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Dragon Husband 846

The two little beauties were obviously shocked by the scary look of the God of Wealth.

They were completely dull, their entire bodies stiffened.

Why would a small security guard call so nervous about the wealthy God of Wealth?

What is the Lord of Kylin?

They don’t know at all, the current God of Wealth has set off a stormy sea!

He is a businessman, and he is a rich man with his hands covered.

His thinking is naturally very active.

He immediately thought of several very unreasonable places.

If Zhao Dongcheng wanted to invite himself, he would never send a small security guard to call.

The reality is that a little security guard called him.

This shows what?

It shows that Zhao Dongcheng has no fear, this phone, he has to answer it, or if he doesn’t answer it!

In this meeting, I have to go and go if I don’t!

Where does Zhao Dongcheng’s confidence come from!

Only one is possible.

Those four words!

The Lord of Kylin!

Has the Kylin Lord, who hasn’t appeared in ten years, finally appeared!

Thinking of this, look at the two women next to him in a daze.

The God of Wealth grabbed the phone and dialed quickly.

On the other side, the little security guard was hung up twice and his confidence was completely lost.

He looked depressed and didn’t know whether to fight again.

Unexpectedly, this time his phone rang actively.

At first glance, it was the number he had just called.

The little security hurriedly picked up.

On the other side of the phone, he almost roared and shouted: “You can tell me clearly! Who is it! Tell me to go to Yuncheng for a meeting!”

The little security guard was yelled so that his legs were soft, and he knelt on the ground, and then bumped and said: “Kirin, the lord of the unicorn.”

God of Wealth, hear clearly this time!

His phone clicked and fell to the ground, and there was no sound even though the little security guard on the phone asked for instructions.

The Lord of Kylin really appeared.

Is the glorious age of unicorn power coming?

“Immediately! Arrange for my helicopter, Feiyun City!” The God of Fortune suddenly became extremely serious, and said solemnly.

The faces of the two women were even more weird.

Use a private helicopter?

Fortuna owns a helicopter, but most of the time it is used to show off.

He detained and searched and searched, but couldn’t bear to use it.

Unexpectedly, it was the sun hitting the west side that came out today, and he went directly to Yuncheng by helicopter.

Who on earth is there in Yuncheng that makes the God of Wealth so important!

However, they did not dare to ask, and immediately went out to make arrangements.

The little security guard made a second call and called an old woman.

The master of Qilin Gate in the north, nicknamed Tongmao.

Grandma Tong lives in a magnificent half-mountain villa.

A group of young handsome men are resting.

Suddenly he was awakened by a loud drink!

The whole villa suddenly trembled slightly.

“Children! Come to Yuncheng with me! If the angry horse dares to play with grandma, he will die tonight!”

The last call from the security guard was made, but no one answered.

After ten minutes, the security guard was finally helpless.
He had to edit a newsletter and send it to people.

And in a black and white room, the alcohol was strong.

A beautiful and unruly woman dressed as a flower, opened her eyes slightly.

She took the phone and glanced at the text message.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Is the lord of unicorns present?

Ho ho, it came just right.

This bottle of wine is just enough to make up your mind.

She moved towards the door and said softly, “Assemble, go to Yuncheng.”

“Forcing the palace.”

The last two words are loud!

She is the strongest combat power in the Quartet Kylin Gate!

The sect master of the Eastern Kirin Gate who has broken through to the early stage of Huajin!

Nicknamed Mulan!

Mulan received the banner of the East Kylin Gate from her mother three years ago.

In other words, there is no unicorn blood in her body.

Therefore, she has always had the idea of ​​independent portals from Qilin Gate.

Only because of her mother and the plea of ​​her subordinates, she did not make any extraordinary moves.

But this time, Mulan has made up his mind.

Stand on your own!

Now the Lord of Kylin is appearing well.

Pick it out in public and fight if you don’t agree!

Mulan has never been a fearful master.

During the day, Yuncheng still seemed extremely calm.

In the evening, this calm was torn to pieces instantly!

