Dragon Husband 806-810

Dragon Husband 806

The red light rushed in front of the blood pond, without stopping at all.

Directly plunged into the blood pool!

The blood pool that had been turbulent, after this red light rushed in, suddenly calmed down.

The temperature of the entire blood pool rose suddenly, glowing with a more terrifying and strange aura.

“No!” Cui Shangyun and others not far away uttered a terrible cry.

One of them, the men, with tears in their eyes, knelt directly on the ground.

The red light just now wasn’t Young Master Lu, but who was it!

Wiliam had been trapped by the string puppets just now. It was a group of them with high martial skills, but faced with hundreds of painless string puppets, they were completely helpless for a while and were completely suppressed.

Wiliam was like a wild beast, rushing from left to right, trying to stand out from the encirclement.

Don’t even care about paying more injuries.

His body was already precarious and bloody in just one minute.

But his attention was still on those two women.

Seeing Li Chunfeng kissing Feliicity, Wiliam’s heart shook, knowing that something was going wrong.

Sure enough, Li Chunfeng went straight to death and walked towards the blood pool!

At this moment, Wiliam’s heart seemed to be severely cut by a knife, and the pain was almost suffocating!

He also felt at this moment Li Chunfeng’s boundless affection for him very clearly.

This silly girl.

I usually don’t fight or grab, I hide everything in my heart, I just want to make the sisters around me happy.

Even Wiliam didn’t think of Li Chunfeng’s affection so deeply!

This made Wiliam instantly burdened with endless guilt.

Do you say that Wiliam has a complete opinion of Li Chunfeng?

That’s fake.

Li Chunfeng is a beautiful, kind-hearted and knowledgeable woman, which man would not like?

It’s just that Wiliam hid this feeling deep in his heart, because both of them knew that this was an impossible feeling.

Can only guard Naihe bridge, can only hope for the future life.

What can I do!

Seeing Li Chunfeng plunge into the blood pool suddenly, Wiliam’s head was severely shaken at that time, and a violent blood energy grew from his heart!

But what Wiliam didn’t even think of was the next second!

Feliicity also went crazy, catching up with Li Chunfeng’s footsteps, entering the blood pool, and dying together.

Wiliam was completely mad!

He has completely lost consciousness, relying on instinct to sacrifice Long Live Red Lotus frantically, breaking through the surrounding walls.

Then, he didn’t have any thoughts at all, and directly followed up in the blood pool.

The two most beautiful women in the world are already here, how could they be better than this?

But everyone watched a pool of blood, and immediately rushed into the three people, and the scene was quiet!

This is a pool of blood!

It’s the place of death!

The speed at which the three of them rushed in, but felt that this was not death, but toward eternal life!

Three fools!

If Li Chunfeng died before, it would be a pity.

That should stop here.

Once she dies, won’t Yan Huang’s heart become?

Can Feliicity be saved?

Feliicity failed Chunfeng’s kindness, and Wiliam also failed two women!
She keeps cutting, and it’s messy!

In this pity, everyone looked at the now extremely calm blood pool, but they seemed to see another illusion.

That is no longer a blood pool.

It is a grave of true love.

A grave buried with three true love, calmness should be the best home for the three of them who have died.

Everyone did not expect that the final finale of tonight would end with the death of three young people.

This scene was so bloody and murderous, but it ended so passionately and passionately.

The old lady stared closely at the calm blood pool, and was stunned.

The moment Wiliam plunged into the blood pool just now, the old lady suddenly felt an extremely familiar breath.

It’s the breath of her brother Lu Lingfeng.

Wiliam’s speed at that time was too fast.

The old lady couldn’t see clearly what the red light was on Wiliam.

If you look at it clearly, you will know that it is the long live safflower belonging to her brother Lu Lingfeng!

After a brief loss of consciousness, the old lady shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Impossible, how is this possible.

Is it an illusion?

That name no longer exists.

She looked at the sluggish people on the scene, and suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed.

Despite the twists and turns, it finally came to the present according to her expectations.

That kid caused her endless setbacks, but in the end he also got his due end.

Isn’t this the best arrangement?

She took out her mobile phone to check the time, and muttered to herself: “Hoho, in ten minutes, the heart of Yanhuang will become the heart of Yanhuang. Let’s start, the last small process, with a layer of blood of a hundred people, and it will be fresh Come out.”

