The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2653 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2653 / 2    

Many people have tinnitus in their ears because of this explosion.

    If the eardrum is slightly fragile, you will feel severe pain from deep in your ears.

    Except for the imprisoned people, almost everyone else walked out the door at the first time, or turned their heads, and focused their attention on the West Mountain where the thunder and lightning occurred. The few soldiers who survived on the top of the West Mountain were also in panic and reported via the intercom. The specific loss situation.

    After hearing the news that a lightning bolt killed five soldiers, the whole opposition was shocked from top to bottom.

    They have never encountered such a terrible thing. A single lightning can kill five people. How powerful is this lightning?

    Most soldiers think this is the anger of the gods, and many people do not hesitate. Kneeling on the ground, bowed towards Xishan and prayed for the forgiveness of the gods.

    Unlike most soldiers with no educational level, the leader of this opposition armed forces was an intellectual who had studied at a military academy. When he heard the news, he immediately realized that the fortifications on the top of the West Mountain were struck by lightning. It is because they are in a higher terrain, so the lightning rod effect is produced.

    Therefore, he immediately ordered all the soldiers in the Dongshanding Fortification to hide in the fortification to avoid another lightning strike.

    This further helped Charlie. After receiving the news, the native soldiers at the top of the eastern mountain retreated into the bunkers inside the fortifications, not daring to rise up for fear of being struck by lightning again.

    The soldiers on the top of the eastern mountain hid while others were staring at the west and were horrified. In the gray sky, an unremarkable figure fell from the eastern sky of the base at an extremely fast speed.

    However, at this time everyone, including the soldiers on the eastern mountaintop, focused their attention on the west, so no one noticed the passing of this figure.

    And this figure is Charlie who jumped down from an altitude of more than 5,000 meters!


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