The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2668 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2668 (Part 1 ) | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2668 (Part 1)


  Just now, the Indian boy looked at Ziva Hank and said loudly: “Ziva, you must be careful of this person.

 I seriously suspect that this person is a member of the opposition! Otherwise, even if he has great ability, it is impossible to be so short.

 Arrived here within time, and don’t forget that there are still one or two thousand opposition soldiers guarding here. If he is not one of them, he would never come in alive! Look at him, 

wearing opposition costumes and holding the opposition This person must be a member of the opposition!

    Immediately, he stared at Charlie and said coldly: “This guy is running here now to act with you and slander our motherland.

 I don’t know what Ande intends to do! It’s not good because the opposition knows that you are an American of Chinese descent, so they found him from the team to come and set up the game with you.

 I think he must be arranged by the opposition to counter you! Believe him!

    Charlie was so angry with the silly bird that he wanted to laugh, and asked him: “Since you are so determined that I am a member of the opposition, then you pretend to be so forceful in front of me, you are not afraid that I will use what I have in my hands.

 AK47 made you abrupt?” 

    Indian boys are obviously a little nervous, but they still pretend to be tough and say: “I don’t believe you dare to attack me! Your opposition took so hard to take us prisoner. 

Well, don’t you just want to negotiate terms with our motherland? If you kill me, what else will you use to negotiate terms with our motherland? Moreover, once our motherland wants to retaliate against you, 

it will be your end! With just a few missiles, you can razed this place to the ground!

    Charlie sarcastically said, “Of the eight of you, one of you counts as one, it’s nothing more than a schoolmaster with a better academic record. In terms of family history, are your parents rich?

 In terms of background, can any one of you’s parents become a U.S. state legislator?”

    “If you ask for money, you don’t have money, you don’t have power, you lick your face and wait for the SEALs to save you?


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