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Dragon Husband 861

Wiliam’s body couldn’t dodge at all.

It can even be said that there is no time to dodge.

How could the power of transforming strength be dodged by an inner strength warrior.

Wiliam just raised it with one hand, wanting to fight against Mulan’s powerful punch!

“Not good!” Zhao Dongcheng called out first!

He had already seen that Wiliam could not dodge.

But, no matter what, you must try your best to resist with both hands!

What’s the matter with one hand!


A loud noise!

At the scene, it was wind up out of thin air!

In an instant, a dazzling light shot out from the pair of bombings, making everyone unable to open their eyes!

Furious, fly around!

Turn over all those tables and chairs.

The people at the scene felt a majestic internal force raging around, and quickly mobilized their energy to protect their bodies.

But there were also a few weaker people who were directly struck by Qi Jin and screamed.

“No! That kid is defeated!” someone suddenly shouted.

Zhao Dongcheng’s heart shuddered, and he quickly looked towards the court.

A figure is retreating at a rapid speed.

It’s Wiliam!

That cold light is still raging in front of Wiliam!

And Wiliam’s feet pressed tightly against the ground, but he couldn’t stop his retreat.

The heavy carpet on the ground was directly torn into a deep crack by Wiliam’s retreat gesture.

And Mulan had retracted her fist and stood still.

Under this punch, the judgement was settled.

Wiliam, after all, is not Mulan’s opponent!

The people at the scene were all heartbroken, and they knew it was such a result!

You kid, now have the bitter fruit!

But the next second, someone suddenly shouted again: “Fuck! Everyone, look at that kid’s hand!”

The eyes of everyone were attracted again, and they stared at Wiliam’s hand closely.

In his hand, a fierce energy was still raging, like a beast, about to tear Wiliam’s body completely.

However, this Qi Jin from the Hua Jin warrior seemed to be blocked by something. Although it was mad, it was no longer able to advance for half a minute.

The vigor, just like this, was slowly worn away, and disappeared in the field in the blink of an eye.

At this time, someone finally saw what Wiliam was holding.

From this look, a curse resounded on the scene again!


“This is fine too!”

I saw in Wiliam’s right hand, I don’t know when, something was added!

A crystal clear shield!

This shield is half a meter high!

It was this shield that blocked Mulan’s powerful blow just now.

Lin Dandan below, with incomparable anger on his face, shouted: “Cheating! He is cheating! He is resisting with something outside of his body!”

When the people at the scene heard this, Qi Qi bowed his head in shame.

God of Wealth patted Zhao Dongcheng vigorously, and whispered: “The people under your sect are too shameless! To cheat in front of everyone, shame, it’s more shameful than losing! I’m so surprised. Why is the kid so arrogant that he has to fight the Mulan sect master because he intends to cheat and win with something outside his body.
Zhao Dongcheng was so scolded that he had no temper at all.

He didn’t even think that Young Master Qilin would cheat like this.

His face is feverish.

Fighting warriors must have some underlying rules.

Like now, Mulan doesn’t have anything outside of her body, and Wiliam uses something outside of her body, which is obviously unfair.

Even if Mulan was stronger than Wiliam, Wiliam chose this situation himself.

He took the blame.

“This kid, such a thick-skinned guy! Cheating grandiosely! How can this kind of person be worthy of being a warrior! Everyone said yes?” Lin Dandan continued to fan the flames.

There was a grinning smile on her face.

Finally caught an opportunity to humiliate this kid severely.

Mulan, there is no talk.

But his eyes only locked Wiliam’s shield that appeared out of nowhere.

Something outside of the body…

It seems, it’s not that simple…

“This time, our sect master won! Everyone, don’t come to visit our sect master soon!” Lin Dandan continued to yell.

But at this time, in silence, a sneer suddenly sounded.


Everyone looked up.

It is Wiliam!

Wiliam looked at Lin Dandan with a sneer, as if looking at an idiot.

