Dragon Husband 831-835

Dragon Husband 831

In the sky, a sound rang out.

From far to near, the sound was like a helicopter.

When everyone saw the helicopter, they were all dumbfounded.

It’s too grand for Master Lu to return home.

Isn’t it low-key?

The helicopters are all dispatched.

Fortunately, there are no people here today, and the helicopter can land directly on this large square.

The big back looked at the slowly falling helicopter, and his head was in a trance.

Just now, he was still vowing to Master Lu that as long as he gave an order, Master Lu could not get on the train.

But, does Master Lu need to take a train?

Yeah, all the helicopters are dispatched.

It seems that he has a hundred ways to go home.

The slap on the face of the big back made him completely at a loss.

The helicopter’s hatch opened slowly.

Walking out of it was Cui Shangyun.

Cui Shangyun walked quickly to Wiliam and said loudly, “Master Lu, don’t blame your subordinates for being troublesome. It is naturally easy for you to carry your wife, but I feel sorry for this Ling girl, she has to suffer. I thought about it, but decided to send you a ride.”

Wiliam looked at Cui Shangyun and said nothing.

This subordinate has become more and more artistic in speaking.

Obviously I want to give myself a ride, but I am afraid of being blamed.

In turn, I feel sorry for Gu Zhiling.

What a drunkard doesn’t mean to drink.

However, this is a pretty good job.

Wiliam nodded and said to Gu Zhiling, “Sister paper, did you hear that? Someone cares about you.”

Gu Zhiling rolled his eyes towards Wiliam, indicating that he spit on him with both hands and feet.

The man who doesn’t pity Xiangxiyu at all keeps it.

It doesn’t work as a stick.

The four of Wiliam got on the helicopter slowly.

The middle-aged fat man and others on the ground bowed together.

This time, Master Lu was really sent away.

The speed of the helicopter is very fast.

It took less than three hours to reach Q City ( Qena City ).

And Wiliam Lu went home directly, and first took Feliicity and the three women to the Empress Flower Villa.

That place is big enough.

Wiliam was still worried about Li Chunfeng, after all, she was still in a coma.

Moreover, Wiliam always felt that it was time to find a time to have a good talk with Chunfeng.

At night, Li Chunfeng really woke up.

Within Wiliam’s expectations.

After all, Li Chunfeng’s injury was lighter than Feliicity’s, and he would definitely wake up earlier.

When Gu Zhiling exited Li Chunfeng’s room, she ran into Wiliam at the door.

Wiliam carried a bottle of red wine that looked very expensive.

Gu Zhiling knew that Wiliam had something to tell Li Chunfeng.

Between the two, there should also be an open and honest account.

However, Gu Zhiling still stared at Wiliam fiercely, “You have a sense of ethics! As soon as the other Chunfeng sister woke up, you took a bottle of wine and went in. Are you going to let her be trapped again? Isn’t it? Her body can drink!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “You don’t understand me and her.”

Gu Zhiling was so angry that his aunt’s blood was going to spray Wiliam!

You little bastard!
Hurry up at me!

Return the matter between you and her!

It makes you two seem to have a shameful relationship!

You have kind, but you just accepted her!

He didn’t dare to accept it and was arrogant.

A horrible man, really useless!

Gu Ling simply ignored Wiliam, twisting his waist and walking away without seeing.

Wiliam opened the door.

But he saw Li Chunfeng wearing thin clothes and sitting upright at the tea table.

As if waiting for something.

Seeing Wiliam coming, Li Chunfeng’s pale face showed a slight smile, “You are here.”

She was not waiting for Wiliam.

Wiliam was stunned, but after seeing Li Chunfeng’s eyes clearly, he also laughed, “Well, I’m here, it’s a bit late, but I’m still here.”

Li Chunfeng’s eyes were clean and clear, like a curved spring, without any impurities.

“Bring you a bottle of good wine.” Wiliam put the red wine on the table casually, then took the wine screwdriver to open it.

Pour a glass for Li Chunfeng.

“But I can only have a drink.” Wiliam said with a smile again.

Li Chunfeng stared at Wiliam in a daze, and suddenly chuckled, “Don’t you feel bad about my body, okay?”

