The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2655 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

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CHAPTER 2655 / 1

Hearing Charlie’s reply, several people in the cabin were shocked to speak.

    Isaac Cameron’s three views have been completely subverted, and he subconsciously said: “How is this possible?

    Although Anthony was relieved, he was equally shocked and said: “Isaac Cameron, could it be you who miscalculated the data? ? “

    .” impossible “Isaac Cameron says with conviction:” I parachute jump for so many years, never a fault in the data calculation! “

    Anthony frowning:” then I really can not figure out

    this time, has been The silent Isaac Cameron said: “Don’t worry, the real strength of the young master is much stronger than you think! We will go back with peace of mind, and prepare to meet the young master at the predetermined place!”

    Immediately, the transport plane turned in the air. A big circle began to return to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

    But Charlie concealed his figure and breath all the way, in the fastest time, all the way from the middle of the mountain to the foot of the mountain.

    Because of the thicker rain clouds, the lighting conditions are getting worse. Although it is only in the afternoon, the visibility is almost the same as after the sun sets.

    Such lighting conditions further reduced the chance of Charlie being discovered. In addition to the thunder blast that killed several soldiers, all the opposition soldiers were a little restless, so the vigilance around them was naturally greatly reduced.

    At this time, the village where the reactionaries were stationed was no more than a step away from Charlie.

    Charlie can even see the densely arranged bullet holes on the low walls built with loess in the village.

    Since the entire village is located in a narrow valley, the buildings of the village are divided into crescent-shaped sections. The outermost buildings are almost surrounded by a wall of nearly two meters high. The village only leaves one south and one south. Two entrances to the north.

    At the entrance and exit of the village, there is a Middle Eastern-style stone arch, guarded by soldiers on both sides.


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