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And at this moment, in the lobby on the first floor of Lanyue Group!

Already panicked!

Those who were waiting for Zhao Dongcheng to do something were already stunned.

They saw Mr. Wang kneel down in front of a small security guard, not to speak!

Now, the high-level people of the Lanyue Group who usually stand up high.

Like a bereaved dog, he ran down from upstairs!

One by one is extremely fast!

Not like an ordinary person at all!

They even saw an old man who usually walks a little trembling, at the moment like he was beaten with blood, his legs and feet are fast!

Even more red light!

One more person, with his feet still in plaster, is walking like flying at the moment, his legs and feet are so good!

What surprised these people even more was that they galloped down while shouting with excitement: “My lord! Where is my lord!”

grown ups?

This weird name makes those people confused.

What adult?

Is it calling Zhao Dongcheng?

But Zhao Dongcheng is not here?

At this time, President Wang looked down, and a few people who came down first understood.

They all walked towards the people who were doing errands and unceremoniously drove them out of the door of Lanyue Group.

The lord of the unicorn who has been looking forward to this ten years will come to the event, how can outsiders be allowed to watch!

After these people were driven out, the door of the group was slowly closed.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred people gathered in this originally wide hall!

They all looked excited, but they looked around, looking for the true body of the Qilin Lord.

Wiliam was directly ignored by them.

After all, no one dared to imagine that the Lord of Kylin would be such a young guy.

President Wang looked at the headless flies one by one, and he suddenly started to cry.

Find it!

Feel free to find it!

When you know that the lord of the unicorn is the young man next to me, you may be as stunned as me.

At this time, a violent shout came from upstairs!

“Master forgive me! The villain deserves death!”

The voice is amazingly from Zhao Dongcheng!

Everyone only hears the sound, but does not see the person!

At this time, a black shadow flew down from the stairs!

In the midair, the originally unfolded body was actually curled up instantly!



Everyone saw that Zhao Dongcheng was in the air, and his body was already kneeling.

He hit the ground hard on his knees.

Then, because of the inertia, he knelt and glide over.

Everyone was shocked and quickly gave way to Zhao Dongcheng.

Everyone was speechless.

Is this still Zhao Dong, who is usually superb?

Is this still the sect master of the dignified Southern Qilin Gate?

Kneeling so altogether, I still kneel down.

Where is the festival?

However, some people instantly cast admiring glances at Zhao Dongcheng!

As expected to be the master of the door.

This flattering effort is absolutely amazing!

Without knowing where the Kylin Lord is, he just slid and knelt over. This loyal watch is a lesson from heaven and earth.

Some people even patted themselves on the head in annoyance.

Why can’t I think of this trick of flattering.

The sect master, it’s so good!

The adult Zhao Dong was sliding on the ground, but his eyes were searching everywhere.

Seeing everyone’s complicated eyes, he was extremely depressed.

Does he want to be so embarrassed?

Does he want to pat the horse like that?

He is the master of dignity!

However, I didn’t even see the lord of the unicorn, which offended others.

How about acting respectfully, do you want this little life?

He was looking everywhere for the true body of the Qilin Lord, and at this time he felt his body suddenly stopped.

There is even an extra foot on his shoulder!

Someone stretched out a foot and stepped on his shoulder, preventing him from sliding.

Everyone, including Zhao Dongcheng, looked at the people who had come out.

This look is dumbfounded!

Exclaimed the whole house!

The person who came out was just a young man who had been standing beside President Wang in silence just now!

Everyone saw this young man just now, but no one thought he would be the supreme lord of unicorns.

Now, he actually stepped on the shoulder of the master!

This is disrespectful!

However, the caring person showed horrified eyes instantly.



The unicorns are full of prestige!

Who dares to blaspheme the master of the Southern Qilin Gate like this!

Either, don’t die!

Or, have confidence!

Seeing this young man, his expression was indifferent, without any fear at all.

His identity has already been revealed!

The Lord of Kylin!

Zhao Dongcheng saw Wiliam stepping on his shoulder and was about to get angry.

Suddenly I changed my mind, not right!

I said before that the Lord of Kylin is a young man.

Now in the crowd, there is only one strange young man.

That must be him!

