Dragon Husband 821-825

Dragon Husband 821

Wiliam was from the Lu family in North, and this matter was a big secret.

He abides by the last words left to him by his grandfather and tries not to reveal his identity.

From the beginning of tonight’s banquet, Wiliam had a very strange feeling.

As if in the darkness, there is always a pair of eyes staring at him!

This eye is not on the left or right.

It seems to be overhead!

There are a pair of eyes looking down on the people, watching this killing game full of evil and fun!

Originally, Wiliam thought this was an illusion.

Until before, Wiliam resorted to a unicorn trampling, and the unicorn illusion turned into a sky full of stars.

This is his intention.

Thousands of Qilin Sparks are actually the Qilin breath in his body.

In the full moonlight, Wiliam clearly perceives an evil and cold breath.

There are real people watching this killing game in the dark.

There was a feeling in Wiliam.

Being able to be so concealed, even the old lady and Li Banshan have not discovered.

These eyes belong only to that world!

There is a great possibility!

It belongs to the Lu family of North!

So Wiliam was more cautious and didn’t want to reveal his identity prematurely.

But until now, Wiliam couldn’t just watch the old lady die!

Grandpa is dead, which has become Wiliam’s biggest regret in this life.

He didn’t want to watch his grandmother die just because of his procrastination!

If this is the case, the martial arts persistence he just established in his heart will fall apart in an instant!

Therefore, he revealed his identity.

Even if those eyes saw it!

so what!

Big deal!

Have a good fight!

The old lady was in tears and stretched out a hand with difficulty, trying to touch Wiliam’s face to see if all this happened is true!

Wiliam grabbed the old lady’s hand and pressed it on his face.

The old lady felt that what he had touched was a real person, and that was how she cried.

“Baby! My babe! I have suffered for you!” The old lady held Wiliam tightly, and at this moment, the whole person was dizzy.

After losing Lu Xiaolu, the old lady actually had no faith in survival.

It was Wiliam who reawakened her faith.

She herself never thought that Wiliam would be her grandnephew!

This is the number one enemy who fought wit and bravely before!

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be such a blood relative in the end!

When the old lady thought of this, he only felt that it was good fortune to make people!

However, she suddenly smiled with relief.

It seems that she is extremely satisfied with this grandnephew!

This grandnephew is much better than Lu Xiaolu!

Even, green is better than blue!

Better than yourself!

In medical skills, he can solve the green snake flow that he can’t solve!

How old is he in martial arts!

Although the old lady was unconscious, he could still feel a terrifying force sweeping the audience!

This force, who else would it be if it wasn’t Wiliam!

It’s so scary at a young age, in time!

What’s more, he bears the long live safflower of his brother.

No, Needles of Red Flower seems to be different from before.

Ho ho, this is something that older brother Ling Feng couldn’t do before.

But this is not the most terrible!

The most terrifying thing is the wisdom of my grand-nephew!

One move, one trick, all become a cage!

Take one step, count a hundred steps, and even count death as life!

Zhipu audience!

Moreover, there is also the kingly demeanor he has shown tonight, which is to make these unparalleled wealthy family heads obey him.

Also, he has a beautiful wife who has an ice vein and a deep love for him.

No matter how you look at it, my grandnephew is impeccably perfect!

In the world, is there a more perfect nephew than him!

Thinking of this, the old lady laughed hahaha.

From crying to laughing, everyone’s jaws fell to the ground.

Is this old lady still going crazy?

Lord Lu is so close to her, will something happen?

Wiliam looked at the old lady with tenderness and said, “Grandma, let her pass the matter tonight. From now on, I will serve you well.”

Hearing this, the old lady looked around.

A trace of confession suddenly appeared on his face.

“Hey, obsessed with the heart, liver, spleen and lungs for half a lifetime, in the end, it turned out to be a terrible disaster. The sins of the old woman are too serious. Now, I have no skill. I hope that the life will be left and the green light will be replaced. Tonight’s poor man made atonement.” The old lady sighed and said guiltily.

