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If it is usual, take an elevator or something, how can there be so many doorways and attention.

The boss of the Quartet Qilin’s power is not in any particular order.

But today is different.

The Kylin Lord appeared and called this meeting.

Whoever goes up first means who first appears in the eyes of the Kylin Lord.

It also represents, who is the head of the Quartet Kylin Gate.

The three realms of east, west and north naturally have to do this kind of care.

No one wanted to lose momentum when they first saw the Kylin Lord.

The scene was silent, and no one dared to speak.

As for the two sect masters and Lin Dandan, you looked at me, and I looked at you. There were many calculations in my eyes.

Finally, Tong Grandma laughed and said indifferently: “It’s fine, you two little babies, just treat the old as you are, and the old woman takes a step first, not too much.”

Tongmao’s age is indeed the largest among the crowd, and his strength lies there.

She stepped out and got ready to get on the elevator.

But at this time, the God of Wealth, who was picking up Soso, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Tongmao.

He smiled very politely, but what he said was beyond doubt, “Tong Grandma, this is not the case. My God of Wealth is the creditor of the Qilin Sect of your three parties, so naturally I want to go ahead, don’t you? Or else, will you pay back? “

Everyone stagnated.

God of Wealth’s thinking is really weird. He does not use power to discuss status, but rather financial power.

The identity of this creditor is really awesome.

However, Lin Dandan on the side sneered, “What’s the matter, it’s not the turn of the Lord of the God of Wealth to go first? I’m the Qilin Gate of the East, starting with the east character, just in front of you, our overall strength is even more square. First of all, our Mulan Sect Master has already broken through to Huajin, let alone you, even the Qilin Lord may not be able to help her. This elevator, naturally, our Eastern Qilin Sect will go up first.

The Qilin Sect disciples from the three parties on the scene suddenly became tense.

Although the three people in front were all smiling, their eyes were already a little more angry.

Everyone is reasonable, and everyone wants to go first.

Wiliam saw this scene from the side and shook his head slightly.

A boring group of people.

Secular and greedy.

Take an elevator, but also toss a wool.

He thought, stepping onto the elevator in one step.

The people at the scene guarded each other, but they had no idea that a small Southern Qilin Sect disciple would get on the ground first.

Everyone wanted to stop, but it was too late.

Wiliam stepped into the elevator with one foot, and asked indifferently, “Are you going? If you don’t, I will go.”

How plain the voice is, and how natural his face is.

It’s as if he just got on the elevator casually.

The people at the scene were so startled by his hand that they got goose bumps.

The three Kylin Gates did not give way to each other, and the owners were afraid of each other outside and dared not go up.

This kid, borrow the courage from the sky!

Dare to go first in front of everyone!

Does this mean!

The Southern Kylin Gate wants to be above the Quartet Kylin Gate!


Where is the strength and courage!


Everyone, including the master, was stunned.
But when Lin reacted indifferently, angrily wanted to kill Wiliam on the spot.

The elevator doors just closed.

Lin Dandan used the gap to see Wiliam’s eyes showing boredom.

Her fire ignited in an instant!

“Damn! I’m going to kill him! Clean up the door!” Lin screamed out angrily.

She felt scorned by an ant at the bottom.

The God of Fortune still looked astonished, wondering what exactly the kid had made just now.

On the contrary, it was Tongmao, as if she had figured it out, and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, my boyfriend, it’s very interesting! The old woman doesn’t misunderstand someone, so I’m so relieved.”

In her heart, Wiliam was already her man, and naturally belonged to the Qilin Gate in the north.

He went up first, that is, the northern Qilin Gate went up first.

That is, Tongma has face.

In her heart, she became more satisfied with Wiliam, a man whose male hormone exploded.

Wiliam, who was in the elevator, was calm.

Even felt mocking.

Venerable Qilin, go straight to the sky.

How many people are there in the Qilin force that can be called the Lord?

Just those sect masters who are worthy of the venerable?

I have been in the den for too long, and I have no idea that there is someone outside the world.

The elevator was directly accessible, and Wiliam quickly went up to the top floor.

