The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2649 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

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CHAPTER 2649 Part 1

  When Charlie boarded the plane, Anthony pointed to one of the white men who was checking the parachute bag and said, “Master, this is Vasily from Russia. He was a paratrooper instructor before. He has 20 years of experience in parachuting. Very generous.

    The Russian man called Vasily stood up, saluted Charlie, and said in non-standard Chinese: “Hello, Master Wade! This time I will temporarily act as your skydiving instructor. If you Feeling unsure, I can take you to jump at that time. “

    Charlie nodded and asked: “If I jump by myself, what should I pay attention to?”

    Vasily explained: “When we are close to the destination, I will according to the altitude around the destination, Airflow and wind speed to choose the most suitable place for skydiving, if you choose it yourself, then you must jump out decisively when I say jump. “

    After speaking, he handed Charlie a professional watch and introduced: “Master Wade, this watch can monitor your altitude, temperature, body temperature, heart rate and GPS position in real time. After you parachute, open your limbs and land steadily. Speed, while keeping the direction with your limbs. Then I will use your GPS coordinates to remind you in real time how to control your limbs and then control the direction by radio, so as to ensure that your landing point does not yaw as much as possible.

    In addition, I have set the umbrella opening reminder in this watch. If you reach the predetermined height of the umbrella opening, the watch will give out vibration and sound prompts. Then you can directly pull the main umbrella switch on the umbrella bag. Open the parachute.

    Charlie took the watch and put it on his wrist. Vasily picked up a prepared parachute bag, pointed to a pull ring at the bottom, and introduced: “This is the cable for opening the umbrella. After that, you must pull out the parachute within 20 seconds, otherwise it may be life-threatening.

    After speaking, he pointed to a switch on the right side of the parachute backpack and introduced: “This is for cutting the parachute. If If your parachute is not opened, or it becomes entangled in the air after opening, you can directly use this parachute to release it, and then the switch on your left is the switch of the spare parachute. After cutting the parachute, you must open the spare parachute immediately. “

    Charlie nodded, and said: “Okay, I remember, open the main umbrella first, if something

    happens , cut the main umbrella first and then open the umbrella.” “That’s right.” Vasily said seriously: “If You don’t need me to accompany you to parachute, then I will monitor your status in real time, and then I will direct you to do every step of the operation.


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