People now are silent.

Tonight, who is right and who is wrong?

Is the old lady wrong?

She sympathizes with her grandson, standing in the perspective of her grandma, what’s wrong with her?

Are all the people at the scene wrong again?

They were not innocent when they first came over.

So, right or wrong now, does it matter?

It doesn’t matter at all.

I only hope that Beilin City will be calmer in the future.

The old lady suddenly looked at the blood pond and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, the heart of Yanhuang should still be there? Go get it.”

Lu Yeyiyan took out a heart when he probed in front of the blood pool!

The whole body is khaki, but there is a kind of breathtaking thick and majestic feeling!

This! It is the true heart of Yanhuang!

Wiliam looked at the heart of Yanhuang with emotion.

All disputes are due to this thing.

In the end, the heart of Yan Huang seemed to have become the most inconspicuous thing.

Even once, Wiliam forgot the existence of this thing.

But it is undeniable that the sense of terrifying power that comes from Yanhuang Heart.

It is comparable to the Biluo heart and blood he just got.

With Yanhuang’s heart, Wiliam came to the front of the old lady.

Looking at the heart of Yanhuang, the old lady suddenly gave a wry smile.

“I’ve been busy for most of my life, and I don’t expect to see the heart of Yanhuang now, my mood has long been changed. Wiliam, listen to me.” The old lady suddenly became serious. “This heart of Yanhuang is very useful, although it carries Many people’s blood has been lost, but now that you have practiced it, you don’t have to be violent.”

“You Feliicity, and the woman named Li Chunfeng. Although they are unconscious, their breath is relatively stable. They should have had an adventure in the blood pool just now. For the sake of safety, they both take each of them. One tenth of the Yanhuang Heart should be able to completely eliminate the sequelae caused by their bloodline awakening.” The old lady said slowly.

Wiliam nodded and listened carefully.

“Give my old woman one-fifth of the heart of Yanhuang, ho ho, I suddenly feel reluctant to die. I want to see, my majestic grandnephew will one day break into the void.” The old lady joked. .

Wiliam was naturally overjoyed, and her grandmother’s belief in survival couldn’t be better.

“Leave the remaining three-fifths to you, ho ho ho, if I guess wrong, now your strength has reached the middle of the inner strength. Take these three fifths, you will have unexpected Harvest!” The old lady suddenly showed a mysterious smile!

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Wiliam obeyed the old lady’s instructions and nodded.

The old lady was wrong.

Originally, Wiliam’s realm was the initial stage of inner strength.

But after experiencing the death in the blood pool before.

He merged the ice veins of Feliicity and the inflammation veins of Li Chunfeng.

His own Qilin bloodline has been completely awakened.

Successfully advanced to the mid-term of internal strength.

If this is said to be heard by outsiders, what a shocking thing!

In itself, Wiliam didn’t have a long time from the late period of external power to the early period of internal power.

The period of staying in this initial period of inner strength is not more than one month!

Such a terrifying speed of cultivation is simply breathtaking.

What’s more, Wiliam merged with the extremely rare dual veins of ice and flame in the world. This kind of adventure can only happen to Wiliam, ordinary people don’t even think about it.

In the first place, the chance of finding someone with both the Yan and Bing Veins in the world was originally very small.

Secondly, how can the physique of a normal person withstand the fusion of ice and flames!

Wiliam also, because Feliicity and Li Chunfeng had affection in their hearts, they vigorously suppressed the attributes of the two veins of the ice and flames, and achieved perfect intergeneration.

The last point is the scariest point.

It is estimated that Wiliam himself can hardly imagine.

He only knew that his unicorn bloodline was extremely powerful.

But I don’t know how strong it is.

The people of the North Lu family will awaken the Qilin bloodline, which is a recognition that belongs to that world.

But not every family in Beiluolu will awaken.

Must be exceptionally talented.

Just like the old lady, strong, right?

But there is no awakened unicorn bloodline.

Moreover, even if awakened, there are many doorways inside.

