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Dragon Husband 816

A power that made everyone’s heart palpitating suddenly craved from the bodies of the three of Wiliam!

The fierce wind swept the audience instantly!

The fire is everywhere!

Everyone could hardly even stand, and they were overturned to the ground!

This power made everyone’s eyes widen!


Strong and majestic!

It can almost match the old lady!

At this time, everyone’s eyes were staring at the town house wall above their heads!

Want to see a trace of miracle!

The material of the town house wall is very special, which can support the burning of humans and ghosts, and is extremely heavy.

Under the combined force of the three of Wiliam, a rumbling sound was made!

However, there are still no signs of breaking!

The hearts of everyone, from the heat just now, suddenly became cold!

still is!

Can’t it?

Now they worry about one more thing.

That is, Wiliam has been burned by the fire of the same life.

Wouldn’t it be burned to death?

After all, the power of the same life between humans and ghosts, everyone has just seen it!

At this time, everyone’s eyes shrank together!

In front of him, another unbelievable scene was revealed!

The fire of life with ghosts has indeed spread to the three of them just now!

But now, a completely different mutation happened to the three of them!

The frost on Feliicity’s body suddenly worsened!

It is actually directly frozen the human and ghost with the life fire!

Looking at the frozen flame, everyone felt like it!

This all works!

This is the same life as humans and ghosts!

What is the ice on Feliicity’s body!

Even the fire can freeze!

When everyone looked at Li Chunfeng again, they exclaimed again.

Li Chunfeng’s body was already burning with a raging fire.

After the human and the ghost entered her body, it turned out to be like a stream like a sea!

It is completely integrated with the flame on her body!

As if people and ghosts have gone home with the same life!

The magic shown by Feliicity and Li Chunfeng made everyone’s heart mentioned in their throats.

Now, they are worried about Wiliam!

Only Wiliam is still blazing with flames now!

The body on the left was originally covered with frost, but now it does not freeze the fire like Feliicity.

The body on the right was full of flames, but it didn’t look like Li Chunfeng merged into one.

There are obviously two kinds of flames burning on his right side.

No way?

Wiliam is not as magical as these two women?

Such doubts arose in everyone’s hearts.

But in the next second, they were all shocked!


I saw that the same life fire of humans and ghosts that had burned on him suddenly gradually extinguished.

In the blink of an eye, there was no longer a half-life in Wiliam!

Everyone looked intently again, and they got goose bumps all over.

These people and ghosts share the same life, but it is not as simple as extinguishing.

Instead, he entered directly into Wiliam’s body.

just like!

Eaten by Wiliam!

This scene is terrifying!

Wiliam, what kind of body is this!

He directly gave birth to swallowing people and ghosts with the same life!

There was no one who understood the mystery.
Only Wiliam had his eyes calm.

The various changes that happened in the blood pool just now slowly flowed through his mind again.

Before Wiliam saw Feliicity flying into the blood pool, he almost followed in without even thinking about it.

At that time, he was ready to live and die with Feliicity.

The moment he entered the blood pool, he felt a great burning sensation in his body!

The body also burned in an instant.

Wiliam thought instinctively, is he going to die?

Because of the horror of the blood pool, Wiliam couldn’t understand it better.

It can refine thousands of hearts, liver, spleen and lungs into a heart of Yanhuang.

This blood pool is no longer a blood pool.

It is a furnace for refining medicine.

As a healer, how could he not know the horror of the medicine furnace?

At that moment, he really thought he was going to die.

But at the moment when his vitality was about to die, he suddenly felt the same coldness from his body.

Wiliam opened his eyes suddenly!

In the infinitely thick blood pool, he clearly saw a woman in a white dress.


The Feliicity are dead!

This surprising discovery strongly stimulated Wiliam’s survival instinct!

He grabbed Feliicity’s hand in an instant.

At the same moment when the two of them held their hands, the coldness of Wiliam’s body became even worse.

Wiliam saw that a trace of ice-cold power followed Feliicity’s body and gradually flowed onto him!