As soon as the door opened, a group of people stood at the elevator door.

The head is surprisingly Zhao Dongcheng.

Behind him is the upper level of the Southern Qilin Gate.

A group of people didn’t know what happened just now.

When they saw Wiliam, Qi Qi Gongsheng said, “Farewell to Young Master!”

Wiliam frowned slightly.

Zhao Dongcheng groaned in his heart, and immediately shouted behind him: “What I told you before, have you forgotten it! Give me some of it!”

Everyone nodded.

Wiliam explained that he was not allowed to reveal his identity as the master of the unicorn.

Zhao Dongcheng took a step forward to please the ground, and asked Wiliam, “My lord, is the journey going well?”

He had no words to talk to, but the whole city began martial law from this evening, and he was afraid that it would be no good for Master Lu to have any accident.

And Wiliam replied at will: “It’s okay.”

Naturally, what was the group of people downstairs to Wiliam?

Zhao Dongcheng nodded, “It’s okay.”

His heart finally relaxed.

But at this moment, another elevator dinged.

The elevator door opened slowly.

Zhao Dong could say: “It must be something else…”

There is nothing to say.

The elevator is also not fully opened.

But there was a sound of despairing and murderous rushing into the sky!

“Boy! My old lady killed you!”

A figure rushed out of the elevator anxiously, and ran towards Wiliam with a murderous look!

Zhao Dongcheng was so frightened that he was soft.

His heart just loosened, the young master had no accident.

It didn’t take a few seconds to think that someone was going to assassinate the young master.

He immediately stopped in front of Wiliam and punched Lin Dandan!

Both people backed two steps together before they stood firm.

After seeing that it was Lin Dandan, Zhao Dongcheng’s expression became angry on the spot, “Lin Dandan! Do you want to die!”

Assassinating the young master, but a capital crime!

However, Lin Dandan stared at Zhao Dongcheng with crimson eyes, “Raging Horse Sect Master! You really want to be an enemy of my Eastern Qilin Sect for a mere disciple!”

Zhao Dongcheng was taken aback, and couldn’t help but glance at Wiliam who was calm and composed behind him.

A mere disciple?

The dignified young master of Kylin was actually called a mere disciple?

This is simply the biggest insult to the young master!

Zhao Dongcheng’s violent temper exploded in an instant, “Lin Dandan! Do you know who is presumptuous in front of you now! You don’t want your life!”

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But Lin Dandan naturally couldn’t hear Zhao Dongcheng’s overtones.

She thought that the Southern Qilin Gate was really swollen!

They all dared to stand in front of the Qilin Gate in the East.

She said with an unkind expression: “Raging Horse Sect Master! You’d better weigh your identity! Who are you, why should I, Lin Dandan, be afraid of you!”

If it was normal, Zhao Dongcheng would naturally not dare to compete with Lin Dan.

However, this time is different.

Now, Zhao Dongcheng’s identity has surpassed the other three party masters!

Why should he be afraid of Lin Dandan!

Just when he wanted to ask for an explanation for the young master, his eyes flashed.

Behind Lin Dandan, I don’t know when there was an extra person.

To be more precise, Lin Dandan’s shoulders did not know when there was an extra person.


Grandma Tong seems to be gentle, but her eyes are cold!

“Lin Xiaohua, how many times do you need my old woman to say before you can remember? This young man, but my son’s grandmother’s favorite man.”

Lin Dandan got goose bumps all over her body.

She was angry just now, thinking about teaching this kid a lesson.

He even forgot what Tong Grandma had said.

There are only three things.

Now Tongmao has touched Lin lightly.

But Lin Dan knew that if Tongma dared to anger Tongma a little bit, Tongma would definitely dare to kill her in front of everyone!

Her anger dissipated in an instant, and she said fearfully: “Master Tong, it’s me who is presumptuous.”

Tongma just got off Lin Dan’s shoulder, but looked at Wiliam more and more kindly.

This scene directly stunned Zhao Dongcheng.