At this moment, the ice shield in his hand seemed to be unable to withstand the blow of Mulan just now, and dense cracks appeared in an instant.


The ice shield shattered and the ground was covered with ice scum.

“Ho ho, you still dare not admit that you cheated? Is this the dignity of the Southern Qilin Gate? It just makes the world laugh.” Lin Dandan said loudly again, directing the spearhead to the Qilin Gate.

Zhao Dongcheng was too embarrassed to know what to say.

But at this time, Wiliam suddenly said, “You said, this thing is cheating?”

As Wiliam spoke, suddenly his whole body shook with energy!

A chilly momentum came into being suddenly!

Then everyone exclaimed!

I saw it on Wiliam’s right hand, like a magic trick!

An ice shield that was exactly the same as before appeared again!

Everyone’s eyes widened!

Good guys!

How many shields do you have!

And which pocket do you hide your shield?

Everyone didn’t know why Wiliam made a shield out of thin air.

Only Mulan!

Seeing this scene, Magnolia’s face faded!

It turned out to be the first shocking look tonight!

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief!

“Internal power! Xuan Jin!”

Four words, slowly spit out from her mouth!

One word, one word, powerful!

She originally thought that Wiliam’s ice shield was something outside of her body.

However, seeing Wiliam forming another ice shield in the blink of an eye, she knew that the ice shield was made by Wiliam himself.

And what to explain this extremely unscientific scene!

The people in the audience are not in a realm, and they don’t know all the mysteries.

Mulan knows!

Internal strength Xuanjin!

Rumor has it that if a person with a talented bloodline is different from that of ordinary people, he can purify his internal strength and breed a kind of mysterious profound energy.

Some people turn fire internally, while others turn ice internally.

It varies from person to person.

In this scene, only inner strength Xuanjin explained!

This kid has a different vein, and his inner strength is ice!

This conjecture is enough to shock Mulan to the point where Hua’s face fades!

Because in the concept of the world, inner strength profound energy can only be cultivated and tempered until it reaches the level of transformation energy!

And through the temptation of the attack just now, Mulan was very clear that this kid did not lie, and he was truly a warrior in the middle of the inner strength!

Now, a martial artist in the middle stage of internal strength uses the profound energy of the inner strength that a genius of Huajin can have, can this not make her soul shocked!

Even Mulan, her own Tianzong wizard, has not successfully awakened her inner strength profound energy, which shows the harshness of inner strength profound energy!

This kid!

What kind of evil is it!

Dragon Husband 862

In fact, what Mulan knew was only a little knowledge about inner strength Xuanjin.

What she didn’t know was that the ice shield on Wiliam’s body wasn’t strictly an inner strength profound energy.

Inner strength Xuan Jin really had to be Hua Jin to be eligible to start.

Even some people have good aptitudes, they have to be old, and they need various opportunities to unlock the inner strength.

But among them, there is an exception.

That’s a different vein.

People with different veins can activate bloodline awakening before Huajin, awakening to a different inner strength profound energy.

Just like Feliicity, like Li Chunfeng.

They didn’t even have a bit of martial arts, but after the bloodline awakened, they successfully activated their bloodline attribute, that is, inner strength profound energy.

It’s just that the probability of surviving for people with awakened blood is too low, so common sense about this aspect becomes dispensable in the world.

Mulan would naturally not know.

Strictly speaking, Wiliam’s ice shield was different, and it wasn’t even considered inner strength profound energy.

Wiliam mainly relied on the mysterious blood in his body.

In his veins, the ice veins and inflammation veins of Feliicity and Li Chunfeng were combined.

Naturally bring their blood attributes.

It can also mobilize this magical bloodline for its own use.

Wiliam has been studying this ice shield for several days.

It’s a pity that the ice veins and flame veins fused in his body are still a bit thin in comparison.

The ice shield, etc. that have been transformed are still not durable enough.

However, it is enough.

This is also an important reason why Wiliam has the confidence to take Mulan’s three punches.

Mulan’s offer of three punches was actually very beneficial to Wiliam.

