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Dragon Husband 856


When the people on the scene heard her starting to count down, their hearts were raised.

Everyone, look at me, and I look at you with an anxious look.

Come out alone!

Although everyone is angry, they still know their own strength.

Everyone generally has internal strength, and mainly focuses on the early and mid-term internal strength.

As for Mulan, she just broke through to Huajin some time ago!

The gap here is huge!

Maybe he could stand up and couldn’t hold up a move under Mulan’s hands!

It was embarrassing then!

It can’t even play a role in consuming the opponent’s strength.

“Two!” Mulan’s mouth raised again, seeming to enjoy the situation of suppressing the audience.

The three sect masters also looked at each other, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, it’s just who can’t hold his breath first!


Zhao Dongcheng’s heart is about to explode!

He is the person who understands the situation best in the field and the person who is most loyal to the young master Qilin.

How could he watch that there is still no war, the whole unicorn potential falls into the hands of this woman.

At the last moment of the countdown, he was about to stand up.

But at this time, he felt a pull on his shoulder.

A person is in front of him.

Zhao Dongcheng was about to get angry, but he saw the person in front of him clearly.

It is Young Master Kylin!

Wiliam, the more crowds came out, said lightly: “Since there are no people, let me come.”

On the spot, shocked!

Even Mulan’s eyes flashed brightly.

She really didn’t think that someone would really dare to stand up and still stand out.

A man who looks ordinary.

She also recognized that this man was the man who was thrown up by her just now.

After Wiliam stood up, the eyes of the people around him went wide.

Everyone did not expect that in the end he would come forward and relieve the embarrassment on the scene.

It’s just that this kid…

What’s the use of being brave and not arrogant!

It is not enough to be cannon fodder for others.

Lin Dandan saw that Wiliam dared to stand up, he burst into laughter, “There is a way to heaven, you don’t go, and there is no way to hell, you break in! If you stand up, don’t step back.”

She was so proud of her heart that she didn’t think this kid would take the initiative to come out and die.

Now I don’t need to deal with him for a while.

Upright, give him a close!

Zhao Dongcheng was so anxious that sweat came out!

Young Master Kylin, how can you stand up!

Although he was also surprised at the strength Wiliam showed before.

But this is only compared to Young Master’s age.

The young master is only the mid-term strength of the inner strength.

There are many people who are stronger than the young master.

And if it is for other Qilinmen, the young master can still use his blood to suppress.

But this Mulan has unicorn blood, it can’t be suppressed at all!

If the young master is injured now, he is disadvantaged by the protector!

He quickly stood up and said to Mulan: “I’ll come first!”

Mulan showed a joking smile, and said: “I thought that the most scumbag of the southern unicorn gate came out first, but you two, who is the first and the next?”
As soon as Zhao Dongcheng was about to speak, Lin Dandan said grimly: “Naturally, the stinky boy came out first. The rules are the rules. Doesn’t he want to be a turtle? If he wants to be a hero, he must be mentally prepared. !”

“Lin Dandan! You are looking for death!” Zhao Dongcheng said angrily towards Lin Dan.

But Lin Dandan was not afraid at all, but smiled.

“I’ll come first.” Wiliam turned around and said to Zhao Dongcheng.

Zhao Dong was still unwilling to cost, but seeing the young master’s expression natural, as if he was not afraid, he hesitated for a while, and couldn’t help asking, “Can you do it?”

Lu Yezheng talked a lot, but just said: “Try it, you won’t know.”

The people at the scene were speechless.

Try a woolen yarn!

On this occasion, are you a hairy boy who can show up?

Just looking for death.

“Hahaha! Worthy of being the young man I’m fancy! Full of blood! Good! Good! Good!” Tongma suddenly laughed out loud.

Everyone is speechless again, and another crazy one.

Grandma Tong suddenly walked in front of Wiliam, raised her head to look at Wiliam, and suddenly said in amazement: “Hey, young man, tell everyone honestly, how is your realm?”

