The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2649 (Charlie Wade) part 2

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CHAPTER 2649 part 2   

 Charlie smiled slightly: “Okay, I didn’t jump the parachute, nor did I have experience. With your guidance, it should go smoothly. “

    Vasily nodded, boldly said:” Master Wade Rest assured, when I will do my best to provide you with all remote guidance Anthony this time opening:! “Master, the plane ready to take off. “

    Charlie asked him:” estimated flight deals. “?

    Anthony said:.” only more than one hundred kilometers straight-line distance, the aircraft can take off after five minutes, fifteen to twenty minutes after takeoff near the destination can be “

    good . Charlie nodded and said calmly: “Then prepare to take off!”

    “Good master!”

    Anthony walked into the cockpit and after a few commands, the aircraft engine slowly started and pushed out from the hangar.

    Then, The plane taxied all the way to the end of the runway, and then pushed forward with full force. Two minutes later, it rose into the air and headed straight for Syria.


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