The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2644 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2644 (Charlie Wade)


   A few minutes later, Charlie’s helicopter arrived at Aurous Hill Airport.

    At the end of the airport runway, the Concorde plane was parked just now.

    The pilot said at this time: “Young Master, Mr. Charlie, the airport has reported that the Concorde is ready for take-off, let’s land directly next to the Concorde, and then board and take off immediately!” The fastest update

    “Okay!” Charlie nodded, he became more aware of the reasons for the success of the big family, and a large part of it was the guarantee behind the success.

    Ordinary people want to go to Syria, according to the conventional route, from the moment of boarding, it takes at least 24 hours.

    However, with such a complete support system, the time to arrive in Syria can be almost reduced to six hours.

    The difference of eighteen hours usually doesn’t seem to be a big deal. It is nothing more than the difference between a plane ticket and a green-skin train ticket, but in the face of extremely important events, these eighteen hours can be done. There are too many things and too many results that can be changed.

    As the helicopter descended, Charlie suddenly received a call from Hank. As soon as the call was made, Hank said in a panic: “Charlie

    knows that something has happened to Ziva Hank .” Charlie asked hurriedly, “Uncle Hank, don’t you. I was anxious, and slowly said, what happened to Ziva Hank?

    Hank blurted out: “I just received a message from a local friend that the government army’s military operation failed today, and the troops they sent were encircled by the opposition. Over a thousand people were killed and injured, and nearly a hundred people were captured. Among them were eight American youths including Ziva Hank.

    “What?!” Charlie suddenly exclaimed

    : ” Is the news confirmed? Hank said in a nervous voice:” It has been determined that the government forces are now preparing to launch military retaliation, but the opposition has already told the government forces and the U.S. Embassy to pay a ransom of 80 million U.S. dollars. Otherwise, they will have to take the Ziva Hank and the eight people Put it to death!

    Charlie asked hurriedly: “Did the American embassy state its position?

    “I have expressed my opinion.” Hank sighed and said: “Their spokesperson strongly condemned the actions of the opposition, and they said that they would not accept the threat of the opposition, and demand that the opposition must release the hostages, otherwise they will be dealt with. Launch military revenge’

    Charlie couldn’t help being solemn, and said: “If this is the case, it is likely to anger the opponent.

    “Yes” Hank gritted his teeth: “My friend knows the people in the US Embassy. They actually don’t care about the life and death of these eight young people!

    “And they are not willing to pay the ransom at all, because they have made many enemies in the Middle East these years. Once this compromise is reached, I don’t know how many people will follow suit, so they want to prevent this from the source and send it again.”

    Speaking of this, Hank choked and said: “The opposition is also very angry with the US embassy. They said to The U.S. side will be executed for six hours, six hours later, every half an hour-one, Hank is afraid this time, I am afraid it will be

    too bad, Charlie hurriedly comforted: “Uncle Hank, don’t worry so much”‘

    Hank said bitterly. “Hey, how can I not worry that what I am worried about is about to have a heart attack!

    ” And I really regret it! I regret that Ziva Hank was born in the United States at the time. She was born in the United States, so it was natural at that time I gave her a naturalization program. If she is a Chinese citizen, there must be a transfer this time.

    It’s a pity that she and her classmates and friends, all of whom are American,

    Charlie hurriedly said: “Uncle Hank, you Don’t worry, let’s not be so pessimistic. I will set off for Syria right away, and I will definitely find a way to rescue your daughter. You can wait for my good news in China!”


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