The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2695 (Charlie Wade) Part 2

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2695 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2695

   Isaac Cameron manipulated in front of the computer and said, “I can’t find out for the time being. There is no work unit in his file. 

It may be a self-employed person, or it may be working in a relatively small private enterprise.”

    Charlie asked again: “Can you find out if he has paid social security?

    Isaac Cameron thought for a while, and said, “I have a relatively secret channel. , Can find this information.

    Charlie said: “Then you can check for me now, whether he has paid social security, and if so, which company is paying him.

    “Okay! Isaac Cameron hurriedly started to inquire and checked for a long time. After that, he said to Charlie: “Master, 

I found out that he does have social security, and the social security base is very high. 

The company that paid him social security is a local financial investment company in Yuzhou.

    Charlie continued:” The background of this company! Check out the equity structure behind it!


    Isaac Cameron continued to inquire according to Charlie’s instructions. 

While checking, he said, “Master, I see that this company is wholly-owned by another technology company in Yuzhou. 

Behind the company, there is an investment fund and a partnership. This investment fund is Eastcliff AMI Capital!”

    Charlie asked him curiously: “

    AMI Capital? Whose family? Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “AMI Capital, that’s One of the many capital-operated companies of the Banks Family,

   “The Banks Family?” Charlie frowned, and said, “I heard someone next door calling another person called Master. So, maybe the old dog that lives next door to me is Lord Banks?!

    “This” Isaac Cameron said with some disbelief: “Master, shouldn’t Lord Banks come to Aurous Hill by himself?”

    Charlie laughed: “If it wasn’t for Lord Banks, it might be Zayne.


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