The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2662 (Charlie Wade)

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“Some of these people have lived in other countries since they were young, and some have lived in former colonial areas.

 From the novels, they are English or French, so the language between everyone is not completely smooth.”

    “Like myself, I am actually very I went to the U.S. with my parents when I was young, and I took a green card and served in the U.S. Army for three years.

 I only responded to the call and returned to join the Free Army a few years ago. 

Therefore, my Arabic language is very poor, and I can only use English. Communication.

    Charlie nodded. This multilingual situation is like India. A considerable number of Indians do not speak Hindi, and even each state in India has its own official language, plus it was once reduced to Britain. English is also one of the official languages.

    However, this kind of language confusion is relatively friendly to him. The more confused the language, the easier

    it is for him to mix in. Therefore, he said to Musa: “After going in, remember Don’t let people see the clues. “

    Musa said

    hurriedly : “Please rest assured, I will do my best!” Charlie hummed, pointing to the courtyard door, and said: “Go in!


    Musa stepped forward and opened the courtyard door.” .

    At this point of the yard, a dozen soldiers carrying AK47, is surrounded by a warm campfire barbecue, bonfire, wearing two legs with a stick, this time has been roasted, fragrant .

    Charlie Musa go along, there will be a soldier recognized Musa, blurting out:? ” captain Musa, or not to eat barbecue Ansara’s mother also did some pita bread, immediately All right. “

    Musa waved his hand:” I do not eat, I came to see the situation of the hostages. “As

    soon as the man heard this, he immediately said with a smile: “Captain Musa, are you interested in those women? But 

I have to make it clear to you that the commander has already given the order, and there is no him. Allowed, no one can do anything wrong!”

    Musa said immediately: “Don’t talk nonsense! I just came over to see the situation, go back to report to the commander, and not quickly open the cellar entrance!

    The man nodded hastily, turned to greet a soldier, and leaned over and turned away A thick wooden board, and then, 

a staircase made of loess appeared under the wooden board. The man respectfully said to Musa: “Captain Musa,

    please come in!

    Musa nodded in satisfaction, Walking with Charlie to the entrance, the man took out a flashlight, and after turning it on, he said diligently: 

“Captain Musa, the stairs are not lighted and dark, I will lead the way in front, you are careful!”

    Musa After taking a look at Charlie, when Charlie nodded quietly at him, he agreed and said, “Okay, you can lead the way!


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