Whether it is Yuncheng or the location of the three-way Kylin Gate, the wind is surging.

The official at the location of the three-party Kylin Gate also received the message.

Hao Xiong, who had been dormant in their respective cities for several years, left the city together within one day!

These official high-level people all mentioned their throats!

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

What is it that can get these people out of the city together!

And the Yuncheng in the whirlpool is even more chaotic!

In a bright conference room, all the official leaders of Cloud City gathered together!

They received messages from three other cities.

There are three people and horses, and almost an hour later, they will all come to Yuncheng together!

The leader of these three forces, placed in any city, is enough to cover the sky with one hand!

Now, they are all moving, and the direction is surprisingly consistent!

Cloud City!

As the official high-level officials of Yuncheng, these people only felt that they were being pressed by a few mountains, and they were almost out of breath.

These people appear together in Cloud City, what are they going to do!

Yuncheng, what is there to attract these heroes!

They are puzzled.

Some people even issued an order immediately: “Take me a closer look! See if there are any big figures in our Cloud City in the past two days!”

The fear of the unknown makes these people feel like sitting on pins and needles.

They were afraid that these strange people and strangers would appear in Cloud City to make some big moves.

If something goes wrong in Yuncheng, all the black hats of these people will fall out.

It’s a pity that after some investigation, it is still impossible to find out any bigwigs who came to Yuncheng in the past two days.

A group of people are completely helpless.

Finally, the highest leader looked at the time, and it was too late if he didn’t take any countermeasures before the tripartite forces arrived at Cloud City within an hour.

He was heartbroken and suddenly patted the table.

The people around were all startled, holding their breaths.

The supreme leader, suppressing the anxiety in his heart, shouted like desperately: “Assemble all resources and strength, one wave of people, stay at the airport! Another wave of people, the whole city is under martial law!”

Everyone’s face changed!

Martial law in the city!

This is the highest alert!

What exactly should the leader do!

Do you want to fight against the three-party forces!

However, the next second, they were all stunned.

The supreme leader took a deep breath and slowly said, “All resources and all troops will be provided with unimpeded convenience for these three forces! There must be no obstruction! Anyone who is unfavorable to these three parties should be arrested! I want to see. , The group of dragons gather together, which immortal Buddha is worshipping!”

Dragon Husband 847

The eyes of the people at the scene were wide.

They couldn’t believe that the top leader would give such seemingly crazy instructions!

However, when they thought about it, they were all relieved.

More helpless.

Yuncheng is just a small city after all.

Officials do not fight with the people, it is vividly demonstrated in this sentence.

Although these three parties are for the people, they are too strong.

It is simply not something they can afford to offend.

The instructions of the top leaders seem crazy, but they are also the most reasonable.

All the conveniences of these three parties can only be given, and perhaps the unknown loss can be minimized.

And they pondered the words of the supreme leader, but there were stormy waves.

What are the heroes seeking to gather Cloud City?

They have no idea.

But judging from the fact that the three parties arrived at the Cloud City at the same time, it was indeed too much like one thing.

Just like the supreme leader said, dragons worship Buddha!

Yuncheng, at a time and place they didn’t know, there was a big Buddha hidden!

These heroes are here to meet!

Thinking of this, they aroused infinite curiosity. What kind of fairy is this fairy Buddha?

Thirty minutes later, the entire Cloud City was in an extremely anxious atmosphere.

People with live ammunition can be seen everywhere on the street.

Especially at Yuncheng Airport, it is heavily guarded and everyone is in danger.

There are no airtight walls in the world.

A rumor spread all over the city.

Legend has it that there is a big man in Cloud City.

There are many heroes outside, and they are about to arrive in Cloud City.

The hearts of Yuncheng people all mentioned their throats.

I wanted to go out and see, who was this mysterious and powerful man who could make the whole city of Yuncheng martial law sacred, and he didn’t dare to go out for fear of being destroyed by armed men outside.

In one room, Li Sini was on the phone.

She was still angry today.

Because since she left Lanyue Group until now, Zhao Dongcheng actually didn’t even make a phone call with her.

