The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2656 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2656 / 2     

 The other person shrugged, spread his hands helplessly, and said: “The commander is impossible to agree. 

We are currently in short supply of aviation kerosene, and the remaining stock cannot satisfy the four helicopters for several takeoffs and landings. It is necessary to save everything to deal with emergencies. 

How could it be possible to waste one take-off and landing for the two wounded

      . He said with emotion: “There is not much diesel left. Fortunately, the government has not started to organize offensives. Otherwise, our Helicopters and tanks can support a day at most. “The

      previous person couldn’t help complaining: The world’s oil is in the Middle East, but we are short of oil to this point. It is really ridiculous.

      Another person laughed: “We only have high crude oil production, but the strength of oil refining is too great. It’s bad.

 This time the commander wanted to knock out a sum of money from the Americans and then introduce a set of oil refining equipment. In that case, we will have our own fuel supply in

      the future. The man said with emotion: “I just don’t know if the Americans are willing to give it. Money, among the eight people, it seems that there are no particularly good family conditions. If you can’t get a penny back, it will be troublesome.” The

      other person disdainfully said, ” Just kill everything that is troublesome.”

      Having said that, he deliberately lowered his voice and said, “The commander said, if the Americans don’t pay today, they will just kill the eight Yankees.

 During the process, they will record the video and send it to mainstream media all over the world.

      Before making the American face sweeping , the man couldn’t help but rub his hands and said, “Hey, I like that blond woman. I haven’t tried the taste of a Western woman yet.

 I don’t know if I have this opportunity to experience it. I haven’t touched it for three months. I miss the woman. The

      other man gave a lewd smile, nodded and said: “I prefer that black-haired oriental woman, which has a illusory oriental mystery.” The

      previous person smiled and said, “Let’s do it for a while. Go over and take a look. If you have a chance, move the guards away, and then take the two women to another room, and let’s talk about the addiction first.”

      ”Good to see, maybe have a chance anyway, or how long they will be executed, so, it might make us die well before as ‘caring concern’

      They said, laughing out loud together.

      At this point Suddenly, there was a pair of big hands, grabbing the necks of the two people from behind, making them not only unable to move, but also unable to make any sound.

      This is, the owner of the big hands, said in English: “I don’t want to die. ,

      It was Charlie who threw the snatch away and talked.


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