Zhao Dongcheng turned to look at Wiliam with a strange expression, and asked in a low voice, “You, what happened to you just now?”

Originally, he was fully prepared to introduce to Wiliam the master of the Tripartite Qilin Gate.

No one thought, Wiliam seemed to know them.

And it’s definitely not just a simple understanding?

Wiliam, angered Lin Dandan, who was in the Qilin Gate of the East?

And also became Tongma’s favorite man?

What a special thing!

Zhao Dongcheng feels his head is about to explode!

How could Young Master Qilin become the man of Tongmao this old witch?

But Wiliam just said indifferently, “What’s the matter, just a little friction.”

Zhao Dongcheng has a black line.

What happened with these sect masters was just a small friction?

And, I asked you just now, didn’t your lord answer that everything is going well?

The scene in front of me is what the adults call smooth?

How could the conflicts and contradictions that adults thought were earth-shattering?

An adult is worthy of being an adult, this vision, this mind, is absolutely amazing.

At this time, the God of Wealth stood up to make a round.

He smiled and said: “Okay, okay, everyone hasn’t seen each other for a long time. Don’t you think it’s embarrassing to be so coaxed just because of a stinky boy? If this scene is seen by the lord of the unicorns, he will What do you think.”

Speaking of the Lord of Kylin, the talents on the scene reacted one by one. Their purpose of gathering here today is to meet Lord Lord of Kylin.

It is really not good for adults to see that everyone is so small.

However, Zhao Dongcheng’s expression became more and more weird.
He kept complaining in his heart, God of Wealth, God of Wealth, if you know that this so-called stinky boy standing in front of you is Young Master Qilin, your broken job will be smashed to pieces.

“Everyone, go in.” Zhao Dongcheng barely held up the scene and said to everyone.

Everyone walked inside one by one.

However, when Lin Dandan passed by Wiliam, he said viciously in Wiliam’s ear.

“Boy, don’t think you can be unscrupulous if someone covers you. After tonight, when our doorkeeper comes over, I see who else can keep you! Remember my words, you are in my hands, and you won’t survive tonight! “Lin said lightly and grimly.

Wiliam didn’t care at all about this vague threat. Instead, he smiled and asked, “Oh? What if I live tonight?”

Lin Dandan was taken aback, and his anger recurred.

“I twisted my head off and used it as a stool for you!”

After speaking, she walked away.

In her heart, after an hour or two, this kid was already dead.

The boy’s biggest support is Tongmao, but when the master comes, it is enough to contain Tongmao.

At that time, who could keep him!

Zhao Dongcheng?

Forgive him for not having the guts!

Everyone walked into the only box on the top floor.

This box is extremely empty.

It’s half the size of a football field.

Enough to hold more than a thousand people.

The seating arrangement at the scene seemed very distinct.

On a large platform, only a heavy chair was placed.

Then below, it is divided into four areas.

East, West, South, and North show four squares.

They correspond to the Quartet Kylin Gate.

Regarding this arrangement, no one has any opinions.

This posture that the heroes have seen is also reasonable.

After all, it is the lord of the unicorn, there is nothing wrong with sitting high on the stage.

However, Lin Dandan said immediately: “Where is the lord of the unicorn? Why can’t you see him?”

Everyone was stunned, and they all reacted, the chair was empty.

Zhao Dongcheng took a peek at Wiliam who was standing next to him, but said righteously, “He will come in a while.”

But Lin Dandan sneered, “The lord of the unicorns is such a big air, can you see that we are all here? Is it possible? Is it possible to give us a predicament?”

However, everyone looked at Lin Dandan with weird eyes.

This tone is harsh enough.

Moreover, this woman is too double standard.

The Mulan sect master of her house, isn’t she here too?

Why didn’t she say that her hostess was a big fan?

However, some people, under Lin Dandan’s instigation, looked at Zhao Dongcheng suspiciously.

Especially the God of Wealth, he came here and used a private jet.

The cost is enough for him to die of distress.

If this was a trip for nothing, it would have stabbed him in his heart.