Wiliam said lightly: “In the mid-stage of inner strength.”

Wiliam didn’t lie, and didn’t bother to lie.

It’s just that although he is in the middle period of inner strength, he is completely different from the general middle period of inner strength.

Not to mention that he has many methods, just the blood of the eternal unicorn, the long live red lotus, and the blood of the heart that is constantly refining in his body, is enough to make Wiliam fight and fight without defeat.

Hearing him talking about the mid-stage of Inner Strength, there was an uproar at the scene!

Everyone looks at Wiliam like a monster!

How old is this kid!

More than twenty?

Turns out to be a master of the mid-stage inner strength!


How did he cultivate!

So young and promising, how could he have never seen this kid before and never heard Zhao Dongcheng mention it?

Such young talents must be cultivated as key disciples!

This Zhao Dongcheng is not hidden deep.

On the one hand, everyone was amazed at Wiliam’s talent, but on the other hand, they were extremely weak.

In the middle of the inner strength, it is very good for this kid.

But for the Mulan sect master, if you don’t know enough about it at all.

Is it possible that Zhao Dongcheng deliberately launched this kid in today’s gathering of four parties to let everyone know?

Tongma became more satisfied with Wiliam, and smiled kindly: “Young man, you are getting more and more of my favor. You alone have beaten all the men in the room. Although my old woman is not as good as that Mulan, she still You can put a word on it, even if you let it go, the old woman still has the strength to save you desperately in this life. After all, it would be a shame that such a vigorous young man died.”

The eyes of everyone looking at Wiliam became more and more weird.

Even the Mulan sect master nodded to Wiliam, “You kid, it’s really good. I also have a love for talent, and I plan to bring you to my subordinates to personally educate. I wonder if you intend it?”

Zhao Dongcheng’s face was suffocated to the color of pig liver, and his heart was itching.

You two main masters, one loves little white faces, and the other hates men deeply.

Today, they are all uncharacteristically, and their visions are surprisingly good, and they all fall in love with the young master.

But you can’t have a better vision, see through what is the identity of this man you admire!

Wiliam walked slowly towards Mulan.

This time, Wiliam took the initiative to stand in front of Mulan.

Naturally, Wiliam wouldn’t spit out Mulan.

He looked at this woman who was only a little shorter than himself, and suddenly dropped a shocking word!

“We don’t have to fight on wheels anymore, one game will be the winner.”

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The people at the scene were all dumbfounded!

This kid is completely crazy!

Does he know what is going on here today?

Still just want to be personally prestigious!

Today, the Mulan sect master wants to rely on single-handedly to annex the unicorn power!

Everyone is still thinking about how to line up troops for wheel warfare and consume Mulan’s strength.

This kid, opened his mouth and broke everyone’s wishful thinking!

One round!

A round of wool!

As far as your strength in the mid-term, in front of Mulan, let alone a round, one move is considered very good!

The suggestion of such a round is undoubtedly pushing all the unicorns into the bottomless abyss!

This kid, is it an undercover from the Eastern Kylin Sect?

Even Zhao Dongcheng was stunned.

He had no idea what the Young Master was making.

Young Master should also know that he is not currently the opponent of Mulan Sect Master, but why did he say such ridiculous things?

Zhao Dongcheng only felt his head bang, and all the voices were no longer audible.

There was a sudden burst of laughter at the scene.

It’s Lin Dandan!

Lin Dandan thought this kid was uncomfortable, but now he finds it pleasing to the eye a lot.

Anyone looking for death is pleasing to the eye.

This kid has done a great favor to the Qilin Gate of the East Realm.

Even Mulan looked at Wiliam with a joking expression, “Do you really mean what you said?”

Wiliam was about to answer when Qi Qi’s angry voice came from behind him, “Can’t take it seriously!”

The future of all unicorns is at stake, how can they give such an important future to a little guy who is not strong enough to judge!