It was also this icy cold that protected Wiliam’s body.

However, this is only a momentary protection.

Wiliam also discovered that Feliicity seemed to be in a coma.

Unconscious, let him hold his hand without any reaction.

Wiliam was very anxious at the time.

Want to hold Feliicity’s hand to break through the blood pool.

Even Feliicity lost his coma, still protecting the landing leaves.

This is an instinct that comes from Feliicity’s deep-rooted love for Wiliam to guard to death!

This instinct is infinitely overdrawing Feliicity’s body.

It won’t last long.

And when Wiliam was anxious, he saw it again!

The scorching heat around the blood pool seemed to be drawn by another force.

He slowly drifted away from Wiliam’s body.

Seeing this scene, Wiliam was overjoyed!

It’s Li Chunfeng!

Li Chunfeng is also dead!

Wiliam knew that Li Chunfeng’s body was the opposite of Feliicity.

With flames!

You must know that Yan and Bing Veins are extremely rare blood vessels.

Before, Wiliam had faintly felt that the inflammation veins in Li Chunfeng’s body seemed to be awakening.

It seems to be completely awakened now!

Li Chunfeng’s flame veins also belong to the awakening.

If it were normal, her Yanmai awakened, she would definitely die without a place to bury her.

At least it will be like a blizzard, with endless troubles.

But now, it’s completely different!

Because of this blood pool!

This blood pool itself is extremely hot.

It seemed to provide an excellent place for Li Chunfeng’s flame pulse to wake up!

Li Chunfeng is now awakening from the flames, like a fish entering the sea, letting it go.

The blood pool seemed to be guarding the awakening of Li Chunfeng’s flame veins.

Only after a while!

The flame veins on Li Chunfeng’s body seemed to have been awakened.

A stable state was reached.

At this time, the state of the blood pool around them changed again.

The power of Chi Yan flowing from Li Chunfeng’s body was completely entangled with the power of Feliicity’s frost!

After a while, the two forces entangled with each other, forming a trickle of red and green Tai Chi under the blood pool!

The two powers reached an exceptionally perfect harmony.

Also with these two balanced forces, a small world of Tai Chi was formed around them.

The scorching heat outside makes it impossible to get in again!

Just when Wiliam was ecstatic, his body suddenly shook!

At that time, he instinctively felt that a terrifying power seemed to burst out of his body!

Dragon Husband 817

Originally, the Yan and Bing Veins belonged to the two blood vessels of Xiangke.

Certainly will not blend.

However, the relationship between Feliicity and Li Chunfeng is too deep.

Both are willing to die for each other.

This kind of formidable belief has caused the two bloodlines to not only fail to overcome each other, but to achieve fusion.

The power of this fusion is terrifying.

Wiliam is in it.

The two fusion powers all entered Wiliam’s body in an instant!

In his body, there seemed to be something to be awakened by these two forces!

At that time, Wiliam really felt that his body was about to be torn apart.

This was something he had never expected.

But just when Wiliam was about to die.

The two sleeping beauties seemed to perceive the passing of Wiliam’s life.

The two powers turned from violent to extremely soft in an instant.

Wiliam understood at that time.

It is two women who have the same affection for him.

So I couldn’t bear these two forces and hurt Wiliam.

Wiliam wanted to understand this, and looked at the sleeping Li Chunfeng very regretfully.

Secretly sighed.

Before he could react, the two powers gradually merged in Wiliam’s body.

Then, Wiliam felt that there was a powerful force in his body that was slowly waking up!

Wiliam couldn’t be more familiar with this power!

During the battle at Lingyue Villa, Wiliam briefly awakened this power.

However, when Wiliam wanted to wake up later, he could no longer do it.

Unexpectedly, today this force has appeared again!

Wiliam knew right now that this power should belong to his own blood!

in other words!

Wiliam’s blood will be awakened too!

Countless speculations appeared in Wiliam’s head for an instant.

What is your own blood?

However, suddenly a vision was directly engraved in Wiliam’s mind!