She smiled and waved her hand. The white heart that had been hanging in the air also fell into the pool of blood, but she couldn’t make any waves.

Then her fingers began to dance frantically.

Those string puppets once again showed extremely fierce killing intent.

This time, the puppet started an indiscriminate attack on the spot!

But the puppets did not kill as before.

It’s imprisoning people.

Having lost the backbone of Wiliam, Cui Shangyun and others started from grief, where there was any thought of resistance.

Others have no power to fight.

In just a few minutes, all the people at the scene were imprisoned by the puppets.

In the next scene, the imprisoned person was shocked again!

The old lady suddenly shouted, “Get up!”

Those string puppets took the imprisoned people and flew straight into the air!

Even more weird is!

The puppets were scattered directly above the Beilin Lu family in an evenly distributed state!

Every puppet, his body turned upside down!

Hang your feet in the sky and head towards the earth.

Half-hanging in the air!

And under the three or four puppets, there was a stranger with both hands!

As if to use such a split posture to tear all the strangers apart!

This horrible scene made everyone gasp!

What a special thing!

The air is densely packed with dead bodies!

Half hanging!

Really looks like a horror movie!

Or to describe it as the dead man forest!

Everyone was hung, crazily trying to break free, but they were held tighter by the puppets.

At this time, the old lady suddenly looked at a place.

There are two more strangers there.

Lotus Lu!

Ancient Ling!

The old lady looked at Lu Furong lovingly, and suddenly raised her hand, “Furong, everyone is dead. You are alive, don’t you mean anything?”

While speaking, Lu Furong couldn’t even struggle, and was directly caught by the three puppets who suddenly descended from the air.

After doing this, the old lady looked at Gu Zhiling who had just awakened, and smiled kindly.

“It’s your turn. You seem to be sad, okay, then you can be the first sacrifice, ho ho ho…”

Dragon Husband 807

Gu Zhiling’s pale face suddenly showed a look of horror.

She tried hard to run backward, but she staggered and fell directly to the ground.

The old prince, like a night demon, appeared in front of Gu Zhiling in an instant.

She lifted Gu Zhiling directly with one hand, and looked at Gu Zhiling with an expression full of pity.

“Tsk tusk, it’s such a beautiful skin, it’s really a shame to die.” The old lady suddenly laughed.

The unpleasant laughter made Gu Zhiling’s fear impossible to add. Her tears fell instantly. She slapped the old lady’s hand with her weak hands and shouted weakly: “No, no! …”

The old lady smiled, suddenly his face stiffened, revealing a look of surprise.

She stared straight at Gu Zhiling, and said in doubt: “Hey, you little baby, you seem to be different from others.”

As she said, her other hand directly touched Gu Zhiling’s heart.

She also studied and figured out in her heart.

Gu Zhiling was scared by herself, and she became even more scared when she played it like this.

After groping, the old lady suddenly showed a surprise expression on his face, “Well, you little baby, although not with the blood of ice and fire like the two women, it is also a bit magical. It is strange to say that it is with me. His physique is a bit similar. Tsk tusk, if it weren’t for everyone here today, I would still want to accept you as a disciple.”

Why would Gu Zhiling want to be some kind of apprentice to this old witch? She begged on her face and cried and said, “Please, please let me go?”

The old lady shook his head, “No, it’s not good at all.”

With that said, she was about to do something to give Gu Zhiling a simple one.

But at this moment, someone suddenly shouted: “Fuck, what’s over there!”

Following the direction that the man was pointing, the old lady looked at her.

At this look, she frowned directly.

I saw a fire suddenly lit up not far away!

Moreover, the fire was just talking, and it was spreading at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, a boundless fire ignited all around them.

The old lady looked closer, and the fire was ablaze around the town house wall of Beilin Lu’s family.

The town house wall of Beilin Lu’s family is similar to Qilin Wall.

They all surrounded the Lu Family in Beilin, and then stretched into the air.

Wrap the entire Beilin Lujia into a semicircular protection.

Now, the wall underneath has completely burned.

And this group of fire, even among the screams of everyone, slowly spread upward.

It seems that there are countless living fire dragons, using both hands and feet, crawling towards the sky!

This scene deeply shocked everyone present.

The old lady suddenly yelled angrily, “Damn, how can I forget those bastards!”

In fact, the old lady has been on guard for that person since tonight.

But too much happened tonight, her mood changed drastically, she just wanted to kill Wiliam.

