The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2678 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2678 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2678


  Ziva Hank asked, “Why! I have the right to choose not to let you take me away!”

    Charlie pointed to Hunter (Hamid) and asked, “Why didn’t you say this to him when they kidnapped you?”

    Ziva Hank suddenly The questioned person was speechless and hesitated and said: “

    Charlie said coldly: “Don’t you, I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you, today you have to go, if you don’t, you have to go. I really want to die here. After I return to Huaxia and Aurous Hill, you can come back again after I hand you over to your father safely. At that time, whether you want to die or live is nothing to do with me. . 

    Ziva Hank subconsciously said: “But I don’t want to go back!

    Charlie coldly snorted: “You don’t want to? You don’t want too much, you don’t want to go, I want to take you away!

    After that, he told Musa Er said: “Put up her mouth, I don’t want to listen to her now!”

    Musa immediately picked up the headgear Ziva Hank wore before from the ground, twisted it into a cylindrical shape in the palm of his hand, and stuffed it directly Ziva Hank’s mouth.

    Ziva Hank was gagged at once, and couldn’t say a word right away. He could only hum desperately while staring at Charlie with teary eyes.

    Charlie didn’t look at her, and directly waved to Musa: “Take it out!”

    Musa immediately took Ziva Hank to the room outside.

    The seven people in the room saw Ziva Hank being taken away, and their faces reappeared with anger and unwillingness.

    Charlie looked at them and said blankly: “No matter how long you seven can live, I hope you remember the seven words, the right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life! Like you, narrow-minded and short-sighted, courageous rats, even It doesn’t make any sense to read more books! Trash like yours, no matter how much gold is plated, can’t hide the stench on your body! After all

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2678 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2678

    , he looked at Hunter (Hamid) and said: Hunter (Hamid) Commander, take your hard work to send us away.”

    Without saying anything, Hunter (Hamid) immediately made a gesture of asking, and said, “Brother, please!

    Charlie nodded, and went out of the room with Hunter (Hamid), and then the iron door was locked again. No matter how the seven people wailed, Charlie didn’t have any pity in his heart.

    Afterwards, Hunter (Hamid) also obeyed the agreement and used the walkie-talkie to issue orders to his men to unload all the ammunition of one of the armed helicopters. Then he evacuated all the guards in the yard above his head, and then let his most trusted pilot drive the helicopter to land in the yard. After

    all this, Hunter (Hamid) said to Charlie: “Brother, the plane is ready Okay, let’s go up now. “

    Charlie nodded, and said to Musa, “You guys continue to stay here.”

    Several people said without hesitation: “Yes!

    Charlie pulled Ziva Hank, whose hands could be tied behind him, and said to Hunter (Hamid): “The three of us go up.

    Ziva Hank was speechless and could only cry, Hunter (Hamid) took the initiative to take out his gun and threw it on the ground, and said to Charlie: “Brother, let me go ahead. You have a gun in your hand and my legs. There is another disability, you don’t have to worry that I will run away.”

    Charlie admired Hunter (Hamid)’s character more a bit, nodded slightly and said, “Brother !


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