The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2688 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2688 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2688 Part 2

After my mother passed away, the relationship became more rigid, and I didn’t want to Returning to China is just an excuse to refuse him.”

As he said, Ziva Hank sighed and said: “Actually, I have thought about it myself.

 Even if I don’t want to ease the relationship with him now, when he is really old, I will still find a step to take care of him, but I always felt that he was only in his fifties, and it was not until the time when he had to relax…”

Charlie nodded in understanding, and said, “If you think it is really difficult for the two of you to relax, it is actually not necessary. 

You must go to Aurous Hill now. 

Your father’s greatest hope is that you will be safe. If you still want some personal space for the time being, I believe he can understand it.”

Ziva Hank blurted out: “But I have promised you…”

As she said, she realized something, and said ashamed: “But now you may find it difficult for me to be competent for your position.

 After all, I made such a big mistake in judging the situation. This proves that my ability and temperament are still good. not enough……”

Charlie waved his hand: “This is not the same thing. 

If a person judges a wrong friend, it does not mean that he will make mistakes when he does other things.

 I have always believed that genius definitely does not follow the barrel effect.”

“A person who is balanced in everything is not a talent, but a mediocrity!”

“Only a person who is extremely strong in a certain aspect is a real talent!”

“If you are someone who is very strong in certain aspects, then you are a genius!”

After speaking, Charlie said seriously: “You should have watched many Hollywood inspirational movies. 

Some people seem to be stupid, but they are very talented in mathematics; some people know nothing, but they can play basketball superbly. ; Some people can’t even speak well, but they are top physicists or astronomers;”

“Even a top genius like Einstein can’t do anything.”

“So, for me, as long as you can do this business well, other shortcomings are not a problem in my eyes.”

Ziva Hank nodded gently and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, as long as you are willing to give me a chance,

 I will definitely go all out and try my best to help you get this business up!”

Charlie said with a smile: “That’s great. In addition, I think you can relax with Uncle Hank when you go to Aurous Hill this time.

 He really cares about you very much. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to come to Syria to rescue you. “


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