The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2655 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2655 / 2   

 Outside the village, many soldiers carrying guns and live ammunition walked back and forth along the fence, and on the roofs of many earthen buildings in the village, there were many sentries with AK47s standing guard.

    However, Charlie could see that the soldiers patrolling and standing guard were relatively loose as a whole, and most of them just paced back and forth with their guns in hand.

    In fact, this group of opposition forces, although their individual combat strength is average, and their weapons and equipment are not advanced, they have sufficient combat experience.

    The more combat experience you have, the easier it is to make empirical mistakes.

    They have experienced all kinds of wars, including encirclement and suppression, encounters on narrow roads, and decisive battles, but they have never experienced individual infiltration.

    Regardless of whether it is a government army, an opposition group, or a Kurdish armed force, the biggest drawback is that the combat effectiveness of individual soldiers is not good, and the energy of one person is really limited. Therefore, everyone is operating in groups. No matter how bad it is, there are seven or eight people and two or three heavy vehicles. With a machine gun pickup truck, no one has a pit in his head and a person goes deep into the enemy’s nest alone.

    Precisely because they had never experienced such a thing, when they were defensive, they did not regard individual penetration as a defensive focus.

    Their energy is used to monitor whether the government has sent large-scale motorized troops, whether it has sent warplanes, whether it has deployed heavy artillery at long distances in advance, and they are not so concerned about the situation other than these.

    Charlie found the patrol team’s gap and quietly touched the outside of the wall in a very short time.

    The point he chose was relatively lax, and it belonged to the blind spot of the sentries on both sides of the building, and was the best breakthrough point.

    Charlie, who was as light as a swallow, jumped outside the wall, and the person directly climbed over the wall and fell silently on the inside of the wall.


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