Dragon Husband 811-815

Dragon Husband 811

While speaking, the old lady suddenly moved in the audience.

Li Banshan’s brows suddenly frowned, and he yelled badly!

This old witch has a future!

The old prince was wrong, and Li Banshan won a blow, and the old prince would definitely die.

However, with the punch just now, Li Banshan was a little weak.

His body, on the verge of collapse, is gradually declining.

And Li Banshan still didn’t understand what the old lady’s trick was!

Seeing the old lady moving, Li Banshan could only take a sigh of relief and chase after the old lady.

Seeing the direction the old lady was heading away, Li Banshan was taken aback.

She rushed away, surprisingly a group of people!

A group of innocent people!

Family members of the Beilin Lu family!

What is she going to do!

Do you want to target yourself?

Li Banshan was thinking, and suddenly saw the old lady stretch out his hand and pat on the nearest person!

When the man was slapped in this way, his eyes became sluggish from the panic before.

And even more puzzling is the next second!

After this person was photographed, his body rose directly into the air.

It seems to be frozen in the air!

The old lady kept walking, and continued to slap on the second and third people.

This palm after palm, it looks strong and light.

It is not enough to cause death.

But the stranger who was being slapped, their bodies all vacated.

It is like the forest of the dead formed by the march of the dead before.

But Li Banshan was extremely sure that the red line of bliss for the old lady had broken.

She could no longer use the dead to march.

And those people are all living people and cannot be controlled by the Bliss red line at all.


Li Banshan’s heart suddenly became uneasy.

He was crazy chaser old lady.

The old prince’s strength dropped sharply, and Li Banshan was chased by Li Banshan in an instant.

He slapped the old lady on the back again with a palm.

Another blood mist sprayed out!

The old lady fell forward.

But on the way down, two or three people were shot again.

After a while, a dozen or so sluggish strangers were suspended in the air.

Are you playing mystery and consuming my time?

This idea emerged in Li Banshan’s heart, and his eyes were broken!

What a treacherous old witch!

He quickened his pace instantly and continued to drive away the old lady.

The scene suddenly became a chase.

And everyone, while hiding powerlessly from the old lady who was photographed at the sight of people, watched this scene in amazement.

Does anyone know what the old lady is going to do?

During this, the old lady had eaten Li Banshan several palms again!

There was even a palm, the old lady was hit so that her breastbone protruded forward, which looked terrifying.

The fate of the old lady is really hard!

The more she was beaten, the more frenzied she laughed!

It seems that Li Banshan was the one who was beaten in the court, and she was the one who was beaten!

With this wild laughter, the scene became more and more weird.

In the air, dozens of people have been suspended!

All eyes were blank, and there was no even a struggle.

No way!

If this continues, there will be trouble!

Li Banshan’s heart became anxious again, and he took a sigh of relief!

Just this trick!

Either she died, or I died!


Li Banshan caught up with the old prince in an instant, and slammed the old prince on the back with the power of thunder with both hands!

This palm is really good!

Let the old lady have a different body!

But at this moment, an unexpected scene happened again.

The old lady who had been dodging, preferring to take a hand to take a few more shots, suddenly turned around!

Actually facing Li Banshan!

Li Banshan’s eyes dazzled!


However, his vitality was agitated, and the cloud and the sun would be broken with the palm of his hand!


Once again, fight fiercely!

The old lady also stretched out his hands and greeted Li Banshan’s dragon and tiger fist fiercely!

At first, everyone thought that the old lady would be blown away again.

At least, the two people are evenly matched and both retreat.

What a dream!

Li Banshan has no retreat!

The old lady is also not retiring!

Two people!

Four palms!

They are all together!

It’s like being stuck!

And the moment Li Banshan pressed his palms, he suddenly felt a thorn on his back!


Something is wrong!

He hurriedly wanted to slap back!

But it’s too late!

The old lady has already let out a grinning laugh, “Hahaha! Do you want to run! It’s too late! It’s too late! Let’s see the scenery of hell!”

While talking, the old lady took a palm directly!

Li Banshan also lost his palm, wanting to get away.

But he found that even with a palm facing each other, he couldn’t get away!

As if from the body of the old lady, there is a steady flow of terrifying suction!

They held the palms of the two people tightly together.

Li Banshan calmly felt it, and suddenly felt that the internal force in his body seemed to be summoned, and he was impatient to break out!

Flow to the old lady!

