The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2643 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2643 (Charlie Wade)


  When Charlie said he was going to the airport, Isaac Cameron subconsciously said, “Master, go now?

    Charlie blurted out: “What are you waiting for if you don’t go now? The plane is estimated to have taken off, and it will be at Aurous Hill Airport in more than 20 minutes. If the lift moves a little bit slower, it may be that Concorde arrives first. The fastest update

    Isaac Cameron came back to his senses and said with an awkward smile: “Yes, yes, I forgot that this Concorde airliner is flying fast. Wait a moment, I will arrange the helicopter to take off.”

    After that, Isaac Cameron took it. Lifting the intercom on the table, he blurted out: “The helicopter crew prepares immediately and takes off to Aurous Hill Airport in five minutes!”

    Soon, Charlie heard the start of the helicopter engine from the roof.

    Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Master, you can set off!”

    “Okay!” Charlie stood up without hesitation, and stepped out of Isaac Cameron’s office.

    Isaac Cameron’s office itself is on the top floor, and the helipad on the top of the building is directly above his office. At the entrance of his office, there is a special elevator that can rise directly to the top of the building.

    Under the leadership of Isaac Cameron, Charlie took a special elevator to the top of the building. The helicopter had started at this time and was ready to take off at any time.

    A crew member opened the door of the helicopter, stood aside respectfully, and Charlie stepped forward without hesitation. Going up, I didn’t expect Isaac Cameron to follow up too.

    Charlie said: “

    isaac, you don’t need to send me off. Isaac Cameron said hurriedly: “Master, I am not sending you off, I intend to go with you!

    “With me?” Charlie frowned and said: “Don’t have to be so troublesome, I can do it myself.

    Isaac Cameron blurted out: “No way, master, you went to Syria and you are not familiar with the place of your life. Although your strength is unmatched, I still hope to be able to follow you. , And, if the young lady calls you, I can at least help you with a lie.

    Seeing Isaac Cameron’s insistence, Charlie didn’t refuse, and

    said: “Okay , let’s go together. Isaac Cameron was overjoyed, and hurriedly sat down beside Charlie, and said to the crew: “Take off! The

    helicopter immediately climbed towards Speeding away in the direction of Aurous Hill Airport.

    Twenty minutes later, when the helicopter was less than ten kilometers away from the airport, Charlie saw a slender white passenger plane in the sky above him, swiftly passing by.

    Unlike the arc-shaped front face of an ordinary passenger plane, the nose of this plane is a very sharp cone, and the wing is not in the shape of two open wings, but a triangular wing that is rearward. The shape of this delta wing is the kind of design style that is extremely speedy.

    Isaac Cameron on the side also saw the plane and said excitedly: “Look, master, that is the master Concorde! It seems that this plane has arrived earlier than us! The

    Concorde approached at a speed of nearly 400 kilometers per hour. It’s much faster than a helicopter, so I left the helicopter behind in the blink of an eye.

    Charlie looked at this sci-fi-like aircraft, and couldn’t help feeling in his heart. It was really unexpected that an aircraft that looked so advanced was actually good. The product decades ago.

    What makes him even more emotional is that the power of capital is indeed extremely powerful. The cost of this kind of aircraft is extremely high, and the cost of modification and maintenance is higher. The cost of raising it is faster than burning money. If it weren’t for a large family with assets of over trillions, no one really could afford such expensive things.


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