The crimson unicorn, who has been majestic and solemn, suddenly opened his eyes!

Left eye!


Right eye!


Wiliam saw this weird unicorn illusion, and instantly thought of what happened when he was a child.

At that time, Grandpa took him to teach in the ancestral hall.

And outside the ancestral hall is a blood unicorn guarding the prosperity of the Lu family in North!

At that time, when Wiliam was still young, he asked his grandpa what animal was this?

Grandpa just showed a kind smile, smiled without saying a word, saying that when you grow up, you will know.

Even Wiliam thought of a sentence from his grandfather.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know now. When you grow up, this unicorn will be directly printed on your head.”

At that time, Wiliam only thought that Grandpa was joking.

Nothing will be printed directly in my mind.

right now!

Grandpa’s words turned out to be true!

At this moment, Wiliam burst into tears!

I think of Grandpa again!

I think of hatred again!

Grandpa’s revenge has not been reported!

How can you die!

Since I want to wake up!

Just wake up completely!

Don’t open another eye!

Close one eye!


Sleep forever!

Let the Qilin blood!
Make me Wiliam!

The strongest idea!

At this moment, Wiliam’s aura soared to the extreme!

The strong hatred gave birth to incomparable faith!


In the Tai Chi space, Wiliam’s body suddenly exploded with a wild aura!

A beast roar, stirring in this small space!

In an instant, the Tai Chi space was completely shredded!

Then, Wiliam’s body was completely calm!

But Wiliam knew that the Qilin bloodline in his body had completely awakened!

Feeling this ancient breath, Wiliam’s fighting spirit soared!

at this moment!

The power of the unicorn!


It was also at this moment that Wiliam suddenly heard a faint cry from outside.

It seems that there are countless people, calling out his name every time.

So, he broke through the blood pool and jumped out!

As for why it is in the same breath with the Feliicity and the spring breeze, three sounds.

Wiliam had a vague guess in his heart.

The moment the three of them were in the blood pool, their hearts were connected.

The consciousness of the two of them was completely comatose, and they handed over their mind and body to Wiliam!

When Wiliam wants them to be born, they are endless.

When Wiliam wanted them to die, they went to netherworld together.

As long as the two of them wake up, this mysterious three-mouthed sound should disappear.

Now, Wiliam looked at the massive town house wall above his head with confidence!


Beloved across mountains and seas!

Mountains and seas!

All can be broken!

He has the blood of an ancient unicorn, and unicorns are good at fire. This is not enough for humans and ghosts to eat together!

And Feliicity’s power of frost and frost is the pinnacle of ice, and there is no fire that can be frozen!

Similarly, Li Chunfeng’s red flame power is better than human beings and ghosts, and it is expected that they can be integrated!

With the blessings of these three masterpieces, why not worry that this town house wall will not break!

“Roar!” Wiliam’s throat suddenly let out a roar!

Under this roar!

The people below, Qi Qi was actually caught in a strange dullness!

It was like being completely suppressed by a majestic ancient coercion!

The power in his hand is pouring out toward the human and ghost in front of him!

And sensing Wiliam’s anger, the sleeping Li Chunfeng and Feliicity suddenly exerted strength in their hands!

“Bang!” A clear voice suddenly rang at the scene.

Everyone looked over their heads, this time, they were extremely surprised!

“Look! A small crack has been cracked in the town house wall! We are hopeful for survival!”

Everyone shed tears of excitement at this moment!

At this moment, they no longer have any personal gains, and they don’t have any cares!

In the face of life and death, what everyone wants is to survive!

“Let’s go up together! Let’s go up together to help Master Lu!” Lin Zhengdao suddenly yelled, braced himself, and jumped directly!

However, he didn’t dare to put his hands on the wall of the town house directly!

Instead, his hands pressed Wiliam’s back!

Pour all his life’s cultivation skills into Wiliam!

Similarly, all hopes are pinned on Wiliam!

With Lin Zhengdao taking the lead, there is no one who is lingering below who hesitates!

All together!



