The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2654 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2654 Part 2    

He was so scared. He had already prepared to inform the old man to prepare for the ransom and save Charlie back, but he never expected that Charlie would actually fall to death because of parachuting. If

    this really fell to death, he absolutely It’s hard to blame!

    Just when the two of them were panicking, Charlie suddenly opened the parachute. The

    huge parachute was released from the umbrella bag, and Charlie’s body that fell rapidly was suddenly pulled back by a strong force. A handful.

    Suddenly opening the umbrella at such a fast speed slows down, even if the average person does not faint, at least they will break a few ribs because of the huge inertia.

    But Charlie filled the bones of his whole body with spiritual energy, his shoulders suddenly exerted force, abruptly holding the huge reaction force.

    Immediately afterwards, his descent speed from more than 50 meters per second, in a very short period of time, reduced to about 20 meters per second.

    However, this speed is far from the safe speed for skydiving.

    Normal people parachuting, the descending speed when landing is lower than six meters per second.

    But at this time, Charlie was still less than fifty meters away from the ground.

    Falling at this speed is almost the same as falling.

    Fortunately, in the remaining 50 meters, the descending speed is still decreasing due to the effect of the parachute.

    Immediately afterwards, Charlie gathered all his true energy into his legs, and his whole person slammed into the ground at a speed of more than ten meters per second.

    Isaac Cameron on the plane no longer dared to look at the data returned on the computer, because he knew very well that after a second or two, Charlie’s heart rate would drop rapidly until it dropped to zero.

    However, he never dreamed that when Charlie had completely stopped falling, his heart rate would only be faster than just a dozen times per second.

    With a look of disbelief, he blurted out and asked, “Master Wade, are you still alive?!

    At this time, Charlie has already begun to quickly put away the parachute. While he stuffed all the parachutes into the parachute bag, he said lightly: “Don’t worry, I have landed safely!


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  2. This is the highly climactic chapters that my heartbeat almost stop while in perusal of every words. Once again .. thank you and Godbless .

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