Dragon Husband 826-830

Dragon Husband 826

For a moment, He Tiantian only felt countless envy, jealousy and hatred coming out of his heart.

The one thing she wants to do most now is to take the phone and give this shameless guy a pain!

Throw a woolen thread in front of my sister!

There are more good things for sister than you!

Seeing that there was no sound on the phone for a long time, Wiliam asked tentatively, “Sister Tian Tian, ​​are you still there?”

“You kid, are you looking for death?” He Tiantian said a long time later.

Then he asked slowly: “Why did you get Li Banshan’s Biluo Heart Bead? I know that this bead is more important to him than life.”

These words completely dissipated Wiliam’s contemplation just now.

He seems to have returned to the previous scene.

Li Banshan greeted the red sun in that round of fantasy, with blood and tears shed.

He murmured: “Yes, it is more important than his life. But after all, his life is dead…”

He Tiantian also fell silent when he heard this.

Li Banshan, is he dead?

For a time, neither of them talked anymore.

Five minutes later, He Tiantian regained his calm, and said lightly: “I didn’t expect Li Banshan to give you this bead, and now you know the meaning of this bead. You should be more innocent than me. Understand. Not to mention your strength, if you go to that place, you will become the target of many people. I advise you, if you show it to me, don’t show it to others.”

Wiliam certainly knew this truth.

The reason he showed He Tiantian was naturally that he did not regard He Tiantian as an outsider.

“You are a smart person. I have no way of blocking the road you choose. I can only wish you a smooth journey. Okay, I will leave for Q City ( Qena City ) in the past two days. Let’s do this first.” He Tiantian said, Hung up the phone.

Wiliam was also lost in thought while holding the phone.

He didn’t want to.

This has long been in contact with that worldly person.

But there is no way.

The torrent of time, like a huge pusher, kept driving him.

Let him always face strong opponents.

Can’t tolerate half a breath.

Just like before, he just had external power and was about to be forced to face the master of internal power.

Now that I have reached inner strength, I have to face those masters of Huajin again.

But only in this way rushing through the stars and moon, Wiliam will not be half-slacking and tired.

There will be no other minds, thinking of retreat and avoidance.

This is Wiliam’s life.

What Wiliam didn’t even know was.

There is really a hand that keeps pushing him forward.

Whether he wants it or not, whether he works hard or not…

Wiliam looked at Feliicity who was still sleeping on the bed, and sat quietly on the head of the bed.

After he entered Ding, he began to examine his body carefully.

After all, tonight’s battle gave him too much hasty experience.

He must digest these things without delay.

Wiliam mobilized his internal strength, and a vast aura immediately filled the room.

After the baptism of Feliicity and Li Chunfeng’s fusion of ice and fire, Wiliam successfully awakened the Qilin bloodline. With this Qilin bloodline, he reached the realm of the mid-Qing Jin
This is wrong.

However, such a rapid improvement in cultivation level made Wiliam feel uneasy.

It was too fast, on the one hand it made Wiliam feel unreal.

On the other hand, Wiliam also knows the truth that haste is not quick.

Martial arts practice should be carried out gradually. This is a process of laying the foundation.

Is it possible that his foundation is unstable if he has so rapidly improved his realm?

This is what Wiliam was worried about.

But now, he suffers from no teacher’s teaching, and the shortcomings are not yet apparent.

He took out the heart of Yanhuang, according to the old lady’s intention, he wanted to take it immediately.

This heart of Yan Huang, which has consumed the whole life of the old prince and so many lives, must have incomparably powerful power.

One step up is not a problem at all.

However, based on this concern, Wiliam did not take it immediately.

He was careful, checking his body without leaving a gap.

I want to see if there are any sequelae.

Wiliam was stunned at this inspection.

It’s not about checking out any shortcomings.

Instead, another new source of power was discovered.

When Wiliam checked his dantian, he only felt that a warm fire was burning in his dantian.

This kind of warm fire is not like the bursting hot flame on Li Chunfeng.