Just survive!


Bigger than the sky!


There was a negative Wiliam before!

However, Wiliam didn’t care about it at all!

At this moment, for everyone’s vitality, without reservation!

Fight to the death!



Everyone was full of tears and dedicated all their internal strength without reservation!

Some people only lasted a few seconds before falling.

But he got up immediately, even if he let his companion carry on his back, he must go up!

Burn the remains!

Break Xingyue!

Some people were already lying on the ground completely unable to move, but still clinging to their companions’ feet, dedicated a little bit of strength to their companions.

This scene is so tragic!

At the time of life and death, the faith that bursts forth with the son!

Let Gu Zhiling, who was kneeling on the ground, burst into tears!


That is the charm of Wiliam!

King Wiliam!

A hundred responses!

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If Li Banshan is still a little bit conscious now!

If the medicine slaves who have already died have spirit after death!

What should they think about seeing this scene!

The dignity of life lies here!

Don’t give in to others!

Life is greater than heaven!

Princes and generals, would rather have kind!

This scene is what Li Banshan wants to see!

But let Wiliam do it!


Li Banshan can’t see it, Yao Slave can’t see it.

Li Banshan is brave, and compared with Wiliam, he is inferior after all!

Li Banshan, can be called domineering!

But Wiliam is king!

Wiliam naturally felt the majestic power coming from behind him!

I also feel everyone’s belief in Jedi World War I!

His body suddenly took a while!

In the body, that vast unicorn power!

Already ready to move!

Wiliam is full of pride!

Figure it out!

That’s it!

Appeared with worldwide attention!

Appeared to shock the world!

Belongs to me, Wiliam!

The power to destroy the world!

Wiliam shouted again, his voice was endlessly hoarse!

“Take my unicorn! Trample the world! Now!”

on site!

There was a scene that everyone will never forget!

With Wiliam’s shout!

A great power suddenly emerged from Wiliam’s body!

It was behind Wiliam!

A terrifying illusion was formed!

An unworldly unicorn that is tens of meters long!

Hold your head angrily!

This red unicorn has blue eyes on his left and blood red on his right!

When you open your eyes, the audience bows their heads!


The illusion of a unicorn of several tens of meters, directly flying towards the town house wall in front of you!

Go straight through the town house wall!

Appeared outside the town house wall!

The unicorn phantom does not stay at all!

In mid-air, four hoofs make a fire!

Step hard on the town house wall!

Kirin trample!


The thick town house wall can’t stand the trampling of the unicorn illusion at all!

In an instant, it collapsed completely!

And the unicorn phantom, at the moment the town house wall collapsed, turned into a sky full of sparks and dissipated into the world!

An incomparably fresh air poured into the scene instantly!

Rejuvenate everyone present!

At this moment, active.

Can’t move!

All left tears of gratitude!

And this is not over!

Wiliam and Feliicity Li Chunfeng continued to vacate!

The ice on Feliicity’s body suddenly rose!

It actually extended from her body to the outside, spreading tens of meters!

The flame on Li Chunfeng’s body also burned completely!

Raging fire!

Instantly burn the spreading ice of white Feliicity!


Those people held their heads up, and didn’t know what Wiliam and the three were going to do.


A drop of cold rain dripped on people’s faces.

“Pap! Pap!”

The entire Beilin Lu family had a cold rain.

Completely extinguish the fire of human and ghost life.

Thoroughly heat the scene.

“Live! Live!”

Those who survive, cheer and hug at this moment!

Celebrate new life!

The sincerity of life is fully demonstrated in everyone at this moment!

Wiliam and Feliicity also slowly fell to the ground.

Wiliam wrapped both hands and stopped the two women.

Gu Zhiling and Lu Furong hurried forward.

Wiliam handed them to Gu Zhiling and Lu Furong who were unconscious.

Wiliam knew that the two of them were already in danger, but they hadn’t awakened yet.

Now, the battle is not over yet.

as predicted!


A bang!

A wave of air strikes again!