If it was an ordinary battle, Wiliam might not be Mulan’s opponent.

But now, as long as he receives three punches, it is not a difficult task for Wiliam, who has all kinds of mysteries on him.

Seeing Mulan’s horrified eyes, Wiliam shook his hand, and the ice shield that had frozen instantly melted again.

Wiliam said lightly: “One punch.”

The people at the scene didn’t understand the meaning of inner power xuanjin at all?

So I don’t know what Wiliam’s so-called punch means?

Could it be that this kid still has the face to say that he received a punch?

What a shame it is!

God of Wealth kept staring at Zhao Dongcheng with contempt.

Zhao Dongcheng was also too embarrassed.

Young master, can we keep a low profile?

You are cheating. Strictly speaking, you have lost.

“Ho ho, really shameless! Are you scumbags at the Southern Qilin Gate! Shame!” Lin Dan Dan also laughed with anger at Wiliam’s shameless words.

She was about to seize this opportunity to attack again, but she heard a voice that was so cold!

“To shut up!”

A fierce energy suddenly struck Lin Dandan’s eyebrows!

Lin Dandan had goose bumps instantly.

She wanted to hide, but she couldn’t hide it completely.

That’s it!


She was about to sigh, but suddenly found that the energy was about to reach her forehead, instantly dissipating.


It is Mulan who gives off energy!

Everyone’s scalp is numb, this master of energization is not covered!
The control of Qi Jin is so wonderful!

But everyone did not find that Mulan’s expression was ugly to the extreme!

This punch!

She lost!

What did you lose?

She was shocked!

Shocked as if to see a wild beast born out of the sky, about to dominate the rivers and lakes!

Obviously only in the mid-stage of inner strength, he actually awakened inner strength xuanjin!

What a shocking thing this is.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes today, how would she dare to believe, how could she believe such a fantasy fact!



Not enough to describe this kid in front of me!

If it’s the inner strength Xuanjin, how could it be cheating!

Internal strength profound energy is also a part of strength, and it can even be said that it is a larger part of strength.

After all, this kid is only in the mid-stage of inner strength, and today he has provoked five times, so he must rely on this inner strength profound strength.

Just now, I really missed.

However, this punch finally proved this kid’s hole card.

Thinking of this, Mulan’s eyes flashed sharply.

She was murderous.

Every husband is not guilty, and he is guilty of his crime.

Mulan became jealous.

“You won this punch,” Mulan said lightly.

Wiliam nodded and said a please.

It means to make Mulan take the second punch.

The people at the scene also breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that Mulan really didn’t pursue Wiliam for cheating.

But they still feel that this kid has lost all their faces today.

Lin faintly looked at Wiliam, his eyes burning with anger.


There is no punishment for cheating like this!

God has no eyes!

Mulan looked at Wiliam, her aura was slowly rising.

There was only one sentence in her heart.

With this punch, let’s end it.

Mulan had already seen through Wiliam’s trump card.

Moreover, it is very thorough.

This kid’s inner strength is ice, and he can form an ice shield to resist his own boxing strength.

However, he seems to have just awakened this inner strength profound energy.

Ho ho, as if his strength is a wooden barrel, and his inner strength is the water in it.

The barrel is not big, how much water can there be?

His first ice shield is extremely heavy.

But when it came to the second ice shield, it became significantly weaker.

He is at the end of his strength.

He couldn’t stop his second punch at all.

Thinking of this, a murderous flash shot in Mulan’s eyes, and suddenly she burst into an extremely fierce aura!

This momentum spread to her fists again.

Everyone was so frightened that they all stepped back.

“this is!”

“This is her fame stunt, Zhulong is angry!”

Someone yelled, one face was completely pale!

Candle Dragon Wrath!

Mulan became famous for her stunt!

A fierce energy hovered over Mulan’s fist, roaring!

Mulan moved!

The whole person almost disappeared in everyone’s eyes!

Next second!

She has appeared in front of Wiliam!

“give me!”


Mulan suddenly yelled!

