The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2664 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

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CHAPTER 2664 / 2   

 Charlie would push him away this time, the man wearing headphones headset off somewhat surprised, blurting out: “??! Camille, you kneel how this person is your father”

    is called Camille’s strong man blurted out, “Yes, he is my father!”

    The man was dumbfounded and said, “Your brain is broken, right? Didn’t your father just die last year? My mother went to help carry the coffin. !”

    Charlie looked at him at this time and said lightly: “I am not only his father, but also your father, why don’t I just kneel down and admit Your mistakes like him?

    This sentence also scared this person to

    death . He felt his mind. There was a dizziness, and then, he knelt down beside Camille subconsciously, choked up and said: “Dad, I was wrong.

    Charlie also felt a sharp pain in his brain at this time. After carefully inspecting the body, there was only aura left. 

A trace of remnants made him realize that he had just given five consecutive psychological hints, and his spiritual energy consumption was indeed too great.

    In the past, he seldom concentrated on using aura. The time spent at this moment, the aura consumption is greater than in the past few months.

    Fortunately, the five people, including Musa, have been psychologically hinted by themselves, and these five people have become their most loyal puppets.

    So he pointed to the door of the room inside and said to the five people: “Who has the key? Open the door!


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