For a while, I forgot the existence of that person!

She patted her head severely and looked into the sky.
In the sky, the extended semicircle is made of very sturdy material. Even the master of Huajin, the old lady, may not be able to break through quickly in a short time.

And this semicircle is glass-like, and the moon in the sky can be clearly seen.

The people at the scene panicked, “Damn! The old lady is trying to burn us to death in Lu’s house in Beilin. It’s really crazy.”

Those people from the Beilin Lu family and slaves, they were not caught in the air by the old prince with a thread puppet.

They originally thought they had lingering fears and escaped.

But seeing the town house wall on fire, everyone’s expressions changed instantly.

Some people just sat down on the ground, sweating like rain.

“It’s over, it’s over, human and ghost have the same life, this is the same life!”

“The Beilin Lu family was the most compelled. The human and ghost who died together with the enemy actually lit it.”

“We are all going to die, we are all going to be burned to death here.”

The cries of these people from the Beilin Lu family spread instantly.

And everyone’s expressions changed again when they heard that people and ghosts live together!

They only listen to legends, but no real fire!

Rumor has it that Beilin Lu’s town house wall is so tough that even a master of Huajin can hardly break through it.

It is even more rumored that the town house wall not only has a protective effect, but also has the last trace of the Beilin Lu family’s bottom line.

Known as “the last dignity of the Lu family!”

This is the same life as this ghost!

The flame of the human-ghost fire is lit with a special fuel. Once it is lit, it will automatically go out until the grass inside the town house wall is not flammable or combustible.

Even this entire town house wall is the fuel for the life of the ghosts!

This fire was used by the Beilin Lu family to die with the enemy!

The people inside the town house wall are basically certain now, no one will pay for it!

Everyone scolded the old lady, scolded her as mean, scolded her as shameless!

Obviously, the Red Line of Bliss has ordered the dead to march, and the victory already belongs to her!

Why should we ignite the same life as the ghost!

Does she want to die too!

It must be!

She must have seen her granddaughter die tragically, so she has lost her mind and no longer wants to live!

Die by yourself!

Why use such cruel means to pull everyone to die together!

There were not only rich family members, but also 70 or 80 innocent family members from the Beilin Lu family!

Are they going to burn to death!


Just as everyone was wailing, there was a huge roar in the air!


It seems that there is an ancient behemoth, awakened by the same life fire of humans and ghosts, reappearing in the world!

Hearing this sound, countless people looked up in the air.

At this look, everyone took a breath, and the screams became one piece!

With the countless fire dragons extending upward, the semicircle in the air seemed to be awakened!

Slowly fall down!

The falling speed is very slow.

But the power is awesome!

Everyone’s face paled instantly!

The town house wall can still fall!


Not only decline!

Even the surrounding town house walls are slowly shrinking toward the middle!

Seeing this scene, everyone felt an endless sense of despair!

Originally, everyone couldn’t break through the town house wall.

Now shrink and fall like this again!

This is to crush people alive!

As you can imagine, the town house wall will shrink to the end without leaving a gap!

Everyone will be squeezed out of bones!

Seeing this scene, the old lady also split his eyes!

The town house wall not only has the same life as ghosts and ghosts, but also the life and death in front of you!

Damn it!

Damn it!

that person!

Just as the old lady was about to get up and look for the person she had been neglecting, suddenly the ground under her feet moved wildly!

From her feet, several green snakes stretched out, and in an instant, they wrapped her body firmly!

The unique thing of Beilin Lu’s family!

Young prisoner rope!

Dragon Husband 808

As the old lady was suddenly tied up, the string puppet in the air lost control and fell down “bang-bang”.

The person caught by the thread puppet also fell.

Many of them had dead bodies on their bodies, which caused another exclamation.

The sober people were also shocked by this sudden scene.

What’s wrong with the old lady?

Why was he tied up suddenly?

Could it be that in the scene, who is the opponent of the old prince can not be!

Or maybe, this man and ghost have the same life and death, not the old lady!

Who will it be?

The answer is in the mouth of the old lady!

The old lady saw the young prisoner’s rope on her body, her face sinking like water, gritted her teeth and said: “Li Banshan!”

As soon as the voice fell, the ground next to her feet rose again!

A person broke out of the ground directly!

Two meters tall!

The eyes are fierce!

Who else would it be if it wasn’t Li Banshan!