Li Banshan was shocked, and he immediately held his breath, resisting the terrifying involvement in his body.

Fortunately, he stabilized.

Li Banshan and the old prince are equal in strength, and the old prince can’t absorb his internal strength.

He was feeling lingering, and suddenly his head buzzed!


He and the old lady are evenly matched, the old lady naturally can’t absorb his own internal power!

But, it’s another one!

It’s a person who is worse than the old lady!

Li Banshan’s eyes suddenly became horrified!

Look at the old lady in disbelief!

But the old lady showed a sly smile, “It seems that you already know.”

Her other hand suddenly stretched back!

The people she had placed in the air before seemed to be called!

One person’s palms are against one person’s back!

In the blink of an eye, those dozens of people actually formed a line!

And the person in front of the head, a palm of the hand that the old lady extended!

The scene is weird!

At this moment, those people woke up instantly.

When they woke up, they were in mid-air, but they suddenly wailed in pain!

Their bodies were shrivelling at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Li Banshan saw this scene and drank it directly!

“Old witch, you are so vicious! Even your family members will not let it go! You can absorb their inner strength!”

While enjoying the joy of injecting internal force into the body to replenish vitality, the old lady smiled fiercely: “Which family does my old lady have? After Lulu’s death, I will have no family.”

She used this trick!

It’s the book from Beilin Lu’s family!

Before Lu Xiaolu only absorbed the internal power of a few elders, he was invincible, and he almost killed everyone from the rich family!

Now behind the old lady, there are dozens of internal strength warriors!

Even more terrifying is that the physique of the old lady is not comparable to Lu Xiaolu!

She is fully capable of fighting to eat!

When Li Banshan thought of this, despair suddenly surged in his heart!

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At the scene, the fire is still burning!

It’s about to burn to their side!

And the entire town house wall has gradually shrunk to the center!

Almost everyone was forced to be driven to the old lady and the others.

Seeing this scene, the old lady burst into laughter suddenly, “Hahaha, Li Banshan, Li Banshan, do you think that by putting down the town house wall and having the same life with ghosts, you can stop me? Throwing a rock and hitting yourself in the foot, on the contrary, it made me perfect!”

While speaking, the hand behind the old lady suddenly hit!

A surging suction force was born out of thin air!

Suddenly a wind blew on the scene!

Below are almost irrevocable people, and a few of the relatively low strength are instantly sucked into the air by this suction!

The body is directly stuck to other sluggish people!

Seeing this scene, everyone got goosebumps again!

It can be like this!

Li Banshan is distraught at the moment!

He didn’t even think that the old lady would have such a hand!

I put down the town house wall and caused the same life with ghosts, and forced these people to the old lady, which really helped the old lady a lot!

“Ho ho ho, the deceased is marching! Do you really think that the puppets under the control of the bliss red line are the deceased marching? You look down on my Lu Lingyun too?” The old lady smiled wildly, his eyes gradually turning red Up.

“Now let you see what is the real march of the dead!”

“The real march of the dead was originally meant to match this satiety**, but over the years, my murderous heart gradually faded and I sealed the book. The march of the dead was originally from the living and the dead! You! Don’t understand!”

The old lady looked up to the sky and laughed, as if she was the only one in the world for a time!

Li Banshan was so anxious that blood spurted out!

He miscalculated!

Even he didn’t know what the real march of the dead was!

The old lady hid too deep!

This march of the dead is many times more terrifying than before!

In this case, I am afraid that an old witch like a peerless evildoer will be created!

And if it weren’t for the break of the red line of Bliss, these people would have been sucked up alive and would become puppets again!

This is the complete march of the dead!

At this time, the old lady’s body suddenly swelled.

The previous decadence was wiped out!

Her face was glowing red and she was full of energy!

She is full!

The people around are still being continuously drawn into the air.

Especially in the end, the stronger the old prince, the greater the involvement.

This is a strong and logical life cycle!

A surging power suddenly spread from the old lady to Li Banshan’s right palm!

Li Banshan almost didn’t even react, and he burst out a mouthful of blood!

The old prince is full, and now the extra internal energy will be passed on to Li Banshan!

She wants to live up to Li Banshan!

Li Banshan is desperate and desperate!

He suddenly yelled below, “Time is almost up! Give it to me soon!”

As he said, he pulled the hip flask at his waist with one hand and stretched it out!
The people below were taken aback.

Li Banshan also has a second hand!