Hit hard with one punch!

There was a tremor at the scene!

The earth is shaking!

A force that destroys the world, like a longing for a long time, shot out from Mulan’s fist!

This vigor, like a crazy angry dragon, opened its mouth wide and headed towards Wiliam!

He wanted to swallow Wiliam severely!

Candle Dragon Wrath!

“No! Mulan! You are so cruel! The subordinates are merciless!” Tongma’s face suddenly changed, and her body was like electricity, she rushed towards Wiliam!

She already felt the terrible power of this monstrous might!

Wiliam is a mid-stage inner strength warrior, no matter how strong he is, relying on the weakening ice shield just now, he can’t resist this blow at all!

Therefore, Tongma tried his best to save Wiliam even if he admits defeat!

But when she was halfway through her body, she suddenly wailed!

Wiliam, instantly swallowed by the might of the angry dragon!

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That’s too late!

That’s too late!

Grandma Tong saw Wiliam being swallowed by Qi Jin, and his whole body trembled.

She suddenly raised her head and let out a terrible roar!

“Mulan! You kill my man! You want to die!”

Zhao Dongcheng also made a sad and angry voice, “No! No!”

The people at the scene looked at this scene blankly, completely dumbfounded.

Many of them felt the power of energization for the first time in their lives.

This punch can be regarded as 100% of Mulan’s strength.

How could Wiliam be able to bear it!

Enraged, he swallowed Wiliam instantly, and everyone could no longer see Wiliam’s body.

Can only see where Wiliam stood, the wind roared!

With this as the center, all the tables and chairs, as if they were blown by a tornado, are spinning in the center!

Everyone looked at this tornado that soared into the sky, and they were shocked!

They were completely acceptable to Wiliam’s death.

After all, if you want to use the mid-term internal energy to carry the power of Huajin, it is ridiculous that it is ridiculous to shake the tree.

This kid performed well enough today.

Hey, if his temper can be tempered, he will accept it if he sees it well today.

In the future, how could he not be born out of nowhere and surprise one party.

Unfortunately, it is too late to say anything.

Zhao Dongcheng’s tears fell on the spot.

Mulan also smiled when she saw Wiliam being wrapped in a punch by herself.

Finally, it’s over.

In her heart, she was very happy.

But deep inside, there is a faint loneliness and guilt.

Just take it, I’m a small-minded woman, no one is better than me.

Mulan is 29 years old this year, a master at the early stage of Huajin.

This is also a stunning figure in the world.

But Mulan knew that all this was just a castle in the air, piled her up.

Although she was talented and intelligent, if she practiced hard by herself, she would be far from reaching today’s state.

She relied on her mother, the previous master of the Eastern Qilin Gate.

Relying on her mother’s extremely sacrifices, she was given countless cultivation resources in exchange for her now.

It can be said that her strength came at the expense of her mother.

Mulan felt guilty, but she could only cherish it.

She absolutely can’t look at the things her mother has spent so much effort in exchange for, and there are people who can walk ahead of her.

That is a great disrespect for her mother’s sacrifice!


Mulan slowly closed her eyes.

But the next second!

Her eyes suddenly opened!

Two sharp eyes, direct shot at the dancing tornado!


When she was looking at the tornado, all of a sudden shouts of exclamation sounded!

“Fuck! What’s the situation!”

See you!

Among the dancing tornado, a spark suddenly exploded!

This spark just fell on the carpet.

The carpet caught fire instantly!

What surprised everyone was not that the carpet was on fire.

Everyone is horrified, how can there be Mars?

Where is Mars?

Just when the fight was horrified, countless sparks suddenly spread from the tornado!

As the tornado danced wildly, Mars was thrown into a splash!

In an instant, the entire scene was actually on fire!

“Hurry up and put out the fire!” someone shouted.

Those men, hurry up and put out the fire.

The others stared at the mad dragon that was already on fire.

The tornado that used to soar into the sky has now completely turned into a fire tornado!

