The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2630 (Charlie Wade)

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“Good Uncle

    Hank .” Hank was about to leave when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a fortune-telling stall on the side of the road not far away.

    Aurous Hill itself is an ancient city, and most of the people here have the habit of looking at fortune-telling, so there are a lot of fortune-telling people on the streets and alleys.

    If it’s the spring season, just find a street in the old city, and there will be a fortune-telling booth every ten steps on the side of the road.

    In addition, there are also many who are waiting at home for customers.

    This kind of big fairy generally uses the so-called gimmick of inviting the upper body of the gods, specifically to help people see the picture, and sometimes help people to drive away evil spirits.

    This kind of big fairy does the most work to exorcise evil spirits to the children.

    Old people are superstitious that children will be frightened when they see unclean things, and then cry non-stop, so they look for Daxian’er.

    Generally speaking, young people who do not believe in such things, including some old intellectuals, are also dismissive of such things.

    Hank originally did the same.

    He has been abroad for so many years. If he has never built superstitions, but today his right eye keeps jumping, and his daughter is participating in military operations with the Syrian government forces. He is really uneasy, so he suddenly moved. The mind of the hexagram.

    So he said to Charlie: “Charlie, if you have something to do, please do it first, I’ll take a look over there.”

    Charlie saw that the direction he was pointing at was the fortune-telling booth, so he asked: “Uncle Hank, do you want to find someone to count?”

    Hank nodded and sighed: “Hey, I now know why everyone has religious beliefs. It must be when I am so helpless now. I really don’t know. What should I do, so I can only pin my hopes on religious beliefs or feudal superstitions, mainly for psychological comfort.”

    Charlie smiled slightly and said, “I don’t have anything important to me anyway, so I will go with you. .

    Hank didn’t think much, nodded, and went to the fortune-telling booth with Charlie.

    At this moment, sitting in front of the fortune-telling booth was an old man with dark skin, gray hair and beard, and a little lean.

    The old man looked like he was about 70 or 80 years old, sitting alone in front of the stall, wiping the beard on his chin without hesitation, with a somewhat immortal aura.

    Hank came to him. Before he could speak, the old man asked him: “Does this gentleman want to ask good or bad?

    Hank nodded and said: “I want to ask for my daughter to see if she is safe.

    The old man hummed and pushed a bamboo tube full of bamboo sticks over and said, “Come on, thinking of your daughter in my heart, and then shake one to sign it out.

    Hank hurriedly did it, thinking of his daughter in his heart, while shaking the bamboo tube. Dozens of bamboo sticks in the bucket kept sticking out with his shaking, until one of them fell out of the bucket first.

    Hank opened his eyes, quickly picked up the bamboo sticks, looked down at the words on it, and said Said: “I heard that tonight is Shangyuan, and the silver lamp is shining in the sky; there was a gust of wind and rain for no reason, and the Wanjia lamp went out. What does it mean?” The     old man smiled slightly and said inexplicably, . Sign the 32nd lottery. If you need to cancel the lottery, please welcome five hundred yuan, which can be considered as a blessing.     When Charlie heard this, he concluded that the old man was a liar.     Asking for fortune-telling is a Taoist philosophy. As for randomness or blessing, this is the Buddhist saying.     It is impossible for a Dao Sect disciple to say words like rejoicing and blessing. This feeling is like a monk saying that he has donated money. Just like seeing God in heaven, logic itself is problematic.     However, Hank did not know this.     He heard the other party say that it would cost five hundred yuan. Without any hesitation, he took out his phone and asked, “Can I scan the QR code to pay?

    The old man took out a receipt code that had been printed a long time ago, and said with a smile: “Come, scan this, WeChat Alipay is

    acceptable .” Hank hurried to scan the QR code to pay, Charlie wanted to stop him, but after another thought, he Now, just like the ants on a hot pot, they can’t stop them by themselves, so I didn’t say much, just watched the changes.

    Soon, Hank’s payment was completed, and the elder’s pocket heard a “Wechat Receipt Five Hundred Yuan” prompt. He smiled with satisfaction and said, “The signature of your signature is. The lights are shining in the sky; there is a gust of wind and rain for no reason, and the Wanjia lamp turns off the orchestra. The meaning is very simple. It is probably to say that tonight was originally the Shangyuan Festival. Wanjia’s lights were blown out, and the original festivals of blowing, playing and singing disappeared.”

    When it came to this, he sighed and said, “This is really the most unlucky one. The lottery was drawn. No matter what you want to ask, you can use four words to summarize it.”

    Hank asked in a hurry, “Which four words?!” The

    old man shook his head and sighed, “‘Everything is not good!


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