The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2692 (Charlie Wade)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2692 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2692


Although this group of people does not have a wealthy family background, at least the family conditions can be counted as petty bourgeoisie. They have never had any hardships since they were young and they have never been tired. Now they will be squeezed out by such a high intensity all of a sudden. Just follow orders! When we arrived here, we are already scared to death.

However, Hunter (Hamid) didn’t have any mercy for them. After the order was over, he turned around and left…

At the same time, in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, Anthony is connecting with Lord Wade, the old man in EastCliff.

In the video call, Anthony respectfully reported to Lord Wade the fact that Charlie parachuted alone to rescue Ziva Hank and was sent out by Hunter (Hamid) himself.

After Lord Wade listened, he was shocked to the point that he could not ask anything.

He asked with a dull expression: “Charlie really has such an ability?! He parachuted to the opposition camp alone and brought out that Ziva Hank out safely?!”

Anthony respectfully said: “Return to Master, it is true! At that time, the height of the young master’s parachuting was more than 5,000 meters, and the height of the parachute opening was much lower

than the height of the safe parachute.

Even the Russian special forces coach vikas said that the height when he opened the parachute were way too dangerous that the chance of survival is zero

, but I didn’t expect that the young master will have no problems at all.”

Lord Wade couldn’t help exclaiming: “I heard people say that many people in Aurous Hill,

Charlie is respected as a true dragon on earth. I thought it was just an exaggeration, but I didn’t expect that he actually had such an

ability to reach the sky! Could it be that Charlie practice Martial arts?”

Anthony said earnestly: “Master, I don’t think even a master of martial arts may have the ability of a young master.

Ordinary people will be crushed if they jump and open the parachute at that same height when he opened it. For the young master, it is completely easy!”

Lord Wade asked again: “Then do you know how he rescued Ziva Hank alone?! Oh, yes, you just said that Hunter (Hamid) personally sent him to the meeting point with Ziva Hank to join you,

I want to know! Why did Hunter (Hamid) gave Charlie face so much?! Isn’t he the commander of the armed forces? It stands to reason that Charlie is going to save his hostages,

he should treat Charlie as an enemy! How could he personally send it off? Is he hypnotize by Charlie?!”

Anthony did not expect that the old man asked so many questions in one breath, and hurriedly explained one by one:

“Going back to the Master, the process of saving people is not with us, so I don’t know how he rescued Ziva Hank.

On why Hunter (Hamid) gives face to the young master so much, I have no idea at all. And Hunter (Hamid) didn’t just give face to the young master, he was even worthy of the young master’s brother.

In his words, he was very respectful to the young master, so I don’t know.

Did the young master hypnotize him? I am afraid that only the young master himself knows…”

Lord Wade listened and couldn’t help sighing: “It’s incredible, it’s incredible! I’m even ready to spend money

to redeem him, but I didn’t expect it to end in such an incredible outcome…”

Having said that, he couldn’t hide his excitement and said,

“It seems that there is a real dragon in my Wade family this time!”


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