Since the banquet tonight, Li Banshan has been hiding in the dark to observe what happened tonight.

Even he himself had no idea that such a big thing would happen tonight!

Several times in between, Li Banshan’s blood was violent, and he wanted to rush out to help Wiliam.

However, thinking of those friends who were struggling to survive, Li Banshan just gritted his teeth until now.

And now, a hit!

Capture the old lady alive!

Li Banshan came out without seeing the old lady.

Instead, he looked at the calm pool of blood.

His face was full of sadness.

He shook his head and untied something from him.

Everyone saw it was a hip flask!

Li Banshan grabbed the flask and took a sip, and muttered to himself: “You kid, you’re going rampant for a while, thinking that you won’t be able to pass the Beauty Pass in the end, so you’re dead. I don’t forget the appointment last night, I owe you A glass of wine, I brought a pot over, wanting to find you to drink it, unexpectedly, you just died like this, what a pity, what a pity.”

Li Banshan’s iron-blooded man, his eyes turned red for a while.

Although he has not known Wiliam for a long time.

But the talk is shallow.

In particular, Wiliam is also his benefactor, and he is kind to his family and save lives.

Not being able to rescue Wiliam with his own hands was Li Banshan’s only regret tonight.

He poured the wine until there was not a drop left in the pot of wine, and then he pinned the pot back to his waist in a disappointed manner.

Li Banshan apologized to Lu Yezhen, only regret.

After all, he had told Wiliam directly last night and would not help Wiliam today.

“Hey, after all, I owe you a favor. This trick is so loud that you can’t defend it.” He glanced at the blood pool for the last time, shook his head, and looked back at the old lady.

The old lady looked angry and said fiercely: “Li Banshan, have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this!”

No one knows better than the old lady, what happened at the scene!

From the very beginning, the old prince didn’t want to put down the town house wall.

She has confidence in her own strength and can imprison all these people in the Lu family in Beilin.

When the town house wall was raised, the old lady instantly realized that it was Li Banshan who was doing the ghost.

At that time, the old lady was still on guard against Li Banshan, but Wiliam just forgot about it.

This should be the sound of Li Banshankou!


These two damn men actually had a cooperation that traveled through time and space!

Let yourself be caught off guard!

Especially that Wiliam, who was already dead, was terrifying to the extreme!

Even death is counted as life, and you are not willing to rest!

“Ho ho, I did this, of course, it was my intention.” Li Banshan said to the old lady coldly, “Now, you fall into my hands, what else do you have to say?”

The old lady suddenly laughed, “Fell into your hands? Do you think this mere young prisoner can trap me?”

Li Banshan also laughed loudly, “The young prisoner, naturally, can’t hold you down. Even if you are tied up, I will use you in a short time. I know your strength very well. But add it. What about this thing?”

As he said, he flipped his palm, and a round bead appeared in his hand like a trick.

Seeing this bead, the old lady’s laughter stopped abruptly!

Her face was full of insidiousness, “The head of the thirty-six soul dream quizzes——Biluo’s heart and blood beads! You, don’t you think it’s a pity that you used this thing on me!”

“You know the greatest effect of Biluo’s heart and blood. But at this moment, I just want to tell you, if I take the heart and blood of many people and pour the heart and blood of Biluo, you still have the confidence to say that you can retreat with your whole body?” Li Banshan Said lightly, with a trace of sullenness in his eyes!

This bead is what the old lady has always wanted from him.

Unexpectedly, it was a ridiculous fate to use this bead to deal with the old lady in the end.

The old lady also shivered all over, showing fear in his eyes for the first time.

She knows too much how terrifying this Biluo heart and blood is.

It can become the treasure of the town of the Li Family forbidden in the south above, and it is the first of the thirty-six soul dreams!

Even the North Lu family is jealous of this thing!

If the thirty-six beads are collected, the power is comparable to the “Impermanent Medical Classics” of the North Lu family!

Li Banshan is really willing!

It turned out that this thing dealt with myself!

“I did it for you!” The old lady suddenly roared, and his bound body rose into the air!

Li Banshan yelled to the surroundings, “It’s now, collect hard work!”

As his voice fell, many people suddenly appeared around him.

These people are all medicine slaves of the Beilin Lu family.

At this moment, they were wrapped in a fireproof cloth and rushed towards the people around them.

Collect hard work!

As the name suggests, it is to collect the blood of the heart!

The blood of the human heart is the essence of the human body.

