The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2647 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2647 (Charlie Wade)


  “How to rescue people?”

    Upon hearing Isaac Cameron’s question, Charlie gave a wry smile and said frankly: “To be honest, I don’t know how to rescue people.

    Isaac Cameron asked nervously, “Then you ? how confident are times, “

    Charlie seriously said:

    ” I have not been 

     do not understand the Syrian opposition-man strength, defense rating, but you just said situation, the other side of the paper or data Very tough, even if I am a little capable, I can’t carry thousands of soldiers with live ammunition, so I can only sneak in quietly.

    Charlie said with a light sigh, “If I’m lucky, maybe I can sneak in, but if I’m not lucky, I may not even be able to get in. Isaac Cameron is very worried and said: “Master, you are alone. Going deep into the tiger’s den, will it be life-threatening if discovered by the other party?

    Charlie waved his hand and said: I still have the ability and confidence to protect myself, but it is hard to say whether I can successfully rescue people.

    Isaac Cameron asked again: “Master, you said you want to take a fixed-wing aircraft to skydive. Have you ever skydiving experience before?

    Charlie shook his head and said: “No, I have all these years of food and clothing problems. How can I experience skydiving? “

    Isaac Cameron’s expression became even more nervous,

    and he said : “Master, if you didn’t jump over the umbrella, wouldn’t it be more dangerous in this case?” After speaking , he hurriedly said again: “The news I received shows that the opposition is currently The anti-aircraft weapon of the United States is a Stinger anti-aircraft missile made by the United States. This missile effectively shoots at a height of about 4,000 meters. Therefore, the aircraft’s flying altitude must be maintained at more than 4,000 meters by that time. Parachuting at a height of more than 4,000 meters is very difficult!

    Charlie asked humbly: “Then tell me specifically, what are the main

    difficulties for parachuting at a height of 4,000 meters?” Isaac Cameron explained “The first thing is to deal with the high-altitude air pressure and low temperature, which tests the physical fitness of skydivers.

    Charlie nodded: “I believe I have no problem with this point. What about the others?”

    Isaac Cameron continued: “Besides, the attitude is maintained high in the sky. You must ensure that your descent speed is moderate, not too slow, and more. Not too fast. This requires you to make reasonable use of your body and constantly adjust the air resistance and your posture.”

    Charlie nodded and said, “It sounds like it shouldn’t be too difficult. Is there

    anything else ?” Isaac Cameron said again: “The other is The timing of opening the parachute and the control of the parachute after opening the parachute. When you jump from a height of more than 4,000 meters, the high air flow is unstable. You must constantly adjust the direction to ensure that you are as accurate as possible. Landing at a predetermined location, if you make a mistake in the control, you may miss a few kilometers, or even dozens of kilometers. After

    speaking, Isaac Cameron continued: “Yes, there is also the posture when landing, although usually watching others parachuting, it seems that the landing speed is not fast In fact, the moment of landing, the descent speed is still very high, which requires the skydiver to make adjustments at the moment before landing. If the control is not good, it is common for the leg to break or fracture.

    When Charlie heard this, he couldn’t help but ask him: “I, the last time I jumped from a helicopter over ten meters high, it was all right. What you said shouldn’t be a problem to me.”

    Isaac Cameron just remembered. The last time Charlie went there was the performance of Zara and Deana. He felt a little relieved when he thought that Charlie’s physical fitness was completely different from that of ordinary people.

    So he took a breath and continued: “Master, since this is the case, then I think the only two issues you need to pay attention to are direction control and the timing of opening the umbrella. I will contact the Lebanese side. The interface person, let them prepare a device that can display air pressure, altitude, and GPS positioning. Then you can judge the time of skydiving based on real-time data, and then adjust the direction in real time based on GPS.”

    Charlie nodded: “OK, let them arrange A skydiving instructor got on the plane with me. On the way, he told me how to open the parachute and control the direction!” After

    more than four hours of flying, Charlie’s Concorde finally landed at the Lebanese capital Beirut Airport.

    Beirut at this time was in the afternoon, and the temperature reached about 30 degrees Celsius.

    The sky has been a little hazy, and the air has been a little damp. It seems that a heavy rain has been holding back for a long time and it hasn’t come down.


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