This is a bit ambiguous.

But Li Chunfeng said very candidly.

Wiliam looked serious, and said naturally: “Of course not, just as the so-called…”

“Peach and plum Chunfeng a glass of wine.” Li Chunfeng said after Wiliam said.

Wiliam was taken aback, then smiled and said, “Jianghu night rain ten years light.”

Outside Q City ( Qena City ), it was raining lightly.


The light in the room is warm yellow.

It is reflecting the rivers and lakes, reflecting the night rain, reflecting the lights.

Wiliam looked at Li Chunfeng with appreciation.

It’s really not the general understanding.

Wiliam raised the cup, but there was no drink. Instead, he said, “I want to tell you something.”

With that said, he told Li Chunfeng that He Tiantian’s suggestion before.

After all, it was difficult for her to let Li Chunfeng, who had been ordinary for more than two decades, suddenly come into contact with a bizarre world.

The right to choose lies with her, and Wiliam believes in and respects her.

Unexpectedly, Li Chunfeng was not at all tangled, and said with a smile, “Okay.”

Okay, the two words are very crisp and unusual.

It looks like her character for more than two decades.

Dare to love and hate, say when there is love, and pain when there is hatred.

“I’ve long wanted to see, the road you are going to take in the future, it seems quite interesting. There is also a hypocritical idea, you can’t always be born and die every time, hehe.” Li Chunfeng said lightly.

In fact, there is still half a sentence she said.

At least, as a relaxation, leave this a little cautious world.

This matter was settled so neatly.

Wiliam’s mouth moved and stopped again.

However, Li Chunfeng said with a smile: “Now, can you talk about our affairs?”

She took the initiative to bring up this topic.

It’s crispier than Wiliam.

“Actually, you also know my character. If I have anything to say, I can’t hold back. I feel better when I say it. Don’t take it to heart. Don’t worry. I like you, but it has nothing to do with you. You know Do I mean?” Li Chunfeng said lightly.

Wiliam stared at Li Chunfeng closely.

Li Chunfeng’s eyes were full of calmness.

The other meaning of this sentence is…

I love you, no one needs to understand…

“You will be my best friend with Feliicity.” Finally, Wiliam showed a gentle smile.

Li Chunfeng also smiled.

A smile, relieved all the embarrassment and care.

Wiliam raised his wine glass and drank it in one fell swoop, “Peach and plum spring breeze a glass of wine!”

Li Chunfeng also raised his cup, but toasted to himself.

“Jianghu Yeyu ten years light…”

“It’s nice to know you.” Wiliam got up and said this when he left the room.

And Li Chunfeng smiled back.

But after Wiliam left, staring at the bottle of red wine, he poured another glass.

“Smart guy, do you know that in love, there are no wise men…”

Dragon Husband 832

Said it is a glass of wine in the spring breeze.

But if the peach and plum spring breeze, a cup will not stop.

Li Chunfeng looked at this second glass of wine, and was actually silly.

Countless things came to her mind for a time.

It’s all related to a man.

When did you fall in love with such a man?

Was it the first time that he saved himself from his accompanying doctor, and also healed his unspeakable illness for many years?

Or is it that guy that gave Feliicity that extraordinary birthday present?

Which woman can resist the domineering romance of such a man?

It’s just a pity that that romance is not my own.

Li Chunfeng thought, tears actually fell.

She suddenly chuckled, stretched out her hand to lift the glass of wine, and drank it.

“Second cup, I wish you and Sister Feliicity a hundred years!” Li Chunfeng muttered to himself.

Hope, give me your pain…

In this way, you and the Feliicity will no longer have to suffer the sufferings of all kinds of bad weather.

The third glass of wine…

The fourth glass of wine…

Until a bottle of red wine is drunk.

The moonlight was just outside, and the stars were all over the sky.

The people inside were already drunk at the table.

It seems to be dead.

The former Li Chunfeng was completely dead.

That’s also good.

Naturally, Wiliam didn’t know Li Chunfeng’s self-nirvana this night.

The next day, he welcomed guests in the emperor flower.

He Tiantian from afar.

Sister Tian Tian still wears a simple and elegant dress, a white shirt and a pair of jeans.

