The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2633 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2633 (Charlie Wade)


  From the perspective of the hexagrams, Ziva Hank almost died nine years ago, and the only life is in Aurous Hill.

    Charlie suddenly realized that Ziva Hank’s life must lie with him.

    Except for myself, I am afraid that no one can save her.

    Moreover, it seems that Ziva Hank seems to have been enveloped in danger from now on.

    Moreover, her life is on her own body, if she does not save Ziva Hank, she will die! To

    save, or not to save, Charlie hardly hesitated.

    Charlie had already decided to save her just now when he discovered that Ziva Hank’s life was in the middle of his body.

    Although Charlie had never seen Ziva Hank, and had no friendship with her, Charlie still had two reasons to save her.

    The first reason is that I now want to cut into the huge market of ocean transportation as soon as possible. Ziva Hank is the best candidate. If she can come back and help herself, her father Hank will certainly assist her. In that case, this The business is basically stable; the

    second reason is that Hank was a friend and classmate of his mother before his death, and after his parents had an accident, he took a lot of effort to find himself, and he only had a daughter, Ziva Hank, so he just watched At this level, you can’t help yourself.

    However, Charlie was a little worried.

    It can be saved, but how to save it?

    After all, she is in Syria, and she knows nothing about where she is in Syria.

    Although the hexagram image can calculate the approximate position, the accuracy of finding a person is still much worse. The possibility of finding out exactly where she is by divination is almost zero!

    Thinking of this, Charlie flashed a thought:” This time Ziva Hank is following the Syrian government forces to participate in military operations

    In other words, they are a group of several people protected by government forces. If Ziva Hank’s life is in danger, it should indicate that the government forces will most likely fail in this operation, and this will affect Ziva Hank and the others

    . I should pay more attention to the situation and news in Syria, and see if there is any news about the failure of government forces in the coming time.

    When Charlie was full of sadness, the owner of the fortune-telling booth opposite said with a sarcasm: “Young man, why are you not talking? Didn’t you understand what this hexagram represents? Or in your mind, Now

    I’m thinking about how to fool us for a while? When he said that, he sneered again: “Oh, I’ll be honest, if you can’t do it, go away, don’t delay me from helping others solve problems!

    Charlie’s expression is very proud when he sees him. There was an expression of despair in the eyebrows, and he said coldly: “I didn’t want to waste time with you, but since you are obsessed, then I will waste a few minutes talking to you. I think you are poor and destined to be A life of hard work and hard work, and destined to be difficult to achieve, a person like you, apart from being cheated, can’t have any real ability, and his old age must be exceptionally miserable.

    Therefore, I still advise you not to slander and deceive all day long. At such an old age, finding a stable and formal job can also save you from the hardship of hunger and cold in the future. “The

    old man didn’t expect that he saw Charlie’s jokes, but Charlie in turn taunted himself.

    More importantly, this guy was really right.

    He did suffer a lot in his life.

    This is mainly because , When he was young, he had a low-handedness, a high-handedness, a bad mentality, and spent a few years in prison.

    Therefore, there is almost no work he can do for a long time. There

    is no long-term work, let alone accumulation, so he does this In his life, there was almost no accomplishment.

    Not only did he waste a whole life, but his children also had nothing to do.

    Now all the children are married, but they all live very poorly.

    At such an age, he still has to come out to be kidnapped, on the one hand to support himself and his wife and children, on the other hand, he also hopes to give his children a little subsidy.


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