Thinking of this, his head knocked down and tremblingly shouted: “My lord, forgive me! The subordinates have no eyes and have offended you! Please forgive me!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Dare to love Zhao Dongcheng to glide all the way, not flattering.

Are you asking for forgiveness?

However, how did Zhao Dongcheng offend the Kylin Lord?

Didn’t the adults just show up?

Some people want to know the truth, but find that the people around them are just as daunting as themselves.

There were only a few people at the highest level in the scene, their bodies trembling.

They were in Zhao Dongcheng’s office just now, and they watched Zhao Dongcheng make people throw the tokens representing adults out of the window.

Now, the identity of an adult does not need a token to prove it.

However, blasphemy is a big crime!

Hey, old Zhao, old Zhao!

A clever life, confused for a while, even at such an important moment, committed a catastrophe!

And these high-level executives are also secretly grateful, but fortunately, they are not involved.

Now, it’s up to this young adult to make a ruling.

They are afraid that the adults will come to kill the chickens and scare the monkeys in order to establish their power.

Everyone looked directly at Wiliam.

Wiliam’s feet slowly retracted from Zhao Dongcheng’s shoulders.

There was indeed a trace of anger in his heart.

But at this moment, seeing the people around, everyone looked excited, this kind of excitement and piety to meet the owner could not conceal.

It’s not hopeless.

Wiliam said lightly: “Get up.”

Zhao Dongcheng was overjoyed, glanced at Wiliam gratefully, and stood up neatly.

He was about to order everyone to greet the adults. At this moment, a bluffing sound came from the elevator.

“Damn! It’s so hot!”

Everyone looked towards the elevator entrance.

I saw a gorgeous woman coming out of the elevator flattered.

As soon as she raised her head, she happened to see Zhao Dongcheng standing along the way everyone had just let out.

Naturally, I also saw Wiliam opposite Zhao Dongcheng.

She was overjoyed, alas, dozing off and meeting the pillow, it was a coincidence.

She quickly walked up, took Zhao Dongcheng’s arm affectionately in front of everyone, and pointed at Wiliam in front of her coquettishly and said, “My dear, I really blamed you. You hurried down. I thought you didn’t love me anymore. I didn’t think you would use all the people in the company to come down, just to kill this kid and give me a sigh of relief. Is this the legendary warlord?”

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When Li Sini got out of the elevator, Zhao Dongcheng had risen from the ground.

She looked at the audience.

All the people in the audience are from Lanyue Group.

Only Wiliam was a stranger.

And now, the door of the group is directly closed.

Isn’t this the so-called shutting down and hitting dogs?

After Li Sini finished speaking, she looked at Zhao Dongcheng in love with emotion. At this moment, her eyes were red.

Naturally, she would not think that the little security guard would be an opponent of so many people in the group.

However, what she led was Zhao Dongcheng’s deep and domineering love for her.

He called so many people down to help out, frightened this kid, didn’t he just show his important position in Zhao Dongcheng’s heart?

The beacon plays with the princes, only smiling for beauties.

I didn’t think that the affection in the legend happened to me.

However, when the people around heard Li Sini’s words, their expressions changed in an instant.

Was this woman who was guarded by Zhao Dongcheng’s eyes hit by a cannon?

Didn’t you see the people at the scene, are they surrounded by the lord of the unicorns like the stars?

To say such a rebellious thing!

It’s mortal.

Zhao Dongcheng trembled even more. The first reaction was not to scold Li Sini, but to look at Wiliam in fear.

Wiliam didn’t look at Zhao Dongcheng, but looked at the woman who looked like a clown in front of him with disgust.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Li Sini was even more proud of the solemn atmosphere surrounding her.

She knew that many martial arts practitioners in the group did not think that the aura exuding at this moment was so strong, wouldn’t that kid be shivering with fright.

She raised her chin arrogantly again, and said coldly to Wiliam: “Smelly boy, you now kneel and kowtow to me and call grandma a hundred times. Maybe I will spare you a dog.”

As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar!




Everyone was looking at Li Sini with dead eyes. There was no one who dared to stand up and speak for Li Sini at this moment.

