The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2689 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2689 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2689 Part 2

    The soldiers in the yard who were unable to drain the water quickly The surroundings scattered, leaving a large space for the helicopter to land.

    Then, the helicopter fell slowly. After the

    plane landed, the door opened instantly, and Hunter (Hamid) jumped off the plane directly. Seeing such a battle, he couldn’t help asking “What are you all doing?” The

    deputy hurried forward and said: “Commander! Where did you go? What are the two people just now?!”

    Hunter (Hamid) said calmly, “Both of them are. my friend. 


    n’t ask more questions about your deputies and dare not ask any more. 

They hurriedly said: “Commander, Musa and the others have already rebelled! These guys are now in the cellar preparing to fight back!

 As long as you say something, I’ll let your blasted iron gate, rushed to catch them! “

    ” Do not! “Hunter (Hamid) said immediately:!” Musa I stay below, do not be wild speculation

    he finished, he Immediately stepped towards the entrance of the cellar. At

    this time, the deputy suddenly recovered and exclaimed: “Commander, what is your leg?

    Hunter (Hamid) smiled slightly and asked him: “You want to ask what is my leg. 

You’re not lame, are you?” The

    deputy nodded lightly.

    The surrounding soldiers also looked horrified.

 They also realized that Hunter (Hamid)’s left leg had completely become a normal person, and everyone was extremely curious deep in their hearts, wondering what happened to Hunter (Hamid).

    Hunter (Hamid) laughed: “My benefactor gave me a magic pill, it cured my leg, from now on, I Hunter (Hamid), is no longer a cripple up!

    Around the soldier can not help but stunned!

    A Magic medicine, cure a lame leg that has been irreversibly damaged?!

    Isn’t this a foolish dream?


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