At this time, silver lights suddenly flew towards Li Banshan!

In the blink of an eye, there were more than thirty silver needles hanging before Li Banshan’s hip flask.

The silver needles are like knowing to advance and retreat, one by one directly at the spout of the hip flask!

A drop of blood, drip into the hip flask!

This drop of blood was shining with a magical red light!

It was the blood of the people’s heart that Li Banshan let those medicine slaves extract before!

In the blink of an eye, the hip flask was filled with blood.

Li Banshan is dead!

On his shoulders is the belief that leads more than 30 brothers to see the sun tomorrow!

And he, also knows that tonight, he can no longer see the sun tomorrow.

But so what!

Sacrifice one person and awaken their instinct for survival!

Why not!

Worth it!

Li Banshan’s body trembled at this time.

A blood mist burst out!

His body was collapsing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

He coughed violently!

Putting away the hip flask, he wanted to reach out to grab his blue heart and blood.

He now has the only reliance on Biluo’s heart and soul!

As long as the blood of the heart can be poured into the blood of Biluo!

The power generated by Bi Luo’s heart and blood is enough to shake the terrifying old lady now!

But at this time, the old lady smiled again.

As if laughing at Li Banshan’s ignorance.

Li Banshan’s expression froze, and he stared at the old lady.

The old lady has spare energy and laughed frantically: “Want to pour Biluo’s heart and soul to contain me and then save your companion? That’s a good idea. But, you are a little bit upside down now? You might as well look down at you. Those companions.”

Li Banshan’s heart shuddered, and he quickly lowered his head and looked down.

At this look, his eyes are cracked!

The people below stand in a mess.

However, more than 30 people fell together.

These thirty-odd people were all his partners, the medicine slaves of the Beilin Lu family!

Li Banshan’s eyes suddenly turned red.

“Why! Obviously they gave me the blood of my heart just now! Why are you falling down now! Old witch, what have you done to them!”

The old lady laughed loudly and said: “What did I do to them? Ho ho, I don’t have that leisurely heart, and I did something to them. Speaking of, it is you Li Banshan who really made them like this! Yes! You! Keep saying that you want to bring them back to the light, but in the name of righteousness, you personally persecuted them for more than 30 lives! You are the one who killed them!”

Killed them in the name of righteousness?

Li Banshan was taken aback, he had no idea what happened!

“Hoho, don’t you understand? You are like a pig compared to the dead boy. Well, in order to make you understand, the old lady, I am very compassionate, so I will take you down so that you…” Speaking of this, the old lady suddenly slid, leading Li Banshan directly to the ground.

The four words slowly spit out from her mouth, with endless gloom.

“It’s painful!”

Li Banshan fell to the ground, his eyes were fixed on the person lying on the ground, and he roared sadly: “You guys! What happened to you! Didn’t you say yes, you will be free after tonight! You are now! So! What is going on!”

His voice is distraught!

He couldn’t imagine how things would become like this!

Even if the old lady is crazy now, it will not be the turn of this group of companions to die first!

At this time, a faint voice rang.

It is a drug slave who has not yet cut off his vitality.

This person is the closest person to Li Banshan.

With a bleak smile on his face, he looked helplessly at Li Banshan, and said with difficulty: “Brother Li, forget it…”

“We did it ourselves and took our own efforts…”

“We are tired…”

“Do you know why the old lady didn’t take our hearts? Because, she already knew that our place…”

The man said, pointing to his heart, and smiled helplessly.

“It’s already dead here…”

“Our last kindness, willing to…”

“Enjoyed to you…”

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The man’s word by word, like a thousand needles and swords, pierced Li Banshan’s heart fiercely!

Li Banshan’s eyes were cracked, Dou Da’s tears fell down his cheeks.

“No! It’s not like this! It’s not like this! Why are you doing this! You are like this! Where do you put me! I killed you!” A tower-like man was crying so badly!

If these people are telling the truth, then Li Banshan really harmed them!

If Li Banshan wants to lead them to escape together, why should they die together now!

Really benevolent, but also really kill!

The man showed a gentle smile at Li Banshan, and said softly: “Brother Li, we, do not blame you. It is your obsession that allows us to find the way to liberation. Look, we brothers They are laughing.”

Li Banshan’s eyes swept over the other brothers lying on the ground, and tears flowed more violently.

Some of these brothers are dead, and some have one last breath.

But unexpectedly, there were smiles on the corners of their mouths.