Zhao Dongcheng couldn’t help it anymore. He flew directly and kicked the woman next to him, and shouted angrily: “You are so sick! Didn’t I let you stay upstairs! Go away! What are you doing down here! Hurry up and disappear for me! Believe it or not, I will kill you!”

With that said, he kicked Li Sini again.

Li Sini had no idea that the situation would have such a shocking change.

Her body hurts, and her heart hurts even more.

She fell to the ground, looking at Zhao Dongcheng, who was full of anger and beard and hair, in disbelief. She only felt that the man in front of her was so strange.

All the touch she had just now disappeared in an instant.

She didn’t think that Zhao Dongcheng was defending that kid.

He thought that Zhao Dongcheng was scolding her for being disobedient.

After all, Zhao Dongcheng has a strong desire to control, and if he doesn’t follow his heart, he will be furious.

Her tears fell directly, and she couldn’t help but said bitterly: “My dear, are you hitting me?”

Zhao Dongcheng is going to be mad by this woman!

He did feel a little bit about Li Sini.

If you don’t feel like playing around, Li Sini is now dead!
He just thought of this feeling of fish and water, so he risked being punished by the lord of unicorns and chased her away first.

Unexpectedly, this woman is a stupid pig!

Even on the ground staged a miserable drama for everyone?

Isn’t this for everyone to see a joke?

Thinking of this, Zhao Dongcheng kicked Li Sini again, and his voice became sharp, “You don’t want to get out of here! I don’t want to say it a third time!”

Li Sini screamed and cried even worse.

But at this moment, she didn’t dare to complain anymore, struggling to get up from the ground, and walked towards the door tremblingly.

The door at the entrance slowly rose, opening a slit for her.

She bent down like a dog and got out through the crack under the door.

But when she got out, she glanced inside.

He happened to see the little security guard inside with a joking smile.

It seems to be laughing at a bereaved dog.

When Li Sini saw this scene, the anger in her heart suddenly burned.

Being beaten by Zhao Dongcheng, she can bear it.

But she was ridiculed by a little security guard. She had never experienced this kind of shame!

Don’t want to endure this humiliation!

She suddenly became fierce in her heart. It must be that this kid didn’t know what to say, telling the truth!

I want you to look good!

It’s hard to vent my anger if I don’t cut you off!

Thinking of this, Li Sini immediately took out her mobile phone and made a call.

All of her face was trembling, and she gritted her teeth and said, “Brother Wolf! Help me call some brothers! Pick up an ant for me!”

The wolf brother in her mouth was a concubine before she did not know Zhao Dongcheng.

Brother Wolf is a well-known gangster in this area.

But compared to Zhao Dong, Brother Wolf is an ant.

After Li Sini got to know Zhao Dongcheng, she broke off with Brother Lang.

On the phone, it seemed to be declining something.

Li Sini was heartbroken and said: “It’s a stinky boy, don’t you just want to continue with me? Can’t my mother stay with you for a week?”

On the other side of the phone, this time seemed to agree very simply.

After Li Sini casually told the wolf brother Wiliam’s features, she asked the wolf brother to lead someone to stare at, and then hung up the phone.

She looked at the potholes on the otherwise gorgeous Ferrari at the door, and her anger rose again.

Without peeling off the skin of that kid, Li Sini wrote the three words backwards!

And at this moment, in the hall.

After Li Sini left, Zhao Dongcheng looked at Wiliam for the first time, his eyes avoiding.

He knew that letting go of the crime of blaspheming the Kylin Lord, plus the previous crimes that offended adults.

The adults wanted him to die, he didn’t dare to say a word of complaint.

The atmosphere became serious instantly.

Everyone’s heart mentioned the throat.

But at this time, Wiliam just smiled and said, “Are you Zhao Dongcheng?”

Zhao Dongcheng nodded, “It is the subordinate.”

Wiliam shook his head.

This scene made everyone afraid to breathe, thinking that the adults were about to start a ruling.

But the next moment, everyone was stunned.

Wiliam just smiled and said: “It’s still affectionate and righteous, but you look at a woman’s eyes, it’s really a little bit worse.”

Everyone almost squirted out a mouthful of old blood. The adults shook their heads just to say that Zhao Dongcheng’s eyesight is not good for women?

