The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2663 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2663 / 2    

later , wait for you to come up to eat! The man turned and left, Musa recruited Charlie Beckoning, the two entered the cellar one after another.

    Charlie originally thought the cellar was a small space, but he didn’t expect that there was a cave inside.

    There are two rooms in the cellar. The outer room is about 20 square meters. There are four soldiers guarding. 

Inside there is a wall and a big iron door without windows. Charlie can perceive that there are eight people inside. , It must be Ziva Hank and her friends.

    At this moment, Musa let someone close the door to come in, and then looked at Charlie, wondering what he would order next.

    The four guard soldiers were not very alert, standing aside with their guns hanging around. One of them was still wearing headphones and seemed to be listening to a song.

    At this moment, the soldier who had opened the door approached Musa and asked in a low voice,

 “Captain Musa, when is the commander going to do it? Let me say, it’s better to kill these Yankees. Forget it, it’s useless to keep a bit of it. We have to let a few of our brothers stay here. It’s 

damp and smelly. After a long time, the skin is itchy and uncomfortable!

    Musa said lightly: “The commander of their affairs is natural. If you have his plan, you can honestly execute the commander’s orders, don’t say anything, don’t ask!

    “Okay.” The man sighed helplessly, and said, “It’s not possible, Captain Musa will help us. 

Speaking of words, arrange a few brothers for us to change shifts. They always stay in the cellar. It’s too painful.

    Charlie walked up to the person at this time, patted his shoulder lightly, and said with a smile: “This brother , Everyone is working for the commander, don’t have so many complaints! With

    that, a trace of spiritual energy penetrated into the opponent’s body and went straight to the opponent’s brain.

    Immediately afterwards, like Musa, this person was given psychological hints by Charlie. Hearing this, he hurriedly said:

    You are too right!


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