The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2645 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2645 (Charlie Wade)

Chapter 2645

Hank never dreamed that Charlie was already able to attend Syria.

He originally called Charlie rather than asking Charlie for help, because he felt that Charlie couldn’t help much. After all, his daughter is now in six or seven. Syria, thousands of kilometers away, remains within the hands of a well-armed Syrian opposition.

during this case, even the Syrian government army couldn’t help, so he never thought that Charlie could help.

Hank made this call to Charlie mainly to inform him the newest situation.

Therefore, when he heard Charlie say that he was able to attend Syria, he was shocked to talk .

After a short time , he subconsciously asked: “Charlie, why are you getting to Syria? That place isn’t even accessible to civil aviation.

Charlie has stepped off the helicopter and stepped onto the slender Concorde ahead of him.

He ran up the boarding stairs. While driving, he said to Hank on the phone: “I asked the Wade family to rearrange a plane to fly to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, then enter from Beirut to Syria.”

Hank heard this and said excitedly: “Charlie, you you Is it true?”

Charlie said, “Of course, I’m already at Aurous Hill Airport, and that i will begin immediately.

Hank asked subconsciously: “Then how long will it fancy get to the Syrian opposition during a few hours before beginning to kill the hostages? I’m afraid you’ll toss it thus far , but within the end you continue to can’t continue with

Charlie said: “I borrowed the Wade family’s concord style. By plane, you’ll get to Beirut in additional than four hour

 additionally , I also asked the Wade family to organize resources and contacts locally. After I landed, I should be ready to go on to Syria. Bekent is merely tens of kilometers faraway from Syria. .

Hank hurriedly asked again: “Will that permit me accompany you?

Charlie said, “Uncle , time is running out. i will be able to begin in five minutes. you’ll await my news in Aurous Hill with peace of mind. i will be able to definitely keep your daughter safe Bring it back

Hank said gratefully: “Charlie, many thanks such a lot .

After finishing speaking, he asked again: “Charlie, how does one decide to save Ziva Hank once you arrive in Syria? 

You promise uncle, you want to not attempt to risk it anyway. You can’t get yourself into a dangerous situation, does one understand?”

Charlie comforted: “Uncle hank, don’t worry, I’m getting to use money to unravel the matter this point . Don’t the Syrian opposition just need a ransom? If the US Embassy If you’re not willing to offer it, then i will be able to provides it .

Charlie couldn’t help but ridiculed himself again: “To be honest, I’m going over this point and I’m getting to be a wealthy boy for the opposition. regardless of how jerk they’re , they can’t even let the God of Wealth not abandoning .

Actually Charlie just comforted Hank and told him to not worry an excessive amount of .

Using money to redeem someone isn’t Charlie’s style in the least .

Because he knows that such desperadoes can never have any credibility.

Normally In other words, such brutal and harsh thugs will only see money and treachery.

If they really take tens of many dollars within the past to redeem people, they’ll not allow them to go, but they’re going to think that they’re an enormous fish and treat themselves too. Buckle it down.

So, this time, he’s getting to solve the matter directly with violence.


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