Still can’t conceal the temperament blooming on her body.

As soon as she entered the Imperial Flower, she looked at the house up and down, and exclaimed: “It’s so extravagant. If my guy had this kind of spending money when I was young, I might have to lie to more little sisters.”

Gu Zhiling was on the side, angrily telling He Tiantian a flower and a gust of wind that shook Q City ( Qena City ).

Even He Tiantian could hear his eyes light up.

She looked at Wiliam back and forth, and wondered: “Aren’t you a straight man of a thousand years in the legend? You can even do such inciting things, you shouldn’t look good.”

Wiliam had a black line and didn’t know whether He Tiantian’s words were praising him or mocking him.

At this time, Li Chunfeng walked out of the room.

The whole person is radiant, and there is a kind of detached beauty.

Wiliam smiled at Li Chunfeng like this.

She is so relieved that she is more appreciated.

He Tiantian personally explained some things about Li Chunfeng, and Li Chunfeng naturally followed Tiantian’s arrangements.

However, Feliicity showed no signs of waking up.

Her body is really losing too much.

In the battle at Lingyue Villa, her body almost collapsed.

In addition, this time, she has survived several catastrophes, and it is considered very good to survive.

He Tiantian checked Feliicity’s body, sighed, and said, “It seems that she will not be able to wake up for several days. I don’t have so much time to stay here, so just take her away.”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly fell into a dull state.

Everyone knows the depth of the relationship between Wiliam and Feliicity.

Now let them be separated, especially in this case, one person is still in a coma.
It is equivalent to tearing them apart alive.

After Feliicity woke up, she found that she had come to a strange world with Wiliam beside her.

She should have been so helpless at that time.

Wiliam obviously thought of this too, frowning slightly.

At this moment, it is hard-hearted, but also turbulent.

“Big man, don’t grind, let it go, I will carry her on my back and take her away directly.” He Tiantian is a straightforward person, directly carrying Feliicity on his back.

Then, without saying anything, he pulled Li Chunfeng with one hand, and disappeared into Wiliam’s emperor’s flower like electricity.

Wiliam was still in absentia after they left.

He understood the reason He Tiantian did this.

Teach him to cut the mess quickly.

Anyway, they are going to leave, if the ending is destined, it would be better to have a good time.

Wiliam sighed and regained his spirit.

At this moment, He Tiantian carried Feliicity on his back and brought Li Chunfeng to a stop far away.

At this time, Li Chunfeng looked at Feliicity in surprise, and said loudly to He Tiantian: “Sister Tiantian, look at sister Feliicity.”

The voice was full of disbelief and excitement.

He Tiantian turned around and looked at him with a stunned expression.

I saw Feliicity who was in a coma, and I didn’t know when it started, and tears were already on his face.

Tears even wet He Tiantian’s clothes.

Li Chunfeng thought Feliicity had woke up.

But unfortunately, she didn’t have it.

He Tiantian sighed deeply when he saw this scene, “Emotions are moving, the poor couple, this poor woman, although unconscious, still reluctant to part with that kid. If this scene is letting go. When Wiliam saw it, he might be lingering again. Fortunately, I ran fast.”

Li Chunfeng looked at this white Feliicity, feeling extremely distressed.

This poor sister…

Wiliam, who was completely unaware, cheered up and went directly to Li Nanfeng.

After all, he was entrusted by Li Banshan before his death.

Li Banshan handed over such important Biluo blood and human blood to Wiliam.

It can be said that he came up with all sincerity to ask Wiliam.

Wiliam Lu had a reason and didn’t try his best to help.

Li Nanfeng’s family still lives in the hotel.

When they arrived, the family was sitting in the room watching TV.

He and the old lady were very energetic, and apparently they had recovered well, and were no longer the same as before, with their heads drooping.

Although she can’t walk around on her own, she can already walk a few steps with the help of others.

Li Nanfeng was blind and couldn’t see the TV picture at all, but just listening to the sound was enough to make him laugh.

The most noticeable is Cheng Shuyi.

Cheng Suyi was already grateful to Wiliam after the Qiulu Group incident last time.

