The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2619 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2619 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2619

Charlie Wade knows that what he lacks now is not money but talents. Doing business isn’t just talking or dreaming about it. To manage a company, you need to have the top talents with a strong enough ability to grow the company.

Currently Charlie Wade has two businesses: The Emgrand Group and Oracle Pharmaceutical.

Doris Young runs The Emgrand Group, and Oracle Pharmaceutical is led by Liam Weaver. However, beyond these two business sectors, if he wanted to add new businesses, he was lacking a talented manager.

Don Albert is completely loyal, but he is after all a rough person: He can execute orders, but lacks some of the forward thinking required for a business of this scale.

As for everyone else; whether it’s Mr. Quintonn, Mr. White, Travis Laane, or even Jasmine Moore Moore, they all have their own business. Charlie Wade couldn’t let them give up their original career to work for him. So, Charlie Wade’s current idea is to recruit as much new talent as possible.

If he can build a strong management team, then not only would there be strong growth prospects in ocean transportation, but he could expand with his team in other business sectors in the future.

Charlie Wade was eager to recruit Mr. Hank’s daughter because of this thirst for talents. After all, this kind of “buy one get one free” is very uncommon and the opportunity must be seized if it presents itself.

It was clear in Charlie Wade’s heart that Mr. Hank would definitely be unable to convince his daughter to come to Aurous Hill, so he was placing his hopes on himself.

If he could persuade Uncle Hank’s daughter to come to Aurous Hill as her father wished, Mr. Hank would definitely remember his favor in his heart.

So Charlie Wade took out his mobile phone and added Mr. Hank’s WeChat account, and then Mr. Hank recommended him a WeChat business card. 

Charlie Wade looked at the business card recommended by Mr. Hank and found that the other party’s nickname was “Little Autumn Isn’t Scared”, the avatar was the head of a fat baby boy: His fists clenched tight, with an expression of cheering hard.

Mr. Hank said from the side “Charlie Wade, let me give you a brief introduction: My daughter’s name is Ziva Hank. Ziva should’ve been born the same year as you. But if I remember, you were born during the bloom of spring in the first half of the year, right?”

Charlie Wade nodded “Yes, I was born in February of the lunar calendar, just a month after the Spring Festival.” 

“Ah!” Mr. Hank laughed “I remember receiving a message about it in the spring of that year. Ziva was born in the second half of the year early during autumn, the leaves had recently fallen, so we gave her this nickname.” 

After that, Mr. Hank cautioned “By the way, just remember what I told you, after you add her, don’t mention me at any point in the conversation.”

“Okay.” Charlie Wade said hurriedly: “Uncle Hank, don’t worry, I have sense enough not to.” 

Mr. Hank smiled, patted Charlie Wade on the shoulder, and said: “Charlie Wade, Uncle Hank has a very strained father-daughter relationship. It’s up to you to help mediate, you must do your best and don’t give up easily!”

Charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t worry Uncle Hank, I won’t give up easy at all. If your daughter really doesn’t agree then as long as you nod, I will personally go to Syria and tie her up and bring her back!”


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