Zhao Dongcheng’s face stiffened, but his heart suddenly became ecstatic!

Your lord’s words do not intend to pursue his crimes?

Emperor grace is mighty!

Broad minded!

Thinking of this, Zhao Dongcheng has no hesitation or unwillingness!

But a pious look!

He glanced around, the people around were blessed!

Everyone, at the same time, knelt on one knee and arched their hands!

Respectfully said: “Southern Kylin Gate! Welcome the young master Kylin to this world!”

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Everyone’s faces were excited and their voices were loud!

Congratulations to Young Master Qilin!

This sentence!

It’s been held in everyone’s throat for ten years!

Although the Kylin Gate has a master to preside over the work.

However, there is always no mastery!

Sometimes they feel like they have a child with a mother and no father.

Master Lu Lingfeng seldom took care of the Qilinshi after he founded Kylin, and now he is even more dead.

Each of them was bleeding with unicorn blood, but they didn’t know where they belonged.

Therefore, the Quartet Kylin Gate has basically worked independently in the past few years.

There are even disputes sometimes.

Now, it’s completely different!

Young Master Kylin!

It’s here!

The backbone of the unicorn power is back!

Moreover, so young and promising!

It is bound to be able to carry forward the unicorn trend.

They can’t wait to make contributions.

The blood that was dormant in the body was agitated instantly at this moment.

Loud voice!

One by one, surging momentum!

This huge momentum swept the audience, and the tables and chairs in the entire hall were torn apart in an instant, scattered all over the place!

The crystal lamps on the ceiling above all burst!

Sprinkle ground debris.

Everyone was shocked when they watched this scene.

In ten years, everyone has never been so united.

Unexpectedly, the power that burst out from the heart is so majestic!

An unprecedented sense of glory breeds in everyone’s heart.

They looked at the young man in front of them, and their hearts became more religious.

All this was brought about by the young master Qilin.

Regardless of his strength, as long as his identity is placed here, it is a kind of reassurance for everyone.

Wiliam was deeply moved when he watched this scene.

A rush of blood also stirred in his heart.

These Qilin sects are proud to find the backbone.

Isn’t it Wiliam?

Wiliam was also honored to find his final destination.

For more than 20 years, he has been living away from the fence.

Only he himself knows the taste of Xie Zhong.

Only the unicorn power was left to him by his grandfather.

It is also his most comfortable destination!

Now, he is home.

Dragon to Qingyun!

Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest!

“Get up.” Wiliam said lightly.

Everyone claimed that it was, and then slowly stood up.

Everyone is waiting for the master of the unicorn.

Wiliam looked around and slowly said, “My name is Wiliam, the land of the land, the leaf of the leaf. I don’t need to call me the lord of the unicorns in the future.”

“Yes! Your lord!” everyone said together.

“Let’s talk about the situation of the unicorn power these years, and the situation on your side.” Wiliam said again.

Someone hurried upstairs and brought a sofa chair for Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t refuse, he sat with everyone standing in front of him.

Zhao Dongcheng stood in the forefront and said respectfully, “My lord, we now have 150 kylins in our southern Kylin Gate. Among them, I am the Kylin Guard, 30 are Kylin Envoys, and the rest are all Kylin slaves. We usually rely on this to hold the moon. Group, can be considered a secluded dormant in this city.”

He talked endlessly, talking for ten minutes.

When Wiliam listened, his brows wrinkled slightly.

He was dissatisfied, very dissatisfied.

It’s not because the development of Kylin has stagnated in recent years.

After all, they didn’t have a backbone in the past few years, and it’s pretty good to keep them.

What he felt dissatisfied was that Zhao Dongcheng felt helpless when he talked about the Quartet Qilin Gate.

The Quartet Qilin Gate is the strongest in the East, but it is also the most bullying.

Especially under the leadership of their young sect master, they have become more arrogant in the past two years.

It was simply riding on the heads of the other three unicorn gates and went wild.

However, everyone, on the one hand, was forced to be inferior to others in strength, on the other hand, was not as good as others in temper, so they could only bear the humiliation for the sake of the overall situation.

As a result, it has now evolved into a very strange phenomenon.