In addition, she was already affectionate for Li Nanfeng, and now she worked harder on her grandson and grandmother.

Seeing Lu Yelai, the three of them all smiled with joy.

Cheng Suyi ran over, led Wiliam to the chair, and then carefully peeled the apple.

Mrs. He also looked at Wiliam with a smile, “Little guy, how come you have time to visit my old lady today? Is there anything I don’t understand? I want to ask my old lady for advice.”

But as she said, her eyes suddenly stunned, “No!”

She looked at Wiliam up and down, and her expression suddenly became extremely strange.

“You, what realm are you now!” Mrs. He finally asked what was in her heart!

She actually couldn’t understand Wiliam’s realm at all!

You must know that the last time she saw Wiliam, Wiliam was just a warrior with external strength, in her eyes, even the ants weren’t counted.

But how long it took, Mrs. He couldn’t see through it!

A shocking conjecture emerged in her mind!

Dragon Husband 833

In other words, Wiliam is at least a warrior with more than inner strength!

Seeing Lu Yezhen speaking, Mrs. He was also impatient, and suddenly said to Li Nanfeng: “Nanfeng! Come on!”

Li Nanfeng almost didn’t hesitate. Although he couldn’t see Wiliam, he knew where Wiliam was.

A sharp leg whip hit Wiliam directly.

But Cheng Su was so scared that Apple almost fell to the ground.

When Wiliam saw Li Nanfeng’s full blow, the corner of his mouth slightly hooked, and his body let go.

Li Nanfeng shot down and suddenly smiled confidently.

“Wiliam, don’t underestimate me. With my grandma’s personal guidance, I am no longer Wu Xia Amon! Underestimate me, but you have to pay a price.” Li Nanfeng said confidently.

He really has the confidence to be proud!

He himself came from the Li family of Nanjin.

The things he touched, his experience was comparable to that of Wiliam.

What’s more, there is an old lady who now teaches him martial arts every day. It can be said that he has learned all the peculiarities of the Li family in Nanjin.

The only difference is time and heat.

But even so, in just two months, he has reached the initial stage of internal power from the outside power!

Before this, he couldn’t even think about it.

Therefore, he is too confident of himself.

According to his thoughts.

He and Wiliam were already at odds.

Now that he has grandma’s guidance, and his skill is advancing by leaps and bounds, Wiliam definitely can’t keep up with him.

Therefore, Li Nanfeng is also determined to perform in front of Wiliam.

It’s not showing off.

It was to prove to Wiliam that Wiliam didn’t misunderstand him back then!

Wiliam laughed after hearing Li Nanfeng’s words, “Oh? Really? Then I’ll have to take a while!”

As he said, Wiliam bullied himself up.

Li Nanfeng naturally faced him.

Behind him, Mrs. He sighed.

My own son is too easy to be proud and complacent.

The arrogant soldier will lose.

Sure enough, with one move, Li Nanfeng’s body flew out directly, slammed into the wall, and smashed the wall into a hole.

Li Nanfeng’s body was not injured.

But a broken heart became scum.

Facing Wiliam’s direction in disbelief, he asked silently, “Wiliam, what are you special about! You are a human or a monster! What realm have you reached! Why am I not as good as before! Why am I not as good as before! Can’t pick it up!”

Wiliam smiled without saying a word.

Indeed, Li Nanfeng’s martial arts studies diligently, and Wiliam was a little surprised at this.

But unexpectedly, it makes sense, after all, Mrs. He’s skill lies there.

But Li Nanfeng’s words are called leaps and bounds, wouldn’t Wiliam climb to the sky in one step?

In two months, Wiliam had made breakthroughs all the way from his external power, and now he has reached the middle of his internal power!

Even after the blood of the heart is refined, the realm can be even higher.

And more than half of the magical Yanhuang Heart is waiting for the landing leaf.

Wiliam dared to say confidently that Huajin was no longer a threshold for him now.

“Confused! You also know that you are not as good as before? The problem is not with you, but with him. There is only one answer. He is improving faster than you, and much faster than you! You can’t keep up with you! “Lady He saw a hint and said to Li Nanfeng angrily.
Li Nanfeng scratched his head and said dejectedly: “Much faster than me, so…”

The vulgar words reached his mouth, and he suffocated back.