It seems that dying like this is an eternal relief for them!

“Did you see it? We are all relieved. You ask us, why do we take our own human blood? Brother Li, remember what you said to us?” The man asked Li Banshan.

In the end, he asked himself and answered, “You said, what is the big life…”

Li Banshan’s head banged!

This is indeed what he said himself.

Yesterday, when his brother asked him if he was really willing to take out Biluo’s heart and soul to rescue them, Li Banshan said this.

“So, our fate is fate, isn’t the fate of these people? Then use our last kindness to fulfill you, Brother Li. I can only wish you Brother Li, I hope that there are no people like us who are holding back. , You can find a new life that belongs to you.” The man said, smiling hard, but his head tilted and his vitality was lost.

The others died at this moment.

On the scene, fell into a kind of desolate grief!

People from a family of wealthy families would never have thought of killing them!

Why didn’t the medicine slaves just act on them who had no counterattack.

It turned out that it was because of Li Banshan’s words!

These drug slaves!

How humble status is!

But how great is the light of choice that bursts out at the last moment!

I would rather sacrifice myself than kill the innocent casually!

For an instant, those rich family members felt as if they were being severely suppressed by a stone, making it hard to breathe!

Compared with their personalities, the Patriarchs who have always claimed to be superior are eclipsed!

Who is expensive?

Who is cheap?

The death of these drug slaves makes everyone ashamed!

Even the middle-aged fat man, with a look of shame, bowed deeply to the drug slaves who sacrificed themselves.

Next second.

Everyone bowed to these great dead people.

“Do not!”

At the scene, there was a loud roar suddenly!

A surging force surged from Li Banshan’s body!

He is piercing!
He is extremely sorry!

The death of these people, like a shocking blow, hit Li Banshan’s heart hard!

His head blew, and his eyes were red in an instant!

These people are dead.

What is the meaning of one’s own existence!

What is the hard work I have made tonight!

Like falling flowers and flowing water!

Like a big dream!

What a wishful thinking!

What a compassionate man!

With this strong guilt, Li Banshan felt that he was going to be completely crazy.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out of his mouth, and his body instantly swelled!

Seeing this scene, the old prince narrowed his eyes, and said inwardly that it was not good!

The death of these people directly stimulated Li Banshan!

This guy is going to run away!

In the next second, Li Banshan suddenly rose directly into the air!

This time, he took the old lady and the people behind him flew up!

One person!

The enemy is evil!

The old lady is about to mobilize more internal forces to resist Li Banshan who is about to go crazy!



An unpleasant loud noise!

Li Banshan’s left leg burst!

Explode directly into a cloud of blood!

The old lady yelled directly, “Li Banshan! You are crazy!”

Li Banshan’s left leg, from the base of the leg, completely burst, and instantly disappeared!

But Li Banshan seemed to hear nothing!

In my heart, there is only one word!




These brothers, died because of me!

I will avenge you!

Then, accompany you to netherworld!

His hand is exactly the blood burst of the Li Family in Nanban!

The power is comparable to the same life, life and death!

Also burn with the enemy jade!

The left leg burst!

Li Banshan’s body suddenly swelled!

All the power like the left leg turned into endless internal force, pouring into Li Banshan’s body!

“give me!”


Li Banshan yelled violently, and his right hand supported him fiercely!

It was actually pushing the old lady and the people behind her directly!

The old prince was actually on guard!

But is it useful!

This instant force can be called against the sky!

The old prince only felt a terrible force, falling back into her body!

She vomited a mouthful of blood!

Even the people behind her were vomiting blood!

The eyes of the old lady are also completely red!


You are going to die!

I don’t want to live the old woman either!

Then take a look!

It’s your blood burst, so powerful!

It’s still my old woman’s full food**!

The old lady let out a stern roar!


The surrounding air instantly agitated!

A violent tornado suddenly emerged out of thin air!

Many people below have almost no time to react!

It was directly blown into the sky by a tornado!

Was tightly sucked by the old lady again!

The old lady seemed to give up his fear completely!

Begin to suck the internal power of these people frantically!

Suddenly, the scene fell into a stalemate again!

But anyone knows!

The short stalemate now looks like a bigger and bigger balloon!

Just an opportunity!

One stitch!

The balloon will burst instantly!

At that time, everyone will be blown to pieces by the two powerful chemists!

At this time, a loud noise suddenly came from above the head!