Under the leadership of the female sect master of the Eastern Qilin Gate, female generals have appeared frequently in recent years. Among the more than 200 people, women accounted for three-quarters, making it a daughter country.

However, Qilin Gate in the west and north is not a good thing.

They each have their own small abacus.

For example, the master of the Western Qilin Gate is a big weird flower, a wretched middle-aged man who exudes the aura of picking and searching.

And the sect master of the Qilin Gate in the north is a lewd grandmother…

In the past few years, there have been constant disputes among the Qilin Gates in the Quartet, led by the owner of the Qilin Gate in the East, and sometimes even clamoring to leave the Qilin Gate and stand on its own.

But after all, they didn’t know what would happen if they betrayed the Qilin Gate, so they just shouted, which had no practical effect.

When Wiliam heard this, his heart was already angry.

But he didn’t have any seizures for the time being, Zhao Dongcheng was also a little scared after finishing talking.

He naturally noticed that Wiliam’s expression was wrong.

I also know that what I said just now must have caused the adults’ unhappiness.

But this is reality, and he has no idea.

“Tell me, what’s wrong on your side.” Wiliam suddenly asked again.

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart chuckles, it’s coming!

Just now he sprayed the three-way Qilin door and made the call cool, and now it’s his turn, this is called retribution.

Zhao Dongcheng bit his scalp and said falteringly: “In fact, we have a lot of problems with the Kylin Gate in the south…”

“Um, first of all, it is naturally my old and useless thing. Over the years, I have been addicted to beauty and not enterprising. The development of Qilinmen has not improved. If the upper beam is not correct, the lower beam is crooked. It’s just that I’m living in a muddle-headed way, I have lost my fighting spirit, and I just want to have fun one by one.”

Speaking of this, everyone’s faces suddenly became ashamed, and they dared not look at Wiliam.

“So, do you think you are guilty?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Zhao Dongcheng was taken aback, and his heart jumped wildly.

But he still nodded, not daring to hide anything, “Yes, the subordinate is convicted.”

Wiliam looked at Zhao Dongcheng, and said again: “Since I am convicted, I don’t think you should be the sect master.”


There was an uproar at the scene!

Everyone looked at this young master in disbelief!

Unexpectedly, there was no punishment for Zhao Dongcheng before, but now he is punished!

Moreover, it is still so decisive!

Directly dismissed Zhao Dongcheng as the master!

Although Zhao Dongcheng has had it over the years, he is equally successful in sticking to the Qilin Gate.

How come you have to offset the merits and demerits?

Is it possible that the young master is avenging his personal vengeance and resenting Zhao Dongcheng for offending him?

Everyone did not dare to breathe, and Zhao Dongcheng’s expression was even harder to see the extreme!

He felt terribly uncomfortable, but he was still a man, and finally decided to resist all the blame alone!

“Subordinate! Lead the crime!” Zhao Dongcheng said this, his eyes instantly red.

This sect master, he has been ten years!

Say no to nostalgia, it is fake.

The man is in the four directions, who doesn’t want to be above others?

Just hate!

Over the years, I lost my mind and didn’t want to make progress. I deserved it!

Young master, the punishment is right!

The faces of everyone also showed extreme unbearable and regret.

But at this time, Wiliam once again shocked everyone!

“From now on, I will be the master of the Southern Qilin Gate…”

“Personally in charge!”

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“What!” Everyone couldn’t believe what they heard!

Young Master Kylin!

The venerable above the Sifang Sect Master, actually wants to be exalted and personally command the Southern Qilin Sect!

This is simply the supreme honor of the Southern Kylin Gate!

If what Master Lu said is true!

The status of the Southern Kylin Gate will surpass the other three Kylin Gates in one fell swoop!

After all, the young master himself is in charge, who would dare to offend the Southern Qilin Gate!

What kind of punishment is this!

This is praising the Southern Qilin Gate.

The hearts of everyone trembled wildly.

They stared at Wiliam stubbornly, and they didn’t care about any respect.

They just want to know, is what Master Lu said is true or not?

Even Zhao Dongcheng looked at Wiliam with shock.

This kind of honor instantly dissipated the trace of regret and helplessness in his heart.

Wiliam looked at the crowd and slowly said, “Can you hear me clearly? Then I will say it again. From now on, I will personally control the Southern Qilin Gate.”

