The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2679 (Charlie Wade) Part 1

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2679 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2679 Part 1


Seeing Hunter (Hamid) limping up the stairs, Charlie was somewhat curious, so he casually asked: “Brother, your leg has been injured?”

    Hunter (Hamid) looked back at him, then looked at him again. His left leg sighed: “My left leg was once seriously injured in a battle. It was hit by fragments from a bomb explosion. At that time, there was almost only one way to amputation, but fortunately, 

I tried my best to save it. He has a leg, but this leg has also suffered irreversible damage, so after recovery, the muscles are severely atrophy, and the function is also severely degraded, so I am lame…” As

    he said, he couldn’t help but sigh: “In Syria like this Locally, the difficulty of a lame commander is really hard to explain! “

    Although the lame man is not very severely disabled, Hunter (Hamid) is the supreme commander of an armed force after all.

He has a lame leg, and he has a personal image and prestige. Have a great impact.

    The biggest impact was that his self-confidence was frustrated.

    Once upon a time, Hunter (Hamid) was also an ambitious general, eager to make a difference in the chaotic battle, and even hope to become the supreme commander of the entire opposition.

    However, since his lameness, his influence has dropped a lot, and his self-confidence has been hit.

    Originally, his team had nearly 10,000 people, which was considered to be a relatively strong opponent in the opposition.

 However, several confidants saw that his legs were lame and his self-confidence was severely damaged. They took the opportunity to instigate some of his subordinates to go out and stand on their own, so that his strength suddenly Plummet.

    Sometimes the reality is so cruel. When a person has enough authority to deter his men, his men will appear as meek as a cat and loyal like a dog.

    However, once this person’s own strength declines and his body declines, a tiger and wolf heart will emerge from his men.

    Self-reliance is already considered more moral, and those who have no ethics will even take the opportunity to kill their boss and replace it.

    Such things are indeed common since ancient times.

    Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin originally inspected the front of the palace of the Hou Zhou. 

After the death of Zhou Shizong, he had just passed the throne to his seven-year-old son, Emperor Zhou Gong. As a result, Zhao Kuangyin turned his face and launched Chen Qiao’s mutiny and seized the young lord


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