Suddenly, someone made a stern cry!


The town house wall is getting closer and closer!

Humans and ghosts live in the same fire, and the two have already been burned!

Those two people want to put out the fire on their bodies!

But how can they extinguish the fire of human and ghost life!

In front of him, two masters of Huajin gave birth to crazy indiscriminate attacks!

All around, there are copper walls and iron walls that are about to be squeezed and burned!

Everyone fell into endless despair!

There is no way to heaven!

Going to the ground!

Who will come!

Who will turn the scorching hell into a peaceful world!

Who will save the world!

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Li Banshan’s left hand burst again!

The surging power is still surging!

The old lady seemed to be completely lost in madness!

I don’t have the same sanity anymore!

Her white hair is dancing wildly, her face is covered with blue veins!

The current old lady is completely crazy, let alone.

Even if you are crazy!

Even if she actively wants to withdraw now!

It’s too late!

Li Banshan caught her!

Moreover, the internal force in her body was completely out of control!

Don’t forget, that book, the price to pay after overeating!

Lu Xiaolu is a bloody warning!

The old lady had a strong physique before, and he could control the internal force from sucking!

But now, in order to suppress the crazy Li Banshan, she is completely out of control!

Those who had been sucked, their bodies dried up again.

And the old lady’s body is swelling like Li Banshan!

There is a danger of body explosion at any time!

Cries and shouts are endless!

Hell on earth is nothing but this!

The people who remained on the ground knelt on the ground weakly.

Please God!

Seek land!

Ask the gods to give them a way out!

Lu Furong and Gu Zhiling were also among the people who remained on the ground.

Lu Furong’s tears were already dry.

Today is definitely the day when the Beilin Lu family will perish.

She would never have thought that an ordinary birthday party would be catastrophic!

She is also desperate now.

Kneeling weakly on the ground, the whole person lost consciousness.

Gu Zhiling’s eyes were red, watching the people around him being continuously burned by the flames close at hand, and then dying in pain, her heart seemed to be pierced by a needle.

Very uncomfortable!

Another unforgettable grief!

It’s such a hopeless despair!

What can I do now?

What can I do!

Just when Gu Zhiling wanted to give up and actively beg to die.

Her head buzzed suddenly.


Why would I think of it again!


When I was in Lingyue Villa before, I was forced into a desperate situation!

At that time, I took everyone out of desperation.

That man!

He is fate!

He is the king!

How could you just die in the blood pool of that side?

That man’s cemetery should be this world!

Only the sky is high and the earth is wide!

Only then can he bury his ambition!

The blood pool is far from enough!

Gu Zhiling also seemed to be crazy, not knowing where his strength came from!

Ran directly to the calm blood pool!

She knelt toward the blood pond, and shouted like crazy: “Wiliam! You little bastard! You are dead!”

“If you are not dead, come out and have a look! How many people will be buried here!”

“Hurry up and save us!”

With her shouting, tears also fell down her cheeks.

At the scene, originally in despair, Gu Zhiling’s voice suddenly sounded like a stone, falling into the stagnant water.


There was a trace of vitality.

The people who were waiting on the ground looked at the girl who seemed to be crazy.
Until now, he was kneeling in the blood pool!

And still shouting towards the blood pool!

The person who shouted turned out to be the kid who had already died!

For a moment, these people forgot the sorrow of life and death and stared at Gu Zhiling blankly!

Gu Zhiling didn’t care about that much.

What else can she do now!

Please God!

Seek land!

Why not ask for Wiliam!

Wiliam is the god of this world!

“You come out soon! Don’t come out again! Even me, I’m going to die! If I die, I won’t let you go to netherworld!” Gu Zhiling cried heartbreakingly, and his words were chaotic.

But it’s these disorganized words, like thunder!


A mysterious voice suddenly rang in everyone’s ears.

Everyone thought it was an auditory hallucination.

But next!


There is another loud noise!

Take it!

The ground they stepped on trembled slightly!


The voice became more and more obvious and clearer.

The tremor of the earth is getting stronger and stronger!

It seems that the earth has a heart!

Give birth to a pulse!

The earth pulses!

At this moment, someone suddenly yelled out: “Look! Look at the blood pool!”

Everyone looked at the blood pool together!

At this look, there were exclamations everywhere!

I saw the calm blood pool before!

Even now, there is a slight wave!

how can that be!

