The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2661 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

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CHAPTER 2661 / 1

  Charlie and Musa passed through the central square together, and the roar of diesel generators in his ears became more and more deafening.

    Under such loud mechanical noise, ordinary people have difficulty talking, so that many other voices around them are covered up. This is a good thing for Charlie, even if something happens during the rescue and pursuit later. When someone yells by accident, it is hard to be found by outsiders.

    So Charlie asked Musa next to him: “How long does your diesel generator set here usually work?”

    Musa hurriedly said respectfully: “Because the government army cut off our electricity supply, so we All electricity depends on-a set of 50-kilowatt diesel generator sets to supply, and it is matched with a set of power storage equipment. “

    Because the electricity consumption during the day is generally small, we generally do not develop motors during the day. Power storage equipment is used to ensure the normal operation of necessary equipment during the day, and the generator set is turned on after dark, mainly to supply lighting and other electrical equipment, and to charge the storage equipment.

    “It’s early today because it’s mainly due to the poor lighting on a rainy day.”

    Charlie asked curiously: “You have brightened up here at night. Are you not afraid that the government will send planes to bomb?

    Musa explained:” In Syria, whether it is government forces, opposition parties, or Kurdish forces, 90% of all wars are ground wars.

 The planes in the hands of government forces have long been attacked, and the remaining few old people The old fighter planes are guarding Damascus and the southern province of Dar’a. They dare not send out to fight at all,


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