A person usually only has a few drops.

After the painstaking effort has been extracted, then this person will definitely not survive.

Each of these medicine slaves held a long silver needle in their hands, with blood on the needle.

As long as the silver needle is inserted into a person’s heart, blood can be taken. After the blood is taken, the person will not die immediately, but will quietly feel the horror of death.

This is undoubtedly the most suffering.

These people hesitated before, on the one hand, because Li Banshan took out the blue eyeballs, which was too wasteful.

On the other hand, it is hard to take painstaking efforts.

After listening, everyone at the scene showed a look of horror and crawled hard on the ground.

They have completely lost their strength just now, and now there is still room for resistance.

And in front of them and above their heads, there are slowly shrinking life and death, and the constant burning of human and ghost life!

A kind of despair spread over the scene instantly.

The entire Beilin Lu Family turned into a purgatory on earth in an instant!

Dragon Husband 809

Li Banshan chased after him and went to the old lady!

The two in the air fought together instantly.

Said it is a fight, but Li Banshan is falling with the old lady!

The old lady was tied up by the young prisoner, but his strength was still there.

She was half crazy, and her speed was far better than Li Banshan.

While flying, she desperately freed herself from the youth rope.

However, when she suddenly looked to the ground, her face suddenly changed slightly.

A scene she would never have imagined happened below.

But Li Banshan was not aware of it at all, taking advantage of the slowness of the old lady, he immediately caught up with him.

He slapped the old lady with a hard palm.

The old lady suddenly hit the ground like a falling geese.

However, the old lady let out a wild laugh.

“Li Banshan, Li Banshan, you’re afraid that you will fall short! Come on!”

She yelled and moved again.

The more Li Banshan chased, the more anxious he became!

In fact, before this, he was too familiar with the old lady.

The crazy old lady is not as fast as it is now.

That’s why Li Banshan devised such a strategy.

I didn’t think that the half-crazy old lady was even more terrifying than before!

Li Banshan suddenly became a little anxious.

According to this, it is not far from the old lady breaking free from the youth prison.

This old witch is really terrifying!

The green snake that caught Wiliam before!

Now it’s the same as Wu Shiren!

Just when Li Banshan was in a hurry, suddenly there was a clear voice in front of him!


Li Banshan’s face changed on the spot!

The sound of the rope breaking!

The old lady broke free of the youth prison.

A few minutes faster than he expected!

A kind of frustration lingered in Li Banshan’s heart instantly.

Just now, only two minutes have passed, right?

According to the speed of extracting the painstaking effort of the drug slaves, it is far from enough.

Five more minutes!



Li Banshan’s vitality came up instantly!

Hard work, for what!

In order to lead your companions, goodbye to tomorrow!

Absolutely not fail now!

This is not only the lives of more than 30 companions!

There are more than 30 beliefs in life to death and to be honest since then!

Li Banshan, never want to see those friends again, like walking dead!

Trust me!

five minutes!


A fierce aura burst out of him!

At the same time, the killing chains on his body shrank fiercely!

Li Banshan took a sigh of relief and walked towards the old lady!

After the old lady broke the young prisoner’s rope, he laughed loudly, “Okay! Come on! It’s just right! If you want to die, I won’t keep you!”

With that said, the old lady took the initiative to meet Li Banshan.

But it was just a trick, directly flying Li Banshan out!

Li Banshan’s strength was originally between him and the old lady, and he was not afraid of the old lady at all.

However, just because of this damn life-killing chain, he forcibly locked most of his cultivation!

The situation is getting worse and worse!

Li Banshan struggled to get up from the ground, a breath of blood was also agitated!

Go to you, a chain of killing!

If I want to kill, don’t survive!

What are you doing to me!

A vast expanse of blood spurted out of him!

This force is actually against the extremely powerful chain of killing!

And the old lady’s eyes shrank slightly, knowing that Li Banshan was going to fight it out!

She roared, and ten fingers flew again!

The thread-raising puppets who had lost control before flew over again!

The dead are marching!

Li Banshan’s face turned red when he saw the dead marching!

If this continues, it is not the opponent of the old lady at all!


Have to fight for a few more minutes!

“Roar!” Li Banshan suddenly looked up to the sky and roared like a lion and tiger!

The killing chain on his body collapsed to the extreme at this moment!

His whole body was locked up backwards!

The people below saw the current Li Banshan, and their eyes fell out of fright.