He couldn’t help but said to Zhao Dongcheng: “Raging Horse, are you lying to us? After all, the lord of the unicorns has not appeared in ten years, and now he suddenly said that he appeared, why is it in this juncture?”

When God of Wealth spoke, many people around also nodded.

Lin Dandan even sneered and said: “It’s not impossible. Is it possible that the Southern Qilin Gate has recently gotten fat, and gathered our three Qilin Gates on his site, wanting to destroy them in one fell swoop? Did you forget, come here? Are you on guard around the road?”

These words immediately caused an uproar.

Everyone looked at Zhao Dongcheng in disbelief, an aura of conspiracy was growing in everyone’s hearts.

Zhao Dongcheng was furious with anger!

A group of ignorant people!

Especially this Lin Dandan, it seems that the mind that came here today is not simple!

He couldn’t help it anymore and directly took out something and threw it in front of Lin Dandan!

“Then, open your dog’s eyes and see!”

“What is this!”

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Lin Dandan took the things thrown by Zhao Dongcheng casually, and laughed while watching: “Could it be that you want to bribe me?”

However, her laughter stopped abruptly when she saw the contents in her hand clearly!

One of her face turned pale in an instant!

In hand!

It is a blood-red ring wear!

Blood unicorn ring wear!

A token of the Kylin Lord!

Her hands shivered suddenly!

The blood unicorn ring in his hand fell off when she was shocked.

However, Zhao Dongcheng had been prepared for a long time, and walked over to catch the falling blood unicorn ring.

He looked at Lin Dandan’s pale face with great joy!

This blood unicorn ring wears, he is easy to find during the day.

After finding it, there was no chance to return it to the young master.

Unexpectedly, it comes in handy now.

Seeing that Lin Dandan, who had always acted arrogantly, was so frightened that Huarong was pale, Zhao Dongcheng couldn’t help but sneered.

And the scene is extremely quiet!

Everyone stared straight at the ring in Zhao Dongcheng’s hand and shouted, “This is! Blood unicorn ring!”

Ring out!

Kirin now!

Zhao Dongcheng holds a blood unicorn ring in his hand, which proves that the lord of unicorn has really appeared!

There is no one who dares to question whether Zhao Dongcheng is playing conspiracy.

The God of Wealth also shouted: “Angry Horse! Where is the Lord of Kirin!”

Seeing everyone in shock, Zhao Dongcheng sneered: “Now you believe it? I, Zhao, disdain to do little things! Go straight and stand straight!”

Everyone, only then did they accept that the Lord of Kylin hadn’t come over yet.

However, the Kylin Lord is not here, how will this meeting be held?

Naturally, I have to wait for him.

While waiting, Wiliam watched everyone in his spare time.

At this time, it seems boring enough.

Grandma Tong looked at Zhao Dongcheng and said, “Little Zhao, discuss something with you and ask you for someone.”

Zhao Dongcheng has never seen Tongmao’s attitude so amiable.

He felt his back scratching.

It was as if he was taken by Tongma.

He bit his head and said: “Tong grandma speaks in person, you can take whatever you want. No, except him.”

Zhao Dongcheng realized who this child grandma wanted halfway through, and quickly pointed to Wiliam and said.

What an international joke!

Send the lord of unicorns out to you an old witch as a male favorite?

Do you want to kill yourself?

However, Tongmao’s face changed instantly when he heard this, “Are you rebelling against me?”

How can Zhao Dongcheng dare to disobey his son?

But at this moment, he had to disobey!

“Except for him, you can take whatever you like.” Zhao Dongcheng said bitterly.

“Ho ho, could it be Xiao Zhao, your taste is the same as mine, and you also like such a man.” Tongma said in a weird manner.

Zhao Dongcheng almost spit out old blood.

Lao Tzu likes a woman with a chest and a butt!

“Ho ho, something ugly, Xiao Zhao, I’m not asking for your opinion, do you know what I mean?” Tongma said grimly.

It was said that Zhao Dongcheng’s sweat came out.

Daring witch!
You have a good vision!

He actually caught the Kylin Lord at a glance!