This is abnormal.

Finally, she thought about taking the initiative to call Zhao Dongcheng, but she didn’t expect the phone to be hung up directly.

This made her even more angry.

She naturally attributed all her anger to the kid she met during the day.

It was also with him that Li Sini’s luck was extremely lost.

She is now on the phone with Brother Wolf.

And the mood is worse!

“Brother Wolf, you are really going back! It’s just that if you make you a little-known kid, you are afraid of this! Now the whole city is under martial law, and it is not you who are on guard! Where is your confidence and that Is the legendary mysterious boss on par?”

“Don’t you just want to raise the price! I promise you can’t do it! One month! As long as you get that kid out for me! Isn’t it OK for my old lady to stay with you for a month? Humph, no, just forget it, my old lady People go! People who want to do things for my mother are queued to the horizon!”

Li Sini said, pretending to hang up.

At this time, the head of the phone was subdued, and Li Sini showed a smile. Haosheng said a few ambiguous words to Brother Wolf, “Brother Wolf, as long as your business is done tonight, I will be with you tonight, I I have already booked a luxurious room in the West Lai Cloud, you can get it as you like.”
The wolf brother on the other side of the phone was immediately dizzy and completely forgot about the martial law outside.

Asking for wealth and danger is not just to get a stinky boy, but also to provoke those official people to fail?

Thinking of this, Brother Lang was heartbroken, and the matter was settled.

“By the way, didn’t I let you stare at that kid, as for others, don’t stare at me.” Li Sini asked again.

Brother Lang said carelessly: “I have asked my hand to check all the hotel accommodations. I believe there will be a letter in a while. Don’t worry, I will applaud everyone. There are more than 30 people. You face.”

Li Sini snorted and teased Brother Lang a few more words before hanging up the phone.

She went to take a shower, preparing to dress up tonight.

With the most proud aura, witness the strangeness of the kid who brought disaster to himself!

At this moment, Zhao Dongcheng is calling Cui Shangyun.

He first conveyed Master Lu’s instructions and congratulated Cui Shangyun on being promoted to the deputy master of the Southern Qilin Gate.

Cui Shangyun on the other end of the phone heard this appointment, and his eyes were red as a seven-foot man.

For a while, Master Lu has tried his best to saddle the horse, and Master Lu has never forgotten!

He saw it all!

Now Lord Lu has given himself the most gorgeous and noble identity!

It’s worthy of my life!

When Zhao Dongcheng saw Cui Shangyun not speaking, he also knew Cui Shangyun’s mood at the moment.

He couldn’t help but said with emotion: “Little Cui, I really envy you. I knew Young Master so early. I always said that you were stupid and said you were stupid. I didn’t think you were the smartest. Before, it was me. I underestimate you, I apologize to you for my previous attitude towards you, and I will learn more from you in the future.”

Cui Shangyun naturally said something polite.

Zhao Dongcheng turned to the topic and asked Cui Shangyun for Wiliam’s call.

Wiliam walked in a hurry during the day, and did not leave a phone call.

Zhao Dongcheng will naturally report to the adults now.

After getting the phone, he called Wiliam as soon as possible, “Master Lu, according to your instructions, you should also know by now that the owner of the Tripartite Qilin Gate will be in Yuncheng soon! There is a lot of rumors outside. Your mysterious identity. All the official ones are also convenient for us. I never thought that this meeting would cause a sensation throughout the city!”

Wiliam was in a hotel at the moment, looking out the window under the tight security, he naturally knew, he said lightly: “Time, place.”

Zhao Dongcheng immediately reported the time and place.

“Okay, I see, I will go there in advance. I have something to tell you first.” Wiliam thought for a while and said, “At that time, I won’t be the first to reveal my identity. You can arrange it. .”

Zhao Dongcheng was taken aback and couldn’t help asking: “Why?”

Wiliam, there is no answer.

Zhao Dongcheng suddenly slapped his head, and immediately said: “It’s the subordinates who are talking too much! I know! Go ahead!”

Zhao Dongcheng realized that Master Lu did this!