Li Banshan in their eyes can no longer be described by a human body.

It is completely locked so that the left shoulder is about to touch the right shoulder!

His chest is protruding, and he is in danger of breaking in half at any time!

Can you live like this?

Is this human!

The killing chain suddenly made a crisp sound!

It was pierced directly from Li Banshan’s body!

The chain shining with blood completely penetrated Li Banshan for the first time!

Break all his shoulder bones!

“Li Banshan, you can figure it out clearly! Once you break free of the killing chains, your life will not survive at all!” The old lady stared at Li Banshan closely and let out a stern cry.

She was actually a little scared at this moment.

This kind of Li Banshan is really terrible.

The chain of killing not only locks the flesh and bones of a person, but also locks the spirit of the person!

There is no one in the world who can survive after breaking the chains of killing!

The old lady was agitated.

She is too aware of Li Banshan’s strength before being locked up.

Even in that world, the Li Family Li Banshan is banned in the south, so famous!

Ares Wushuang!

What is the will that supports him in such a desperate fight now!

Li Banshan, who had completely broken free of the chains, would die, but he would never die in a short time.

At that time, what we were facing was a real fierce battle!

No way!

Kill him immediately!

Seeing that persuasion was useless, the old lady was ruthless, commanding the densely packed thread puppets, rushing towards Li Banshan like crazy!

In an instant, Li Banshan was completely overwhelmed by the thread puppet!

The fist and kick of the thread-lifting puppet hit Li Banshan severely.

From the eyes of the people around, this scene is even more terrifying!

It’s like an elephant, surrounded by countless ants.

The ants ate the elephant bit by bit, and the scene was shocking!

And they have completely lost sight of Li Banshan!

I could only hear the roar of unwillingness, pain and violence from among the densely threaded puppets!

That was Li Banshan’s involuntary catharsis!

That is Li Banshan’s obsession to see the sun!

on site!

The flames are burning!

The sky roars constantly!

The screams are endless!

Asura Field of Purgatory on Earth!

Everyone stared blankly at the tragedy in front of them, and fell into endless sorrow.

Li Banshan’s roar is getting quieter and quieter!

Those thread puppets are getting more and more rampant!

Seeing this, the tense heartstring of the old lady gradually relaxed!

If you really want Li Banshan to break free with death, there is no such thing as a monster today.

And just when the old lady was about to withdraw the thread-pull puppet, suddenly the red thread of bliss in her hand!

All together!

The extremely tenacious and unbreakable red line of Bliss, unexpectedly broke!

A world-class roar suddenly surged from the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain!

The dense pile of thread-raising puppets fell apart in an instant, and there was a stench of blood under the sky!

one person!

Stand up!



The mad beast is out!

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Rao is the old lady with amazing experience, and was shocked by the shocking scene in front of him!

She stared blankly at the break of the red line of Bliss, which she was most proud of, and then watched the march of the dead completely turned into a rain of blood, making her whole panic.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! How could he do such a thing!”

The people at the scene were also dumbfounded.

It’s not an exaggeration to reincarnate the God of War!

A mighty voice came from not far away!

“Is it impossible? I also think it’s impossible!”

“But, I suddenly found out that my heart is obsessed and I can conquer the world!”

Li Banshan!

Li Banshan’s left and right hands, impressively grasping the completely broken chain of killing!

His body, although covered in blood, was terrifying.

But it was not like before, completely broken in half.

Two meters as high as a mountain!

The momentum of the body is surging, and the fire of the earth fades!

Li Banshan, who was imprisoned by the chain of killing, is still climbing!

In the blink of an eye, you have already broken through!

This is the real strength of Li Banshan!

Enough to fight against the old prince in the heyday!

At first, the old lady took advantage of Li Banshan to find kindness and tricked him and his brother to the Lu family in Beilin.

In this regard, Li Banshan is unforgettable!

Brother, because he couldn’t stand the torture of the old lady, he committed suicide!

Before the provisional, he gave Bi Luo’s heart and blood to Li Banshan.

Now that Li Banshan’s skills have recovered, his eyes are full of hatred!

Although he knew that after forcibly breaking free of the killing chains, he was still going to die.

But now, there is no way to go back!

Even if it is dead!

Also drag this odious old witch to die together!

“Roar!” Li gave a roar in mid-air!

The figure is like electricity, galloping towards the old lady!

