The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2660 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

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CHAPTER  2660 / 1

 Thinking of this, Charlie sighed helplessly, and said: “Since your mental quality is so poor, then I will give you a psychological hint.

    After that, he immediately tapped on the opponent’s forehead and said: “From now on, your only task is to do everything I tell you to do with all your strength, do you understand?” The fastest chapter update: At

    this moment, the other person’s eyes were a little dull for a moment. It took more than ten seconds to return to normal, and he respectfully said to Charlie: “I understand!

    At this time, he has completely no longer panicked. He no longer stammers and his legs no longer tremble.

    Charlie then relaxed, pointing at the person lying on the ground, and said: “Take off his pants, and then set him up. Just make sure that no one will find him tonight.”

    “Okay! The

    other party .” In response, he immediately stepped forward and took off the man’s pants, then carried him up and hid him in a dilapidated house in an abandoned courtyard next to him.

    Charlie put on the man ‘s clothes and pants directly, The person he had made psychological hints also ran back and respectfully said: “It has been arranged according to your instructions!

    Charlie nodded and asked him: “What is your name?

    The man said in a hurry: “My name is Musa. Thrall. “

    Charlie asked him: “Musa, do you have a face mask?

    Musa hurriedly took out a black face mask in a plastic bag from his pocket, and said: “This was just sent out two days ago. Haven’t used it yet.

    Charlie nodded and took it and opened it. It was the kind of headgear that completely covered the head. Not only did it wrap the head, but also covered most of the face, and only opened a slit in the eye.

    Charlie asked Musa: “If I wear this, will it look a bit too different?”

    ‘No! Musa said with certainty: “In fact, many people are used to wearing headgear. On the one hand, it is to prevent faces from being remembered by outsiders. On the other hand, it is also to prevent wind and sand. In addition, there is another reason, the commander. Afraid of being decapitated by the other party, he asked some people to wear a headgear as long as they go out. This is the same for him. This can effectively interfere with the other party’s judgment.


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