If it is the first time to show its identity, then these three forces will definitely pretend to be flattering and sloppy.

And what Master Lu wants to see is the truest side of these three forces, so that he can plan for the next step!

Therefore, Master Lu is the best choice in the dark.

“It’s fine to know, let’s do this first.” Wiliam hung up the phone directly.

This Zhao Dongcheng’s head is not as neat as Choi Shangyun.

After Zhao Dongcheng hung up the phone, he immediately conveyed Master Lu’s order in person to ensure that everyone on his side was conveyed in place without any omission.

It wasn’t until 8 o’clock in the evening that Wiliam set off from the hotel and headed to Xilai Cloud Hotel.

Quartet dragon moves!

The wind is surging!

Dragon Husband 848

A few minutes after Wiliam walked out of the hotel, Li Sini, who had been waiting for the message, finally received a call from Brother Wolf.

Inquire about the whereabouts of that kid!

When Li Sini heard this message, her whole body was cheered up, “Okay! I’ll leave right away! You’ll take someone there right away!”

However, Brother Lang hesitated, as if unhappy.

Li Sini seemed to know the thoughts of Brother Wolf, and said coldly: “What are you doing!”

Brother Wolf finally said, “Are you going to pay me a little interest in advance.”

Li Sini is almost going to be pissed off by this imposing man!

The guy who is thinking about problems entirely from the lower body!

How could I fall in love with such a person in the first place!

Actually I am afraid that I am shameless!

“Brother Wolf, you really let me down! Okay, I’ll just follow you! Where are you, I’ll look for you right away! Anyway, the whereabouts of that kid has been controlled by us.” Li Sini said coldly.

Brother Lang recovered his previous attitude and reported his address.

His heart became enthusiastic, this Li Sini is really a top quality, he has been obsessed with Li Sini’s body.

On the other side, Wiliam called a car and came to the gate of Yunxilai Hotel.

He looked outside from the car. At the moment when the cloud came to the hotel, the lobby was bustling with people.

These people, dressed in different costumes, are in the dust, and at first glance they have arrived here.

It seems that they are the people of the three unicorns, but Wiliam still has no way of knowing which one.

Zhao Dongcheng should organize the meeting on the top floor.

After Wiliam got out of the car, he walked inside.

However, too many people gathered at the gate.

Moreover, these people are all wild and lonely, like a group of wild roads gathering.

Wiliam squeezed in along the gap, but was suddenly squeezed behind him, and someone shouted: “Oh, that boy grandma is here!”

Wiliam’s body was suddenly squeezed a few steps, and bumped into someone.

Wenxiang nephrite.

Wiliam didn’t feel it much, but he raised his head and said to the person in front of him, “Sorry.”

But unexpectedly, the atmosphere seemed to freeze in an instant.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Wiliam’s body.

All the noise just now stopped.

Only then did Wiliam realize that the person who had been hit by him just now was a woman who was about 30 years old.

The woman was dressed up all over, and she looked a bit pretty.

However, at this moment, the woman’s eyes were filled with disgust and anger.

“Sorry.” Wiliam casually apologized again, after all, he ran into this woman.

However, this woman’s face became more difficult to look.

Around, finally there was a whisper of discussion.

All the spearheads were aimed at Wiliam.

“Hahaha, there is a good show, this kid doesn’t know where the rubbish is from?”

“Which side of the unicorn door is he? Don’t you know this violent woman in front of you?”

“Hahaha, what he ran into was Lin Dandan, the deputy master of the Qilin Gate of the East Territory. Who didn’t know, deputy master He was a devout ascetic. Since she became an adult, no man has touched her yet, now I let a stinky boy touch him. I really don’t know if this boy deliberately ate tofu or wanted to die haha.
Wiliam frowned slightly.

This woman with an angry face turned out to be the deputy head of the Eastern Qilin Gate?

At the scene, Wiliam and Lin Dandan gave way to a circle.

Lin faintly looked at the young man in front of him, with a disgusting feeling in his heart.

The most annoying man in her life is the smelly man.