Even when humans and ghosts had the same life before, and when there was no way to shake the life and death, this blood pool would not move!

The battle between Li Banshan and the old prince was equally magnificent, with constant wind and thunder!

Everything around has already been flying!

However, this blood pool was abnormally calm, and there was not a slight disturbance.

But now, there are waves!

Could it be that there is really a god sleeping in this pool of blood!

Was awakened by the cry of this girl now?


There are no gods in the world!

Say so!

Hidden in the blood pool!

It’s Wiliam!

He is dead!

This terrifying speculation shocked everyone’s scalp!

Fire, getting closer!

The bodies of the two strong chemists swelled to a weird and exaggerated level!

The town house wall above his head was completely burnt, like a wildfire hanging on the lifeline of everyone!

Death is getting closer and closer to everyone!

At this moment, someone suddenly ran towards the blood pool!

Learning like the ancient Ling, kneeling on the ground, kowtow fiercely!

“Master Lu! Please! Help me! I am willing to be a cow and a horse in my life! I will thank you for saving my life!”

People on the ground wake up instantly!

They pulled their legs together at the same time!

Surge towards the blood pool, and then kneel all together!

“Master Lu! Help!”

The cry for help merged into one!

at this moment!

They have no gods in their hearts!

There is only one person, comparable to the gods!

That is, Wiliam, who is still alive and dead!

“Boom boom boom!”

The earth pulsates, resounding again!

The vibration became more and more intense!

As for Li Banshan and Lao Taijun, the two of them had already fallen into madness, and they had no idea of ​​the earth-shattering changes happening here!

Those people, their heads are bloody!

But the belief in survival supported them to keep kowtow!


There was a loud noise, again!

Everyone looked up and suddenly saw it!

The wave of blood in front of him suddenly seemed to be lit by the prayers of everyone!



There seems to be something!

Go out of the blood!

This scene encouraged everyone again!

Their shouts resounded through the clouds!

Just ask!

Come out of this blood pool!

Save everyone from fire and water!

The blood pool was tumbling more intensely!

An aura that seemed to come from the wild, suddenly ejected from the blood pool!

A light!

Half red!


Up to the sky!

Through the clouds and broken the moon!


A vast roar suddenly came from the blood pool!

As if there is a wild beast, open your eyes now!



The sound of broken blood!

Spread to everyone’s eyes!

one person!

Up to the sky!

The ancestor of the Jade Kirin!

Furious awakening!

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Everyone saw this person rising into the sky, and tears filled their eyes with excitement!

This man!

Who else would it be if it wasn’t Wiliam!

He is really dead!

This kid, his life is so hard!

Joining the pool of blood is not even dead!

And looking at the surging aura on him, how many times stronger than before!


It is everyone’s only hope now!

It is the patron saint of everyone now!

“Master Lu! Help! Help us!”

Those people knocked their heads harder.

There were even two or three people who directly knocked themselves on the ground because of excessive force!

But Gu Zhiling watched Wiliam fly out, tears bursting out.

It’s him!

It really is him!

In the hope of thousands of people, proudly descended into this world!

Gu Zhiling was about to shout, but seeing Wiliam’s appearance, the voice in his throat suddenly retracted!


Wiliam at this moment is too wrong!

The temperament is different from what it was before!

At this moment, Wiliam’s clothes are intact!

Even the appearance of bruises all over his body before!

His eyes closed tightly.

His hair has no wind automatically!

It’s like falling asleep!

What’s the matter!


Wiliam is out!

What about Feliicity!

And Li Chunfeng too!

Where are they now!

Since Wiliam is not dead!

Then how could he let two women die before his eyes!

They are!

Just when Gu Zhiling was surprised, the sleeping Wiliam suddenly moved!

The eyes are still tightly closed!

He is in full view!

Slowly raise his left hand!

Just so lightly, lift the weight lightly!

Like a flower!

Such as Caiyue!

There is a strange melody and beauty in the posture.

This raise!

The blood pool was tumbling again!

One person, like being summoned by Wiliam!

Fly out of the blood pool!


Feliicity seemed to lose consciousness, and her eyes closed tightly.

But the shocking thing is!

Feliicity’s body is covered with frost!

This is a blood pool of explosive temperature!

Her body was covered with frost!

In the frost, the green and green flow, beautifully!

Unconsciously, she was led by Wiliam and flew out!

The body was like a fairy, slowly falling to the left side of Wiliam!