“It seems that your kid has constant adventures. Come on, what’s the matter when you come over this time? You are the master of the Three Treasures Palace without incident.” He said with a smile.

She was also really happy for Wiliam’s horror promotion.

Because she didn’t treat Wiliam as an outsider.

Wiliam is the master of her grandson, and is considered her family.

Lu Yezhen answered directly, but first checked Granny He’s body.

In response, Mrs. He nodded with satisfaction.

This kid knows the big picture.

Every time I come here, no matter what the big thing or one hundred thousand urgent things, I can’t help but check my condition first.

No wonder he was so popular at his young age.

After Wiliam checked, he slowly said, “Grandma He, your body is recovering very well. According to my estimation, you should be able to walk by yourself in less than a month.”

Mrs. He was not surprised at this, she was also expecting it. After all, the body belonged to her, and she felt the most.

After doing this, Wiliam put aside his smile and became serious, “Grandma He, I do have something to come here this time, and it is a very big thing for you, but the right to choose is yours, I respect Your choice.”

It’s so rare for Old Lady He to see Wiliam being so serious, but she asked curiously: “Is there anything that can make a generation leader like you torment like this? I want to listen.”

Wiliam asked straightforwardly: “Grandma He, I don’t know if you have ever heard of a name, Li Banshan.”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Nanfeng on the ground bounced up, and his whole body was shaking with excitement!

And Mrs. He also showed a look of astonishment, and asked sharply: “You, how do you know him!”

When Wiliam saw the expressions of the two of them, he became more determined, “So, he is Li Nanfeng’s biological father and Grandma He’s biological son, right?”

“Hurry up and tell me! How did you know him! It stands to reason that someone at your level can’t reach him at all!” He continued to ask.

There was a touch of sadness on Wiliam’s face, and he said, “What I want to say next, I hope you will be mentally prepared.”

After all, to be a son and a father, blood is thicker than water.

Not everyone can bear the pain of bereavement.

Wiliam slowly explained that Li Banshan was imprisoned in the Lu’s house in Beilin because he came out to find their grandson, and finally died in the Lu’s house in Beilin.

Speaking of Li Banshan’s death, and the two grandsons, Qi Qi began to cry!

Li Banshan, a father died!

And Mrs. He, two sons died!

Suddenly she cried bitterly, “I was the one who was wrong, and I was the one who was wrong. If I hadn’t been desperate to protect Nanfeng, my two poor children would not have come out to look for me, nor would they die miserably!”

Wiliam sighed, without going up to comfort him.

It is better to let them vent.

After waiting for more than half an hour, the two talents gradually calmed down.

However, the eyes became very cold!

Mrs. He stared directly at Wiliam and asked, “So, he asks you to take us back to the Li family in Nanban, and reorganize the Li family in Nanban!”

Wiliam nodded, “Yes! But I also know that the strength of the three of us is far from the opponents of the Li family in the south, so I just said that the choice is yours…”

“Ho ho! Do you still need to choose!” Old lady He laughed resentfully, “That rotten family should have been destroyed! Since it is my son’s last wish! There is no reason!”

“Not planning to usurp the throne!”

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Yes, to Mrs. He, this is indeed called usurping the throne.

After all, she is an old man with deep-rooted traditional thinking.

Being in Li’s house in Nanban, I naturally know what is orthodox and what is partial door.

The orthodox Patriarch of the Li family, holding a blue heart and blood, sat high in the hall.

And anyone who has no heart and soul to be the head of the family is not justified.

Li Nanfeng, of course, has no heart and blood, so he can only call it a plot to usurp the throne.

When Wiliam heard Mrs. He’s words, a glint flashed in his eyes, and he felt a little regretful.

This is exactly what Wiliam was worried about.

He was hesitant to tell Granny He the secret of Biluo’s heart and blood in his hands.

Now Mrs. He’s traditional thinking has made Wiliam dispel this idea.

After all, if Mrs. He knew that Bi Luo’s blood was in her hands, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Mrs. He, will he admit that a person with a different surname is the head of the Li family in the south?

Seeing her thinking like this, it is impossible.