They answered, looking at Wiliam’s eyes, there was so much anger!

Even hate the house and Wu.

Even the people of the entire Southern Qilin Gate were hated by others.

Zhao Dongcheng reacted at this moment, stepped forward and stood beside Wiliam.

He kept winking at Wiliam, trying to verify whether Wiliam had said something wrong or something.

However, Wiliam handed Zhao Dongcheng an indifferent look, as if what he had said, even if it was wrong, he would say nothing.

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart was completely cold.

It’s over.

The young master is young and frivolous after all.

He didn’t even know how far he was from Master Mulan.

You know, this world does not have the identity of Kylin Young Master, who can run wild.

Still too young after all.

What can I do now?

“It seems that you still have no good discussions.” Mulan said lightly.

She was happy to watch the trilateral Qilinmen helpless and helpless.

At this time, Zhao Dongcheng bit his head!

Yeah, anyway, the Kylin Gate is also owned by the Young Master.

He will do whatever he likes to misfortune!

Thinking of this, he said in a deep voice: “I believe what he said in the Southern Qilin Gate, and all his actions and speeches represent the entire Southern Qilin Gate!”

The scene was in an uproar again!

Another crazy one!

Zhao Dongcheng, is this lard bewildered!

Knowing that this kid was talking indiscriminately, he even made such a decision!
Doesn’t this make everyone worse!

“Angry horse! Do you know what you are talking about! Don’t you want to keep the unicorn power!” God of Wealth shouted directly to Zhao Dongcheng angrily.

But after Zhao Dongcheng said this sentence, his mood suddenly became much easier.

His words, in the eyes of everyone, are that the master trusts the disciple under the sect and unconditionally supports the disciple.

But the real situation is that Zhao Dongcheng himself is throwing the pot.

Next, Master Lu loves how to say and how to do it!

“You are wrong, I just want to keep the Qilin power.” Zhao Dongcheng glanced at Wiliam with difficulty, and then said slowly.

“Ho ho ho, it’s a bit interesting, that is to say, now this kid just said that the game can be practiced, he represents the Southern Qilin Gate, what about the other two?” Mulan looked at God of Wealth and Tongma.

The God of Wealth’s temper also came up, and he said directly: “A stinky boy, how can he be qualified to represent me at the Qilin Gate of the West, we forgive me!”

On the contrary, Tongmao stopped talking and just looked directly at Wiliam.

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched slightly, and he also looked at Tongma, and said lightly, “Tongma, what do you think?”

A gleam of light flashed in Tongmao’s eyes, “What do you mean, in your battle, do you want to even represent my Northern Qilin Gate?”

Wiliam nodded naturally, “Exactly, end early and relax earlier, don’t waste everyone’s time.”

Everyone was furious by this kid, and many people almost rushed to beat Wiliam.

But Zhao Dongcheng looked down, and the people at the Qilin Gate of their southern border moved one after another, protecting Wiliam tightly.

The others just gave up.

“Then you should know the truth that it is not profitable to be early? Why do you represent me in the Northern Qilin Gate? What can I get?” Tongma said with a smile.

Wiliam said casually: “I lose, I leave it to you. If I win, I will make a judgment.”

Grandma Tong laughed when he heard this, “What a vigorous young man, he knows that there are tigers in the mountains, and he prefers to go to the mountains! Okay! The old lady is going crazy with you today! I let you go! On behalf of me, the Kirin Gate in the north!”

When God of Wealth heard this, he was so angry that he burst into swearing on the spot.

How could he not see this conspiracy between the old and the young!

This kid, on the surface, promised to lose and let Tong Grandma dispose of it at will.

But just now everyone knows that Tongma is interested in this kid, and this kid will be Tongma’s person sooner or later.

This kid’s words undoubtedly pulled Tongmao to the united front, and let Tongmao protect him from death, so that she can do whatever she wants, right?