The talents and physiques of everyone in the North Lu family are different, and the blood of the unicorns awakened is also different.

Some people just have the blood of ordinary unicorns, while some people have more refined blood and more advanced blood.

Like Wiliam’s awakened blood of a green biqilin.

It is the ancestor of the eternal unicorn!

That is the blood of the supreme Qilin God enshrined at the entrance of the Lu Family Ancestral Hall in North!

If this matter were to be known to the people of North Lu’s family, it would simply shock one party!

Now, Wiliam has gained the heart of Yanhuang, which has spent the whole life of the old prince, and gathered the hearts, liver, spleen and lungs of many people.

These gods are the masters of Huajin, and they are also jealous!

In time, his boundary can be improved to the next level!

Wiliam was about to put away the heart of Yanhuang, but at this time, he felt a thorn on his back!

He almost never looked back!

Long live the red lotus on his body bursts out of his body!

Directly behind him, a small silver needle barrier was formed!


A crisp sound!

Something slammed into the barrier formed by Long live Gulian!

Only in a flash!

Everyone was shocked by this sudden scene!

Who else is there!

Wiliam turned around and looked at the ground behind him!

From this look, Wiliam’s mind was tough, and his brows instantly frowned!

On the ground behind him, lay a little thing!

A silver needle!

The end of the silver needle was faintly black!
Black Flower Silver Needle!

Wiliam Wanwan thought that the blackened silver needle he had been looking for would appear at this moment!

Want to take his life!

The black flower and silver needle on the ground suddenly moved!

It bounced directly from the ground and galloped toward the air!

Wiliam almost didn’t even think about it, his body was anxious!

Go after this black flower and silver needle that wants to escape!

At this moment, Wiliam’s heart was filled with mixed feelings!

Why does Black Flower Silver Needle appear here!

The one who overlooked this killing game in mid-air before, could it be the legendary old man of black flowers!

And why did the Black Flower Silver Needle fly back by itself after the attack failed!

It must be the same as himself, the old man Heihua has also developed the ability to take care of needles.

The clues that he had been pursuing had suddenly appeared now, and Wiliam naturally wanted to pursue them.

He has too many doubts and wants to ask the old man with black flowers for verification!

Just like!

Is this old man the creator of the Green Snake Flowing Goblin?

But why did the green snake Liu Zou be supplemented by his grandfather in the “Impermanent Medical Classics” as soon as he appeared!

What connection does he have with his dead grandpa!

The old lady on the ground watched Wiliam pull his legs and chased the old man Heihua, an indescribable sadness flashed in his eyes, but he still didn’t speak any more.

The Black Flower Silver Needle flies extremely fast in the air!

The Hao Wiliam realm has just broken through, and his body is full of energy!

Because of the obsession in his heart, he abruptly caught up with the speed of Heihua Yinzhen.

I don’t know how long it took.

The speed of Black Flower Silver Needle suddenly increased!

Wiliam’s heart stunned!

Knowing that the silver needle should be in the hands of the owner.

as predicted!

When Wiliam looked up, there was a person standing not far away!

A man wrapped in a black cloak.

The long cloak wrapped this person tightly, making it difficult to see whether it was a man or a woman or a young man.

The cloak was too big, hanging directly on the ground.

And this person’s body showed an unusually weird curve.

It was as if he was bowing to the whole world, bowing ninety degrees.

So that this person was only half of Wiliam’s height in Wiliam’s eyes.

When Wiliam saw this person, he had nothing to say, and his steps screamed, and the internal strength of his body was magnificently struck towards this person!

He wants to confirm!

Confirm one thing!

Suddenly, the surging killing intent completely enveloped the old man Heihua.

The old man Heihua actually didn’t move.

Until the moment Wiliam’s killing intent hit, a black light suddenly appeared on his body!

It was actually Wiliam’s killing intent that directly resisted strictly!

Wiliam had long expected this to happen!

In the next second, Long live Honglian shot out from him!