It is more like a feeling of long flowing water.

What is this?

Wiliam was stunned on the spot.

After careful perception, Wiliam suddenly felt that there was a pool of blood under this warm fire.

Inside, there is a pool of blood…

With this feeling, Wiliam frowned slightly.

Is there a pool of blood and a pool of blood left in his dantian?

When did this happen?

After thinking about it, he suddenly patted his head!

Thought of one thing!

Before Li Banshan died, he handed Wiliam the pot of wine to drink!

That pot is not wine.

But blood!

When Wiliam drank it, he felt it deeply.

However, at that time, blood was stronger than wine when the love came.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but now I think about it, but it feels very strange.

Li Banshan’s jug contains blood?

Is this blood weird?

Because people had been in the blood pool before, Wiliam hadn’t noticed how Li Banshan’s pot of blood came from.

He thought for a while, then got up and walked towards the old lady’s room.

The old lady is still asleep at the moment.

After taking a bit of Yanhuang Zhixin, her spirit is slowly recovering.

It’s just that the whole person still looks extremely decadent.

Seeing Wiliam coming over, the old lady was naturally happy.

After Wiliam checked her body, he asked the old lady straightforwardly.

Unexpectedly, the old lady was stunned by the question.

But she was stunned, not the pot of wine.

But Wiliam actually drank that pot of wine?

“You mean, Li Banshan gave you that pot of wine to drink?” The old lady suddenly looked a little excited.

Wiliam nodded, “Yes, is there something wrong? I feel that the blood in my dantian seems to be burning all the time, but it can’t melt into my own blood at all. It seems difficult to dissolve it, so I wanted to come over. Ask you.”

The old lady suddenly looked at Wiliam with a strange expression.

When Li Banshan gave Wiliam a drink before, the old lady was still at his peak, and he didn’t even notice this scene.

When Wiliam said so, her heart beat fiercely.

Wiliam suddenly became nervous, “Li Banshan shouldn’t harm me.”

With that said, he told Li Banshan’s previous drink agreement.

Who knows, the more we heard the old lady, the more weird her face became, and finally she slapped her thigh and laughed.

The whole person looked very excited.

“My dear grand-nephew! I really don’t know how to say hello! Your luck and charisma are just exploding! Do you know what this blood is!”

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Wiliam was shocked by the sudden excitement of the old lady, and asked blankly: “Grandma, what are you talking about?”

There was a red light on the pale face of the old lady, and he said excitedly: “I didn’t even think that Li Banshan would give you the pot of blood to drink. That pot of blood is the painstaking effort of more than 30 people. There is only one or two drops of a person’s heart blood in his life, and after taking it out, there is no more. One can imagine how precious this person’s heart blood is.”

Wiliam felt the goose bumps all over his body.

Human blood?

What he drank was such an evil thing?

For a while, Wiliam felt a little nauseated.

But the old lady continued: “Listen to me, the blood of ordinary people’s hearts is far less powerful than this. But it happens to be the blood of more than 30 people. Those medicine slaves, you guess it’s too. I know that they are all extremely vicious people. The hearts of these people are actually the most dirty. But under Li Banshan’s awakening, these people have awakened their conscience and actively sacrificed. Therefore, the blood of these people’s hearts can be called The blood of repentance and sincerity is much more precious than the blood of ordinary people’s hearts.”

Wiliam heard the blood of repentance in the mist, blood of repentance, he had never heard of it.

This was a realm that Wiliam hadn’t touched temporarily.

“That pot of blood, coupled with Biluo’s blood bead, was enough to kill me at that time, do you know? And this is not the credit of Biluo’s blood bead at all. Biluo’s blood bead just played a catalytic role in it, think about it, this How powerful should the blood of the human heart be.” The old lady continued.

When Wiliam heard this, he couldn’t help but be speechless!

so smart!

Can this blood alone kill the most powerful old lady at that time?

“Hahaha! That’s why your personality is full of charm. Li Banshan actually gave you this blood to drink. This blood is completely different from human blood, so you will naturally feel that it is incompatible with your body’s blood. It’s normal.” The old lady danced, obviously saying hi.