“Well, it’s pretty hot today.” Suddenly, a soft voice rang at the scene.

It is strange to say that this sound is not loud, but it seems to be scattered all over the scene, giving everyone a strange feeling.

As if someone was talking in their ears.

When everyone heard this voice, they looked in all directions.

There are only a few sect masters, and his face is calm and composed.

Lin Dandan, who was shocked by the blood unicorn ring, suddenly said in ecstasy, “Welcome the master of the door!”

At the scene, more than one hundred female disciples of the Qilin Gate of the East Realm all knelt on one knee and shouted in unison, “Welcome the master of the gate to come!”

This scene made Zhao Dongcheng very upset!

Really, a sect master appeared, and the momentum was even greater than that of Master Qilin.

Isn’t this deliberately falling on the face of an adult!

I saw a person slowly appeared at the door.

A very fashionable woman walked in with a half-bottle of wine in her hand.

When Wiliam saw this woman, his eyes became weird.

This woman was one meter eight feet tall, about the same as Wiliam.

Her dress was different from those of the people present, and they were quite serious.

This woman was wearing the most popular JK uniform and a small pink dress on her upper body, revealing a very smooth waist with slight abdominal muscles.

The lower body is also wearing a short skirt with pleated pleated powder.

Such a height, coupled with a short skirt, stretched her straight long legs infinitely.

Long legs walking!

When everyone saw the woman’s dress clearly, they also exclaimed.

The men’s eyes are about to look straight.

Too avant-garde, too sexy, and too bold!

Just wear this body, not afraid to run out?

She walked among a group of men, seemingly out of step with the surroundings, and independent.

What is even more speechless is that she was drinking while walking.

Drinking in a hurry, the wine overflowed from the corner of her mouth, flowing down her white neck, and her collarbone looked more graceful.

Her cute pink sailor suit was also dampened by the drink, making it even more looming.

The men on the scene swallowed.

This scene is too attractive.

Obviously, this woman’s appearance is only mid-to-upper, but the pure and lustful aura exuding from her body makes every man feel irresistible.

However, everyone knows deeply that this woman can only be seen from a distance, not to play with.

The master of the East Kylin Gate!


Want to play with her, look for death!

Wiliam watched the woman approach and couldn’t help but shook his head.

He is another drunkard, but he is a bit like Tian Tian sister.

It’s just that Tian Tian will not wear such eye-catching clothes. After all, Tian Tian’s beauty is enough to attract every man’s attention, without relying on clothes.

However, Wiliam admired the seemingly flamboyant but charming steps while this woman walked.

There is a way between walking.

This Mulan sect master can really be described in one sentence.

Wear the pinkest clothes and fight the toughest!

In the eyeball baptism of everyone at the scene, Mulan still walked lightly, seemingly indifferent to the people around her looking through her figure unscrupulously.

After a while, she came to everyone, but she didn’t stop at any step.

Keep going forward.


Suddenly, she stood still in front of Wiliam and watched Lu Yezhen speak directly.

Then, her mouth opened, as if she wanted to say something to Wiliam.

But the words are still unspoken–


She opened her mouth and hiccuped at Wiliam who was close to Chi Chi!



I just vomited Wiliam!

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The scene became deadly silent in an instant!

Everyone killed him and thought of the magnificent Mulan sect master who was dressed up!

This momentum didn’t take enough one minute to break the power.

Threw up directly on the spot.

What a special thing!

Broke everyone’s glasses.

But their eyes were all on the Mulan Sect Master, and only a part of them looked at Wiliam in amazement.

Zhao Dong became the first Southern Kylin Gate!

They watched as the young master Qilin was thrown up by Mulan, and their hearts were raised in their throats.

This is a sin of disrespect.

But Wiliam gave Zhao Dongcheng a harmless look.

When Mulan walked in front of him just now, Wiliam had never thought that such a scene would happen.

Until the sudden alcohol hiccup appeared, it hit Wiliam’s face directly.

Wiliam only smelled a lingering smell of wine, and he didn’t have time to react at all, so he vomited when he saw this girl.