So, this kid made a big bargain, but there was no loss at all!

And Tongmao is only interested in young men, and doesn’t care about Qilinmen at all.

She doesn’t care if she is in the Kylin Gate.

According to her strength, why is there no man in the world to serve her?

Both of them are slippery!

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly looked at the God of Wealth, “What about you? What do you say?”

“My sister!” God of Wealth instantly possessed an angry horse, and became grumpy.

But Wiliam didn’t care, and continued: “Shall we also make a bet?”

The God of Wealth was taken aback and said directly: “I’m not interested in you! Besides, you are a disciple of the Kylin Sect, what qualifications do you have to talk to me about betting? What capital do you have!”

Wiliam naturally smiled.

He walked towards the God of Wealth and said as he walked: “You are wrong, the capital I have happens to be what interests you most.”

“I have a net worth of tens of billions. If I lose, all these net worth will be given to you. This tens of billions gamble, I will ask you the god of wealth, dare you dare?

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Ten billion net worth!

The people on the scene heard Wiliam’s words, their eyes straightened!

Who is this kid!

It’s so rich!

I can’t see it at all!

At this time, the caring person looked at Zhao Dongcheng.

Yes, it must be Zhao Dongcheng supporting this kid behind his back, all his confidence comes from Zhao Dongcheng.

It’s not surprising that Zhao Dong has a net worth of tens of billions.

The God of Wealth was originally angry, and when he heard the ten billion net worth, his head buzzed, as if he heard the sound of money.

He couldn’t help asking: “What you said is true?”

Wiliam nodded, “Everyone can prove it.”

The God of Wealth forgave this kid for not daring to lie in front of everyone.

Now, what is in front of him is a tens of billions of sole proprietorship, gambling or not?

The God of Wealth hesitated.

In the end, he slapped his head and talked about dignity in front of money!

“Okay! I promise you! If you lose, give me all your belongings! If there are more than tens of billions! I will unscrew your head!” God of Wealth said angrily at last.

Wiliam smiled.

And everyone, at this time, their hearts were completely raised.

This kid is so arrogant.

Want to make a desperate bet!

And now it depends on the situation.

It’s over.

The Kylin Gate is about to end.

Everyone did not lose to Mulan, but to this clever and lawless brat.

At this time, Wiliam returned to Mulan again and said, “Now, I represent the three-way unicorn situation, and I can play with you, right?”

Mulan had already smiled before.

She looked at Wiliam deeply, without speaking.

If everyone can’t see it, will Mulan still see it?

This kid, the young hero who emerged from nowhere!

It was just a few words that convinced all the masters of the three unicorn gates!

With his strength in the mid-term, want to fight himself?

is it possible?

Where does his confidence come from?

This kid is so mysterious!

“How do you want to bet?” Mulan asked Wiliam instead.

Wiliam seemed to have thought about it a long time ago, and said casually: “If I lose, you can take the three-way Qilin Gate. And if you lose…”

He didn’t finish speaking, and Mulan laughed directly.


Will she lose to an inner strength fighter?

There is no probability of one in a million.

Be sure of ten!

On the contrary, she looked at Wiliam jokingly, and took the words, “If I lose, I will be a slave and a maid. You can send it at will.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, without rebuttal.

He is not interested in Mulan being a slave or a servant.

“Now, the gambling agreement can take effect.” Wiliam asked again.

Mulan was about to answer yes.

Suddenly my heart shook!

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

Mulan has discovered another terrifying truth!

The strength of this kid can only be considered quite satisfactory in the scene.

And the identity is extremely low.

But, what’s the situation on the scene!

A little disciple in the door, gamble on all directions!

He bet against Mulan!
Gamble with Tongma!

Gamble with God of Wealth!

Maybe he had already reached an agreement with Numa in private a long time ago, otherwise, why would Numa support him so desperately?

A disciple, bet on the Quartet!

The truth of this scene shook Mulan a bit.