“But this blood will slowly refine in your body, and sooner or later it will become a part of your strength. To you, has your heart of Yanhuang eaten?” The old lady suddenly asked.

Wiliam shook his head, “There are still no.”

“Fortunately, fortunately! The heart of Yanhuang, you should keep it first, and it will not be too late to refining the blood in your body before taking it. According to my estimation, after you refining this blood, your realm is estimated to be directly up to a higher level. Now,” the old lady said.

Wiliam smacked his tongue again.

One step up?

Doesn’t it mean that the more difficult it is to improve the strength at the end?

Why did it feel like a breakthrough in the past two days?

The old lady seemed to understand Wiliam’s doubts, and said with a smile: “What are you worried about? So, this is the world where strength is respected. The more you come into contact with things on it, the more you find that strength is a door. Metaphysics. People with adventures and backgrounds relying on these treasures of heaven and earth are enough to kill those who practice hard. This is why, people have sharpened their heads and want to go to rich families, they are all for cultivation resources. Yes, you boy, the adventures are endless, and the future will be limitless.”

Only then did Wiliam nod his head, and then expressed the doubts in his heart.

The old prince didn’t smile this time, but he said solemnly, “I’m afraid that my realm will rise too quickly, and the foundation will not be stable? Well, I don’t think of this, but it’s nothing, you just let it go.”

Wiliam could only do that.

He then talked to the old lady about going to Li’s house in Nanban.

The old lady knew the blood and blood that Wiliam was carrying on his body, and he didn’t stop him. He just asked Wiliam to be careful.

Like He Tiantian, she also repeatedly confessed Wiliam’s painstaking efforts, and don’t confess to others casually until she is absolutely sure.

Wiliam nodded, and went out to find Cui Shangyun.

The old lady has lost all martial arts and needs someone to take care of her.

And she stayed in the Blue Moon Emperor City is the best choice.

Wiliam also asked Cui Shangyun to stay temporarily to look after the old lady for a while.

Cui Shangyun took the lead naturally.

After doing this, Wiliam returned to the room, trying to see if he could refine the blood of the heart in his body.

But one night later, Wiliam found helplessly that he had only refined a little bit.

In terms of conversion, it is estimated that there are only two or three drops.

Following this trend, it will take almost a month to completely refine the blood of these people.

It can only take its course.

The next day, Wiliam said goodbye to the old lady early in the morning, and took Feliicity and Li Chunfeng in a coma, and set off with Gu Zhiling on the way back to Q City ( Qena City ).

This time, they didn’t have more people with them, and they didn’t want to disturb others.

Wiliam carried Feliicity on his back, and Gu Zhiling carried Li Chunfeng on his back to the train station.

Today’s train station looks extremely deserted.

After all, Gu Zhiling’s body was a little thin, and he was a little out of breath after carrying Li Chunfeng on his back for a while.

She just wanted to put Li Chunfeng down to rest for a while, but this time she said “Ouch”.

Gu Zhiling staggered and accidentally bumped into a few people passing by.

Gu Zhiling’s hat and sunglasses all fell off.

“Fuck! You don’t have eyes when you walk! You are looking for death!”

A rude curse suddenly came from the side.

The person who was hit by Gu Zhiling grabbed Gu Zhiling and almost pulled her and Li Chunfeng off her back.

Gu Zhiling and Wiliam followed their reputation, but they saw a young man wearing a flowered shirt and a big back swearing angrily.

However, this big back cursed and cursed, and his voice suddenly became quieter.

The fierce eyes gradually became amazing.

This big back was obviously amazed by Gu Zhiling’s face.

The big back head looked at Li Chunfeng behind Gu Zhiling again, and his eyes were about to fall to the ground.

“Fuck! Great beauties! And there are still two great beauties! Tsk tusk tusk tusk!” The big back head’s eyes were suddenly filled with sex.