Fortunately, Wiliam dodged a bit, but the clothes on his right arm were thrown up.

He pulled the napkin on the table and wiped it.

To this Mulan sect master, he didn’t know how to make a conclusion for a while.

This, I thought it was a bit like Sister Tian Tian.

It now seems far from it.

Sister Tian Tian’s drink volume is much better than this one.

After such a vomit, the master Mulan staggered slightly.

Behind him, Lin Dandan hurried forward to hold the Mulan master.

Her face became very strange.

Originally, Qilin Gate of the East Territory came here today to stand up.

But Mulan’s sect master had no prestige at all.


She couldn’t help but whispered to the Mulan sect master: “The sect master, it’s not that I told you how many times, if the amount of alcohol is not good, drink less, or if you drink too much, you can use internal force to force the wine out.

The people at the scene were speechless again.


As an alcoholic, the amount of alcohol is so poor.

Are you embarrassed to call a drunkard?

And this is also the most shameless alcoholic Wiliam has ever seen.


Great work.

Mulan was said indifferently by Lin, but she frowned slightly, and said frankly: “Huh, you still use internal force to force out alcohol when you drink. This is what the hero of the wine shop does? It’s better not to drink.”

The words were irritating, but everyone was even more speechless.

So far!

The Master of the Quartet has completed the gathering of bumps and bumps.

Wiliam looked around the four sect masters and sighed inwardly, almost unable to complain.

East Kirin Gate, a drunkard who likes to subdue temptation, and even if he cannot drink enough.

Qilin Gate in the west is a wealthy fan who is so rich and admirable but rejoices for a dollar.

In the Southern Qilin Gate, a middle-aged bear who is not strong enough and has a particularly grumpy temper.

The Qilin Gate in the north, an old lady who is a seven-year-old and eighty liner who is still keen on male pets.

One is more weird, and the other is more embarrassing.

Wiliam looked at these four people, and suddenly a word flashed in his heart.

four cardinal vices.

It just so happened that the sect masters of the Quartet Kylin Gate had gathered together, which was the words “wine and wealth”.
I don’t know if Grandpa made up these four weird things with OCD, or a mistake.

There is no way to verify it now.

Lu Yeqiang focused his mind, and his thoughts returned to the scene.

At this time, the Mulan sect master seemed to be a little awake, and asked: “What about the so-called Qilin Lord?”

Her subordinates quickly replied that the Kylin Lord hadn’t come over yet.

Mulan frowned slightly, and suddenly said: “Well, anyway, we came to the East Kirin Gate this time for a showdown. There is no big difference between the Lord of Kirin and the absence of him. He is here, we have to break, not here, we Also break.”

When this was said, the people at the scene were dumbfounded!

Everyone knows that the Kylin Gate of the East has always wanted to reverse the Kylin power.

But this is just a secret talk, and there is no one time it actually moved to the table.

Supposedly today, the Mulan Clan master said anti-watering words in public.

The covering water is hard to harvest.

For a while, everyone didn’t know how to pick up the words of the Mulan Sect Master.

After all, no one is the opponent of Mulan.

Zhao Dongcheng looked at Wiliam, who was indifferent beside him, with an anxious expression.

As if to say, Young Master, you will come forward soon.

Lin Dandan looked excited after hearing this.

The master is mighty!

Just now, the prestige of the Qilin Gate of the East Territory was given to Lang by the owner.

With a word from the sect master, he is once again a strong advocate.

The Mulan Clan master seemed to be on an equal footing with the Qilin master.

Zhao Dongcheng couldn’t help it anymore and said directly: “Mulan Master, are you serious when you say this? Think twice!”

The Mulan master raised his eyelids and glanced at Zhao Dongcheng, “I don’t know if I am serious, don’t you know?”

At this time, she saw Wiliam on the side again.

Then he showed a dazed expression.

She muttered to herself: “Well, what did I just want to say to this kid?”

It occurred to everyone that the first thing the Mulan Sect Master came in just now was to head towards this little-known kid.

It’s just an accident.