He didn’t think that this kid was so timid that he would hit himself.

Could it be a sentence of embarrassment?

After Wiliam apologized, he felt at ease and wanted to stride forward.

“Stop!” Lin faintly and frosty voice came from behind him.

Wiliam turned around and looked at Lin Dandan.

Lin stared at Wiliam lightly, his eyes seemed to hesitate, “I want to leave when I hit me?”

Wiliam slowly said, “I’ve already told you the words of apology, why bother to hold on if you lose your mind?”

Lin Dandan was directly smiled by Wiliam’s words.

What an arrogant kid!

If you dare to hit me, I can’t make the mistake!

Smelly man, there is nothing good!

“Which side of the unicorn gate are you?” Lin asked coldly.

Wiliam thought for a while, and said, “Southern Kylin Gate.”

Lin Dan faintly smiled, “I guess it is! The trash keeper, the trash under the leadership!”

Wiliam frowned.

This woman seemed to have a natural hostility towards men.

“Where did you hit me just now, where did you remove it yourself, and need my help?” Lin Dan said coldly.

In her heart, being angry is one thing.

But as soon as he heard that this kid belonged to the Southern Qilin Clan, he suddenly had an idea of ​​scheming.

Mulan, the owner of the Qilin Gate in the east, still hasn’t arrived at the hotel, but Lin Dandan has always known that the owner wants to stand on his own, and the main purpose of coming here today is also for this.

Now, isn’t it a perfect fuse?

The disciple of the Southern Qilin Sect who didn’t know what was good or bad, even offended him?

Ho ho, can’t it happen that you can take the opportunity to provoke the incident and cause the Southern Qilin Sect to be dissatisfied with all the Qilin Sects?

Thinking of this, Lin Dandan’s mouth twitched slightly, looking at the kid who didn’t know where he appeared before him, thanking him a little bit.

Thanks to this kid too.

I’m just a little sorry for making you a victim of our Mulan Sect Master’s attack.

Ho Ho, but who cares about the sacrifice of a little ant.

Seeing Lu Yewan speaking, Lin Dandan thought that Wiliam was frightened.

She suddenly became angry and said sharply: “Little disciple, dare to offend my deputy head of the Southern Qilin Gate in full view! Who gave you the bear heart and leopard courage! Is it Zhao Dongcheng! It seems, you Southern Qilin? The gate is very unhappy with our East Kylin gate!”

The atmosphere on the scene suddenly stagnated.

Many people actually understood Lin Dandan’s implication.

She wants to magnify this matter!

Rise directly to the grudge between the two unicorn gates!

Some people in the Western and Northern Territories couldn’t bear it, so they quickly said to Wiliam: “Hey, boy, you don’t understand the situation or something, don’t apologize to Master Lin quickly! Otherwise, if this is a big deal, you will It’s not as simple as removing arms and legs.”

“Do you want the entire Qilin Gate to fall apart because of your fault? At that time you were a sinner through the ages!”

“Hurry up and do what she says, Master Lin, you can’t afford to offend a little disciple.”

But at this time, listening to Wiliam Senran’s smile, his eyes became awkward.

“I see, you, the deputy master of the Eastern Qilin Gate…”

“It’s not appropriate!”

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When Wiliam said this, his heart was angry.

This Qilin Gate of the East Territory, as Zhao Dongcheng said, was used to acting arrogantly.

Tugged a little thing and started making a fuss.

The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. It seems that Mulan is not a good character either.

If it weren’t for concealing identity, how could it be so real?

It’s going to be a drastic reorganization.

When the people around heard Wiliam say these words, their eyes widened!

The little disciple, still the weakest disciple of the Southern Qilin Sect among the Quartet Qilin Sect, dare to say such words.

Simply rebellious!

What a fate!

When this was said, it was completely overwhelmed.

Lin Dandan will definitely take advantage of the situation and provoke a dispute between the two.

Confused child!

Can’t see the situation in front of me, nonsense!

This sentence, but put the Southern Kylin Gate in an impossible place!

But after hearing this, Lin Dandan really laughed.

