The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2660 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2660 / 2 

Charlie relaxed, and after putting the headgear on his head, he said

    Said: “Okay , you can take me over now! Musa nodded without hesitation, then bent down to pick up two AK47s, and handed one of them to Charlie, and said, “Please take the gun. ! back

    Charlie feared he would resist a gun that he took it the following AK47, a kind of mold it will hang on the body, and then they Musa a – play toward the center of the village and walked

    along the way , I encountered many soldiers who came through accidentally or on patrol. Some people recognized Musa and greeted him. Although Musa was a little slow, he was still normal, so no one was suspected.

    As for those wearing hoods. Charlie, he didn’t say a word, and no one took the initiative to greet him, because when a person wears a headgear, only people who know him well can recognize who he is. One knows who he is, and no one can match him with his acquaintances.

    In fact, this is the safest way, because their army seems to have one or two thousand people, and no one is really familiar with everyone. , So they didn’t recognize Charlie, and they would only put Charlie among those unfamiliar group of comrades. They had no doubt that Charlie would be an invader from outside. When they

    came to the square in the center of the village, Charlie found that many soldiers were nervously busy in front of the four helicopters at this time, so Charlie asked Musa in a low voice: “What are those people doing?”

    Musa hurriedly replied: “They are all helicopter teams. Most of the people are maintenance personnel. Today’s weather is gloomy and visibility is poor. Our visual observation will be restricted a lot. So we will send helicopters to patrol the air in turn to monitor whether there are government forces approaching us quietly. “

    Charlie nodded, thinking of something, and asked him, “By the way, would you drive a helicopter?”

    Musa shook his head and said, “I don’t know that I am from an armored brigade, I can drive tanks and infantry vehicles.

    Charlie nodded. Head, Charlie does not have a clear plan for how to take her away after

    saving Ziva Hank. It would be nice to say if only Ziva Hank was saved . Even if he carried her out quietly, and walked dozens of kilometers along the mountain road. It’s not a big deal for Isaac Cameron and the others to meet.

    However, if you want to save Ziva Hank and her seven other little friends, it will be very difficult on your own.

    Thinking of this, he put this question behind his head, and secretly said: “Now It’s not the time to think about this, let’s talk about it when we meet someone!”


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