Gu Zhiling wanted to say sorry to the man, but after listening to the man’s words, he looked at his eyes and suddenly showed a look of disgust.

She carried Li Chunfeng on her back, and subconsciously shrank behind Wiliam.

Naturally, Wiliam also stood in front of this man, staring at the big back lightly.

Da Back Head seemed to have only women in his eyes.

He noticed at a glance that there was a woman behind Wiliam’s back.

And the beauty of this woman is even more beautiful than the two great beauties just now!

“Fuck! What kind of luck is Lao Tzu today! I actually met three stunning beauties! Tsk tsk tsk!” The big back said without concealing his lust, and said with a bluff, feeling that the saliva would be left on the ground. Up.

“Sorry, let’s give in, we have to hurry.” Wiliam said lightly.

However, looking at Wiliam with his head back, a strange color flashed in his eyes.

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After Wiliam said this sentence, he freed up a hand and took Gu Zhiling to move forward.

But this big back head suddenly turned horizontally and directly stopped Wiliam.

The attendants behind him, who didn’t know the intentions of Big Back Head, followed Wiliam and the four of them.

Wiliam frowned slightly, looking at this big head.

The big back head’s eyes were full of jealousy, and he glared at Wiliam, “Boy, where did you come from, where did you go so early?”

Gu Zhiling was full of disgust, and she was not afraid of Wiliam.

“Where did you come from? Do we need to tell you where we are going?” Gu Zhiling said unceremoniously.

Dashoutou became very excited, and he looked at Gu Zhiling locally, “Yo yo yo, I’m still a hot girl, she has a very grumpy temper. But brother likes this kind of spicy food, so I must be energetic in bed.”

As he said, Dabeitou burst into laughter, apparently in the scene of yy.

The follower beside him also laughed.

Gu Zhiling knew that she had met a rogue today, and her small face was flushed with anger, “You speak with respect!”

“Hey, Brother Qinglong, this woman looks familiar, like a star.” A follower whispered in the ear of the big back.

When the big back listened, his eyes shone.

“Fuck! If you don’t say it, I really can’t remember it. It seems to be a star, what is it called! What is it!” The big back looked straight at Gu Zhiling, and continued, “What matters to her! Hehehe, I haven’t tasted a female celebrity in my life, so I got lucky today.”

After speaking, he said to Gu Zhiling: “Damei Niu, you just hit me, how do you compensate?”

How could Gu Zhiling not know that he was playing a rogue, and said directly: “I will pay you for a big-headed ghost!”

“Damn! I don’t know good or bad! Do you know who our Qinglong brother is! I advise you to be polite to my Qinglong brother! Otherwise, you will feel better!” A follower immediately jumped out and said.

“I don’t care who he is! Go away, don’t hinder our ride!” Gu Zhiling said angrily.

She carried the spring breeze, she was really a little tired.

She could hardly remember her words any more.

But the attendant suddenly laughed, “Is it hindering you from riding the car? Hahaha, that’s a coincidence. If you don’t give us Qinglong brother an explanation today, you really can’t get in this car, even if you get in. , I can’t drive.”

Gu Zhiling looked angrily, “This station is still not opened by your home! This is national property!”

Brother Qinglong became arrogant at this time, obviously trying to show off his identity.

The attendant immediately said wittyly: “Hahaha, you are really right. This station is a national property, but it is half of our Qinglong brother! Who doesn’t know that this station is our Qinglong brother. The site covered by the house. Believe it or not, with a phone call from Brother Qinglong, today this station can be completely blocked! This train can be completely shut down!”

Gu Zhiling was taken aback for a moment, and was so angry.

When I went out and looked at the almanac, I encountered a landlord!

“Then I want to ask you, what do you want to do?” Wiliam, who had been silent, said suddenly.

Da Back Head suddenly looked at Wiliam.

Just now, he didn’t put Wiliam in his eyes at all.

In Beilin City, Da Beitou also didn’t put any young man in his eyes.

When he saw Wiliam saying this now, he suddenly thought this kid was shocked by his identity.

Began to plead.