Li Banshan, who had been madly confronting the old lady, was suddenly blown up!

He was directly bombed in front of Wiliam.

It turned out that Wiliam had just trampled on a unicorn with a powerful blow!

Not only broke the town house wall!

He also directly stirred up Li Banshan and the old lady!

The two people have been maintained in an extremely tight balance.

He was hit by Wiliam and broke instantly.

Li Banshan couldn’t hold it anymore and flew out directly.

Wiliam took a step forward and helped Li Banshan up.

Li Banshan at the moment is too miserable!

One hand and one foot completely burst!

Covered with blood!

Even now the body is still bursting with blood mist!

He has reached the end of his life.

“Li Banshan! Can you still hear me?” Wiliam shouted loudly.

Li Banshan, barely opened his eyes…

But there was a generous smile.

He said weakly: “You really are dead, haha, cough cough cough…”

As he spoke, blood spilled from his mouth.

Li Banshan goodbye to Wiliam, with an unprecedented sense of joy and relaxation in his heart.

It has been a long time.

Does this count as…

No worries?

Wiliam was about to treat Li Banshan.

But Li Banshan shook his head directly at Wiliam, and said with a wry smile: “It’s useless, my body, I can’t know better…”

Wiliam sighed.

As Li Banshan said.

His current state can be regarded as a reflection.

Within five minutes, he will die completely.


A generation of God of War.

Eventually ended up in such a field.

“Do you have anything else to tell me?” Wiliam could only ask in the end.

Li Banshan’s eyes turned sad.

He motioned to Wiliam to dig out his pocket.

Wiliam understood, but he took out a bead from his pocket…

“I have been kind to you many times. Now I am going to die. This bead is useless if you keep it. I will give it to you as a gift.” Li Banshan said slowly.

Wiliam was holding the bead, and suddenly his mind was shaken!

He is very sensitive to blood.

The moment I picked up the bead, I could naturally feel the terrifying power contained in this bead!

This bead is actually a hundred times stronger than the previous jade pearl!

“If you have time, take Nan Feng and his grandma for me, and go back to Li’s house…” Li Banshan’s voice also became choked.

“The Li family, need them…”

Wiliam nodded solemnly, “I will take them to Li’s house.”

“You keep this bit of effort, don’t give it to Nan Feng, he, this kid, can’t afford it…” Li Nanfeng seemed to know Wiliam’s plan and said directly.

Wiliam’s face froze, and finally he sighed and put the beads in his arms.

“I’m dying, ho ho, I never thought that I would die like this in my life, but it’s okay, I don’t die too badly.” Li Nanfeng suddenly stretched out his right hand with difficulty, and took out a hip flask from his waist. .

“Remember what I said last night? I said that I would like to invite you to drink a glass of wine today. Now, with the full moon, the breeze and the cool breeze, my heart is open, and it’s no longer suitable for drinking, cough cough…” Li Banshan handed the jug. To Wiliam.

Wiliam’s eyes instantly turned red.

This generous and tragic man!

Even death is so romantic!

Wiliam didn’t refuse any more, but directly raised his head!

Drink the contents of the jug and dry it!

He knew that it was not wine!

is blood!

But after drinking!

Even more tears!

“So, that’s great…” Li Banshan suddenly looked behind Wiliam. There was a pool of blood, constantly churning, and the red light was abnormal!

“That is, the sun…” Li Banshan muttered to himself suddenly.

Wiliam man also shed tears.

Li Banshan had hallucinations.


It’s a new day!

Wiliam nodded heavily, “Yes!”

“Ho ho! Okay! Finally! I saw it!” Li Banshan didn’t know where his strength came from, and he rose out of thin air!

Surprised directly towards the blood pool!

But when he was approaching the new day of his heart–


The body turned into a bloody mist!

Iron man!

Blood sacrifice tomorrow!

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Li Banshan’s death was like a heavy hammer that hit Wiliam’s heart hard.

The scene, from the excitement just now, to the now depressing is uncomfortable.

