The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2651 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2651 /2

will be very dangerous! And, the closer you are, the bigger your goal will be after you open the umbrella!

    Charlie smiled and said, “The time is urgent, so it is better to be closer. “

    Isaac Cameron looked at the time, blurting out:”!!  Master, you have done it now, only three kilometers from the possibility can not wait any longer, “

    Anthony also face nervous, he said:” Yes ah young master! wait any longer, you jump to the head of the opposition base go up ah 9.!

    Charlie looked Isaac Cameron, asked him: “? If I want to fall one kilometer from their position, what is the most appropriate time to jump”

    Isaac Cameron swallowed his saliva, and said with difficulty: “If you really want to control about one kilometer, then you have to wait another 30 seconds.

    “Good!” Charlie nodded and said, “You help me count down, after 30 seconds, I jumped out on time!

    Isaac Cameron wiped off the cold sweat and stammered: “That’s true. It’s really too dangerous.

    Charlie smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, don’t I still have a surrender book on me? Giving them the surrender book is like spending money to experience extreme sports. “

    Side of the Anthony helpless secretly sigh.

    He first met Charlie, only this time feeling, Charlie is simply unheard of dude.

    He had seen out of super-wealthy people all over the world spend money to play a woman to have fun, But I have never seen Charlie, a super rich second generation who came out to spend money and kill his life.

    Isaac Cameron has been staring at the stopwatch in his hand, and when the last 10 seconds were left, he started the countdown.

    “10, 9. 8.

    At this time, the hatch has been fully opened, and there is a thick cloud outside the hatch.

    Although Syria also belongs to the Middle East, the latitude here is similar to that of Aurous Hill, and it is also winter, so it is the most rainy season in Syria.

    Thick dark clouds not only block the sun, but also make the air very humid.


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