Da Beitou immediately said proudly: “I’m Qinglong, and I speak very reasonable. Since this beautiful girl hit me, I naturally need her to settle the account. I have to go to the hospital for an examination first to see if it is correct. Where did I crash. Wherever it broke, let her massage me wherever he went.”

As he said, he looked shameless and deliberately stared under him.

Gu Zhiling was so angry that he stomped his feet, and pinched Wiliam from behind, as if to say, “I’m going to radiate your arrogance, and give me this girl.”

“That’s it?” Wiliam asked faintly.

What kind of attitude is this? What kind of tone is this?

But at the moment of beauty, he has no time to grind with this kid.

He looked at Li Chunfeng and Feliicity who were in a coma again, and said righteously: “What’s the matter with these two beauties on your back? Humph! I now seriously suspect that you are abducting and drugging people. This is On our site, I Qinglong has the right to uphold fairness and justice! You guys, follow me to the police office immediately, I will check these two beauties carefully to see what you have done!”

“Get out!” Wiliam suddenly said a word.

The atmosphere suddenly became stiff.

Da Beitou thought that this kid would dare to scold himself!

There was a trace of anger on his face, and he stretched out his foot, wanting to kick Wiliam.


A tragic wailing sound suddenly sounded all over the sky.

When the big back raised his foot, Wiliam had already kicked and hit him underneath.

He clutched his body, and fell to the ground, and the big cold sweat came out.

After seeing this scene, Gu Zhiling smiled in relief.

Deserve it!

“What are you so special! How dare you kick me! I’m looking for death! I tell you, my dad’s people are coming soon! You will never get out of this moving station today!” Qinglong shouted painfully on the ground.

Wiliam frowned.

Unexpected incidents.

He checked the time, and it was not far from waiting for the bus.

Any more delays…

Just when Wiliam wanted to take Gu Zhiling away, he suddenly shouted excitedly.

“Hahaha! My dad brought someone here! My dad specifically asked me to come here early today to seal up the station, unexpectedly, you hit my dad’s muzzle, and now you want to go, it’s hard to fly with your wings.” Laughed loudly.

Gu Zhiling was taken aback, “Is the train station really sealed?”

Wiliam looked around the moving station.

No wonder it is sparsely populated here today, it turned out to be touched.

I just don’t know, where did this guy’s father come from!

At this time, a rush of footsteps suddenly sounded not far away.

There seems to be a lot of people coming.

The one in the head is round, but he walks fast.

As he walked, he said, “Hurry up, everyone! I’ve heard that Master Lu is going from this station this morning. I have asked my son to seal up the station. I have to send one off to save our lives. The talent of the great Lu is, otherwise, it would seem like our Beilincheng has a cold humanity and crossed the river and demolished the bridge.”

Dabeitou was still laughing, he didn’t even hear this.

Wiliam felt amused when he saw the speaker.

This person who spoke, surprisingly led a wealthy family to come to Beilin Lu’s family to discuss an explanation.

Middle-aged fat man!

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To say that this middle-aged fat man still dismissed Wiliam yesterday, he didn’t even know that there was such a person.

But after last night, he was completely overwhelmed by the selflessness and fearlessness that Wiliam showed.

Others voted for hate, he replied with songs.

This kind of mind embarrassed the middle-aged fat man who was originally ill-intentioned.

So he went back last night thinking about finding an opportunity and thanking his benefactor well.

Unexpectedly, the benefactor is about to leave Beilin City.

He quickly found that Wiliam’s train schedule was actually on his site.

This train station is actually not owned by the middle-aged fat man, it belongs to the state property.

But the middle-aged fat man has developed many projects around here, and he is very familiar with the station management staff.

Even the staff at the station were in awe of him, after all, he was a god of wealth.

So the middle-aged fat man made a decisive decision and asked his son to come over today to make an outpost.

Then he quickly summoned the wealthy family owners who appeared in Beilin Lu’s house last night.

As long as you don’t die, you should come to send your benefactor.

