The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2666 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2666 (Part 2 ) | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2666 (Part 2)

 “We, the United States, has always been strong and will not allow any foreign armed forces to harm our country|citizens!

    “And, don’t forget that we have a large number of military bases around the world. There are several in the Middle East!”

    “Turkey, a neighboring country in northern Syria, has several of our military bases;”

    “Saudi Arabia in southern Syria also has our military bases!

    “So, our motherland is likely to grow from these two The country, sent a SEAL team to rescue us!

    Charlie couldn’t help but exclaimed when he heard this: “I found that you are all very good at each one. Chinese is so sleek, have you learned it? “

    Another Indian-American boy said proudly: “To tell you the truth, we are all the top students in the United States.

 Everyone has several masters and doctorates. Everyone is proficient in several languages. What’s the Chinese? Japanese, French, and German are all in question!”

    Charlie couldn’t help but gave him a thumbs up, and asked him with a smile:

    “It’s awesome, it’s really awesome.

    After he finished speaking, he suddenly changed his conversation and sighed: “Oh, I really don’t understand.

 How can you learn so many languages ​​for such a brainless person? Do people who lack the heart and eyes have the talent to learn languages? ?”

    The man blurted out: “What are you talking about!?

    Charlie sneered: “You said that you have military bases in several countries around, so why have I been here from Huaxia One-all the distances, 

you The SEALs are so close, yet there is no ghost yet?


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  1. Thanks for the limited chapter postings. I will appreciate iit and would have loved it if you’ll post 10-15 chapters like that of “I’ve got Superdad” which unfortunately I am not following . This is the only novel “Amazing son in law” that I’m crazily hooked.

    1. Yes, me, too, I don’t follow super rich dad. Hope Lord Leaf, the author will post many chapters in a day. 😆😊🥰

  2. My!!! Can’t wait for the next chapter…
    who will be rescued with Ziva by Charlie???
    Thanks again for the upload.
    God bless.

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