“Thank Young Master Ende! I will do my best and assist with all my strength!” Everyone bends down, everyone’s heart is extremely excited.

The glory of the Southern Kylin Gate is about to open!

In the past few years, I have been too aggrieved to be suppressed by the three-way Kylin Gate!

Now it’s time to exhale!

Seeing the excitement of everyone, Wiliam smiled.

This decision was just made by him.

He had seen the sincere heart of everyone with the same hatred before, and his anger towards these people had already disappeared.

He believes that people with this passion are by no means hopeless.

Therefore, he is willing to personally lead this group of people.

“In addition, Zhao Dongcheng was demoted to the deputy sect leader, and Cui Shangyun, who worked abroad, was also the deputy sect leader. You are my left and right hand, regardless of top and bottom.” Wiliam said again.

Now, the audience was quiet for an instant!

Everyone looked at Wiliam in shock, and some even looked at Zhao Dongcheng.

Zhao Dongcheng, just like a fool, stayed there.

He originally thought that being deposed as the master of the sect, it would be good to be a unicorn slave.

Unexpectedly, he could still be the deputy master!


This deputy master is completely different from the deputy master in the traditional sense!

This is the deputy master of the Kylin Lord himself!

In other words, his deputy sect master is directly loyal to the sect master!

That is to be loyal to the Lord of Kylin!

This is much stronger than when he was the doormaster before!

What a special thing!

It’s up and down!

Zhao Dongcheng knelt down straight on his knees again!

This time, he didn’t have any other emotions in his heart, there was only one!


To repay the grace of the encounter!

He offends the adult so much, he is so magnanimous, not only does not blame, but promotes himself!

It’s so admirable.

Others looked at Zhao Dongcheng with envy, this girl has blown up the entire universe in his entire life!

You have such luck in this life!

And those high-levels, don’t mention too much complexity at this moment.

Because, besides Zhao Dongcheng, another person’s name appeared in Wiliam’s mouth
Cui Shangyun.

Before Cui Shangyun, it was just these high-level subordinates, and they didn’t even like this guy with a sticky head.

In terms of seniority, Cui Shangyun is not in his turn.

Unexpectedly, the current Cui Shangyun, who is directly serving as an adult, has skyrocketed in status, directly surpassing them.

Sitting on an equal footing with Zhao Dongcheng, his identity has jumped above the other three sect masters!

This is the carp leaping over the dragon gate!

For a while, they were extremely envious of Cui Shangyun, and they only hated that they knew the adults earlier and served them well.

And everyone, ashamed of their own villain.

Where is Master Lu?

He is truly selfless!

Zhao Dongcheng offended him personally, and he did not pursue it.

Only when he jumped to the height of the entire southern Qilin Gate, Wiliam rewarded and punished.

“Get up.” Wiliam said to Zhao Dongcheng.

But Zhao Dongcheng, his face was full of tears at this moment, and he could not kneel for anything.

How could it be possible to kneel gently to know the grace of encounters!

Everyone hurried up and helped Zhao Dongcheng up.

They had never seen Zhao Dongcheng such a gaffe.

“Next, I hope that everyone here will work together to live up to the reputation of the unicorn.” Wiliam said to everyone.

Everyone quickly bent over and said yes.

So far!

No one at the Southern Qilin Gate had complaints against Wiliam!

All they have in their hearts is respect!

This seemingly young young man has a broader mind than everyone, and a broader vision than everyone!

At the same time, it has a heavier means than everyone!

Everyone knows that Wiliam’s move is both gracious and powerful, playing tricks.

But everyone, willingly.

Give people candy, as long as the candy is sweet enough and non-toxic.


“Well, that’s it for today’s meeting.” Wiliam said, and stood up.

He looked at the closed door.

Someone knows and hurries to open the door.

Wiliam walked out the door, everyone hurriedly followed behind him.

He was the first to walk out the door, but saw a person standing at the door.

It’s the security guard before.

The security guard had no idea what happened inside.

But he, who was devoted to his duties, stayed at the door, staring at the door stupidly.

Now that the door opened, he actually saw the young man who was supposed to be punished suddenly appeared and walked in the forefront. The whole person was staying?