At that time, the boat of friendship really capsized.

And Li Banshan’s last wish before his death was to give Bi Luo’s heart and soul to Wiliam.

The meaning of this is self-evident.

Wiliam could only think in his heart that now is not the right time.

Wait, there must be a suitable opportunity to tell Granny He about this.

Thinking of this, Wiliam followed the meaning of Old Lady He and said: “Okay, I understand what you mean, but we are weak after all. The past to subvert the Li family is probably a fantasy.”

Granny He naturally knew this, and slowly said, “Now, we don’t have the ability to subvert the Li family for the time being. But, I believe in my Fenger! He is a martial arts genius, except for you, of course. .”

“Without the resources and mentality of the Li family, Feng’er’s progress will slow down. Therefore, we must go back, but for the time being, we have to bear with it. When my Feng’er’s skills are achieved, it is time for us to take revenge!”

Wiliam and Mrs. He looked at each other.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or not. Although Mrs. He admitted that Wiliam was powerful and talented, there was no mention of Wiliam among those who had revenge.

And Wiliam also confirmed his thoughts again.

Mrs. He, on the one hand, didn’t want to cause trouble to Wiliam. After all, it was the internal affairs of the Li family.

But on the bigger side, after all, Wiliam is still regarded as a foreigner, and it cannot be equated with the Li family, let alone Li Nanfeng.

God Wiliam faintly knows the ambition of Mrs. He.

She wanted to go back to Li’s family in Nanban again, and support her grandson Li Nanfeng as the head of the family.

“Everything is up to you. But I suggest that we set off together in two days.” Wiliam said suddenly.

Old lady He took a deep look at Wiliam and said, “Then you have worked hard to arrange it. The old woman can’t walk, and her grandson is blind again. After all, Cheng Suyi is a woman.”

Wiliam nodded, and then left first.

He knew that Mrs. He didn’t have any vicious thoughts about him.

As a result, Wiliam was kind to her family.

Secondly, Wiliam was harmless to her family.

But, in case…

Thinking of this, Wiliam felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
Li Banshan, Li Banshan, you are giving me a big problem!

Wiliam’s head was a little confused for a while.

This is a big problem, but it is also a big pie.

Who doesn’t want to eat?

Wiliam also wants to be in charge of the Li Family in the South Ban, after all, this can be a great help for him against the Lu Family in North!

Time is too important to Wiliam now.

He is not allowed to take any turning back and extra paths.

The reason why Wiliam proposed to leave in three days was because he was going to do something.

Don’t fight an unsure battle.

Knowing that the Li family is too weak to go to the South, it will be sufficient.

And Wiliam’s abundant power is only Qilin Power!

In the Qilin situation, Cui Shangyun and others are probably not the opponents of the Li family in the south.

Then, I can only find Cui Shangyun’s head!

There are four major branches within the border of Kylin.

Qilin Gate in the east, west, south and north borders.

And the Nanban Li’s house that Wiliam was going to this time was in the south.

So what Wiliam was looking for was the head of the Southern Qilin Gate and Cui Shangyun’s boss, a Qilin Guard.

Inner strength late master.

On the way home, Wiliam briefly talked about this to Cui Shangyun.

When Cui Shangyun heard that Wiliam was going to the Southern Qilin Gate, he became excited and said that he would go there together.

But Wiliam refused.

Wiliam wants to keep him to guard the old lady.

After all, in Beilin City, there are many people with wolf ambitions.

Loyalty is worthless.

Wiliam just asked the Qilinwei’s name, and planned to go alone.

As a result, Wiliam also wanted to see in private how the Qilin Gate of the Southern Realm and this Qilinwei named Zhao Dongcheng performed.

In this way, he can estimate the combined strength of the Quartet Qilin Gate.

Secondly, Wiliam didn’t want to disturb too many people. After all, she was going to secretly take a group of good hands to the world where Li’s family was located in the south.

According to Cui Shangyun, this man named Zhao Dongcheng, who is probably in his sixties, is a hard-tempered old man.

If he had no abilities, he could not speak at all.

When he said this, Cui Shangyun was a little worried.

After all, Wiliam didn’t have a soft temper.

