The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2635 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2635 (Charlie Wade)


 The fortune-telling old man didn’t expect that even Hank, a gentle middle-aged man, would come to sing against him, and immediately said with some irritation: “You don’t talk about science with it, what science? What is science? You have to have basic common sense, right? This dragon gives birth to dragons and phoenixes. Rats give birth to holes. I have blood type ab and give birth to a son with type ab blood. It is right and proper! Is there a problem?” The fastest update

    Hank said helplessly: ” Old gentleman, you really have to believe in science. Although I am not studying medicine and biology, I am also a university professor at any rate. There is some basic common sense. When the

    old man heard that Hank said he was a university professor, he suddenly panicked. .

    he does not look like a liar Hank, I felt that it was like a little f*cking wrong.

    so he subconsciously asked: “Since you are a professor, can you explain to explain to me why my son is not ab blood type?

    Hank said seriously: “If you really talk about the principle of this, it is really not clear in a few words and a half for a while, but you can check it on the Internet. The

    old man quickly took out a different-brand mobile phone with a huge screen and wrote seriously After painting for a long time, I saw that his expression suddenly became dull.

    He did find the relevant results. On the

    Internet, all the statements are the same as Hank’s statement. Parents of blood type AB and type 0 can only A child with blood type A or blood type B will never give birth to blood type O or blood type AB.

    This also means that his eldest son is by no means his own, and when he thinks of this, he almost needs a mouthful of old blood. Squirting out!

    Immediately, he picked up the phone in a panic, called the second son, and asked directly: “Second, do you know your blood type?

    His second son said in surprise, “I remember Is it O type? It seems to be the same as my mother.

    “O type?” The old man immediately felt like being struck by lightning, and blurted out, “Are you sure? Did you remember it wrong?”

    “That’s right.” The second son said: “Why don’t you steal the cable last time and let people be caught? The blood type test performed by the prison before entering the prison service must be registered in the file. The

    old man’s eyes suddenly blacked out.

    What the f*ck What a tragedy on earth. The

    boss is not his own, neither is the second child?!

    At the same time as the collapse, he thought of the youngest son and couldn’t help but make another call. As

    soon as the other party connected, he asked: “The third child, what are you Do you know the blood type? The

    youngest son asked in surprise, “Dad, that’s what you call? I’m a in sports car. Recently, I don’t allow driving to make phone calls. The camera is taking pictures everywhere. The

    old man blurted out: “You tell me now!

    Little The son asked incomprehensibly: “Dad, what are you calling to ask about this? The

    old man scolded: “Why are you so f*cking nonsense? Can I just answer what I ask you? The

    younger son hurriedly said:” Okay, I have blood type AB, isn’t it the same as you? I inherited yours.” The

    old man was anxious and almost fell to the ground.

    The youngest son said at this time: Dad, the teacher from Ascendas School called and said that this bear kid couldn’t keep up with his grades in all subjects, and asked me to report to him for the training class. Can you hand it over to him? The

    old man gritted his teeth and cursed: “I’ll give him a leg to grandma!”

    After speaking, he smashed the phone to the ground and smashed it to pieces. Then he burst into tears.

    He never dreamed that none of his three sons actually belonged to him.

    He couldn’t help holding his face in pain: “What kind of sin did I commit? I have been exhausted in my life to raise sons and grandchildren for others.


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