And the fire is not the blazing yellow that everyone sees on weekdays.

It’s a monster red!

Moreover, it seems that the concentration is extremely high.


Everyone thought of an extremely apt analogy!


In the blink of an eye, the fire tornado seemed to have been swallowed by magma.

The magma continued to spread to the ground, rekindling the carpet on the ground!

The scene became a sea of ​​flames!

Rao is Mulan, both eyes widened at this time, watching this incredible scene in disbelief!

Not an ice shield?

This time, is it Agni?


Mulan’s mind was shocked again!

However, she couldn’t believe it when she saw Wiliam!


The tornado seemed to be completely destroyed by fire.

The strength of the rotation gradually weakened.

In the end, the smoke disappeared!

At this time, everyone can see that there is still a mass of things in the center of the tornado just now!

A ball of flame!

It looks like an egg shell, oval in shape.

This flame, as if completing a mission, dissipated in an instant.

Expose the people inside!


At this moment, Wiliam was very embarrassed.

His coat was completely torn to pieces by the anger of the candle dragon just now!

The upper body is still bleeding blood!

There were bloodshot eyes at the corner of his mouth, and he had obviously vomited blood just now.

However, he just stood upright, gasping for breath!

When everyone saw this scene, they sighed loudly!

“Damn! This kid, you won’t die like this! Are you still human!”

“Southern Kylin Gate! When did such a peerless genius come out! It’s too bad!”

“This punch makes the dragon angry, I think if the other sect master takes it, half his life will be removed! This kid can still stand! A miracle!”

“In the beginning it was ice, and now it is fire. How many miracles can this kid create!”

The God of Wealth was even more shocked at this time, clutching Zhao Dongcheng’s clothes tightly, and shouting excitedly: “Lao Zhao! Where did you unearth this kid! It’s a treasure! I don’t care, that tens of billions.” I don’t want the assets! You give me this kid! I want to train him myself! A genius!”

It is possible to make the God of Wealth, a wealthy lover of the past and present, give up tens of billions of assets and seek a help, which shows how shocking Wiliam just now is in this desperate situation.

And Zhao Dongcheng, as if he could not hear or feel the cry of the God of Wealth at all.

He looked at Wiliam who was swaying and not falling in the field, and his tears suddenly appeared.

He was smiling while covering his eyes.

Laughed like a fool.

Everyone thought that he was happy to pick up a treasure.

However, Zhao Dongcheng’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

Little Lord!


Kirin from heaven!

Protect my prosperity!

too strong!

Obviously it was only the mid-stage of inner strength, but it created one miracle after another!

The young master is not a person at all!

It’s a fairy!

The sluggish child’s grandmother looked at the wounded man in front of him, but the man standing upright and unyielding in his eyes turned red.

She couldn’t help but laughed like a girl.

She asked herself that she had read countless men in this life.

It has always been a game world, never had a heart for a man, and never shed half a tear.

Just admiring Wiliam just now was also a curious mentality.

It was the first time I shed tears for a man when I lived a life of seven and eighty.

Also the first time.

Be moved by a man.

Shonen Lang!

Lofty world!

Dragon Husband 864

Everyone, if they didn’t go at all, they were wondering whether Wiliam had cheated.

Everyone, even forgot, how the flames on this kid came out.

Everyone looked at Wiliam, who was still standing still shaking, and his eyes were red.

This is the responsibility of a man!

This is the backbone of a man!

Men should be so!


But they can keep their promises!

Say it!

Just carry it!

Even if it is Tian Qing!

Also head over the sky, foot on the ground!

One effort!

All of a sudden, Wiliam’s spirit infected countless people at the scene!

Zhao Dongcheng has an illusion!

As if seeing Young Master Kylin, his whole body was glowing!

This is the spirit of Qilinshi!

The Qilinshi, originally taught to everyone, are the four characters of Wencheng Wude!

These four words are also the discipleship of Qilinshi!

All unicorns must be kept in mind!

It’s just that ten years have passed.

Who really puts these four words in his heart!