Lin Dandan hurriedly whispered: “Sect Master, this kid is the stinky kid I just sent you on WeChat.”

It turned out that Lin Dandan had secretly taken a picture of Wiliam and sent it to the master of Mulan.

She also roughly explained that the kid offended the Qilin Gate of the East, and even ignored the power of the tripartite and took the Venerable Elevator alone.

Lin Dandan’s original intention was to leave a breakthrough for the Mulan keeper to come to the showdown.

I just didn’t think that the embarrassing scene of the Mulan Sect Master spitting up just now happened.

“Oh, I thought for a while, a stinky boy, doesn’t have any qualifications to be a point of our showdown. Forget it, I’m more straightforward, I’ll just put it here; let’s put it here. Today, I am not only for a showdown. , An independent portal, and I came here to tell you all that the other three Kylin doors of yours will simply be under my new door in the future. That’s it.” Mulan said lightly.

When these words came out, the audience was in an uproar!

Everyone in the audience looked at Mulan’s master who spoke amazing words in amazement!

It’s a dream!

Even the Eastern Qilin Gate headed by Lin Dandan was shocked.

Sect master, it’s really capricious.

Obviously, he came to the showdown to escape from the unicorn situation.

Why did you come up with the idea of ​​taking the other three parties?

Is this a sudden self after drinking too much alcohol?

Don’t let the master go out to drink!

Things are getting bigger now!

When the sect master said this, he offended everyone on the spot.

Even, he pointed directly at the Kylin Lord who had not yet appeared!

This is a real goal to take away the status of the master of the unicorn!

At the scene, a laugh suddenly sounded.

Zhao Dongcheng!

Zhao Dongcheng wanted to understand the straightness in the middle, and asked viciously: “Mulan Sect Master, I would like to ask you, why are you! Conquer our other three Qilin Sects!”

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Zhao Dongcheng is about to be furious!

He knew that Mulan was a very arrogant person.

But I didn’t expect her ambition to be so great!

Want to swallow the entire unicorn potential!

Where is the young master of Kylin!

What made him even more disgusting was that a woman was quite their boss?

Ever since been riding on the head by a woman?

The machismo Zhao Dongcheng, this violent temper came up, no matter what, he directly slammed Mulan.

But after Zhao Dongcheng said this sentence, the atmosphere instantly became tense!

Mulan seemed to have known everyone’s thoughts a long time ago, but said indifferently, “Why? Of course it is by strength.”

She looked around, confident.

“In terms of personal ability, who is my Mulan’s opponent in the field, let me see? In terms of overall strength, I’m sorry, today we are coming out of the Kirin Gate of the East Territory, and the number of people is just the same as that of the three parties. People are about the same. But the overall strength, it’s ugly, you don’t look enough.” Mulan said indifferently as she looked at the people around her.

Everyone suddenly became angry.

Damn Mulan!

Unexpectedly, she had such an idea!

When everyone came here this time, they brought some representatives, and they didn’t have the power to bring the whole family.

For example, the God of Wealth at Qilinmen in the Western Territory. He came by helicopter. How many people can a helicopter take?

He wished he was the only one to save a little gas.

So he only brought five or six people over.

For another example, the Tongmao of Qilinmen in the north, although there were 20 or 30 people she brought over.

But they are all male favorites.

And each of them looked pale and thin, obviously they were squeezed into medicine dregs. Who else could they beat?

On the contrary, there are the most people at the Qilin Gate in the southern border of the Earth Snake, and there are more than 100 people here.

However, the Southern Kirin Gate is the scum of the Quartet Kylin Gate, and it is impossible to defeat the Eastern Kirin Gate.

With that thought, Mulan’s analysis turned out to be all reasonable.

“Mulan! You are so arrogant! We all have unicorn blood flowing on us. Even if you don’t have it on your body, but your disciples have it, you dare to reverse the unicorn power. Don’t you fear that the lord of the unicorn will die if you are angry! Zhao Dongcheng said angrily.

