The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2632 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2632 (Charlie Wade)


  Afterwards, he untied the red string, held the five copper coins in his palms and shook for a moment, and said coldly, “Boy, take a good look!

    After speaking, he threw the five coins out and stared at the coins on the ground again with a look Shocked and said: This hexagram shows that your daughter is bound to have a disaster of blood and light in the near future. If you do not intervene in time, I am afraid that it will become a disaster!

    Hank became anxious when he heard this, and the disaster? “Old gentleman, please save my daughter anyway!

    Charlie was a little puzzled at this time.

    The five emperor coins thrown out by the old man were indeed five genuine ancient coins, but the message conveyed by the hexagrams meant looking at flowers in the fog and fog.

    The reason why this kind of hexagram appears is not because the prospects of the target person are confusing, but because the level of the divination person is really limited. Because of the limited level, he can only see the flower in the fog. To put it plainly, this hexagram tells him seven words: You can’t understand it at all.

    Obviously, it is a hexagram that can’t understand anything, but it happens to say that others are suffering from blood and light. It is obvious that it is deliberately frightening people and wanting to take advantage of it.

    Therefore, Charlie can basically be sure that this old guy is a liar, and at best he has learned a little bit of fur.

    At his level, if it is placed in the medical field, it is equivalent to just learning how to distinguish between the front and the back of X-rays. Other medical knowledge-I don’t understand it.

    Therefore, his fortune-telling at this level is completely deceitful.

    Therefore, Charlie pretended to be surprised and said: “Just by throwing these 5 copper coins on the ground, can you figure out a person’s future good or bad?”

    “That’s natural!” The old man said with a proud face: “I have the ability to learn. After fifty years, I have already been so prosperous!”


    Charlie curled his lips: “I don’t believe it, let me try to

    finish. Before the old man agrees, I just grabbed the five copper coins one by one.

    Then, he thought of Hank and his daughter in his heart, and then thought of the records of the divination of copper coins in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, and after a moment of meditation, he threw five copper coins out.

    The old man saw that he was serious, and he turned his lips in disdain, and said, “Do you know that there is an idiom called Dong Shi Xiaoying? You are like a real one, this hexagram seems like you can understand a six!”

    Charlie ignored him His cynicism, all his attention was focused on these five copper coins.

    These five copper coins had a huge amount of information in his eyes.

    First of all, the overall hexagram is the main evil, and it is extremely cruel, almost mortal.

    In other words, Ziva Hank not only has a great probability of life in danger, but also has the possibility of tragic death.

    Secondly, the azimuth sword of this hexagram is pointing to the west, and there is almost no deviation;

    that is to say, Ziva Hank must be in the west of Aurous Hill;

    Syria is in the Middle East and West Asia, and it happens to be almost in the same dimension as the province where Aurous Hill is located. Above, the hexagram image is shown in the west here, which means that Ziva Hank’s current dimension does not deviate from Charlie’s position!

    Finally, the hexagram image as a whole looks like a mortal game, but it remains. The only birthplace, and that birthplace is here!

    He immediately took out his mobile phone and searched the latitude and longitude of Syria and Aurous Hill on the search engine, and found that Syria’s land was between 32 degrees 20 minutes north latitude and 37 degrees, and Aurous Hill happened to be. Between 31 and 32 degrees and 37 minutes north latitude! In

    other words, Ziva Hank’s current latitude is within the range of 32 degrees 20 minutes and 37 minutes north latitude!


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