In the midair, a fierce red light crossed!

Now, the old man Heihua finally moved.

He lifted his head slightly, still unable to see his face.

He seemed to be surprised by the appearance of Long Live Guren.

A hundred long live red lotus, all shot at the old man Heihua!

The old man moved again.

This time, he simply waved his hand.

A black flower silver needle appeared in front of him.

This black flower silver needle actually formed a shimmering inner strength wall in front of the old man!

“Ding Ding Ding!”

Wiliam’s one hundred long live red lotus stab them all together, but they didn’t even make a breakthrough!

It was completely blocked by a black flower silver needle!

With a wave of Wiliam’s hand, Long live Honglian returned to his body.

He knew that he was far from the old man’s opponent.

And the old man, as if in a daze, didn’t want to do anything again.

The two people stood facing each other in silence.

After a long time, Wiliam stared deeply at the old black man, and finally asked the biggest guess in his heart!


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In Wiliam’s heart, there were indeed many doubts about the old man Heihua!

There are a thousand and one hundred puzzles. If you read it according to normal thinking, it is impossible to achieve a perfect explanation.

Therefore, Wiliam has a crazy guess!

This old black flower is his grandpa!

This seemingly crazy answer, even Wiliam didn’t believe it.

However, it happens to be able to magically answer all the questions!

If the old man Heihua is his grandfather, then Green Snake Liuqiu will naturally appear in “Impermanence Medical Classics”!

And the old man Heihua will naturally overlap with the old lady.

However, this answer made Wiliam totally unsure.

Because if this is the case, there will be endless doubts.

For example, Grandpa died under the siege of the big elders of the North Lu family, and many people saw him buried!

Fake death is difficult and difficult!

For another example, if this person is his grandfather.

Then why doesn’t he come to find himself?

And why should we establish a so-called Guhu Valley?

Is this Gu Huo Valley still enemy of Qilin everywhere?

This in itself is a logical contradiction.

So when Wiliam asked these words, he was just trying.

See how the old black man reacted.

But to Wiliam’s disappointment, the old man Heihua didn’t have any obvious reaction.

He spoke slowly.

It was a difficult and vague voice.

There is a world of difference from the kind voice of grandpa before his death.

“Grandpa?” He asked Wiliam rhetorically.

Wiliam put away his mind this time, and asked sharply, “Who are you! Do you know Lu Lingfeng?”

“Lu Lingfeng? Who is it again?” Heihua’s old head was stunned, reminiscing.

Wiliam frowned.

This old black flower didn’t seem to know his grandfather either.

This is strange!

Wiliam originally thought the old man was lying.

But this time, Wiliam saw the old man’s eyes.

Covered in the cloak, a pair of muddy eyes were exposed.

The eyes are full of confusion.

Wiliam knows people’s hearts and is good at observing words and colors.

Seeing this look, he was sure in his heart that this old black man didn’t seem to be lying.

Originally, I wanted to come over to verify something, but the answer he got made Wiliam even more confused.

“Why are you here?” Wiliam asked again.

He had already determined that the person who had been looking at him in the dark before was the old man, not the North Lu family.

“Why are you here? Huh, you should smell the blood?” The old man Heihua suddenly laughed, “A lot of blood, a lot of blood, good smell…”

Wiliam frowned.

Another weird person obsessed with blood.

if it is like this.

Could it be the corpse in the huge black wooden coffin that attracted this old man?


No explanation!

His attention is not in the coffin!

And on yourself!

Wiliam was about to ask again when he suddenly saw Old Man Heihua looking up at the sky.

He muttered to himself: “Well, it seems, I have forgotten something, I have to think about it, I have to think about it.”

After saying this, his body stretched and disappeared into the vast night.

Wiliam stood still, suspicious in his heart.

However, seeing the old man Heihua, Wiliam did not gain anything.

His biggest gain is that he knows that Old Man Heihua is also a delirious person.

Wiliam shook his head and returned to the Lu family in Beilin.

At this moment, there are not many people in the Lu family in Beilin.