This kid is dull.

But it just happened to follow his own mind.

Is it rare to be the deputy master of the Southern Kylin Gate?

My mother is indeed improper.

After tonight, the old lady is the first person under Mulan Sect Master, why bother to look at the faces of other Qilin Sect Masters?

Then, before improperly being the deputy master, let’s finally exercise the power of the deputy master.

Thinking of this, Lin Dandan’s face instantly turned cold, and he sternly shouted: “Come here! Catch this kid who committed the crime and put him to death!”

A group of women under Lin Dandan’s hand suddenly rushed out.

The people around quickly vacated a space and shook their heads helplessly.

Everything was found by this kid himself.

I just hope that this kid will be reborn in his next life. He needs to wipe the bright spot to see who can offend and who can’t offend, and also weigh himself, what he can say and what he cannot say.

When the situation was tense, a dark voice suddenly came from behind.

“Hoho, Lin Wawa, so majestic, you haven’t seen you in a few years, you are getting more and more crazy.”

This sound made people feel goose bumps.

Because the voice sounds immature, with a childish voice.

But in this child’s voice, it is mixed with the meaning of coldness, which makes the hair creepy.

And everyone, you don’t have to look back to know who is speaking!

The master of the northern Kylin Gate!


A wicked old woman.

Wiliam heard this sound for the first time, and couldn’t help but look back.

At this time, behind Wiliam, he had already given way.

A group of people are walking in mighty.

Wiliam couldn’t help frowning when Wiliam looked at the person in front.

The person in charge is clearly an old woman.

His face was covered with wrinkles, and he was about seventy years old.

However, the strangest thing is that she is only about one meter tall.

It looks like a dwarf.

And it’s such an old dwarf woman who walks with her hands on her back, so majestic.

Behind the old woman, there were more than 20 people following.

These people are all young men.

Every man’s face is very handsome, but also very pale.
The arrival of this group of people shunned people around, and the road made it wider.

Wiliam even heard the whispers around him.

“This young boy hasn’t seen her for a few years, and she has become more and more serious. She has so many male pets all at once.”

“What do you know? Tong grandmother is just like this, and you only saw twenty-somethings. If you go to her villa, you can see that there are a hundred and eighty male pets , That’s called a spectacular.”

“Damn! I was scared to death, what should I do if I am so handsome? What if I am taken by my grandmother? I should stay away from her.”

Wiliam stared at the approaching Tong Grandma and gave a wry smile.

These sect masters are really more weird.

People in their seventies have such a refreshing taste.

Looking at the faces of the male pets, it is obvious that all of them are already scum.

Lin faintly watched Grandma Tong appear at this time, his face was unhappy, but he could only bend down and respectfully, “Tongmao’s master is here, there is a long way to go, please forgive Tongma.”

To be honest, Lin Dandan really didn’t dare to offend the child.

The strength of the Northern Qilin Gate ranks second among the Quartet.

However, as far as the sect master’s strength is concerned, Tong Grandma can say without exaggeration that he can fight the Mulan sect master.

As for the strength of the sect, Tongmao’s Northern Qilin Sect can be directly ranked to the end.

After all, all of her disciples have become Tongma’s medicine dregs.

One by one, they were frivolous and unbearable.

So in a strict sense, Tongma alone propped up a unicorn gate.

Lin Dandan naturally didn’t dare to confront such evildoers.

Tongma smiled as he walked and said, “It’s okay, the old woman just came to watch the show.”

With that, she looked up at Wiliam.

At this look, her eyes suddenly lit up.

With this light, the people around me felt sick.

Everyone also noticed that Tong Grandma was looking at Wiliam.

At this time, the people behind Wiliam scatter all at once, fearing being picked by Tongma.

The people around them smiled playfully and talked a lot.

“It seems that Grandma Tong has taken a fancy to this foolish boy.”

“Hahaha, I really don’t know if this kid had good luck or bad luck, he was actually favored by Tongma.”

“Of course I’m lucky. Grandma Tong sees it. Will Lin Dandan still dare to attack this kid? At least he can live a few more years, right? Although it’s a little sicker and a little bit physically painful hahaha.”