I’m afraid there is no one!

Today, the young master is trying his best to tell everyone!

These four words are as heavy as Taishan, he is the first to lead!

Wencheng, is the wise light on Young Master Qilin!

It’s even the faith that he just showed that he will be reborn from the ashes!

And Wu De, it is the young master’s mid-term strength of inner strength, hard-wired the might of Jin Jin feat!

Little Lord!

Really is the soul of Qilinshi!

Zhao Dongcheng looked at Wiliam obsessively, tears raining!

At this moment, he felt extremely honored for being a unicorn!

Seeing the young master’s body swayed slightly, Zhao Dongcheng flashed and appeared in front of the young master.

He held Wiliam in his arms, and asked in a low voice with concern, “Are you okay?”

Wiliam took a deep breath, slowly recovered, and shook his head, “It’s okay, you can go down first.”

Zhao Dongcheng didn’t hesitate this time.

The young master said yes!

That’s absolutely victorious!

The young master says back!

I dare not have two!

Wiliam raised his head and looked at Mulan, who was still full of horror, and his mood was extremely complicated.

He really underestimated Mulan.

But not to underestimate Mulan’s strength.

It underestimated Mulan’s killing intent.

Lu Yechen thought that Mulan would put herself to death in such a resolute manner.

The ice vein strength on his body had already consumed more than half just now, and it was simply not enough to withstand such a powerful blow from Mulan.

Therefore, Wiliam could only mobilize the strength of the flame veins in his body between the lightning and flint.

Forged a wall with fire.

But even so, Wiliam was seriously injured.

With this power of strength, with a full blow, Wiliam was lucky enough to be able to do this.

“Second punch, accept.” Wiliam said lightly, propped up.

Mulan only realized Wiliam’s voice.

There were countless confusions in her eyes this time.

It seems that everyone is beginning to doubt life.

Her whole body was stunned.

Everything that my mother taught her before is totally untrue to this kid.

She began to wonder whether what her mother said was right or wrong?

The mother said that Huajin had the opportunity to awaken the inner strength Xuanjin.

This kid broke this rule.

The mother said that no matter how talented a person is, he can only awaken a kind of inner strength in his life.

Wiliam, break this rule again.

First is the inner strength of the ice.

Just now it showed the profound energy within the fire.

Two kinds.

Even Mulan began to suspect that there was no other inner strength in this kid.

She originally felt extremely excited and looking forward to her breakthrough to the strength of Huajin.

She wants to go out of the unicorn door this time, but in fact she wants to break free from this secular shackles.

Go to the world she yearns for.

Go and see where my mother has been in recent years.

Go for a while to those stinky men my mother has seen all these years.

Mother said that Mulan’s cultivation at this age is also considered to be the best in that world.

So Mulan is looking forward to going to that world too much.

Now Mulan began to doubt.

Is the mother lying to herself, comforting herself?

Obviously, everything she said was wrong, someone could be so scary.

Could it be that people in that world are like this…

For a while, Mulan’s eyes gradually turned red.

She has mixed feelings for her mother.

Love and hate.

Now, hate is slowly gaining the upper hand.

It’s all because of this kid!

Mulan’s eyes gradually turned red.

She looked at Wiliam and was silent.

“Please.” Wiliam said lightly again.

Now, everyone looked at the scene in a mess, and then saw that the boy was seriously injured and his eyes were still unyielding, and he completely conquered the boy.

Just ask, who can do better than this kid?

God of wealth?

The God of Wealth loves money, has a weak personality and a life-saving, maybe after the first punch, he voluntarily surrenders.

Angry horse?

The angry horse is not good at it, even if it survives the first punch, under this second punch, there is no possibility of fighting again.


Tong’s grandmother is strong, but he has no ambitions and would not give up so much.

No one, will be more exciting than this kid!

He played today, really is the most suitable candidate!

Mulan slowly walked towards Wiliam.

Wiliam was motionless.

This time, Mulan was a little bit arrogant.

Her eyes were filled with endless confusion.