After all, Wiliam gave this life.

And the people behind the middle-aged fat man also looked very excited.

Last night’s masterpiece battle was probably the pinnacle of their lifetime experience.

To be able to survive such a battle, and to pass it out is a kind of awesome medal.

At this time, someone looked up and said, “Hey, Grace is in front, as if your son Qinglong is also there.”

The middle-aged fat man looked up, and said proudly: “Nonsense, I specially asked my son to come over to greet the benefactor first. Seeing him smile so happily, it seems that he can talk to the benefactor well. Not bad, not bad, he completed this task. It’s not bad, it doesn’t shame me.”

With that said, no matter how fast a group of people are, they can reach Wiliam in two minutes.

But the big back head watched everyone speed up and laughed more frantically.

“My dad has quickened their pace, you just wait to die! Look at the appearance of your terrapin, it’s probably not from Beilin City haha, you don’t know at all, you offend my dad’s fate!” the big back screamed loudly. .

Gu Zhiling’s heart was raised instantly.

She looked in that direction with a little fear, but she was stunned.

Wasn’t the sleek man who was beaten like a grandson at Beilin Lu’s last night?

Did he come to land Ye to seek revenge?

Impossible, does he have any idea about his strength?

Gu Zhiling looked at Wiliam with a little doubt, but saw that Wiliam smiled and said nothing.

She felt confident in her heart.

It seems that there is a good show to be staged.

Da Beitou saw that Wiliam never spoke, thinking that Wiliam was frightened stupid.

At this time, the middle-aged fat man and others were already in sight.

The big back head made people surround Wiliam, and then he walked a few steps forward, preparing to meet his father who was close at hand.

But the next second, he was dumbfounded.

The whole person was scared silly!

I saw those people headed by my father, suddenly all straight and straight!

Kneeling directly in front of him on one knee!

Tears filled his eyes one by one, very excited.

With a big head buzzing, he was about to ask his father what was going on!
After all, he only thought that his father would bring some of his men over.

The first thing should be to run over and beat the kid.

And it’s definitely not kneeling right now!

Lao Tzu kneels down to his son, this is life-saving.

Why did my father give himself such a gift?

Thinking about it, Da Beitou quickly went to help his father.

At this time, his gaze swept across the people on the scene casually.

With this sweep, he was going crazy!


What kind of subordinates are behind my father!

Those kneeling one by one!

Which one stomped, Beilincheng couldn’t be shocked!

Those who were kneeling on the ground turned out to be big and powerful people!

These people all knelt in front of them, what a spectacular scene!

Da Back Tou was in a trance.

This is definitely the pinnacle of his life!

Half of Q City ( Qena City ), knelt at his feet!

When the big back head wakes up, slap his head!

Thought of a possibility!

Father is pretending to be a force!

Knowing that some people look down on themselves today, so my father specially brought so many people over to support him, and even deliberately elevated himself to the supreme of Beilin City!

My father is working hard!

For a while, there were tears in Big Back Head’s eyes.

Looking at his chubby but exhausted father, his big back was extremely moved, and pity the parents of the world!

If you can’t let your father wrong yourself in this way, how much face do you have to sell?

Thinking of this, he quickly stepped forward, helped his father with one hand, and said in a choked voice: “Dad! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I’ll lose my life! Get up! And all uncles and uncles, hurry up! Well, it’s fine when you mean it, I understand it all.”

With that said, everyone at the scene showed a dazed look.

What nonsense is this Qinglong nephew saying?

Is your head burnt out?

The middle-aged fat man suddenly couldn’t hear the overtones of the big back.

He is just a little strange, how did today’s son become so sincere?

Is this the power of Zhuzhechi?

After chatting with his benefactor for a while, he changed from a prodigal son to a filial son and grandson?

Look at the sincere look in his son’s eyes.

Benefactor Weili, awesome!

But the middle-aged fat man knew that the important matter was important, so he immediately took his son Qinglong’s hand and said, “My son, you have worked hard, come and kneel together, this first row, Dad will keep it for you.”

