The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2623 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2623 (Charlie Wade)


Ziva Hank, who was far away in Syria, was indeed very moved after hearing what Charlie said.

    During this period of time, their classmates were several, and they also encountered a lot of difficulties and dangers in Syria. Although several dangers were avoided by chance, everyone knew in their hearts that the risk of staying in Syria to shoot documentaries was still very high.

    Ziva Hank felt that if he could really get 20 million US dollars in sponsorship from Charlie, it would have a qualitative improvement for everyone’s personal safety and for everyone’s shooting expenses.

    Thinking of this, she replied to Charlie: “Mr. Wade , let’s do it, I will discuss your suggestions with my team to see what everyone means. If everyone agrees, then I have no opinion.

    Charlie laughed Said:’That’s great. When can you give me a clear conclusion?

    Ziva Hank hurriedly said: “We are now preparing to participate in a military operation by the local government forces. They are going to attack one of the opposition parties before dawn. For a small military base, the entire offensive mission is estimated to last six hours. I will try my best to give you a final reply before dark today. Do you think it is okay?”

    Hank hurriedly said to Charlie when he heard that Ziva Hank was going to participate in the military operation. “Charlie, you must persuade her well, not let her go! This is really starting a war, the bullet does not grow eyes, if you get hurt, you will have to lose half your life if you don’t die!

    Charlie nodded, Said: “Then I tried to persuade her to

    finish speaking, and then continued to send a voice to Ziva Hank: “Miss ziva, I personally suggest you not to participate in this kind of military operation, or your team will not go today, everyone. Sit down and have a meeting together, and carefully consider my suggestion. If you all agree, I will pay the money immediately, and your team can immediately hire a group of mercenaries from the Blackwater Company to protect your safety. What do you think? “

    Ziva Hank replied: “Mr. Wade , we started preparing for this operation three days ago, and my companion has already started getting equipment in the car now, and it’s time to set off soon, so we still wait until we finish this operation. After that, I will give you a clear reply.

    After speaking, Ziva Hank sent another message immediately: “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade, we are leaving now! After leaving the base, there will be no communication network, let’s talk back!”

    Charlie hurriedly replied: “I still recommend you Don’t go.

    However, Ziva Hank didn’t reply again this time. Charlie looked at Hank and said helplessly: Uncle Hank, I guess she has already set off.

    “Hey!” Hank sighed, “I, Hank, have been reading books for half a lifetime. It’s a

    crime to have such a rebellious daughter! Charlie shrugged and said, “Uncle Hank, Syria is at least six to seven thousand kilometers away from our place. No matter how worried you are, it will be difficult to actually solve the problem. It’s better to wait patiently. Her reply, I think the terms I gave this time are so generous, they should not refuse.

    Hank said with emotion: “Charlie, thank you so much, I have to pay for my housework.”

    As he said, he said with a bit of sullen emotion: Since I decided to give up my work and life in high society and choose to teach and educate people, almost all the money I can donate at home has been donated, and I have also given a part of Ziva as charity. Now All my assets are a small villa in Aurous Hill, plus less than 10 million yuan in cash, and all of them are only over 20 million. If converted into U.S. dollars, it will be around three or four million. I will give you the money and the house, and I will slowly repay the rest!

    Charlie hurriedly said, “Uncle Hank, don’t be so polite to me. To be honest, I’m here to ask you and your daughter to help me make money. This amount of money is considered as an early investment, and you can rest assured that if Ziva is willing to come back to help, I will definitely give her a generous annual salary; if Ziva can help me push the ocean shipping business on the right track, in terms of salary I can double it!

    Hank said gratefully, “Charlie, thank you so much. Don’t worry, I will do my best to repay you, Uncle Hank!”

    Charlie bowed slightly and said, “Uncle Hank You and me must not be so polite.”


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