She seems to want to come closer to see if this kid is a human being?

Step by step, she stepped on the hearts of others.

Everyone’s hearts were raised, wondering how Mulan would make this last punch?

Only the last punch is left. It can be said that one punch will determine the outcome.

Wiliam’s body was crumbling, obviously he had no power to parry.

Relying on his blood and courage to die!

And Mulan had already made the strongest blow just now.

She also has no more powerful moves than Candle Dragon’s Fury.

Both of them have reached the end of their strength.

But this last punch is the most critical.

One punch will determine the outcome, and one punch will determine whoever is present.

What would it do?

Mulan approached, she stood in front of Wiliam.

She looked like a child, looking up and down at Wiliam with a puzzled look.

Wiliam just stood there, letting her look up and down like a monkey.

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

It’s too harmonious.

At this moment, Mulan shook her head suddenly, looked behind her, and asked softly, “Is there any wine?”

Everyone stagnated.

Drinking at this time?

Can drinking replenish energy?

Mulan’s subordinates naturally kept wine, and soon brought her a bottle of wine.

She picked up the wine, gushing, and filling the bottle of wine directly.

After drinking, she burped again and threw the bottle at random.

She stretched out her hand slowly, but gently touched Wiliam’s body.

The doubt in her eyes was unabated, like a child groping for the toy she had just bought.

She lightly tapped Wiliam’s chest, and suddenly she applied a slight force when everyone was caught off guard.

Heart out!

“The last punch, I want to see, what is your human heart made of?”

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Mulan’s eyes were blurred, her right hand was originally lightly pressed on Wiliam’s chest.

But suddenly, one hand became a claw!

She was confused and wanted to know what did the heart and body do for this young man who violated the worldly rules?

The last punch, although weak, but it’s good to go to the roots like this.

Her fingers were directly embedded in Wiliam’s body!

On Wiliam’s chest, five red blood lines suddenly appeared!

He snorted, but he didn’t move.

There was a burst of exclamation from the people at the scene!

Zhao Dongcheng’s eyes are straight!

Like everyone else, he thought that Mulan’s last punch was how shocking it was!

But I didn’t think that the last punch was such an understatement!

Directly against Wiliam’s chest, I wanted to ask!

This is not like cheating, but better than cheating!

If he makes a move like before, Wiliam still has all kinds of possibilities to create miracles!

But now!

How can Wiliam be prevented by making a move directly on people’s heart!

“Mulan! This is too much of you! Stop it!” Zhao Dongcheng shouted sharply.

Everyone also felt that Mulan’s last move like this was a bit too much.

It was like putting the knife directly on Wiliam’s neck and rubbing his neck.

However, Zhao Dongcheng’s big drink resulted in a slight turn of Mulan’s head.

She suddenly raised her left hand!

A fierce breath rushed out of her hands directly!

Bringing wind and rain all the way, the power is amazing!

Zhao Dongcheng hurriedly avoided to the side, and the people around also scattered.

Zhao Dongcheng was furious with anger.

This Mulan is determined to dig out Wiliam’s heart!

This is the heart of Young Master Qilin!

Young master, you can go and hold on!

After Mulan made the move, she continued to look at Wiliam in confusion, “I’m really curious, why are you different from others?”

As she said, she pressed her fingers harder.

Embedded a little bit again.

The corner of Wiliam’s mouth also overflowed with blood.

I thought that Wiliam would step back and dodge.

But in the next second, Wiliam made a move that surprised everyone.

He actually stretched out towards Mulan with one hand.

Very slow and very light.

It doesn’t seem to be a trick at all.

And Mulan didn’t even dodge.

Until Wiliam’s hand gently pressed on Mulan’s head.

He touched her hair gently.

The appearance of the two of them seemed to be completely changed in the eyes of everyone.

It’s not like two enemies of life and death at all.

And like a pair of fateful mandarin ducks.

Wiliam had seen Mulan’s eyes completely changed from just now, not as sharp as before.