Big back head: “…”

Middle-aged fat man: “…”

Big back head: “???”

Middle-aged fat man: “???”

People at the scene: “???”

For a while, the scene became very strange.

Daditou couldn’t understand what his father was saying.

The middle-aged fat man didn’t understand what his son was doing.

The whole audience just watched the father and son stare at each other.

Finally, Dashou slapped his head and reacted.

He faintly felt it.

What I said and what my father said was not the same thing.

He said cautiously: “Dad, I originally wanted you to help me teach a kid who doesn’t know good or bad, and he beats me.”

The middle-aged fat man said with a stern face, and said solemnly: “This kind of little thing requires your dad to take care of it. Put it aside first, and let you vent your anger when you finish the things in front of you.”

“Then, what’s the matter in front of me? Why do you kneel in front of me with so many bosses? I am under a lot of pressure, do you know?” Dashou asked weakly.

Because in the direction these people are kneeling, there is only him, and the kid behind him who doesn’t know what to do.

Dabeitou naturally thought these people were kneeling on him, how could it be that turtle?

With that said, the faces of the people on the scene became extremely strange.

The middle-aged fat man jumped up with anger, slapped his big back on his face, and yelled: “Where is your face saying that these people are kneeling on you! You want to give you a ride! Come here, let’s get together Kneel farewell to Master Lu!”

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“Lu, Master Lu? What is this?” The middle-aged fat man slapped the big back head severely, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

The middle-aged fat man is going to be pissed off by his son.

I looked pretty clever just now, how come I got back to its original shape all at once!

Could it be that if you are far away from Master Lu, Master Lu’s high wind and brightness will not radiate?

The middle-aged fat man glared at his big back and said angrily: “Stop talking nonsense, come and kneel with me! Otherwise Master Lu will get angry, and you won’t have nine lives!”

As he said, the middle-aged fat man stubbornly pulled himself and knelt down with his big back.

Kneeling, the big back head was directly unhappy.

In front of him, there was the kid who didn’t know good or bad.

So Dashoutou stood up again and asked, “Dad, did the Master Lu you mentioned come here? It’s not a way for us to kneel like this.”

The middle-aged fat man was taken aback for a moment, and asked in a puzzled way: “Isn’t you here early? Didn’t you talk to Master Lu just now and you were quite happy?”

Dabacktou was confused.

The two were once again caught in a weird look at each other.

Finally, Da Beitou suddenly looked at Wiliam in front of him.

His head buzzed!

A huge horror speculation appeared in his mind!

He pointed to Wiliam and asked blankly: “Dad, the lord Lu you are talking about is not the kid in front of you, right?”

The middle-aged fat man was also a little skeptical of life when he was asked such a question.

Did your son chat with Master Lu just now for the dog?

After chatting for a long time, I don’t know that Master Lu is Master Lu, so he will talk about wool?


The middle-aged fat man suddenly felt a sense of anxiety in his heart.

He also asked Da Beitou blankly, “What did you just ask me to teach a kid who doesn’t know good or bad, wouldn’t it be him?”

The middle-aged fat man also pointed to the big back.

Then, in the eyes of the two, Qi Qi saw the shock of each other!

“Damn!” Father Qi Qi called out.

The middle-aged fat man’s heart is refreshing!

Yes, I asked my son to come here to please Master Lu first!

Instead of letting his son come over to grudge against Master Lu!

Just forget it!

You know what an overbearing existence is against you!

You are going to die, don’t pit you, I!

But the big back head is even more beeping!

He turned his head and looked up and down at this unbelievable kid!

Dress plainly all over!

What kind of Master Lu is above these wealthy family patriarchs?

It’s just a turtle.

Besides, if this is really Lord Lu, how noble the status is!

How can you say that you have to hold a large number of people before you go out?

It’s me, every time I go out, I have to attend seven or eight people.

This Lord Lu, even if he has a follower.

What a coolie, carrying a person on his back.

What does this look like?

The big vest straightened his head and said directly: “Dad, are you the one who admitted the wrong person?”