This kid, nothing wrong?

Shouldn’t it?

Isn’t Dong Zhao that easy to talk?

At this time, the little security guard once again saw Zhao Dongcheng standing behind Wiliam.

Zhao Dongcheng’s body bends slightly, as if in a respectful gesture.

This scene made the security guard once again confused.

He couldn’t help but said to the boy in front of him: “You boy, are you dead?”

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the scene solidified again.

Another one who is not afraid of death.

However, Wiliam only smiled this time, “Yeah, thanks to your blessing. By the way, what about my ring wear, should I give it back?”

The security guard immediately turned his attention to Zhao Dongcheng.

With a blast of Zhao Dongcheng’s head, the whole person is going crazy!


The ups and downs in my mood just now were too exciting, why did I forget such an important thing!

He just threw Master Lu’s token out the window!

He rushed out like a crazy wild dog, not even daring to look at Wiliam.

While running, he shouted: “Are you special, don’t you come here soon! Help me find something!”

Outside the window, there is a lush lawn, and the ghost knows where Huan Pei was left.

Others awakened one after another, and one by one the wild dogs rushed out.

Seeing the turmoil at the scene, Wiliam seemed to know what they were looking for.

However, Wiliam, who had succeeded in gathering people’s hearts, didn’t care about these things. He just smiled and watched everyone frantic.

In front of him, there was still a small security guard standing.

At this moment, the little security guard seemed to know in a vague way that he could make Zhao Dong so panicked that the young man in front of him was definitely not an ordinary person!

He looked at Wiliam fearfully, licked his dry lips, and asked with a trembling voice, “Well, you have no other orders, if there are any…”

Wiliam smiled, patted him on the shoulder, and then strode forward.


“Just tell me one thing.”


“East! West! North!”

“The master of the Kirin Gate of the Three Realms!”

“Come and see you now!”

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Until Wiliam’s figure disappeared, the little security guard was still stunned, his entire head as if bombed.

Wiliam didn’t speak loudly just now.

But the little security guard saw Wiliam’s eyes full of gaze, like a hidden river and mountains!

He had never felt this way before, and wanted to bow in the direction where Wiliam disappeared.

Not far away, Zhao Dongcheng noticed this scene and ran over quickly.

According to his personality, he would directly speak to the little security guard extremely coldly.

But just now, Zhao Dongcheng also noticed Wiliam’s smile at the security guard.

His attitude changed suddenly.

He stood in front of the little security guard and asked gently: “What is your name?”

The little security guard was trembling all over when he came to see Dong Zhao.

But he didn’t expect that Zhao Dong, who has always been eyelid, would actually speak to himself in person, with such a gentle attitude.

He was flattered and quickly reported his name.

When Zhao Dongcheng asked the security guard what Wiliam had just said, the security guard was in a trance again.

What did the young man say just now?

It seems to know every word.

But it seemed to be very strange to connect.

What is the Kylin Gate?

The little security guard told Zhao Dongcheng what Wiliam had just said.

And hearing the words of the security guard, Zhao Dongcheng’s face was extremely excited!


The master of the three-way Kylin Gate came to see you immediately!

Master Lu, this is going!


He will personally command the Quartet Qilin Gate!

The opportunity for the rise of the unicorn is here!

Zhao Dongcheng immediately wanted to follow Wiliam’s statement, but suddenly noticed that Master Lu had just asked the little security guard to notify him.

Zhao Dongcheng naturally did not dare to disobey Master Lu’s intentions.

It’s just that it’s really nasty to let a little security guard, and not a unicorn, let him notify.

What would you think of those three weird things when they heard a small security guard tell them to come over?

Thinking of this, Zhao Dongcheng actually looked forward to it.

I can’t wait to fly by the three people and see what kind of weird looks they will have.

Zhao Dongcheng immediately wrote the phone numbers of the three people to the little security guard.

The little security guard was completely stunned, did he really let himself inform?

“Go and inform, you just say, these words were made by the lord of the unicorns. The time is set at nine o’clock tonight, and the location is set on the top floor of the West Lai Cloud Hotel in Yuncheng.” Zhao Dongcheng took an unprecedented shot. Pat the little security guard on the shoulder.