The old lady stretched out his hands in a panic and fought fiercely!


A sour voice suddenly sounded!

The air around them seemed to burst!

A wave of vigor visible to the naked eye swayed along their bodies in all directions!


Even if it is a burst of energy, everything in the field bursts!

Even the people and ghosts who were burning at all times not far away danced frantically.

Everyone was shaken to the ground!

Everyone looked at these two monster-like people in astonishment, and despair grew in their hearts!

This is definitely the scariest battle they have ever seen in their lives!

Where have they seen anyone above Huajin in their lives!

In this world, Huajin is a rare figure.

Which one is not surprisingly powerful.

Not to mention that there are two together, and they are fighting together!

This general feeling of crushing crushed the people present out of breath!

They have enough reason to believe that even if they try their best, they can’t stay around them for ten seconds!

It’s horrible.

The old lady’s body was directly blasted to the ground, and the corner of her mouth was overflowing with blood!

Everyone’s eyes widened, holding their breath!

This is the first time the old lady was injured tonight!

Unexpectedly, the rampant old lady would also be injured!

And what caused her injury was the cheapest medicine slave of their Beilin Lu family!

Beilin Lu Family, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger!

No, it is raising a tiger that can kill the master!

The old prince touched the blood from the corner of his mouth on the ground, and his heart was very unwilling!

Just a little bit of time!

Unexpectedly, this beast would break free from the cage!

Originally, the old lady still had enough strength to deal with Li Banshan.

But now, her bliss red line is all broken!

All her dead marches turned into blood mist!

Both of her best weapons were destroyed by Li Banshan.

On the contrary, Li Banshan lived toward death. Although he must die, his strength is amazing now.

The old lady also felt that he was no longer Li Banshan’s opponent.

Hate it!

The old lady rose into the sky, seemingly unwilling.

Have been humiliated after running rampant for years!

Even the kid just now was just playing a little bit of cleverness to get the upper hand in the situation for a while.

Now, in terms of strength, he was defeated by Li Banshan!

Li Banshan doesn’t care about this.

With one blow, he naturally used his full strength.

Although the old lady will fly.

But he also felt that his body was gradually breaking down.

The stronger the strength, the faster the body will collapse.

But without the strongest strength, there is nothing to do with the old lady.

This is an endless loop.


He thought he was going to die anyway, he had no scruples at this moment!

The two are fighting together again!

Only this time, Li Banshan completely grasped the initiative.

The old lady was bombarded again and again.

Her body was also covered with scars.

The gray hair was messy, more like a hell ghost.

Li Banshan almost never left the old lady, and beat the old lady like a crush.

However, the old lady has a hard life, avoiding the vital points again and again, although she is injured but not dead!

Li Banshan’s heart gradually became anxious.

His body has already begun to seep blood.

This is a precursor to collapse.

In two minutes, if the old lady is not dealt with, he will die first!

He punched the dragon and tiger fist and beat the old lady’s heart again!

I thought that this time the old lady would still avoid the key as before!

But this time!

It’s different!

What the old lady wanted to avoid, suddenly a green light burst out of her body!

Flow like a flying snake!

Her body suddenly stiffened, and her footsteps slowed down!

At this moment, Li Banshan immediately seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and slammed the old lady’s heart with a punch!

“Puff!” This time, the old lady took a fatal injury!

She spit out a blood mist from the sky, and her body fell fiercely.

Her face also decayed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this, Li Banshan laughed wildly.

“Hahahaha! Green snake flow! Wiliam, Wiliam, after all, you did me a big favor again!”

What happened to the old lady just now was a green snake!

The green snake stream hung on the old lady, and finally played a role when it was most important.

With this trick just now, the old lady ate to death.

Even if you don’t die, you have to get rid of half your life!

Take Half-Life, how can you fight Li Banshan!

Li Banshan suddenly raised his head, his eyes were full!

He seemed to see the sun of tomorrow!

At this moment, the old lady below suddenly chuckled.

Li Banshan kept an eye on the old lady.

The old lady coughed up a mouthful of blood, but smiled and shouted: “Want to kill me? Li Banshan, if you win a punch, maybe I really will die, but you just punched it, it was powerful Not as good as before.”

She suddenly rose up and smiled more gloomily, “We, we are all people who are racing against time. Now let’s see if you die first or I die first!”

“You have done all your tricks, but unfortunately, I still don’t have it!”


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