And she even discovered that the situation on the scene, I don’t know when it started, has been completely controlled by this kid.

Even Mulan herself had to admit that she was in this kid’s calculation.

What is the basis for this!

For a moment, Mulan stared at the landing leaf sharply.

“It’s effective, of course it’s effective! Sect master, this kid is only in the mid-term strength, you shot it yourself, didn’t you fall into your prestige! I will deal with him, more than enough.” Lin Dandan stood up laughing at this time.

She has already, can’t wait to give this kid a good time by herself.

Mulan glanced at Lin Dandan, “Are you confident?”

Lin Dandan nodded firmly, “Sect Master, don’t you know my strength? I have stayed in the middle stage of Inner Strength for many years, and there have been faint signs of breakthrough this time. Isn’t it simple to slap this kid? One thing.”

Mulan nodded, she naturally knew Lin Dan’s strength.

Compared with the boy in front of him, he is only strong but not weak.

It’s really not good to be a master of transforming energy to bully a warrior in the mid-inner energy stage.

“What if you lose?” Mulan asked again.

Lin Dan faintly smiled, “I will lose to this self-respecting kid? How is it possible? If I lose, I will turn my head off!”

At this moment, Mulan nodded again, “Then it’s up to you.”

Lin faintly received Mulan’s approval and burst into laughter.

She stood out and watched Wiliam smiled and said, “You kid, it’s so cool to offend me just now! Now, karma is coming! You have to pay a heavy price for your rudeness to me just now!”

Everyone saw that Lin Dandan shot, and his heart was even more aggrieved.

If it was Lin Dandan, how could everyone have the power to fight?

It’s a pity that everyone knows that Lin Dandan came out on the premise that the outcome of this round was determined and Wiliam played.

Otherwise, how could Mulan fight a confident battle?

I just hope that this kid will fight for a bit of miracle.

At the scene, a circle was immediately given up to the two of them.

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart also mentioned his throat.

Although it was Lin Dandan, Wiliam couldn’t be her opponent either.

She couldn’t help asking the God of Wealth next to her, “Hey, what do you think? Is it possible for Wiliam to win?”

God of Wealth gave Zhao Dongcheng a tangled look, crying without tears, and said, “Isn’t this kid from your hand! Ask me a woolen thread! Originally Mulan made a move, but there was no suspense, but now Lin faintly makes a move, I feel depressed Now! Should I expect this kid to win or lose?”

Zhao Dongcheng rolled his eyes directly.

This money fan must hope that Wiliam will lose, and then he will be the biggest winner by grabbing tens of billions.

Wiliam, Wiliam, what are you going to do?

Lin Dandan stood in front of Wiliam and said jokingly, “I’m talking about ugly things first. I’ll do it later, but I won’t stop there. You’d better prepare yourself. If you’re scared now, follow my previous That said, kneel down and call me grandma, maybe I can let you go.”

After hearing this, Wiliam smiled instead, looking at Lin Dandan like an idiot.

“Do you think I made a big bet with someone just to kneel and kowtow in front of you now? Are you sick?”


The people at the scene were so angry that they were amused by Wiliam’s words.

The mouth is so broken.

Lin Dandan was flushed with anger, and was about to scold him!

Wiliam suddenly made another cut.

“Besides, as long as you are capable of being my opponent?”

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When Wiliam said this, it really wasn’t that he looked down on Lin Dandan.

Also in the mid-stage of internal strength, how could Lin Dandan be Wiliam’s opponent?

Even a late-stage master of internal strength like Zhao Dongcheng, in front of Wiliam, still has no confidence in winning.

Wiliam had fought against evildoers like the old lady before, and he still knew his own strength.

The people at the scene were once again frightened by Wiliam’s words.

Although it is said to be ruthless before the war.

But this kid’s ruthless words are too ruthless, they are simply damaging.

Lin Dandan was furious in an instant.