More is inexplicable and helpless.

He seemed to understand Mulan’s doubts and pains.

And he put his hand on Mulan’s head, more like a loving father, speaking to his ignorant daughter.

“What you see is not necessarily true. I am me, there is no one in the world, no one can compare, and…”

“No one can beat it!”

Wiliam said lightly, but in an instant, a bitter aura burst out of his body!

I am me, no one can compare and no one can match!
There are hundreds of heroes on the scene, the masters are all around!

Looking at Wiliam together, there was a hot glow in his eyes!

What an arrogant kid!

Like a stream, with the sea in mind!

Dare to say such a thing in front of a master of Huajin!

And actually dare to touch the head of the master of Huajin!

And this scene looks extremely unreasonable.

But in the eyes of everyone, there is an indescribable harmony and compassion.

Yes, it is compassion!

This weird feeling.

It is like a respected elder teaching a child who has forgotten to return.

There is clearly blood flowing on his body!

What’s even more strange is that Mulan was touched her head and spoke, but she was not angry or angry.

Instead, her eyes gradually turned from confusion to Qingming.

Rumorous initiation!

She raised her head in a daze, looking at this kid who was younger than herself and weaker than herself, but arrogantly surpassing her and she didn’t know how many times she was arrogant.

Slowly, she suddenly chuckled.

Like spring flowers blooming.

All the haze in her heart, at this moment, seemed to be blown away by a fresh breeze.

It was a beautiful avenue spreading in front of her eyes!

Stupid me!

Haven’t you been talking about this kid as a monster, a monster?

But why, want to compare talent with evildoers, and fight for understanding with monsters?

Isn’t it just asking for hardship and being confused?

That’s great!

She smiled and said slowly: “Then, thank you for your advice.”

Wiliam nodded and put the hand on her head back.

Mulan suddenly burst into momentum!

The power of turning strength swept the audience once again!

Mulan, Nirvana!

“Then this punch, you will take it well! I want to see if you, who no one can match, are alive and well!” Mulan smiled faintly.

The hand that she inserted into Wiliam’s chest suddenly exploded with powerful energy!

He was going to directly punch Wiliam’s body with his energy, splitting him to pieces!

Everyone saw this scene and screamed in unison again!

This kid!

Shouldn’t it!

You shouldn’t have said that to Mulan just now!

Now it’s alright, awaken Mulan.

His life is about to be accounted for.

Why bother with your own fate like this!

But at this moment, the corner of Wiliam’s mouth also twitched slightly.

Really, is there a way to defend it?

I melted into ice outside my body!

I don’t know that my body in Wiliam is more beautiful than ice and fire!

Wiliam’s thoughts moved!

Mulan’s slowly deepening fingers seemed to be burned by fire in an instant!

She looked at Wiliam in disbelief, “You!”

Blood, Shun Wiliam’s body overflowed again.

But this time!

It’s not just Wiliam’s blood.

More, is the blood of Mulan’s palm!

Mulan originally thought that she was pointing to him, and letting him how to be capable, how could he fight back from the inside out?

Until the palm of her hand, she felt an aura of greatness!

Then, it was heart-wrenching pain!

Like something, pierced her palm fiercely!

What is it!

Mulan’s eyes were red again.

She let out a sneer, and at this moment, she finally regarded Wiliam as a peerless master.

Enough for her to do her best and do her best!

Want to force me to stop?

Then look at it, it’s my claws, first crush your heart!

It was your mysterious counterattack, which broke my palm first!

Mulan didn’t care about the tingling in her palm, she tried again!

The energy from his body surged towards Wiliam’s body again!

And Wiliam’s body suddenly burst into a bitter energy.

The universe in his body, isn’t it the Long Live Honglian who has grown up with him, and is constantly making great fortune!

Compared to the previous fire and ice shields, Long live Honglian is truly Wiliam’s housekeeper!

Two violent energies immediately gathered between Wiliam’s chest and Mulan’s palm, and a silent contest began!

Life and death, in an instant!


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