The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2656 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

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At this moment he was in a small courtyard. 

there were only three earthen houses in this small courtyard, which looked very dilapidated. 

Charlie used his aura to perceive his surroundings and found that there was no sign of anyone in these three earthen houses, so he went Prepare to start from this courtyard and move little by little to the central square of the village.

      When he was parachuting, he saw the opposition park four helicopters in the central square.

 It can be seen that the opposition regards the central square as the most defensive place. Since the expensive helicopters are parked here,

 then Charlie It is believed that the eight hostages, including Ziva Hank, should also be detained near the central square. 

      Charlie passed through the deserted small courtyard just now, and when he was about to pass through another small courtyard, there was footsteps not far away, so he immediately took a step back. 

Re-hidden inside the wall of the abandoned courtyard.

      Immediately afterwards, two middle-aged soldiers in desert camouflage uniforms walked over while holding a gun while talking.

      What surprised Charlie was that they didn’t speak Arabic, but English. What

      Charlie didn’t know was that English is also the common language of Syria. 

Although the teaching level and per capita education level here are very low, due to the fact that in recent years It is always invaded by Europe and the United States, so English has become their second mother tongue.

      These opposition soldiers also received secret funding from Europe and the United States in the early years, and even Europe and the United States sent professional coaches to them to help them improve their combat effectiveness.

      At that time, the coaches from Europe and the United States almost all spoke English, and the textbooks were also practical English. So over time, the English level of Syrian soldiers and opposition soldiers has been greatly improved. It is not a big deal to speak English.

      At this time, one of them said to the other: “Amit said on the walkie-talkie that five people were struck by lightning on the mountain, three were killed, three were injured, and two of the three were injured. The situation is very urgent. They The commander was asked to send a helicopter to the rescue, but the commander did not agree.


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