The little security guard was completely lost.

Although he didn’t know what the Kylin Lord was.

But he already felt it faintly.

He seemed to have been involved in an incomparable thing.

After Zhao Dongcheng ordered this, he turned around and continued to search for the blood unicorn ring.

But after two steps, he turned around and said faintly: “From now on, you will be the security captain of the group.”

In a word, the little security guard was extremely excited.

Captain Security!

Just for helping Zhao Dongcheng inform a meeting?

No, it should be said to help that kid inform a meeting before!

His own value skyrocketed, becoming the security captain of Lanyue Group!
He never dreamed of being so unprepared to come by, glory and wealth!

And all of this is because I helped that young man a favor?

Thinking of this, the little security guard looked in the direction where Wiliam had disappeared again, his eyes were red.

Standing on the lawn, Zhao Dongcheng closed his eyes slightly.

In his heart, the waves are now raging!

When was the last time the sect masters gathered together?

What was discussed last time?

It seems that it is too long to recall at all.

But this time the Quartet Gathering will surely be included in the history of Qilinshi!

It’s time to let go of your hands and feet and have a big fight!

The little security guard found a quiet place specially, holding a mobile phone in his left hand and a piece of paper written to him by Zhao Dong in his right hand.

But his hands were shaking.

He knew that the owner of the three phone numbers he wanted to call must also be a legend!

He dialed from the last phone first.

The phone went through soon.

“Who?” On the other end of the phone, there was an indifferent voice, a man.

The little security guard shook his body, and immediately collapsed straight, and said cringly, “Hello, I am a security guard of the Yuncheng Lanyue Group.”

I just hung up on the other side of the phone.

In another city, a middle-aged man dressed in tattered clothes sits on a luxurious sofa with a beautiful woman on his left and a beautiful woman on his right.

The phone was thrown on the table.

This person is surprisingly the master of the Qilin Gate in the West, nicknamed the God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth naturally knew the name of Yuncheng Lanyue Group.

However, Zhao Dongcheng, the owner of the Southern Kylin Gate, actually asked a small security guard to call him.

Ho ho, it’s really floating.

He was thinking when the phone rang again.

He closed his eyes slightly, his chin slightly raised.

The beauty on the right hand immediately answered the phone, and then turned on the speaker.

The phone is still on the table.

On the other side of the phone, there was a knocking voice, “My lord, forgive me! My lord, forgive me! I have a meeting notice to inform you. Tonight, at nine o’clock in the evening, on the top floor of the Xilai Cloud Hotel in Cloud City, someone is going to hold it. Meeting, please attend.”

The God of Wealth sneered and said faintly: “Someone is going to have a meeting? Angry horse Zhao Dongcheng has a meeting? A joke, let’s not say that Zhao Dongcheng has the right to notify me of the meeting. You are a little ant, and you deserve to call me.”

At this time, God of Wealth felt a little unhappy in his heart.

Zhao Dongcheng, nicknamed Ruma.

The weakest person in the Quartet Kylin Gate, dare to inform him of the meeting?

And so disrespectful.

It seems that the Southern Qilin Gate is looking for death.

The beauty saw that God of Wealth’s expression changed slightly, her heart froze, and she immediately stepped forward and was about to hang up.

But at this time, there was a nervous voice on the phone.

“That, it’s not our Zhao Dong who wants you to come to the meeting, it’s a man named Qilin Lord…”

Voice, only here.

That little beauty has already hung up the phone.

The little beauty who hung up the phone still had lingering fears on her face, with a strong smile to please the God of Wealth, and said softly: “This person has a problem. What is the lord of the unicorn…”

However, the face of the God of Wealth changed in an instant!

Dou Da’s cold sweat came directly along his forehead!

What did he hear!

The Lord of Kylin!

It was not that Zhao Dongcheng called him to a meeting!

It is the lord of the unicorn!

The Lord of Kylin, has he appeared?

A chill ran straight down his forehead along the soles of his feet, and the goose bumps all over his body rose.

Thinking of this, God of Fortune’s eyes widened, and the whole person stood up directly from the sofa, almost roaring: “Quick! Call back! Just ask! Who is it that wants me to go to the meeting!”


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