The middle-aged fat man reacted and kicked it.

He already knew that the matter was big.

“Are you going to die? Are you blind? Are all these people blind at the scene? Damn! I shouldn’t send you over! A dog who is not enough to succeed! Don’t kowtow to Master Lu!” The middle-aged fat man kicked his big back and butt in front of Wiliam.
The big back raised his head, the panicked eyes just met Wiliam’s indifferent eyes.

Four eyes face each other.

Wiliam looked at Big Back head coldly, and asked, “You told your dad to meet me?”

A big cold sweat suddenly broke out.

He has completely believed that the young man in front of him is the supreme who is kneeling by so many wealthy families!

So young, but above the heads of these old foxes!

What an overbearing thing this is!

This kid, how did you do it!

Others don’t know, but Dasitou knows his father.

I rarely convince people in my life, let alone serve someone who is twice his age.

Where did this kid come from!

Wouldn’t it be a fairy who fell from the sky?

“Master Lu, Kenzi is ignorant! Kenzi damn it! Please forgive him for his life!” The middle-aged fat man knelt on his knees and said with tears and nose.

He is kind to do bad things!

I wanted to let my son come and stay here in advance, and I also took the opportunity to contact the boss and leave an impression.

Unexpectedly, stealing chicken won’t lose rice.

How can it end now!

As for the big back head, he finally knew that he was afraid.

He was like a quail, suddenly kneeling on the ground, shivering.

His attendants also knelt down, too scared to lift their heads.

“Master Lu, I knew it was wrong, I really didn’t know that you were Master Lu just now…” Da Beitou was about to cry.

Gu Zhiling laughed directly after seeing this scene.

Master Lu is awesome!

The tiger’s body was shocked, and the villain became stupid!

Once you wear sunglasses, no one loves it!

Deserve it!

Let you open your mouth like eating shit, and what you say is stinky!

And Wiliam replied faintly, “Oh? You mean, if I’m not somebody Lu, today, I really want to bully you for nothing?”

Gu Zhiling gave Wiliam a thumbs up directly behind his back.

This unreasonable look is too powerful.

The middle-aged fat man reacted most quickly. When he heard Master Lu was angry, he put his foot on the big back and cursed: “How I usually teach you! Let you be gentle and frugal! What are you special about! Give me everything to eat and drink! Going to gambling!”

Dabeitou was beaten on the ground so much bitterly, I only hate it in my heart!

I hate being obsessed with sex today, I can’t walk when I see beautiful women!

I hate myself for having no eyes, a big guy is placed in front of me, and I even use him as a mallet!

I am the biggest club!

“Well, both of you, father and son, are not good things, so don’t pretend. I don’t bother to care about this kind of person.” Wiliam finally said lightly.

The middle-aged fat man stopped awkwardly.

He had already sneaked off his strength in the back few feet just now, after all, he was kicking his son.

Unexpectedly, it was embarrassing to be seen by Master Lu.

The middle-aged fat man was also an old man, and he immediately changed the subject and said, “Master Lu, I heard that you are leaving Beilin City in the morning. I will lead our brothers in Q City ( Qena City ) to see you off! Your great kindness to us, in this life Unforgettable! You are also welcome, come to Beilin City often, and we can always listen to the teachings of adults.”

Wiliam looked at the middle-aged fat man amused.

This guy is kind of going to happen.

He was insincere and sincere.

I often come to Beilin City, so are these ground snakes inappropriate?

They were anxious to leave Beilin City with their rocket stuck in their ass.

Wiliam didn’t point out, just said a little iron law!

Who dares to move the old lady, die!

Everyone naturally nodded and agreed.

“Then Lord Lu, shall we take you on the train? This station, I know.” The middle-aged fat man said triumphantly.

But at this time, Wiliam raised his head and looked into the air, with a slight tick at the corner of his mouth.

“It seems that your son was right. I really don’t have the ability to ride your train today. So I had to reluctantly…”

“Take a helicopter.”


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