The God of Wealth said quietly to Zhao Dongcheng: “This kid under your sect does everything in order to win. He doesn’t even need morals. He obviously wants to irritate Lin Dandan and then let her expose her flaws.”

Zhao Dongcheng has a black line, what can he evaluate?

Shameless Young Master?

Can’t say it.

Lin Dan was furious, and rushed towards Wiliam, shouting loudly: “Everyone has heard it too, this kid is to blame! Later, life and death will be his destiny!”

Everyone knows that Lin Dandan is ready to be ruthless!

I hope this kid will not die too miserably.

Tongmao, on the other hand, locked Lin Dandan’s eyes tightly, ready to find people at any time.

After Lin Dandan rushed out, his aura surged.

And Wiliam, who didn’t dodge or dodge, just stood face to face, without the slightest resistance.

Everyone was so shocked that they didn’t dare to speak, why didn’t this kid make a move?

Between the sparks!


Lin’s faint fists had already smashed at Wiliam!

And Wiliam also stretched out his fists!



After the punch!


A terrible sound of fracture sounded!

The expressions of everyone changed instantly!

Originally, Lin Dandan was the one who rushed over, and this momentum was enough to repel Wiliam!

But unexpectedly, the person flying out was Lin Dandan!

Lin’s faint fists were distorted!

She fell to the ground violently and slid for several meters.

One of her face has completely changed.


Lin faintly lay on the ground and let out a stern cry.

She looked at her fists in amazement, and she broke all the fractures!


Determine the outcome!

She couldn’t think of killing it!

The strength is still above this kid, and he was blown away by this kid with a punch!

I even broke my hand!

The scene is so quiet that the needles can be heard!

Everyone couldn’t believe the shocking scene before them.

Everyone just saw two people fist together, and then the outcome was divided like this?

Wiliam slowly retracted his fists, still looking light and breezy.

Zhao Dongcheng and God of Wealth are about to fall to the ground.

Especially the God of Wealth, there was a fiery pain on his face.

He also said just now that this kid is doing everything and is irritating him.

Unexpectedly, the face slap came so quickly.

Wiliam was not irritating the opponent at all, but had enough confidence in his own strength.

“The victory or defeat is divided, right?” Wiliam asked lightly in shock.
As this voice fell, the hearts of the people at the scene were actually mixed.

On the one hand, I can’t believe that victory came so quickly.

On the other hand, also in a trance, just won?

In other words, Wiliam won this bet?


Everyone was irritated in front of him, and he didn’t expect to really fight, and only took a punch.

What kind of evil is this kid, is it really only the strength of the mid-stage inner strength?

“No! He must have used some kind of crooked way! I’m not reconciled! I want to fight again!” Lin faintly fell on the ground, his entire face sullen.

She is unwilling!

I wanted to take this opportunity to severely abuse this kid in front of everyone.

I didn’t think I was hanged.

I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life!

She remembered the cruel remarks she had said to Wiliam before, but felt that the world was about to collapse.

Looking at the kid again, he flicked away, hiding himself and his name, Lin Dandan felt even more angry.

However, a cold snort rang, “Lin Dandan, enough!”

Lin glanced lightly, it was Mulan!

Mulan’s face became ugly.

Lin Dandan suddenly became extremely shocked.

Thinking of her previous promise to the Mulan master, she only felt a chill in her neck.

She knelt on the ground and cried bitterly: “Sect Master, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t think of this kid…”

“Is it embarrassing enough? Shut up.” Mulan said coldly.

Lin Dan’s heart exploded all at once.

She feels like the end of the world is coming.

Originally, she came here today to follow the sect master from now on to stand up forever.

Now, after she knew that she had failed, Mulan would never look at her high again.

All her beautiful prospects were destroyed before this punch.

She looked at Wiliam angrily, and she felt a sense of despair in her heart.

Obviously it was the same kid just now, but now I look at it, but it feels completely different.

