The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2624 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2624 (Charlie Wade)


After all, Charlie checked the time and said, “Uncle Hank, you will definitely have class later? Then I won’t disturb you, let’s talk another day.

    Hank looked at his watch and said hurriedly, “Oh, Not to mention that I almost forgot, there will be a class right away, or else Charlie, if you have nothing to do, just stay in my office, don’t leave in a hurry, wait until I finish this class, at noon. The two of you have a meal together. “

    Charlie said:

    Hank your work is certainly special

    in haste, eat something or to make it later.

    Hank waved his hand:” Busy, but the rest of the time is always there, besides the two of us for so many years to meet again, say In fact, I am really kind in my heart, and I still want to talk to you more. As he

    said, Hank said earnestly: “But this also depends on your time. If you have something at noon, let’s change the day. Anyway, we are in Aurous Hill, so we can look for opportunities. “

    Charlie is actually fine at noon, mainly because he is afraid of staying here and delaying Hank’s work. In fact, he still wants to chat with Hank more, because he has not known much about his mother in the past 20 years, and it is hard When he met a classmate of his mother, he really wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about his mother’s story from Hank.

    So he said: “If this is the case, then Uncle Hank, you should be busy first. I will wait here. you.

    Okay!” Hank nodded excitedly, and said, “Sit and watch. I have 50 minutes of this class. Come here after class.

    Charlie nodded and watched Hank leave with the teaching plan materials. He was doing nothing by himself, so he sat down on the reception sofa in Hank’s office.

    Just when he had nothing to do, he searched for information about Ziva Hank, and found that this girl was really amazing. She had excellent grades at Stanford, and she was even published on the official website of Stanford University. In her photo, Ziva Hank in the photo has light golden curly hair, with a sweet and flawless face, full of femininity.

    Charlie really couldn’t understand, such a beautiful and excellent girl, there must be many men crazy to pursue her on weekdays, but why she prefers women.

    However, Charlie didn’t entangle too much with this kind of thing, he was very open to these things, and his orientation in this area was completely personal freedom, even his parents had no right to interfere.

    Just when he turned off Ziva Hank’s search results, his mobile phone suddenly received a call from Aurora.

    Charlie answered the phone and heard Aurora nervously saying on the other end of the phone: “Master Wade, someone in our school inquired about Kian webbb, and also inquired about original matter. Isn’t it possible that someone is targeting you?

    Charlie was slightly startled. He remembered that she was the girl

    who almost jumped into the lake to commit suicide by Kian webbb’s psychological hints. And this That girl was was also Kian webbb’s girlfriend before the accident.

    Now someone is asking about Kian webbb. I heard about the matter on her head, do you want to find out the whole story of Kian webbb’s accident?


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