Those from wealthy families have already left.

Wiliam walked towards the old lady.

The old lady asked, “Wiliam, how is it? Have you found it out?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “There are still many doubts about the matter. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s find a place to settle down.”

He looked at Cui Shangyun.

Cui Shangyun said immediately: “I have called a few cars, all the people from Beilin Lu’s family, come to our Blue Moon Emperor City to rest.”

Wiliam nodded, Cui Shangyun was pretty reliable in doing things.

A group of people and Wiliam came to the Blue Moon Emperor City.

The old lady originally had a child and a mother-in-law in his body, so he couldn’t leave the Beilin Lu family’s territory.

But this kind of gu worm also exists in the pubic area of ​​the human body.

The old lady destroyed her dantian, and this Gu worm naturally no longer existed.

She looked at the colorful world outside, her eyes were red, and she whispered, “What have I done in these years? For the so-called obsession, I am self-proclaimed and imprisoned in the Beilin Lu family. The outside world , I don’t even recognize it anymore.”

Wiliam took the old lady’s hand and said, “Grandma, now you can come out, and you can enjoy the mountains and rivers in the future, and make up for the regrets of these years.”

The old lady looked at Wiliam with satisfaction and nodded.

After setting up these people, Wiliam went to examine the bodies of Feliicity and Li Chunfeng.

By the way, Yanhuang Zhixin was given to them.

He was still worried, after thinking about it, he called He Tiantian.

“Sister Tian Tian, ​​I already got the Heart of Yanhuang.” Wiliam said.

He Tiantian on the phone heard a hearty laugh, “Hahaha, I know.”

Wiliam was taken aback, “How did you know?”

“Hoho, just now the whole world was filled with a wild atmosphere, exactly the same as before. It must be you kid who made something big in Beilin Lu’s family, and has another adventure, right?”

Wiliam Yihan reported everything to He Tiantian about everything that happened tonight.

He Tiantian couldn’t help being speechless after hearing this, “You kid, I don’t know how to evaluate you. Luck is also too good. No, it’s not luck, it’s all your life.”

Lu Yezhen had to struggle with his own problems again, but consulted Feliicity and Li Chunfeng in detail.

He Tiantian laughed again after hearing this, “That Li Chunfeng, I saw that she was in a different vein before, and I didn’t expect to have awakened as well. Now their lives should be something wrong, but I want to ask you. , What do you do with them now?”

Wiliam was taken aback, and then asked why Tian Tian asked some personal questions, so he said embarrassedly: “Well, I am better than Jin Jian with Feliicity. I have agreed that I will never give up in this life. I really can’t help Li. spring breeze……”


There was a laughter on the other end of the phone.

He Tiantian smiled and said: “I didn’t ask you this. But your answer, tusk tusk, is really satisfying for me. If it were my dead husband, he would definitely look unlovable and stunned. What can be done, it can only be taken into the harem. You and him are really different in nature.”

Wiliam had a black line, and he dared to apologize for a long time here. Isn’t that what she asked?

“For the sake of your perfect answer, didn’t I say that I would give someone around you a reward? Now, it’s time to cash it out.” He Tiantian suddenly said over the phone.

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“Reward?” Wiliam was taken aback.

I vaguely think of it as if there is such a thing.

He Tiantian originally wanted to reward the church for taking care of the needle.

But at that time, Wiliam’s bloodline was not suitable, so He Tiantian said that he would reward people around him.

I didn’t know that after the battle of Wiliam Lingyue Villa, he learned to take care of needles without a teacher.

This reward has been shelved.

Now that He Tiantian mentioned it again, Wiliam still had some expectations.

He Tiantian should be very tempting to give out the rewards from high-ranking teachers, right?

“As for me, I want to say that the blood of the two of them has now awakened. Although they have passed the dangerous period, if there is no guidance in the later period, it is still easy to go wrong. You probably don’t know much about this aspect. . And even if they don’t have any problems, but because they don’t use blood, it’s not good if they cause harm to the people around them, so I’m asking you, what are you going to do with them?” He Tiantian said carefully.