Sure enough, Grandma Tong walked to Wiliam’s body, and a male pet directly hugged Grandma Tong up and placed it on his shoulders.

In this way, Tongmao could look directly at Wiliam.

Tongma looked at Wiliam’s handsome and resolute face, the more she looked at it, the more she liked it in her heart.

In the past, Tongmao’s taste has always been that of handsome men who like cream.

But after seeing Wiliam’s face, there was a strong heartbeat.

It seemed that there was a strong male hormone, gushing out of this kid.

It’s so attractive.

Tongma became more satisfied as she watched. In the end, she couldn’t help but said to Wiliam kindly: “Young man, what is your name?”

Wiliam was a little embarrassed to be seen.

But he still didn’t change his face, and said lightly, “Wiliam.”

Grandma Tong didn’t care about his name at all, and smiled more kindly, “Young man, are you willing to follow me and learn some skills, and I will cover you with the old woman in the future, so that you will not be insulted?”

Wiliam said indifferently: “No need.”

The atmosphere stagnated.

This kid, dare to disobey Tong’s words!

However, Tongmao was unexpected and was not angry.

She seemed to feel that such a masculine person should have such a jealous character, which is enough.

Otherwise, men like those behind him are obedient but obedient, but too soft.

Oh, the character is too soft.

Well, it’s him!

Grandma Tong laughed, and said to everyone in public: “This kid, from now on, has officially become my Grandma’s favorite man, no one can disrespect him anymore!”

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When everyone heard the boy’s words, they nodded.

They looked at Wiliam with sympathetic eyes.

This kid is considered a fire pit.

She was actually taken by Tongma.

The lower body is destined to be unhappy.

When Wiliam heard Tong’s words, he smiled.

This child’s grandmother looks quite interesting.

Although the taste is unique, the strength looks good.

Wiliam naturally ignored Tongmao’s words.

When the people around saw Wiliam actually smile, they shook their heads.

A good man, just so depraved.

However, it is a great fortune to be able to pick up a life.

As happy as a fool.

Just wait to cry in bed tonight.

Lin Dandan frowned after hearing this.

Damn it!

This child’s grandmother was so immortal that he appeared at this time.

I also fell in love with the fuse I carefully set.

The perfect plan was destroyed.

She was unwilling to resign, and couldn’t help but say to Tongma: “Master Tong, this kid was disrespectful to our Eastern Qilin Gate…”

However, she was still not finished.

Suddenly felt a majestic force pressing over!

Her cold sweat burst out suddenly.

Tongmao, his face no longer thought of being as kind as before.

But become hideous!

“Offensive to your Eastern Kylin Gate? Then again!”

“how is it!”

so what!

The four characters are like thunder!

The ears of people around were buzzing.

Lin Dandan only felt that his heart was blocked by a stone, very depressed.

“Can you hear what I said just now? Do you need my old woman to say it again?” Tongma asked Lin Dandan.

Lin Dandi’s eyes were extremely unwilling, but he could only say respectfully: “Don’t dare! It’s an honor for Tongma to see this kid.”

“His account is counted on the old woman, I want to find fault, let you Mulan master come over.” Tongma said coldly before taking away the pressure on her body.

Lin Dandan suddenly gasped and touched his forehead, all sweaty.

“Hahaha, Tongmao sect master, where are you really going, where did the man receive, the posture! The posture!” A hearty voice came from not far away.

Everyone looked at it, this time it was the master of the door!

The master of the Western Kylin Gate!

God of wealth.

Wiliam also looked at the man who came by.

Looking at it, I suddenly felt sad.

This man is dressed too badly.

The clothes all over his body were patched and dirty.

He was carrying a big sack behind him, and came here as if he had gone out to pick up trash.

Grab a bowl at hand, and you can really go out and beg perfectly.

This person, will be the master of the Qilin Gate in the West, known as the God of Wealth in a wealthy country?

What a special thing!

One by one, it is eye-opening.