Lin Dandan only feels that, looking at it now, it is a peak that lay in front of her and cannot be surpassed for a lifetime.

A trace of regret suddenly appeared in her heart.

If there is no opportunity to challenge this kid at first.

If you didn’t underestimate this kid at first.

If you didn’t take the initiative to jump out just now to want to teach this kid.

The tragedy now will not happen!

Talk about it!

It’s all this kid.

Who is he!

Why is the strength so powerful!

Is this the mid-stage of inner strength?

“Are you really in the middle of inner strength?” Mulan suddenly looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded, “Heaven and earth can learn from.”

Everyone at the scene was silent.

In the middle period of inner strength, I have never seen such a strong middle period of inner strength.

It’s a completely crushing victory.

No wonder, he was so confident to represent the three parties just now.

Another reason why everyone dare not speak is Mulan.

Everyone thought Mulan had a chance to win today.

Unexpectedly, he would be counterattacked by a kid.

She lost even without a shot.

Will Mulan get furious and desperately attack everyone?

If this is the case, blood will really flow in today.

But in the end, Mulan said faintly: “I lost. I lost because I underestimated you.”

Suddenly hearing Mulan surrender, everyone suddenly felt ecstasy.

Everything came too unexpectedly.

But Wiliam suddenly said, “The battle just now was nothing more than teaching an ant who didn’t know how to promote it. It was not true.”


On the spot, the chin is about to drop!

What do you mean this kid!

Take it if you don’t see it?

Still taking the initiative to say it doesn’t count?


What is he going to do?

Even Mulan looked at Wiliam in surprise, “Then what do you mean?”

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth twitched, and a cold aura suddenly appeared on his body.

“I want you, willingly, as a slave and a maid!”

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The eyes of the people on the scene are really going to fall below the ground!

What an arrogant kid!

I have already won the game just now. Isn’t this the best outcome for the three-way Kylin Sect?

But by the way, this kid is so bold!

Even challenge Mulan!

This is a strong chemist!

How can he be shaken by a small inner strength warrior!

It’s almost reckless!

It’s fine if I want to die, and I want to get all the people from the three-way Kylin Gate in!

The God of Wealth even cursed directly: “You kid! You’re looking for death! Come down to me soon!”

However, Wiliam just turned around and glanced at God of Wealth, without speaking.

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart was startled, and he hurriedly stepped forward to stop the angry God of Wealth.

He was also shocked by the decision made by Young Master Qilin.

But after all, the adults have kept their promises, and they are not controlled by those present.

“Why are you holding me! There is still a normal person under your hand! Will you let him fool around!” God of Wealth said angrily to Zhao Dongcheng.

Zhao Dongcheng was very depressed, but said quietly: “Think about your tens of billions of assets, forbearance, maybe you will get it.”

“Damn!” God of Wealth cursed directly with a black thread, and then he didn’t speak any more.

The child’s grandmother on one side had more kind eyes, and the more she looked at this kid, the more she liked it.

She was already thinking about how to get this kid tonight, so that he could be useful on another battlefield with his passion.

Wiliam’s eyes were indifferent, but his heart was extremely clear.

This Mulan, regardless of her eclectic dressing, but her personality is actually very persistent.

If she cannot be convinced, something else will happen sooner or later.

There is no unicorn blood on her body, which is an untimely bomb for Wiliam and the entire unicorn situation.

Rather than bear all the suspicions and precautions in the future, it’s better to get things done together today.

He is a perfect man after all.

And Mulan looked at Wiliam in a daze, without speaking for a long time.

Finally, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly, “You, want me to be willing to be a slave?”

Wiliam nodded.

Mulan suddenly laughed out loud.

She, this kid is overwhelmed before smiling.

Even more laughing at his wishful thinking!

This kid is the first madman she has ever met in her life.

It was also the first time in this life that someone dared to be in front of her and said that they wanted her to be a slave.

In normal times, Mulan would naturally dismiss such nonsense.