Wiliam’s left hand held Feliicity’s right hand!

At the same time!

Wiliam’s right hand raised again!

The blood pool moves again!

Li Chunfeng broke his blood!

Everyone saw Li Chunfeng’s appearance clearly and screamed out of fright!

What a special thing!

Is it a human?

If Feliicity’s body is frosted, everyone can understand it!

After all, being sealed off, this picture is not uncommon on TV.

But at this moment Li Chunfeng completely surpassed everyone’s cognition!

Li Chunfeng’s body was blazing with fire!

Even the sticky blood in the blood pool was brought out by her.

Around her body, a stream of light was formed like magma!

The red light shines on everyone’s eyes in an instant!
Li Chunfeng also closed his eyes tightly, holding Wiliam’s right hand with his unconscious left hand!

Everyone saw this scene clearly, and even their breathing became extremely heavy!

It is obviously a very strange picture, but in the eyes of everyone, there is an incomparable harmony and dream!

The three, holding hands, stood in the air for no apparent reason!

The handsome man is extraordinary!

Women are like flowers!

The three eyes closed tightly.


At this time, someone shouted again, “Fuck! Look at them!”

Everyone is staring at them!

I saw the white frost on Feliicity’s body, following the hand they were holding, slowly spreading to Wiliam’s body!

And the same!

The flames on Li Chunfeng’s body also slowly burned to Wiliam’s body!

In an instant!

Wiliam’s left half was frosty that looked bitterly cold!

On the right half of the body, there is another extremely hot flame!

The whole person is half ice and half fire, very weird!

Everyone discovered that it was really half and half!

Wiliam’s left body and half of his hair are all green!

On the right side, it was a coquettish red!

The two layers of ice and fire reached a mysterious harmony on Wiliam’s body.

Don’t fight for half a point, don’t let half an inch!

Just when everyone was so surprised that their jaws fell to the ground.

Wiliam suddenly opened his eyes slowly!

Left eye!


Right eye!


The ancestor of the Jade Kirin!


Wiliam’s mouth also moved slowly.

What he said made everyone get goose bumps again!

“The dilemma of loyalty and filial piety, love and justice, life and death, I am too difficult…”

These words are like the old lady’s mantra!

And everyone was surprised, it was not the content of these words!

It’s Wiliam’s voice!

When Wiliam spoke, it was as if three people were talking at the same time!

Half male and half female!

Half of the voice is Wiliam’s male voice!

The other half is the voice of two women!

One is clearly the voice of Feliicity!

One is the voice of Li Chunfeng!

The words of the three came out of Wiliam’s mouth at the same time!

This completely surpasses everyone’s cognition!

However, Feliicity and Li Chunfeng closed their eyes tightly!

It seemed that they had entrusted their life and death to Wiliam!

Wiliam now burns the vitality of three people!

“After all, I have to bear someone infatuated, this is my sin, this is my way.”

Wiliam opened his mouth again and muttered to himself.

This time, it was his own voice.

“Wiliam, Feliicity, and spring breeze, you are dead, it’s great!” Gu Zhiling saw this scene, although he was very surprised.

But she has confirmed one thing!

These three hard-working people are all dead!

This way, it couldn’t be better!

“Master Lu, please help us!” The crowd yelled again, ignoring this magical scene.

At this time, Wiliam looked around, as if completely awake.

There is a vast air in his eyes!

It seems that one look can suppress everyone’s head up!

This is a kind of suppression from the upper position!

Wiliam finally fixed his gaze on the top of his head!

The town house wall is not far above them!

Wiliam suddenly rose into the air!

Feliicity and Li Chunfeng seemed to continue to be summoned, and flew into the sky with Wiliam!

Everyone was surprised!

What are these three people doing!

Do you want to break through the town house wall rudely with the help of the mortal tire!

how can that be!

Not to mention the general strength of the town house wall is difficult to break through!

Just now, the town house wall has completely burned!

There is no way to start!

When everyone was thinking about it, they saw Wiliam suddenly put his hands on the wall of the town house!

People and ghosts live together!

Spread directly onto Wiliam’s body!

Although Li Chunfeng and Feliicity also closed their eyes tightly, their hands did not hesitate to support them on the town house wall above their heads!

“Take my unicorn!”

“Take my yin frost!”

“Take me Chi Yan!”

Wiliam spoke again!

Three notes for one person!

This time it was different!

Finally, all laws are returned!

Converge into one word!



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