It’s hard for everyone to imagine that the big man who had been fighting in all directions just now, and the old lady, who was endlessly dying, now even died, there is nowhere to find the body.

With red eyes, Wiliam watched Li Banshan’s blood sprinkled on this scorching land, sprinkled on the dead brothers, sprinkled on the illusory red sun he yearned for!

It seems that the whole world is nourished by this man’s blood.

Wiliam, facing Li Banshan’s direction, bowed deeply.

He murmured: “Li Banshan, your world does not need any sun. From now on, you will be your own sun. Rest in peace.”

The people at the scene were all moved.

“Boom!” At this time, a dull voice suddenly sounded!

Suddenly someone at the scene uttered a heart-piercing scream!

Everyone follows the prestige!

At this look, they were once again worried!

Just now, everyone was trampled on by Wiliam Qilin to invigorate people, and they were moved by Li Banshan’s death. They had forgotten one thing!

Tonight, the biggest fierce monster is still dead!

Just now, Li Banshan and the old lady were both shocked by Wiliam’s powerful blow, causing their internal strength to lose balance.

But the strength of the old lady after having a full stomach is stronger than Li Banshan!

Although she was separated from Li Banshan.

But the people behind her were still clinging to her!

Like a shadow!

Now, the old lady did not know when he appeared on their heads!

A face has become completely inhuman and inhuman!

Her hands were dancing frantically, and the people on the ground were once again sucked into the air by her!

“There is still no end!” Some people are below, their eyes are cracked!

This old lady’s fate is too hard.

Seeing that he is going to die, he still has to make such a show!

The old lady suddenly laughed in the sky.

“Hahaha! All to die! All to die! Let’s all die together!”

Her mind recovered a little.

She saw that Wiliam had come back from the dead, and her hatred became even stronger.

With the only trace of reason left, she has completely given up her life!

Without her family, she had no faith in survival.

It would be better to bury her with everyone!

It’s hot enough to get down to netherworld!

In an instant, her sanity was overwhelmed again.

The whole person started to eat at all costs!

All the people who were sucked up by her convulsed all over, and some even foamed at the mouth.

And her body is constantly swelling!

At this time, Wiliam saw a hint!

He shouted: “No! She is going to explode and blow everyone to death!”

The faces of the people at the scene turned pale instantly!

Countless people, the first thought at this moment is to escape!

Anyway, now that there is no bondage of the town house wall, everyone can escape alone!

Some people ran as soon as they pulled their legs, but after two steps, they suddenly stopped.

A look of ashamed!
And some people stand still, staring scorchingly into the sky!

I experienced the same life and death just now.

Now everyone’s heart has ignited a flame of common hatred!


Want to escape at this moment!

Just go away!

However, whoever goes, whose heart will be condemned for a lifetime!

Life is better than death!

Everyone has fought together just now.

Some people’s life or death is uncertain in mid-air.

And some people, surreptitiously treachery.

This kind of strong self-esteem caused no one at the scene to escape.

This scene is unexpected to everyone!

You know, before today, although everyone is called the family rich.

But on weekdays, they are in intrigue and stand completely different.

But at this time today, abandoning personal self-interest and achieving unification unprecedentedly.

“Master Lu, I’m willing to be sent by you, a word of dreadful words!” The middle-aged fat man Xie bowed to Wiliam.

The others also bent down and expressed their willingness to be under the command of Wiliam.

Lu Furong stared at this scene in a daze, as if for a moment!

Just yesterday, this kid was just a servant of Beilin Lu’s family.

Who would have expected that he is so radiant today that she can’t look directly at him!

As the master of the Blue Moon Emperor City!

The strength is incomparable!

Now, even these wealthy and arrogant family leaders, who are difficult to reunify, are willing to be sent by him.

In it, this kid is strong, but more importantly, is his unique personal charm!

Just like the old lady, the strength is also very strong.

But it just makes people dissatisfied.

Only this kid reorganizes the three views of people again and again!

Wiliam looked at these people, sighed, and said, “We are afraid that we can’t do much anymore.”