But today I don’t know why, Mulan looked at this kid, vaguely felt that he had the confidence and qualifications to say this.

Everyone was shocked by Mulan’s laughter.

Now, the cover is hard to harvest.

“Okay, I promise you, if I lose, I will be willing to be a slave and a maid, and I will never regret it. But you have to be prepared for failure.” Milan’s eyes jokingly walked over.

Her hand gently hooked Wiliam’s chin, as if she was molesting or provoking.

The matter is a foregone conclusion, and the scene once again gave them two more room.
After all, this was the Mulan master himself.

It was uncertain where Wiliam would be bombed.

At this time, Mulan suddenly said: “Boy, I just counted as a favor to you. As you said, even if you ended the game just now, I would naturally not say anything, and I would admit defeat, but I am absolutely heart Reluctant. It’s better now. I have accepted your favor, so I will let you take a step too.”


Everyone’s ears were erected.

Wiliam just looked at Mulan without talking.

Mulan slowly said, “As long as you can catch my three punches in this field, and then you are still conscious, even if you win, how about?”

The faces of everyone changed slightly.

What kind of concession is this?

Mulan itself was two steps higher than Wiliam, and it was already a slap on Wiliam.

Maybe a punch can kill this kid.

If he didn’t say these three punches, Wiliam might be able to escape in full, lingering for a while.

Now that these concessions are being offered, does it mean that Wiliam is not allowed to run and get beaten while standing?

This is obviously more unfavorable to Wiliam.

Zhao Dongcheng was the first to stand up and said to Wiliam: “Don’t agree! She has conspiracy and tricks in it!”

Everyone nodded.

But Wiliam still didn’t take the usual path.

He almost didn’t even think about it, so he nodded, “Let’s do it, just as you say.”

There was another curse at the scene.

This kid, what’s wrong with the oil and salt!

The God of Wealth slapped Zhao Dongcheng angrily, and cursed: “You are also a sect master anyway! Still the most grumpy sect master! How come you are like your grandson today! Are you making your subordinates obedient? You can’t help it! , You, the sect master, should be really useless!”

Zhao Dongcheng smiled helplessly and said awkwardly: “Don’t talk about this, don’t talk about this, let’s see first.”

He felt aggrieved.

God of Wealth, you know something about wool, you stand in my position, maybe you are more perplexed than me.

Mulan looked at Wiliam with interest, “Why don’t you listen to everyone’s advice?”

Wiliam just smiled, “You are not qualified to accept my favor.”

Everyone’s breathing was stagnant.

If mouth poison is also considered strength, this kid is absolutely strength against the sky.

What is said is so awkward!

A master of humanization, and a mastermind, what are you!

Don’t you deserve your favor?

Where is your face?

Mulan was angry, but smiled, “Sure enough, crazy enough, but after all, it depends on the strength. Look at it, my first punch is here!”

While talking, Mulan suddenly clenched her fist!

A fierce momentum suddenly surged from her body!

These terrifying auras instantly gathered on her right fist!

The people around, just feel the punching power, and they have a feeling of shock!

Is this the energy of a master of Huajin!

Than the strength of the warrior is almost a geometric growth!

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart suddenly came up.

He felt the strength, he was not even sure that he could receive the punch intact!

Master Lu, you have to stand up!

Mulan smiled slightly, feeling the strength of her fist.

This was not her strongest blow.

Now it’s just her five points.

Three punches, sometimes there is a chance to kill this kid with one punch.

So Mulan wanted to use this first punch to test this kid’s true strength.

See if he is really just the mid-term of inner strength?

In the middle of the ordinary inner strength, under her five-point punch, she would vomit blood on the spot.

Thinking of this, Mulan shouted, “Come!”

With that said, her body was like an arrow from the string, attacking towards Wiliam!

The fist, entrained with the faint sound of wind and thunder, directly blasted towards Wiliam’s body!



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