Wiliam went straight forward, “So what is your reward?”

“Let them follow me for a while, I personally teach them some manipulation methods, so as not to be overwhelmed by the younger generation.” He Tiantian said with a smile.

When Wiliam heard this, he was overjoyed!

He Tiantian taught them personally!

This is no better thing.

He Tiantian’s strength, Wiliam has a vague feeling, compared to the old lady, only strong but not weak!

After all, Wiliam still has the power to fight against the old lady.

But in front of He Tiantian, Wiliam felt like a quail, shivering all the time.

Of course, there is also a bonus to He Tiantian’s queen temperament.

“Why? Not willing? I can’t bear Xiaojiao’s wife?” He Tiantian joked.

Wiliam hurriedly said: “There is no such thing! I’m overjoyed. Sister Tian Tian, ​​you taught them personally. It’s their honor. Haha, that girl Xena, she asked you to be a master. Feliicity and Chunfeng first became your apprentices.”

He Tiantian chuckled, “I’m very strict in teaching apprentices. Your sister-in-law has no talent, so don’t think about it. Feliicity and Chunfeng are talented, so you can try. But then these two women will be screamed by me. , Don’t feel bad about you.”

Wiliam was full of pride, “You drill to death!”

He Tiantian rolled his eyes, and his eyes on the other end of the phone rolled out of the sky, “By the way, I will tell you clearly. I live in a family called Yaodao Family, which is what you think is another world. By the way, I believe you will come to this world soon. I will bring them to the world’s home. Moreover, I have limited time. If two people are concerned, I am afraid that I will be powerless, so I will concentrate on teaching Feliicity, Li Chunfeng, I am going to give it to another person to teach.”

Wiliam was taken aback, “Another person? Is it reliable?”

Originally, Wiliam thought that He Tiantian was going to give Li Chunfeng to her husband Liu Lang to teach.

This is a bit of a catch.

According to He Tiantian’s description, her husband is a human-shaped Teddy, wherever he goes to the harem.

Don’t bring Li Chunfeng to disaster.

He Tiantian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, my husband is busy with another thing these days, oh yes, there is also a kid who is as good as you, my husband is staring at him recently. That kid, how can I say, I also have a different vein. Just like you, the Suzaku bloodline is amazing. So my husband has been empty recently.”
Suzaku bloodline?

Wiliam was stunned.

Suddenly an infinite yearning was born.

That world is really strange.

I can’t wait to see it myself.

“So I will give Li Chunfeng to my other sister, Sister Qing to train. Although Sister Qing’s person is a two-way plug, he is still reliable. The martial arts is not to say, and the physique is a bit like Li Chunfeng, belonging to Yanhuo. She taught her different veins and got twice the result with half the effort.” He Tiantian said again.

Wiliam was relieved now, it would be nice to be a woman.

However, he aftertastes it carefully, and then he is confused.

What is a two-way plug?

What kind of attributes is that named Qing sister?

Wiliam couldn’t help thinking about it, and He Tiantian said again, “It’s a deal, so let’s go to Q City ( Qena City ) in two days. You can leave the two of them to me. These two days, you guys. If you have any love words, hurry up and say ha. From now on, I can’t say that I have to ask your Feliicity girl for advice and how to train her husband, to see how she trains you so passionately and unswervingly.”

Wiliam Yihan.

I can only say that the one in your family is too domineering, okay?

Once the harem is opened, there is a row.

A big bed room with seven or eight people is probably not enough for those people in your family.

“By the way, what are your plans next?” He Tiantian asked again.

Wiliam had a feeling about how Sister Tian Tian was so caring about herself.

“Don’t think too much. I just stare at you and want to compete with my husband. I want to see if the person I am looking for is great, or the person he is looking for is great. Haha. Maybe one day, you I will meet someone with the Suzaku bloodline, and it must look good!” He Tiantian said in advance as if he knew what Wiliam was up to.