However, Mulan said indifferently, “Well, let’s not talk about the inexplicable unicorn blood on everyone, and whether it can control us. Taking a step back, even if it can be controlled, then again. How? I, Mulan, can form the current team of the East Kirin Gate, and can still form a new blood, it is not a problem.”

When everyone heard this, they were all dull.

It’s so terribly bullied by a group of women today.

And Mulan’s words also aroused many people’s doubts.

After all, they joined the Qilin Power back then, drank the Qilin blood, saying that they would be manipulated by the Qilin’s idea.

But ten years later, everyone has no physical problems at all.

If this unicorn blood is truly magical, how could there be no movement in the past ten years?

Ever since, everyone began to feel suspicious of things like unicorn blood.
“Hey, will this Mulan sect master say it? The unicorn blood on us is simply a gimmick?”

“I feel so. Master Lu Lingfeng might have swayed us back then, put pressure on us, and then took the initiative to loyal to the unicorn power.”

“No matter what, let’s see what this little lady wants to do today! Hey, why hasn’t the Lord of the unicorns appeared yet? Things are getting bigger now.”

Everyone talked a lot, but Zhao Dongcheng’s face showed a sneer.

Qilin’s blood is just a gimmick, is it a threat?

What an international joke!

If it were before today, Zhao Dongcheng might have believed it!

But this morning!

He has witnessed the shocking scene of the Qilin Young Master Lin soaring to the sky with his own eyes in the Lunar Moon Group!

At that moment, even with Zhao Dongcheng’s skill, he couldn’t produce any resistance.

Doesn’t this explain the suppression effect of Qilin Blood on them!

A group of ignorant people!

Everyone’s discussion gave Mulan a trace of pride in her heart.

In a few words, the brief unity of these people just fell apart.

This is the so-called unicorn power?

Rotten and rotten, why don’t we overthrow and rebuild under my leadership?

As for the master of the unicorn, he has not dared to show his face until now. Maybe he was so scared that he dared not show up where he saw this scene.

“Forget it, looking at your opinions so big, Mulan is not an unreasonable person, so let me give you a chance.” Mulan said suddenly.

The surrounding area suddenly became quiet, waiting for the second half of Mulan’s sentence.

Mulan looked around and said: “If you are better than the overall strength, you may have seen it. Our East Kirin Gate is enough to sweep the audience now. With my strength, it is not a problem to control all the three main gate masters. So I let Let’s make a concession, let’s play a game, heads-up.”


Everyone’s hearts shuddered!

“I’m standing here, whoever you go out, whether you are the master, disciple, or wheel fight. As long as I can defeat Mulan in a heads-up, I will take back everything I have said before, even if I have the ability, You can also conquer my Mulan. When the time comes, not only will Mulan be willing to return sincerely, but also all of the Kylin Gates of the East Territory. What’s the difficulty? I’m afraid, you men, you don’t have any handles, you don’t have seeds.” Mulan tossed. He took out the bait while mocking everyone.

The people at the scene got angry all at once.

On the one hand, Mulan’s bait is too tempting.

If you accept this long-legged spirit that charms all beings and enjoy the blessings of the Qi people, you can still collect all the unicorn gates in the East?

Being a man, his heart will move.

On the other hand, everyone was almost scolded by Mulan pointing their noses at not being a man, which aroused the desire of all men to win.

The crowd was full of voices, and the voice of crusade was endless.

But, after all, no one dares to stand up.

Even the three sect masters were all silent.

Heads-up, none of them are Mulan’s opponents.

But Mulan said, you can fight on wheels.

Then whoever comes first, there is a mystery in it.

Whoever goes first will be the cannon fodder to give away the head and consume Mulan’s strength.

Latecomers naturally benefit.

Tongma and Caishen, although they don’t want to be annexed, there is a pie in front of them, and they don’t mind eating a bite.

Mulan watched this scene with even more playful eyes.

She had been preparing for this psychological war for a long time.

It really works.

She smiled and said: “It looks like you are very difficult, I started the countdown. If you don’t recognize it, I will assume that you surrender by default.”

She stretched out her finger, her lips vomiting lightly.


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