If there is a quarrel, it will be embarrassing.

But it was more embarrassing behind.

Wiliam asked the Quartet Qilin Gate, which side has the strongest strength, or Qilinwei’s strength.

As a result, the Southern Qilin Gate where Cui Shangyun was located was the weakest, and Zhao Dongcheng was also the worst among the four Qilin Guards.

But the strength is scum, and the temper is still tough.

What surprised Wiliam was that the strongest was the Eastern Qilin Gate.

The strength of that Qilinwei is also the strongest, and he is actually the youngest!

He was only in his twenties, two or three years older than Wiliam!

And still unmarried.

Legend has it that she made a very mysterious vow, and the secret of not getting married lies in this vow.

Wiliam listened to the messy content amusedly, and said lightly: “Let’s talk about it later when I have a chance. I’ll hang up first.”

After he hung up, he made a call to Gu Zhiling, let her fend for herself in the emperor flower, and left Q City ( Qena City ) again.

Go to Yuncheng, which is two cities away from Q City ( Qena City ), where the Kylin Gate is located in the south.

According to the positioning given by Cui Shangyun, Wiliam finally stood in front of a fifty-story magnificent building.

“Lanyue Group!”

The four characters, from top to bottom, are vigorous and powerful.

It seems that the top floor of this building is really good at picking stars!

This Lunar Group is the base camp of the southern Kylin Gate.

And Zhao Dongcheng is the chairman of Lanyue Group.

Lanyue Group, the usual business in Yuncheng can only be considered middle and upper, because of its relatively moderate position.

Not because the group has no money, but because the group is low-key.

Wiliam stepped forward, and was stopped by a security guard at the door, “Hello, who do you look for?”

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Wiliam naturally said, “Look for Zhao Dongcheng.”

The security guard changed his face slightly and continued to ask politely: “You mean, but our Zhao Dong?”

Wiliam nodded.

The security immediately said: “Who are you? Do you have an appointment?”

Wiliam smiled, “There are no appointments, but I can call him.”

With that, Wiliam took out his cell phone and called Zhao Dongcheng.

It’s a pity that although Zhao Dongcheng’s phone was connected, there was no answer.

The security guard originally thought that Wiliam was really a friend of the boss, but now he couldn’t answer the phone and his face gradually sank, but he still said in a satisfactory manner: “I’m sorry, if there is an appointment, I can’t let you in.”

Wiliam frowned slightly while looking at the phone.

The phone does not answer.

It stands to reason that Cui Shangyun will definitely call Zhao Dongcheng to advance the branch.

Zhao Dong didn’t have to come down to greet him, so forget it.

Still not answering the phone?

Ho Ho, it’s interesting.

Wiliam smelled a scent of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger.

The security guard saw that Wiliam was not talking, so he lay directly in front of Wiliam and said, “Excuse me, you can sit on the sofa next to him. The people over there are people who ask for Zhao Dong.”

As the security guard said, he pointed to a corner.

In that corner, there were many people sitting, staring at the direction of the elevator, as if waiting for someone.

These people are all here to ask Zhao Dongcheng to do things.

One by one is pitiful.

Wiliam would naturally not embarrass a small security guard.

He thought for a while, took out something in his pocket, and threw it to the security guard, “Take it to Dong Zhao. After reading it, he will know what to do.”

The security guard sank his hands and looked down.

There was a blood-red brand in his hand.

On the sign is carved a ferocious unicorn!

This is exactly the blood unicorn ring wear!

It’s a pity that the security guards are just ordinary people, and I don’t know how terrible this brand is.

He looked suspiciously at the blood unicorn ring and asked, “What kind of tattered thing, what are you going to do?”

“Take it up and show it to Zhao Dongcheng.” Wiliam repeated.

Although Wiliam had doubts in his heart, there was no evidence.

Had to prove it again.

The security guard saw what Wiliam was talking about and scratched his head, not knowing what to do for a while.

If it is sent, Dong Zhao doesn’t know him, and it’s a small thing for himself to be criticized. If you lose your job, you will be over.

But if he didn’t send it up, this person really knew Zhao Dong, and he would not escape death.