Wiliam Yihan, what nasty tastes are in that worldly person!

“I was entrusted by a friend to take Li Nanfeng and his grandma to Nanban Li’s house.” Wiliam said honestly.

“Southern Li Family!” He Tiantian exclaimed in a low voice.

“What’s wrong?” Wiliam asked.

“Tsk tusk tusk, I thought it would take a while for you to kill the world. I didn’t expect to go so soon. How to put it, two suggestions. First, you were with your Bei Luo before the Li family was banned in the south. The Lu family is no different, but in recent years, because of the serious family fighting and the serious loss of strength, it has fallen to the back of the crane of the wealthy family. But it should not be underestimated. You still have to be very careful in the past. You may just look at it casually. The door can kill you.” He Tiantian said without exaggeration.

Wiliam was speechless!


A janitor can kill me!

Wiliam felt that he was already a cultivator monster, and he didn’t expect a mountain to be tall.

“So, ask the old lady of the Li family more about everything, step by step, this is the first suggestion.” He Tiantian said.

“What about the second suggestion?” Wiliam asked again.

“The second suggestion is very real, but the difficulty is not generally high. It is also for the sake of your life. As for the Li Family of Nanjin, the world-famous one is their thirty-six souls and dreams. Both the beads and the last beads are left in your world.”

“If you are not in a hurry, you can find these two beads first. Especially the head of the Kuizhu-Biluo Heart Bead!” He Tiantian said seriously.

Wiliam was taken aback, and said, “Do you know the mystery of Bi Luo’s heart and blood beads?”

He Tiantian said something that made Wiliam get goose bumps all over!

“I don’t know the mystery of martial arts very well, but I know that Bi Luo’s heart and blood has a status symbol!”

“Whoever holds the Biluo Heart and Blood Bead, who is the Patriarch of the Southern Forbidden Li Family!”

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When Wiliam heard what He Tiantian said, his head bounced!

As if hearing a hallucination!

He had speculated that this Biluo’s heart and blood was extremely powerful, and it didn’t look like an ordinary tyrannical.

But I didn’t expect it to be so tyrannical!

It directly symbolizes the identity of the head of a wealthy family!

This is different from ordinary families.

This is a former glorious family in that world.

Wiliam reached into his pocket and took out the bead of blue blood. For a while, his hands were shaking.

Although Wiliam’s hands were trembling, his heart was actually quite calm.

Biluo’s blood bead is so important, why did Li Banshan give it to himself before he died?

What is the meaning of this?

When he sent it, he added another sentence, not to pass it to Li Nanfeng.

At that time, Wiliam only thought that these words were because Li Banshan saw his mind.

Thinking about it now, that sentence is the key.

Li Banshan is appointing the owner of this bead.

Even before he died, he was admiring the new master of Li’s family in the south.

Not Li Nanfeng, but Wiliam!

A king with a different surname, this is simply a fantasy!

South Ban Li’s family, will accept such a result?

What’s more, the current Wiliam’s strength can’t be compared with that of a worldly person.

Every husband is not guilty of guilt.

Wiliam naturally understood this truth.

He Tian Tian on the phone heard Wiliam’s answer, thinking that Wiliam was in a daze.

So she kindly explained: “Actually, you don’t need to know too much. You just need to know that this blue sky and blood is the most important thing in the Li family of Nanban. She was lost a few years ago. Whoever finds this pearl is the master of the Li family in Nanban.”

“So, this is actually a great opportunity. If you can find this pearl, don’t say whether you can become the head of the Nanjin Li family. As long as you donate the beads, you will not be able to run away under the protection of the Nanjin Li family.”

“Oh, I understand.” Wiliam finally replied slowly.

But He Tiantian said directly: “What do you understand? You understand, I still don’t tell you the key information. This bead is left in your world, and few people know who it is in. But I have inside information. Oh, would you like to listen?”

Speaking of this, He Tiantian’s tone became arrogant, as if he was tempting Wiliam to get the bait.