Stronger than Wiliam, knowing the current situation, the horror is extreme.

The old prince’s body was bulging, and he was alive to support himself into a ball shape.

The facial features, body and internal organs have all been completely deformed.

How powerful can a master chemist explode after being completely fed?

It is estimated that the entire Beilin Lu family will be razed to the ground.

Now, no one can come forward.

Whoever goes up, who blasts the old lady, will die first!

So the best way is to withdraw immediately.

However, those who retreated immediately and were attracted by the old lady would be sentenced to death directly.

There are more than fifty people who are attracted by her now!

Many of them are family members of the Beilin Lu family.

How to choose has become a heavy moral choice in everyone’s heart.

Wiliam looked at the old lady blankly, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

From the beginning, Wiliam didn’t want to kill the old lady.

After all, the old lady is Wiliam’s aunt!

This kind of flesh-and-blood relationship has made Wiliam unable to deal with.

What’s more, Wiliam understands the old lady.

Whether it is the old prince’s guilt for Lu Lingfeng, or the old prince’s search for his grandnephew, or tonight, the kind of love she has for Lu Xiaolu.

All this shows that the old lady is a person of love and sex, even a poor person.

It’s just a weird hobby.

Looking at the present, the old lady was completely mad, as if he could not escape, Wiliam’s eyes gradually became red.

There were not many relatives he could recognize.

But even less…

“Stop it, old lady.” Wiliam suddenly rose up and appeared directly in front of the old lady.

The old lady didn’t notice it.

Only the people below screamed.

“Master Lu, come down quickly, you will be blown up so close!” the people below shouted.

Wiliam, can’t hear anymore.

In his eyes, only the old lady who is crazy about family love now.

Can you hear me?

Old Madam…

Can’t you hear…

If it is this sound, can you hear…

Wiliam burst into tears and cried out chokingly, “Stop. I’m Wiliam, the Lu family of North, Lu Lingfeng’s grandson…”

“Your grandnephew!”

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Regardless of whether the old lady heard it or not.

The people below can hear clearly!

They, although they don’t know what North Lu Family is!

Even more people don’t know who Lu Lingfeng is!

However, the last sentence shocked everyone’s hearts!

Your grandnephew!


It turned out to be the grandnephew of the old lady!

This shocking reversal actually caused everyone to get goose bumps!

How can anyone think of this?

Although Wiliam’s surname is Lu, there are so many Lu surnames in the world.

What a coincidence!

After a brief consternation, everyone suddenly felt their admiration for Wiliam again!

If what Wiliam said is true!

He and the old lady are really affectionate.

Then what he did tonight is even more remarkable.

He has lost his moral persistence because of family affection!

Even for the sake of morality and justice, he does not hesitate to be an enemy of the old lady!

Until now!

He showed this relationship, also to save everyone from the fire and water.

Can you not look up at this high and bright festival!

The old lady had already fallen into a coma.

She was only one wire away from death.

Similarly, everyone is only a moment away from death.

She couldn’t hear the people around her at all.

I couldn’t see Wiliam standing in front of her now.

Until that moment–


The two words, as if they had a special magical power, passed through her crazy madness and reached her heart!



The look in her eyes miraculously regained the focus at this moment!

She looked around blankly, looking for the person who said the word grandnephew.


She fixed her gaze in front of her!

Close at hand.

She hates and hates the little guy who has to admire tonight.


At this moment, Wiliam’s eyes were red, and tears were rolling in his eyes.

The look in his eyes hides the galaxy as well as the parents!

A kind of dark feeling actually attracted the eyes of the old lady, making her eyes no longer able to leave Wiliam.

At this time, someone shouted ecstatically: “The old lady has stopped eating! Everyone, look!”

Everyone looked at the old lady.

Sure enough, the people behind the old lady gradually stopped shaking and bowed their heads weakly.

The eyes of the old lady were full of confusion.

It seemed to be questioning Wiliam.

“Have you heard what I said? Grandma! Now that you dissipate your entire cultivation, you may still survive.” Wiliam said in tears.