After thinking about it, the security guard was heartbroken and said to Wiliam: “Then I will believe you once, don’t fool me, fool me, I lost my job, I will not let you go as a ghost.”

With that, he went straight to the elevator.

But halfway through the run, he turned back and said seriously to Wiliam: “Well, I can’t leave my job without permission, or you will stand guard at the door for me for a while and stop someone like you if you are suspicious, you know?”

In fact, the security guard completely ignored whether Wiliam knew or not, even whether Lu Yetong agreed.

After speaking, I ran into the elevator.

Wiliam left with a wry smile.
This security guard is familiar.

Wiliam didn’t dislike such security, at least from the beginning, he did his best to fulfill his duties.

It’s just a little bit ridiculous to let myself be the security guard in the end.

In the end, Wiliam stood at the sentry box, which could block the sun after all.

The little security guard took the elevator all the way to the top floor, the fiftieth floor.

He looked down from the top floor, his legs were a little weak.

I have never been to such a high place.

Finally, he bit his head and pushed away the only office.

In the office, several people are talking and laughing.

Zhao Dongcheng was impressively inside.

His hair is gray and his whole body is only 1.5 meters.

But the spirit is strong, the whole person is full of spirits.

The few in front of him were all middle-aged men.

These people are all senior members of the group.

What the little security guard didn’t know was that these people were also high-ranking members of the Southern Qilin Gate.

Kylin makes adults!

They were talking and laughing, and suddenly they saw a little security guard pushing the door so weakly, and several ferocious eyes immediately fell on the little security guard.

One person sternly shouted: “You come up to the top floor casually, don’t you want to live?”

Hearing this, the little security guard knelt down as his legs softened.

At this moment, he was sweating.

He felt like he had been cut by two blades a thousand times, and he felt extremely uncomfortable!

And these two blades are a pair of eyes of that person.

The little security guard had never experienced such a weird thing, and his whole body was shaking.

At this time, Zhao Dongcheng smiled and said, “Xiao Wu, put away your coercion. Don’t frighten people. According to the rules, the little security guard cannot enter my office casually, but today, there is an exception. If you have anything, just talk about it.”

When Zhao Dongcheng said this, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

The exception he mentioned naturally refers to Wiliam.

Just two hours ago.

Zhao Dongcheng received a call from Cui Shangyun, and when he was listening, he almost fell to the ground with his mobile phone.

Cui Shangyun actually said that he had found the Lord of Qilin.

And he was still a young man in his twenties.

Now the lord of the unicorns is going to find Zhao Dongcheng and ask him to take orders from him.

Zhao Dongcheng, who had been shocked, reacted immediately.

Could it be Cui Shangyun who was fooled by others?

Regardless of the fact that the Lord of Kylin has never appeared in these years, he suddenly appeared, which is obviously incomparable.

Furthermore, the master of the unicorn in his twenties is simply the world’s greatest success. According to Zhao Dongcheng’s imagination, the master of the unicorn must be at least about the same age as Lu Lingfeng, and even more powerful.

What kind of weapon can a hairy kid be, how can he be the lord of the unicorn?

In the end, Cui Sangyun had always been at odds with the group of people like Zhao Dongcheng, because Cui Sangyun had a thick straight line and would not turn around.

So Dongcheng Zhao directly believed that Cui Shangyun was cheated.

Then, letting Cui Shangyun swear to the sky, Zhao Dongcheng only heard more and more ridiculous.

In the end, Zhao Dongcheng just threw a sentence, “I know what to do, you don’t need to teach me.”

Speaking of Zhao Dongcheng, hung up.

Until just now, Wiliam called him.

Zhao Dongcheng didn’t bother to answer such strange calls at all.

Now, the appearance of security makes Zhao Dongcheng feel a little interesting.

There are really shameless and desperate liars, come here.

Well, take a good look at how this so-called master of unicorns has three heads and six arms.

The little security guard, tremblingly, handed the blood unicorn ring in front of Zhao Dongcheng, and said with a trembling, “This, this is, that young man, he forced me to bring it up. If you read it, you know Up.”

Those people behind Zhao Dongcheng saw this Qilin ring wear, their expressions changed drastically, and they all stood up!


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