Wiliam has a black thread, and the bead is in his hand. I still need the bead’s message?

However, in order not to touch He Tiantian’s kindness, he pretended to pretend: “Could it be, is it possible that it is in the hands of a man named Li Banshan?”

He Tiantian, who was waiting to be coquettishly and begging for inside information, heard Wiliam’s words, and his whole body was not good.

Isn’t it what she expected?

“You, how do you know?” He Tiantian was stunned.

You know, this is a very secret message.

Back then, Li Banshan and his elder brother escaped from Li’s house in Nanban in order to find their family members.

Also took away Bi Luo’s heart and blood.

In that world, this is already a secret.

What’s more, on the side of ordinary people now, it should be even more unheard of information.
How could this kid know!

Wiliam smiled, “I have seen Li Banshan.”

He Tiantian was stunned again, and even “leaned” in a very vivid way!

“Have you seen that crazy man? Where is he? Do you know that the whole world is looking for Li Banshan? Everyone wants to get the blue heart and blood on him.” He Tiantian said in surprise.

At this moment, Wiliam seemed to have figured out some things.

Back then, Li Banshan and his elder brother escaped from Li’s house to find Li Nanfeng and his grandmother.

But when he exposed the Beilin Lu family, he was accidentally planted by the old lady with a chain of killing and was imprisoned in the Beilin Lu family.

This is like completely evaporating from the world, no wonder everyone can’t find him.

It’s no wonder that the old lady has been fighting with Li Banshan every night, and has always wanted to get Biluo’s blood.

This bead, compared to its own power, obviously the power it holds is even more eye-popping.

Seeing Lu Yezhen’s answer, He Tiantian said, “Forget it, I won’t ask carefully. It’s your luck. If you want to get this pearl privately, there is nothing wrong in public or private. But I can tell you the ugly thing in advance, it’s not that I hit you. You are a person in Mid-Levels, I also had a few contacts in the past. You have a bad temper, and your strength is pretty good. So with your current strength, you get Li The blue heart and blood in Mid-Levels, this probability can be described as whimsical. You’d better be mentally prepared to save too much hope and disappointment.”

When He Tiantian said these words, on the one hand, he was really thinking about Wiliam. After all, considering the strength and temper of Li Banshan, Wiliam couldn’t please.

What’s more, how important is Biluo’s heart and blood bead, and it is worth protecting with life. How could Li Banshan give it to a stinky boy casually?

On the other hand, I just wanted to hit this kid a little bit.

This kid’s luck is so good that he is envious of people like He Tiantian.

If he gets Biluo’s heart and soul again, do others still want to play?

The whole world has to play games for him, right?

He Tiantian just heard Wiliam say that he knew Li Banshan, and he felt a little bit vinegar.

Why did he know him?

I still don’t show off the world’s information advantage to him!

It seems that if you don’t say anything ruthless, this kid will get more and more floating.

So He Tiantian said so many ugly things in one breath.

After speaking, He Tiantian felt a little more comfortable when he saw that Wiliam still said nothing.

It seems that this kid is quite interesting.

How could Biluo’s heart and blood be casually obtained by him?

Does Li Banshan eat dry rice?

But at this time, He Tiantian’s mobile phone “ding” and received a WeChat.

He Tiantian opened WeChat strangely, and it was actually sent by Wiliam.

This kid, the phone is still hanging up, what message to send, if there is any shameful thing to say on WeChat, Da Zhutuzi.

He Tiantian opened WeChat in a depressed place, and then found that Wiliam had sent a picture with a sentence.

She clicked on the picture first, and after seeing what was on the picture, the whole person was not good!

This picture is a picture of a bead!

Biluo’s heart and soul!

And Wiliam also sent a sentence, which seemed particularly humble and easy to learn. In this modest and easy to learn, there was a strong aura of lack of flatness.

“Sister Tian Tian, ​​you have a lot of knowledge and knowledge, help me see, is the Biluo blood bead that you said is the broken glass bead in my hand?”


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