The two words shocked the old lady again.

Wiliam was wrong.

The old prince does not have a way out.

In her body, everything is the internal force of others.

As long as she is willing to give up her lifelong cultivation base, there is still the possibility of survival.

After all, Wiliam was guarding and healing.

But this is not easy!

It is necessary for a person who has cultivated his entire life to reach the level of vitality, instantly transforms back into an extremely weak ordinary person.

This is worse than killing her!
What’s more, the old lady, although he heard what Wiliam said.

But I don’t believe it.

Her eyes were puzzled, and she suddenly became irritable!

The people behind her convulsed again in pain.

“No, the old lady is starting again, Master Lu, what can I do now!” Those people were so nervous that they mentioned their throats.

Wiliam looked at the old lady like this, so he didn’t know what she was thinking.

That night, the old lady told Wiliam about Lu Lingfeng.

I also said that she was looking for her grand-nephew.

Now Wiliam said that in the heart of the old lady, a big question mark was about to be put.

The grumpy old lady must have thought that Wiliam was using this information and wanted her to stop at the last moment!

That’s why the old lady will return to being irritable!


Just need, the same proof!

Wiliam suddenly reached out to the old lady with one hand.

No one knew what Wiliam was doing?

But in the next second, everyone’s eyes were straight!

Do magic?

A star of demon red suddenly appeared in Wiliam’s palm!

Immediately afterwards, this kind of spark red became more and more, as if coming out of his hands for no reason.

When everyone saw clearly what the dots of demon red in his hand were, everyone screamed again!

This little bit of red!

It turned out to be a silver needle!

On the head of the silver needle, a section of vermilion!

This kid can hide the silver needle in his body!

And it can be called out so easily, without any harm to the body!

This kind of mysterious manipulation made everyone stunned!

Never seen before!

Lu Furong, who was below, saw this scene and suddenly took a deep breath.

Until now, a doubt in her heart was completely solved.

When Wiliam was participating in the recruitment of the servants of the Beilin Lu family, why did Wang Yiran’s men be injured for no reason in the first round?

It turned out that the silver needle hidden in his body was causing trouble!

Similarly, this also explains the reason why this kid can break the youth rope!

The silver needle instantly broke and caused damage, and then retracted into the body.

No wonder no one can discover his secret!

These densely packed red silver needles, as if they were wise, slowly condensed in Wiliam’s hands.

In the end, it turned out to be a small red lotus.

Gu Lian’s body was emitting a hazy red light, and she looked very dreamy.

When I saw Long live Honglian, the old lady was shocked!

Familiar breath!

Familiar red needle!

It’s Lu Lingfeng!

Long live safflower!

This is Needles of Red Flower!

Long live safflower is Lu Lingfeng’s personal treasure!

Now, appeared on this kid!

There is only one possibility!

It was Lu Lingfeng who personally awarded this kid!


It is really the grandson of Lu Lingfeng’s heart!

Also his grandnephew!

Thinking of this, the old lady suddenly looked up to the sky and screamed, her body was like a balloon, and she quickly dried out!

All the people who were attracted by her fell off on their own at this moment and fell to the ground.

The old lady’s body made a “boom boom” explosion!

she was!

Destroying Dantian!

she was!

Breaking the meridian!

Self-defeating martial arts!

Just for life!

Upon seeing this, Wiliam quickly stepped forward and caught the falling old lady.

When the two landed, the old lady lay in Wiliam’s arms.

The old lady at the moment, covered in skin and bones, looked very scary.

However, her eyes were filled with unprecedented kindness.

“Are you really Ling Feng’s grandson, my grandnephew?” Muddy tears of the old lady came out.

Wiliam nodded fiercely, sobbing.

“I’m sorry, grandma! I’m sorry for you! Obviously, I knew it a long time ago, but I have never revealed my identity to you! I have failed to do my filial piety to you, I am sorry for you!”

Why didn’t you say it before!

Because even now, there are still people watching in the dark!


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