Grandpa, grandpa, how many wonderful works did you collect back then?

God of Wealth smiled and walked over, standing in front of Wiliam, and then withdrew his hands into his sleeves.

A wimpy look, in sharp contrast with his hearty voice.

“But you have a good eye. This kid is good-looking, don’t have any interest.” The God of Wealth glanced at Wiliam, then said to Tong Grandma.
Grandma Tong sneered, “Little beggar, you have a wealth of wealth over the years. Who would you dress like this for? Wouldn’t it be that you are going to come here and sell it again?”

When everyone heard it, there was a black line.

Obviously, everyone is not surprised by Fortuna’s routine.

The God of Wealth was not ashamed but proud of it, and said with a smile: “This is natural. In these years, you three Qilinmen owe little money to the God of Wealth. After finally getting together again, I will naturally want to come back with the benefits. “

It turned out that when the Sifang Kylin Gate was first established, funds were tight, and it was Wiliam’s grandfather who forced the God of Fortune to disperse his wealth, and this successfully passed the transition period.

Only later, the other three Qilin gate masters began to turn their faces and refused to accept the account, relying on the God of Wealth for not paying the account.

As the God of Wealth said, his hand was still in the torn sacks behind him.

Wiliam suddenly thought that he was going to take out a golden abacus and start to settle accounts.

But everyone’s eyes became extremely strange, as if they were going to be blinded again.

Sure enough, Wiliam was blinded by Liang in the next second.

What the God of Wealth took out from the sack was not a golden abacus, nor a ledger.

It turned out to be a rusty iron bowl!

A corner was broken at the mouth of the bowl.

It was really fed by Wiliam’s evil taste just now.

This girl is holding a bowl with him, and can go out and beg.

The God of Wealth ignored everyone’s weird eyes, and directly extended the broken bowl to Tongmao, righteously saying: “Repay the money!”

Tongma is obviously not surprised, too lazy to care about the God of Wealth.

The scene is in such a strange stalemate.

The God of Wealth stretched out his hand and refused to retract, but Tongmao’s face was staring at Wiliam.

In the end, a male pet couldn’t help it anymore, took a piece of steel scorpion from his pocket and threw it into the bowl of the God of Wealth.

“Jingle Bell.”

There was a crisp sound of steel rapier from the iron bowl.

Wiliam Yihan, a dollar, this is a beggar.

But unexpectedly, the master of the dignified Western Qilin Gate, the wealthy God of Wealth, after seeing this steel rod, retracted the bowl with a smile, and carefully put away a dollar.

This scene shocked Wiliam.

What a peculiar thing, one is better than the other!

A person next to Wiliam was shocked when he saw Wiliam’s face. Fortunately, he explained in a low voice, “Boy, listen carefully. Next, I will teach you a golden rule of Qilin. That is the job of the God of Wealth. Take it. As long as the God of Wealth takes out the bowl, if there is no more money in the bowl, it will not be recovered if he is killed. Even a dollar or even a dime can be sent.”

When Wiliam heard the surprising rules, his whole body was not good.

For a while today, Wiliam felt that Sanguan would be shattered by these people.

“Huh, I’m even better than me.” The God of Wealth murmured, and then his voice returned to his heartiness, and said to everyone, “It seems that we are all here, let’s go up, we will meet the legendary unicorn Lord Lord.”

Someone suddenly said: “It seems that the Mulan master is still here.”

Lin Dan said coldly: “What does the master of the unicorn think in the eyes of our sect master? Our sect master’s ability to come is already regarded as a cheer, don’t worry, she went out to find a drink, and she will be there in a while.”

Grandma Tong and God of Wealth seemed to know Mulan’s character, and didn’t care, a group of people headed toward the elevator.

However, when they reached the elevator entrance, everyone stopped.

There are four elevators, one of which has a line of red letters.

“Venerable Qilin, go straight to Tian Ting.”

The meaning is self-evident, this elevator is exclusive to these big people.

It’s just that now the two sect masters appear together, and all of them are watching.

Who goes first, who goes second!

It’s very particular about it.


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