said, “Oh, Dean, it just so happens that I have something to come to you.

Dean Jiao feels anxious, brother, just do what you want to do, can’t I know anything!

Despite the panic in his heart, he still turned his head to look at Ethan kindly and graciously like an old dog.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Norman, is there anything you want?”

Ethan heard this and said to Lin Yannu. “Hey, it’s just that Ni Zixian’s painful trouble broke out with the family. I plan to come to my place for a vacation, is it okay?”

Dean Jiao gave a light cough, then stretched out his hand and patted Ethan on the shoulder and said, “You can handle this matter yourself. I believe you can handle it.”

After saying this, Dean Jiao hurried away, and before leaving, he couldn’t help but greet Ethan’s relatives.

“What kind of shit luck, why can’t I be so lucky to be missed by such a young lady!”

Ethan stared at Dean Jiao’s back for a moment, then shook his head and returned to the room.

Looking at the image misbehaving, Lin Yan, who is swaying her little feet on the sofa and looking at the computer.

Ethan pondered for a moment and squeezed out a place to sit down and said, “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Lin Yan said without looking back, “What’s the matter, why are you asking this.”

Ethan picked up the apple in the fruit bowl, and while cutting it, he said leisurely: “I am also a doctor anyway, right? I will give you a psychological counseling class.”

Lin Yan turned her head to look at Ethan in surprise when she heard this, then shook her head and smiled bitterly, “Even if you help me with this matter, I won’t figure it out.”

After hearing this, Ethan looked at Lin Yan a little strangely, and split the apple into two without looking at it.

Then he handed it to Lin Yan and said, “What’s wrong, what’s so hard to figure out.”

Lin Yan turned around and took the apple in Ethan’s hand, and immediately replied, “My family is planning to marry me out. The point is that I don’t even know who I married!”

Hearing this, Ethan was taken aback for a moment, and then quietly said, “I hope I can have a family like this, so I won’t worry about getting married.”

Although it was a joke, Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing as she watched Ethan perform so vividly.


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